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Disjunky 10-23-2012 09:07 AM

Post trip Report
Well we had a blast as usual. Flight out was a breeze. No issues which is always nice. Airport was a piece of cake. i really think MCO knows way more about luggage handling than any other place on earth. got there to our bags already on the belt. DS loved the first monorail.

On to SSR where we hoped we would be able to check in. Oh well, so on to MK where my DS was going crazy to get in to the parks.

Head through Main st and all he wants to do isgo in the castle. Lol. Poor kid, you cant go in the castle we say. So on to Laugh floor, he loved it, then to Buzz to shoot zurg. this ends up being his favorite ride by far, only after the raceway.

This made his day. Off to Tee cups which he also loves but I do not ride.

I leave that to DM and Dfil. Head to winnie and then to the new fantasy land. WOOOHOOOOOO.
So amazing to see all new work as its completed and it all looks great.
Had to get him this stuff. He was soo good all day and he was beat ta this point.
Left from here and went to Philharmagic and small world. By far my least favorite ride at the parks. lol
Well now back to the SSR and to our room. Dinner at narcosees was good. thought as ill comment on in the rest of this update, i think the quality of dining at disney is going down due to the whole dining plan

Disjunky 10-23-2012 09:18 AM

Day 2
Dfil and i played golf at LBV and DS, DW, Dmil headed to Crystal palace and another am in the MK. Golf was good. LBV is very easy and short. Drove through too many fairways and left myself terrible chances at GIR's. but we had fun and there was no one playing. Strange to be on a disney course and not see anyone.
All meet back at the room to relax a bit then over to Epcot for the afternoon.

Well we bought one last year that he killed in about 2 hours and the same thing this year. I hate these stupid things.

Ride nemo, then head to the land as DS wants nothing to do with the aquarium, weird, and Dfil and Dmil ride soarin for the swap. We take DS on living with the land. About 3 min pre unboard from the ride, he starts the PP dance. Uh oh, hold it buddy, Then i feel my wet shorts, He couldnt make it. :(
Poor kid. Run to stroller and change hiim up. I was mad but oh well. Head to see figment and then on to the workds. Donalds boat was down, so on to norway. (I will commmment on all the food i sampled in another post).

Loved the maelstrom, especially the drop. Then on to play some drums.

And then we got stuck at the Trains for what seemed like a day. But hes a cutie so i couldnt resist.

then we worked our way out as we had resis at Artist point. Snapped some randoms on my way out.

Artist point was amazing as always. maybe my second fa restaurant in the parks. Back to the hotel for much needed rest.

Disjunky 10-23-2012 09:30 AM

3Rd day already
MGM as it will be forever named to me.

DisJr bfast and man this was a great decision. DS loved it. All his favorite shows and characters were here. Especially Jake (his halloween costume)

On to TS mania as it opened, No wait. Always fun. DS enjoyed it i think.

Headed over to muppets ride, then to great movie ride only long enough to wait for the dis jr show. Again, he loved it. Now on to Tower of terror ans RR. As DW and i were waiting to ride RR (i mean were next car to board) the ride went down. They issued us FP for it later that day but we hjust gave them away. t least Dfil and Dmil got to ride it. Incidentilly, 2 years ago when they went with us the same exact thing happend. ***. lol. So over to Tower. no issues and always love this ride.

Walk through some shops on way to Star tours.

Ds and i head to writers stop while everyone else rides star tours, i dont do well ont he ride so i pass. Have a mickey cookie, carrot cake cookie, and a cherry slushie. great dad and son time. This is going to be the starbucks location for MGM. there were Starbucks people along with imagineers in there taking pics with blueprints and what not. Head out to take a nap as we had the MNSSHP tonight and cali grill. Yum

Cali grill was perfect as always i feel. there may not be better sushi anywhere in disney and at least not anywhere ive eaten it.
Over to the party and what a blast this was.

Ds had a great time as did all of us. Did a few rides, Buzz

Racetrack, Winnie,

but honeslty its all about the candy.

great time adn some great pics of the new castle at night and my fav singers.

Disjunky 10-23-2012 09:43 AM

Day 4
Dfil and i played osprey ridge. This course is hard enough for resort golf fo the pins to not have to be placed in some insanely ridiculous placements. Shocked they want to make people play so badly. LOl
Did snap a photo of a new home in Golden oaks though.

DW and Dmil headed over to 1900 for bfast with the little guy and some MK time.
Regroup back at the room and head back to epcot. Same rotation as last time but we got to ride soarin this time. lol. Ill save the update and show pics.

Rode donalds boat then started in france and went counter clockwise this time.

Then DS saw this magnificent toy.
And no other toy mattered. Word of advice though. Buy extra bubbles.

Then back to the trains again. NP for me though.

And the FnW booths

then off to Chefs de France for a terrible dinner. maybe no where lese does the Failure of the dining plan show itself more than here. This has been one of my top 3 restaurants in Disney forever. But not that they are pushing upwards of 600 covers a night at least, the quality is terrible. The bread was just bad, not a baguette as was told, the food was edible, and the creme brulee was like a frozen pudding. Just sad for what used to be a good place to eat.

Disjunky 10-23-2012 10:01 AM

Thursday already
AK today and rainforrest cafe for bfast.

Ds got these while waiting to be seated and shows earkly signs of OCD.

Into the park and on to the safari. Wait was long so we FP and headed to Rafikis. Good shoice as DS got to ride the train and pet some animals. LOl.

Then on to the Safari. Always a good time ont eh Safari and always a ton of pics to take and filter though.

Then on to the trail for a fun walk with some gorilals and meerkats.

Over to Maharajah JT for the tigers who always sleep. lol

Headed to dino land for Triceretops twirl then back to then room for some rest.

Disjunky 10-23-2012 10:03 AM

Dinner on thursday was at Fultons, again just ok, nothing amazing. and spent tiome at DTD shopping. Mr potato head was by far the best stop.

Disjunky 10-23-2012 10:13 AM

Final day already
Bfast at Ohana and my DS loves stitch so this ws gonna be great. LOl. Hopefully.

Goofy was relentles spending about 5 min at our table to get DS out of his shell to give him a hug. So much fun.

Then on to MK for our fnal trip around. DS already looked tired as he lounged in his stroller.

No time wasting today at all. Buzz, racetrack which just prior to boarding he didnt want to ride anymore. Weird kid. Dumbo and great goofini.

new fantasy land to ride Mermaid which i hadnt yet.

Over to haunted mansion which he loved as well. And then got him these littl treats.

And boy did he love em. We had lunch at Liberty ree but after a week of deluxe dining we had no room for any of it. had a couple bites and we were done.
Then we were done.

Sad to leave but always a great time being here.
Hope you all enjoyed the report.

cvjw 10-23-2012 01:43 PM

Loved your report - it was great to follow along on your family's adventure!

pwdebbie 10-23-2012 03:40 PM

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

ABE4DISNEY 10-24-2012 06:45 PM

Your son is adorable! You have some awesome pictures!!

Disjunky 10-24-2012 08:27 PM

Thanks so much. I shall post more soon

Uncle Remus 10-24-2012 09:59 PM

Boy, that li'l one of yours looks like he had a great time, you took some wonderful pictures.

Li Li 10-24-2012 10:20 PM

Wait...what? When did I miss that they are changing Writer's Stop to a Starbucks? Please god, do not let them get rid of the carrot cake cookie! I only just discovered it this year!

Ms. WDW 10-25-2012 07:47 AM

Had to check the pictures out again. Really suffering from "PDD" right now! :rotfl2:

Disjunky 10-25-2012 08:44 PM

I was there last week. Carrot cake cookie is on sweet shop too i believe.

Ill post more pics tomorrow.

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