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tazdev3225 10-22-2012 10:03 AM

Friends go to Disney for dinner and turn it into a week long trip! New updates 12/4
To old friends Hi! To lurkers stop in and say hello, pull up a chair and welcome.

You read that title right. My friend and I went to Disney for a dinner and turned it into a week long trip.

Some background to all of this. Several years ago I was surfing the net and decided to search for Disney. I found a site called the DIS boards. I joined. I read, I lurked, I planned a trip and I really enjoyed the trip reports. I came home and decided to start a report of my own. I was discouraged. Not many people commented but I kept posting updates. I met ScottNY through this report. Through Scott I met other people including Lesprivate.

One day we had a mini meet here in Philadelphia. I was nervous. I can be very shy. My husband Jim was beyond happy because this was totally out of my comfort zone! We went to Bugaboo Creek, sadly now closed, and met Scott, Leslie and her husband Frank. We chatted as though we had known each other for years. The internet brought me new friends I knew I would have for a very long time.

As I read Scott's reports I met another person here on the boards, LazyDoxy66. Jim and I had a trip planned for Disney at the same time she would be there with a friend and we were all staying at CBR. We planned to meet. Sadly it was not to be. I didn't know how to text. :sad2: I found a teenager to help me but Lazydoxy had already left the resort and it was our only chance to meet. I have since become very tech savvy and text very well now.

Fast forward to the next year. Scott had plans for something called an Ip Dip dinner. I was intrigued. What is this Ip Dip? Can anybody go? Still not sure what it is Jim and I decided we would go to it. We like Disney in October. He likes to trick or treat and I like to eat around the world. We finally met Lazydoxy aka Kristel and her husband Doug.
Here we are the first time we met

We spent a half hour at AK chatting away. We made plans to meet later on the trip to eat around the world. I had another friend courtesy of the internet and the DIS. We had so much fun visiting and at the Ip Dip dinner. Still not sure what it is but I'm proud to be an Ip Dip.

Fast forward a year. I wanted to go to Ip DIp 4 but Jim was out. We had a trip planned in August with our daughter and her family. My husband does not love Disney the way I do. :confused3 He didn't care if I went but I didn't want to go alone. I had spent many hours chatting with Kristel on line since the last trip and she wanted to go but wasn't sure about it yet. Sadly she had lost her husband not long after our previous trip. We chatted and decided we were going. Kristel came to NYC over the summer so I went up there and we met with Scott and Leslie and her family. We had a really great time so I knew the October Ip Dip trip would work out great. My kids were a little worried but they shouldn't have been. We had a fantastic trip. It felt as though we have been friend our whole lives. Here we are last year

So that brings us to this year finally!

Kristel and I had talked about going to Ip Dip 5 this year. She had a lot of things to do at home and really wasn't sure about going. She came to Philly and stayed with me for a week. We toured the Philly area. Scott came down for a couple of days and we had a lot of fun. She decided right before the Philly visit that we could do Disney again but she wanted to stay at a moderate and wanted to stay for a week. Would that work for me? I watch my grandkids during the week so she knew I had more to work out than just taking vacation time. Right!!! I told my daughter that I was going to Disney, these are my dates - work it out! While Kristel was in Philly we planned ADR's usually after a long day of touring. Of course I wrote everything down because we would have both forgotten what we were doing. :rotfl2: We were set for October.

So that brings us to this trip. We went from October 7th to the 13th. We stayed at POFQ, a first for both of us. And 2 weeks before the trip I almost backed out. :scared1: I fell and sprained my ankle, badly. I had to be in Frankensteins boot for 4 weeks and I was to limit my walking. I didn't want to be a burden to Kristel or anyone else. Thankfully Scott and Kristel talked me out of cancelling.

So there is the background of the trip. Stayed tuned for the fun or not so much fun trip itself. I promise it gets better from here.

GeminiAngel 10-22-2012 10:32 AM

:yay::yay: What a great opening. I like a little background on the TR writer. Its so funny, I just assumed you and Kristel had always known each other. You guys are just like two peas in a pod! :)

Lesprivate 10-22-2012 10:36 AM

I hate that I missed Ipdip again this year, next year I am going to make it.

tazdev3225 10-22-2012 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by GeminiAngel (Post 46513387)
:yay::yay: What a great opening. I like a little background on the TR writer. Its so funny, I just assumed you and Kristel had always known each other. You guys are just like two peas in a pod! :)

Thanks. I think a little background helps the reader know who they are reading about.

Kristel and I really do get along great together, or we did. This trip was a real test of our friendship because of my ankle. My Grumpy shirts really fit my personality some days. :lmao: We have actually only known each other for about 2 or 3 years but I have come to love her like a sister. OK I take that back I have seen how some sisters "love" each other, more like hate, but I consider my life better because she is a friend.

Leslie you were missed too. You had a great reason 2 years ago. How is Andrew doing? I am hoping to make it next year but it will depend on finances and if Kristel is going and wants to put up with me again.

scottny 10-23-2012 10:29 AM

Now that is how you start a tr. Ask Buzz what Ip Dip is. I don't think I remember. :lmao:

So happy you did not cancel.

this line made me crack up.


I told my daughter that I was going to Disney, these are my dates - work it out!
That is funny.

Looking forward to more.

kde175 10-23-2012 11:46 AM

I'm in!

ddstratton 10-23-2012 12:03 PM

Joining in! Can't wait to read along.

(by the way -- the link to this report in your signature is broken. It's missing the : between the http and the //)

tazdev3225 10-23-2012 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by scottny (Post 46523684)
Now that is how you start a tr. Ask Buzz what Ip Dip is. I don't think I remember. :lmao:

So happy you did not cancel.

this line made me crack up.

That is funny.

Looking forward to more.

Thanks I think it needed some background. Otherwise how would people from 3 parts of the country have gotten together. I will have to ask Buzz it would be nice to know what it means.

I am happy I didn't cancel either. It was close but you and Kristel were great about it.

She had to be told. :rotfl2: If I give her time to think she comes up with reasons for me to stay home. More will be coming since I am now on my computer. Had a whgole 20 pic update yesterday and lost it to cyberspace on my daughters computer.


Originally Posted by kde175 (Post 46524492)
I'm in!

:welcome: Thanks for joining in.


Originally Posted by ddstratton (Post 46524674)
Joining in! Can't wait to read along.

(by the way -- the link to this report in your signature is broken. It's missing the : between the http and the //)

:welcome: Thanks for joining in Darla. I realized the link was broken and hopefully have it fixed. I seem to have problems with it when I first add it to the signature. Now maybe some more folks will join in to see my side of the week with Scott and Vinny. :rolleyes1

tazdev3225 10-23-2012 02:54 PM

DAY 1: I leave for my happy place.

Kristel and I are coming from 2 different areas of the country. She's in Indiana and I'm in Philadelphia. Last year we both flew and had similar flight times. This year she drove. It is a similar drive time, about 16 hours but I can't do it alone. I am good for 4 hours and then I fall asleep. I didn't think sleeping and driving was a good idea so I had flights booked on Airtran. Kristel actually left the day before I did and stopped in the Atlanta area to visit a friend.

So at 5 AM on October 7th my alarm went off. I really wanted to hit the snooze bar but my phone doesn't have one. It's a good thing too. My husband was supposed to be up at 4:30 to shower before me. He was still asleep. I woke him up by throwing something at him. Really he takes at least 30 minutes getting ready. I got a shower first. 10 minutes later I was good to go. I am very low maintenance. While Jim showered I checked my luggage one last time. I had a new packing method for this trip. Every outfit I had planned on wearing was in its own individual plastic bag. This worked out really well. Luggage in order I drug it down the stairs.

About 5:50 AM we were finally out of the front door. I reassured my big furbaby that it was only me leaving. Jim was outside with the truck and we were off. Of course we were now to late for me to stop at Dunkin Donuts for my 99 cent bagel with cream cheese. I had a coupon! Thankfully we had little traffic.

Sorry it's a bit fuzzy but a bouncing truck and the dark made focusing a little tough. We actually got to the airport around 6:10 so we made great time. Of course no traffic and Jim driving 80 mph does help. He got my suitcase out of the truck, kissed me good-bye and was off. He left me to deal with a cane, my carry-on and the suitcase. He's such a gentleman. Thankfully there was no one in line and the skycap took my bag right away. He summoned my waiting carraige, a wheelchair, and I was whisked off to security. I expected problems here.

I had been walking trying to build up my knees in the hope of not needing an ECV this trip. I have had 6 surgeries between both knees and have back issues but I HATE being in the ECV. The looks from people, getting cut off or treated like I have an IQ of 1 is not fun. Two weeks before the trip I was walking to pick my grandkids up from school and fell over someone's uneven sidewalk. I didn't break anything but I had a severely sprained ankle. The doctor has me in what I lovingly call Frankensteins boot. It is black, bulky, goes up to my knee and has two metal bars that go down the sides to keep my ankle stable. I knew that the boot would be a problem. I have heard the horror stories about TSA but they were great. I was willing to take the boot off but they had me stay in it. I did have to get the boot and my hands swabbed. I also had to have the full body pat down but the girl who did it was very nice and professional. The swabs were negative for any residue and I was off.

I was actually at my gate by 6:30. My flight was at 8 AM. There was a plane at the gate getting ready to take off for Atlanta so I watched the late comers rushing to catch the flight. One couple missed their flight. Theor fault they made at least 4 announcements and called the late comers by name. I was hungry and thirsty but couldn't maneuver the chair so I sat. About 7:30 I was preboarded. This was actually great because I was able to settle in before I had to deal with the other passengers. I had a window seat that I preselected and my seat mate was busy with his family across the aisle so I was extremely happy.

8:00 came and went. The captain came on the speaker to announce that there was a problem and we were delayed. :scared1: I took a couple of pics

Another plane in the area

We were all alone

Then I noticed that the overhead bin was separating from the plane a bit

Really bored I attempted a self portrait

About 20 minutes later the captain announced that the mechanic found the problem and they were looking for the part. Now I was really worried. This was a very full plane. If they couldn't find a part what was going to happen? About 8:45 the fasten seat belt light came on and the captain announced the part was in and we were getting ready to take off. I took pics and prayed - A LOT!!!

Finally in the air I relaxed a bit. Airtran gives out baby cookies, I swear thats what they looked like, and only 3 per person. Somehow I got 4. I also asked for a can of coke because I really needed some caffeine for my nerves and didn't want coffee. I read my tablet and unfortunately had downloaded a really short book the day before. 30 minutes later I was done the book. I listened to my I-pod and took more pics.

We were over the ocean

Thought the shape in the clouds had Pluto in them so figured that was a good omen

Soon we were over the Florida coastline around Jacksonville according to the pilot

And we landed about an hour later than I had planned. I texted Kristel to let her know about the delay and she responded that she had a later start than planned also so that was good. I went out to my waiting chair and asked the girl pushing it if we could stop at the ladies room. Then off to ME. I didn't take any pics in the airport til this

I was first in line so I knew that meant a wait. It also meant I had the very front seat on the bus.

Luggage waiting to go to the resorts

Gas was really cheap. I had paid $3.89 the night before in Philly.

Soon I was seeing the happiest sight in the world,

First stop

Second stop - thought of Scott and Vinny and knew we would be here tomorrow

Third stop and my destination

I had another text from Kristel telling me she wouldn't get to the resort til around 1 PM so I did the check-in and let her know what building and room number, the wrong number. ::yes:: Picked up the ECV and was off to explore and wait for Kristel to arrive at the room. The KTTW are now the kind you swipe and I had a really hard time getting in the room. I just couldn't figure it out. :lmao: I parked the scooter outside and waited on Kristel's arrival.

I will stop here. Up next what did we do and where did we go?

tazdev3225 10-24-2012 02:06 PM

DAY 1 continues

I have finally gotten into the room and am waiting on Kristel's arrival so good DIS'er that I am I took pics of the room. This was a totally new resort for me so many pics were in order

Looking in from the doorway

my bed, and that little pillow came in handy at night to elevate my ankle

the sink area and having a large double sink area was a good thing

the bathroom and the only complaint I had abbout the room, it is small

view from the sink area

and the view outside our room - the parking lot. It was very quiet though

I decided to decorate my scooter while I waited for Kristel. I had battery operated pumpkin lights and garland for the basket. It was a good thing that I had left it outside because I gave Kristel the wrong room number. I was multi-tasking and not thinking, I told her room 1319. It had a much better view but she saw me hanging outside with the scooter at 1313. I never forgot the room number because I kept thinking 1313 Mockingbird Lane, how appropriate. It was the address for the Munsters and Hermann was a Frankenstein type character.

Anyway, Kristel arrived around 1:15 or so and had to unpack her car - alone. She then unpacked some of her suitcases. I was hungry and getting anxious to hit the road. I was actually at the room long enough for ME to deliver my suitcase. Finally what seemed like an eternity later, was actually about a 1/2 hour maybe 45 minutes we were on our way. But wait - there's a problem with the scooter. My key just turns and turns and turns. It didn't just stop at the on position. I had a choice - call Walker or go to the park. The park won.

We got to the bus stop and a bus for AK was loading. Another bus pulled up behind it with no markings just POFQ. Yep that was our bus and he pulled away with the AK bus. We have 3:20 ADR's and it's now about 2:35. I do not like to be late and did I mention I was hungry. Finally about 20 minutes later our bus pulled up and we were loaded and on our way. At 3:07 according to the time stamp we were seeing

No time for this now. Of course we got there while a parade was going on so I checked directions with a CM and we were off to the Sci Fi Dinner Theater. I hadn't eaten here in about 15 years and Kristel wanted to try it. The last time I ate here was with my kids and they made fun of me the whole time. I remember these movies when I was a kid and they gave me nightmares. My kids thought they were comedies. :lmao:

I know Sci Fi has a bad rap here sometimes but it was our restaurant of choice. We checked in but couldn't remember under whose name. They found our ADR and we had our buzzer. It was already getting crowded and we expected to be sat at a regular table but we got the back of a car. The staff here was great. When I asked where to park the scooter they took me down a side hall and to our table. They then parked the scooter and brought me back the key. Way above and beyond. Our waiter was really nice and attentive. We both ordered shakes and water.
Kristel had an Oreo shake

I got a chocolate shake

The area behind us really reminded me of the snack area at the drive-in when I was a kid

For dinner I had the rib-eye steak with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables

This was awesome. The steak was very tender, the potatoes were not over-powering with garlic and the veggies were semi-crisp. I hate mushy veggies. The steak had a bleu cheese butter that was perfect.

Kristel had the shrimp pasta

That plate was huge. She said it was very good. We were on the dining plan so we still had dessert to get through. We both chose the Peanut Butter Chocolate cake ala mode

This was sooo good. Just enough peanut butter to taste it but not overwhelm the cake. I definitely give Sci Fi :thumbsup2:thumbsup2:thumbsup2:thumbsup2:thumbsup2 I will go back again.

A view from our seats

The waiter took a pic of Kristel and me

An empty car

Some posters that advertised the movies back in the 50's

And the sign outside

Our hunger sated we were off. Where to? Stay tuned.

Lesprivate 10-24-2012 02:43 PM

We did have a great time when we all met up at the Bugaboo Steakhouse and also last summer in the city.

French Quarter is such a pretty resort. We have eaten at Scifi - Emily loves it, I have had the pasta and it was delicious. Hopefully your Scooter works the rest of your trip.

tazdev3225 10-24-2012 03:30 PM


Originally Posted by Lesprivate (Post 46536465)
We did have a great time when we all met up at the Bugaboo Steakhouse and also last summer in the city.

French Quarter is such a pretty resort. We have eaten at Scifi - Emily loves it, I have had the pasta and it was delicious. Hopefully your Scooter works the rest of your trip.

We really have had wonderful times when we get togethe. We have to do it again soon since Disney never works out for us.

French Quarter really is pretty. The pasta looked really good. I may have to try that next time. The scooter was not fun that day at all.

basketlacey 10-24-2012 03:57 PM

Great TR so far! Very cool that you met on the DIS,

tazdev3225 10-24-2012 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by basketlacey (Post 46537284)
Great TR so far! Very cool that you met on the DIS,

:welcome: Thanks. I will always be thankful for the DIS and the friends I have made because of it.

GeminiAngel 10-25-2012 12:45 PM

:yay: As I told Scott been super busy so I'm in lurk mode. I love Port Orleans. Such a great feel to it. Dinner looked awesome! Yum!

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