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ToddyLu 10-17-2012 08:36 PM

BEHOLD!! DH and The Blanket of Power!! PTR for 10/26-11/2
This is my first TR. One reason I am posting it is because I love the DIS and get so much info from everyone, it gives me a sense of Disney Community.

The other reason is to let Saintstickets know I CAN spell, even though I went to school in Mississippi.

The cast of this trip are as follows

Me—Lucretia, age 43, nurse, the Disney Freak of the family, WDW Planner and Disney Music Playlist maniac. Favorite character---Mr. Ray

DH---Todd, age 48, cute fireman who loves Disney but isn’t a freak about it. He likes to take pictures and is an AKV purist who does not want to stay at any other DVC Resorts. Favorite character---Tigger

MIL---Karen, love her to death, travel buddy when DH doesn’t want to go, Favorite character—Fairy Godmother

BIL---Shawn, 44, engineer working on his doctorate. Yes, he is a rocket scientist but still had trouble finding Mara on that first trip to Jambo.

My Mama and Daddy come with us too in alternating years.

DH and I do not have two legged children, ours has four. Her name is Trinity and she is a lively Jack Russell Terrier sporting a Minnie tag. She stays with my Mom and Dad on these trips or DH’s cousin comes to the house to stay with her. She is a spoiled precious Princess to us.

I always start the excel spreadsheet with park hours, then parades and fireworks, then ADRs. Everyone expects a spreadsheet and say they appreciate the effort, so no one really ever complains. After 13 trips everyone starts asking about the spreadsheet 6 months prior to check-in—they have been trained. We love to eat at Disney so ADRs are the crux of our trips. We always do these three—Cali Grill, Fulton’s and Derby. This year we are trying Shula’s for the first time and it will be a first time at Bluezoo for MIL and BIL.

For some reason DH has it in his head that he does not eat 24 hours before a flight, going or coming. This aggravates me and I try to get him to at least drink water. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. He also only drinks bottled water in WDW. So when we land, it’s Katie bar the door and he comes out of the gate running. He just doesn’t travel well. He doesn’t like the confinement of the plane. He isn’t claustrophobic; he just doesn’t like sitting there. So Xanax is the fifth entity on the trip and he is awesome. He calms DH down and they sit quietly on the plane.

Now, those of you wondering why we just don’t drive from MS—9 hour trip. Well there was an incident in 2005, the last time we drove to WDW...

I had worked all day and we left around 5 p.m., we slowly made our way into FL and the plan was to spend the night in Lake City. We stopped and ate, had to buy a pair of shoes for DH, etc. So we arrived in Lake City about midnight, checked-in and got in bed….or so I thought. DH didn’t have Xanax with him this trip and he evidently was “too excited to sleep”. I however died. About 3:00 a.m., something woke me up…a sense of something not well or off. I woke up and noticed the door to the hotel was open…”what the heck”. Then I looked over and DH was sitting on the bed facing me, completely dressed, suitcases loaded and staring at me. Yeah I was thinking, Redrum, redrum, too. But he looked at me and said, “MICKEY IS WAITING, MICKEY IS WAITING!!” He survived the beating, I got dressed and we were on the road before 5 a.m. Needless to say, we no longer drive. SW is great though and we drive to New Orleans for a non-stop to MCO. Xanax keeps DH company while I drive and we fly.

For this trip we scored 2 value studios at Jambo---which left us enough points for a May trip this year. This is our first time staying at Jambo—we prefer Kidani’s vibe but we are hopefully optimistic. DH and I each have an OL. Oh yes, poor man laughed at me when I told him I needed one. Once he saw how convenient and cool it was—he just had to have one, too. So mine is named “Duffy” and DH calls his the “Pooh Box”. Go figure…

THE BLANKET OF POWER—DH has a thing about his blanket at home. Gee, the more I talk about DH the more neurotic he sounds—eh, I love him. So he has the wolf blanket that he sleeps under every night on top of the covers and then he has a second one he sleeps under at the fire department. Trinity likes the wolf blanket, too, when he gives her the opportunity. I, however, sleep under the regular covers of the bed like a normal person. So for the last couple of years DH complains when we go to WDW about not having a damn blanket. So just pack the wolf blanket…no I want a Disney blanket that I can keep in my Owner’s Locker….ohhhh….so that is why we pay for an extra OL. So he finally found one that was a leopard print. Just perfect for our stays at Kidani. Warm, snuggly, large enough, although not too big, and a design in keeping with the resort. When we stayed at Kidani in 2011 with my parents, DH used the blanket for the first time. One night we heard a CM give a lecture about his homeland and how important animal life was—and that the leopard print was one of the most prized because it was a symbol of power and royalty. So behold, DH’s blanket is now called the Blanket of Power. When he opened his OL this past May. I could hear him, sing out like Mufasa, “Behold, the Blanket of Power! Aaaaaaahhhh”. When I talk of Disney he talks of the BoP (Blanket of Power). At least twice the last two trips he has paraded around the room wearing it as a cape….yeah, this is the state of the union when left to your own devices. So this trip will be called, “DH and the Blanket of Power” (said in a James Earl Jones echoing kinda voice).

Now that I have adequately described the loopiness that is our family…we shall proceed to the next chapter.

ToddyLu 10-17-2012 08:56 PM

So I am at day 9—day one past my on-line registration day…woohoo. Do I think it gives me a super edge for a great room or speedy…but then that is not the point. The point of Online registration is helping me cope with the next 9 days of waiting. If I log into the DVC website to check-in, I am being pro-active and can sense the trip coming around the corner.

I like the Stages of Disney Planning, which when used effectively, help one cope with waiting.

Stage 1-(12 months before check-in)Decide the date for the coming year, secure vacation time on the calendar and encourage my parents or MIL to join us (no we do not have to twist their arm).

Stage 2-(11 months before check –in) Start the Excel Spreadsheet by inserting dates for the trip and possible scenarios not requiring park hours—(every Disser knows I have to wait another 5 months for those)

Stage 3-(10-6 months before check-in)….Suffer the wait

Stage 4-(6 months before check-in)…Thank the Maker…I now get to make ADRs. I allow everyone to think they have a say but secretly I control their ADR destiny. Oh the hours of anguish, trying to decide, when and where based on previous experience, crowd expectation and of course…planetary alignment.

Stage 5-(6 months to 10 days prior to check in)—think about the trip almost continuously –send CDs of music to family or friends who are planning a trip.

Stage 6-(9 days and counting)…begin to crack under the pressure of waiting, admit I have a problem, then come to the DIS a lot since you guys enable the behavior.

The plan is for DH, me and MIL to drive to New Orleans for a non-stop to MCO. We will have Tiffany Towncar pick us up. We arrive Friday 10/26.

Yes, we do drive 2 hours west to fly 2 hours east…remember DH survived the beating and this has been our compromise. He has a refill for his Xanax.

I am looking forward to our first stay at Jambo—noise and all…like an African Marketplace…yeaahhh!...that’s the ticket?!? We will see how it goes. I am anxious to see just how small a value studio really is.

BIL works very hard and in keeping with his scientific nerdiness-we have to organize the trip for him. I book his flights and pick up with Tiffany. There will be several phone calls the Saturday after we arrive to make sure he gets to the Birmingham Airport, gets on the right plane and goes to Jambo instead of Kidani. Bless his heart, but I guess if you have someone to do it for you….hmmm, I am BIL’s enabler.

He has had a rough year and this is a great opportunity for him to relax.

Does anyone else, wash their car for a trip to the airport? It is driving me nuts…it..must…be…clean. I guess DH and I can work on it this weekend. He is already on vacation from the FD. Lucky guy!! :firefight

lablady 10-18-2012 06:27 PM

It sounds like you've got all this planning figured out! I was seriously cracking up imagining the unveiling of the "Blanket of Power"! Love it! You are not alone in your wanting the car to be clean, I'm the same way. It's also much nicer to come home to a clean car, though if I parked my car at the airport it would be covered in snow when I got back. Can't wait to hear more about your planning and trip!:thumbsup2

ToddyLu 10-18-2012 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by lablady (Post 46484320)
It sounds like you've got all this planning figured out! I was seriously cracking up imagining the unveiling of the "Blanket of Power"! Love it! You are not alone in your wanting the car to be clean, I'm the same way. It's also much nicer to come home to a clean car, though if I parked my car at the airport it would be covered in snow when I got back. Can't wait to hear more about your planning and trip!:thumbsup2

Thanks for joining me....I forgot to mention that I have already put up our three full size Christmas trees. Halloween is still on the dinning table but Christmas is in the corner...waiting. It is just so depressing getting back from Disney and so much better to be able to walk into Christmas when we get home. Of course, I don't turn on the tree lights if the blinds are open..the neighbors would think I'm nuts. Maybe I am...I painted my toes tonight in hopes that it is the color that it will be the WDW 2012 Halloween Official Color of Toes. :rotfl:

ToddyLu 10-18-2012 08:45 PM

Trip Plan

Day 1 10/26- Arrive and get to Jambo. Check-in. Meet Duffy and Pooh Box and unpack if the room is ready. If not bell services will watch our stuff and we will head to either Nine Dragons or Fulton’s for lunch. I think Fulton’s may win. We love the Calamari. No ADRS on arrival day. Maybe DTD or Illuminations that evening (but alas it is Fri night during F&W—will we brave the crowds?)

Day 2 10/27- Hope to eat breakfast at Rain Forrest at AK. MIL and I will split a platter and DH gets the Eggs Benedict. We will probably do AK and then get back to the resort to welcome BIL that evening. Wish me luck..the last time I was in front of RFC, I dropped my Iphone4 and cracked the screen…two weeks later I dropped my Iphone 3 and really busted the screen. So now I have been banished from the kingdom and left to use DH’s Iphone 3. But on the bright side I just got an Otter box for my phone—can we guess the color…why lime green of course. Maybe go to DTD tonight and start parks with BIL the next day.

DH and I have APs and the TIW card. Works great for us and we were able to get two trips out of the passes this year. MIL and BIL are park hoppers so we travel great together.

Day 3 10/28- Boma at 9:45 for breakfast. We love it there and now it will be in the same resort..woohoo! DH and BIL are big guys and I do better with a hearty breakfast and lite lunch or skip lunch all together. Then since we have done MNSSHP numerous times we are eating at the Brown Derby at 5:25—then heading to MNSSHP. Both MIL and BIL really like eating here, DH and I love the crab cakes. So everyone agreed that if we got to the party a bit late, we would be OK. Hopefully it will not be as hot as the one we attended 10/29/09. It was miserable.

Day 4 10/29- Yum Yum, Cali Grill at 5:30 then maybe over to watch MSEP. We love the filet and get a flatbread. BIL likes sushi there and then we get MIL her only glass of wine each year. She and I both love really sweet wines and theirs is delicious. Might need to do some laundry. With my heartburn it is not like I can get back to the room and go to bed.

Day 5 10/30- Bluezoo 5:00. DH and I almost get the restaurant to ourselves this time of evening and we love the dishes. This will be a first for MIL and BIL. The four of us really enjoyed Todd English’s other restaurant Olives in DC a few years back. The walk may do us good to watch Illuminations.

Day 6 10/31- Halloween Night at MK. We have done this the last few years and have a great time. We tend to do more than one ticket event so we can stay in the park later…ending the night at 9 and going back to the room isn’t that much fun on vacation. We do not have an ADR for tonight. I compromised and gave up Plaza Restaurant for a possible late lunch at Fulton’s so DH and BIL can compete over who eats the most calamari. I ain’t kidding it is a food fest.

Day 7 11/01- Last night (I don’t even like to write that). DH is sitting this ADR out—remember he does not like to eat before a day of flying…yeah, there is no pill for that. So MIL, BIL and I will head over to Shula’s for a meat feast…looking forward to it. Maybe meet DH for after dinner fun at a park or most likely take a taxi back to room and pack.

Day 8 11/02- Fly home. BIL is on our flight to New Orleans then he goes back to B’Ham…he said he didn’t mind a few more minutes with family. The plane was going there anyway and we can all take one van back to the airport. Aren’t the sky caps at SW great . Last year James Carville was just ahead of us at check in…I am a Republican ( kinda Independent) but he is my favorite love-to hate Democrat. I think he is funny and wish I could have shot him in the head with a RUBBERBAND whilst sitting behind him on the plane ( of course I wouldn’t use a gun…too much security and a possible small hole in the aircraft would make for a hasty descent)

saintstickets 10-26-2012 04:40 PM

Woohoo!! :cool1: I finally found your TR. I can't wait until you return and read all about it. Make sure Todd takes plenty of pics to post here and you can show them during our Mississippi meet-up!

ToddyLu 11-04-2012 09:56 AM

:) We are back from the trip. In a nut shell it was a good vacation. We so lucked out on our rooms. We got studios at Jambo 5122 and 5124 right on the edge of the Sunset Savanna. The views were terrific. I spent Monday in our room due to a sinus infection and could not taste my steak at Cali Grill. That was disappointing but we were still at Disney. The weather was chilly and very windy most of the week and calmed down the closer we got to leaving of course. The buses were awesome and no longer than a 10 minute wait just once or twice.

The food at Bluezoo was terrific and I was able to taste some of the meal. We tried Shula's Steak House. Food and Service was very good but man is it dark in there. My MIL couldn't read the menu and a flashlight quickly appearred from Perry our wonderful waiter. In fact when I looked around the room everyone pretty much had flashlights. We were in the back corner where it was super dark. So we didn't enjoy that meal as much--we couldn't really see what we were eating and then in the dark the conversation kinda dropped off too. Glad I went but for that kinda money we will just do a second night at Cali Grill, Derby or Bluezoo.

I wondered how I would like Jambo. It is very convienent and our rooms were in such a great location to quickly get to the buses. It was nice not having to hop a bus to eat and just being able to go downstairs for Boma at breakfast. The noise in the lobby was not bad and its grandeur makes up for any shortcomings. We liked the resort more than I thought we would. I have decided that it is better staying there when we bring guests--but when it is just DH and I, I think we will stay at Kidani.

We did two Halloween parties which were fun and did a few rides and shows. We took breaks in the afternoons and didn't stress about getting places. My MIL and BIL went to MK Monday 10/29 the day I was so sick and found it horibly crowded, shoulder to shoulder, so after HM they left. The next day was a much lighter crowd. When our driver picked us up after dinner one night he said they had had an influx of 18,000 people that day--I guess due to Sandy.

All in all it was great and once again my Happy Place did not disappoint.

ToddyLu 11-04-2012 11:41 AM

A few photos from the trip
View staight from balcony--Value studio Jambo
View to left--Value studio Jambo
View to right--Value studio Jambo
MK crowd--not bad
great snacks
DTD Decoration

saintstickets 11-06-2012 08:26 PM

Great update Lu! Love the pics. More???

ToddyLu 11-06-2012 08:41 PM

:scratchin let me seeee.....

ToddyLu 11-06-2012 08:50 PM

:wave2: DH's pics are so much better than mine. We haven't gone through them. When I can I will try to post a few. Mine all came out very dark. I knew I had to post my view pics though and I was pleased they turned out at least. We have picked dates for 2013---hope to get rooms 10/31 or 11/1 through 11/9. DH really wants to see MNSSHP and MVMCP in one trip--one of his bucket list goals and 2013 might be the year to do that. I am hoping the last MNSSHP will be on 11/1 and the first MVMCP will be on 11/8--we will see :confused3 My parents have been given the dates so we will see if they are interested--I can't imagine them not being interested. My Dad just turned 75 and I told him I tought they would enjoy Jambo more.

Nakkira 09-03-2013 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by ToddyLu (Post 46476176)
Stage 5-(6 months to 10 days prior to check in)—think about the trip almost continuously –send CDs of music to family or friends who are planning a trip.

You forgot to mention the classic symptom of talking about it way to often and too extensively to just about anyone and everyone until they are ready to hang you by your own Disney hoodie.... (yes, I jokingly got that threat from a friend who is actually very tolerant but wishing for a change of subject)

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