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pattiken 10-15-2012 02:10 PM

10 Days of theme park madness..3 US and 7 DISNEY!!updated finally may 13
Hello Everyone and welcome to my first ever disney trip report.
I have been a lurker on the these boards for a long time and with our last trip I dont think it would have been as great if it wasnt for all of you here on the DIS boards...So thank you :worship:
Our trip was from sep 20-30 2012. We flew out of buffalo as we are from Canada and it is a cheaper way to go rather than toronto.
We stayed 3 nights at Hard Rock Hotel (dark side I know) and 7 at Saratoga Springs resort.
I made a Universal Studios trip report and I will continue here now....
A bit of background..
DD..wonderful, happy go with the flow child..10 years..

DS typical teenager who suprised us this trip..very happy and willing to go with flow
(not too many of just him)
and then there is DH..wonderful hard working man who puts up with his crazy obsessive planning wife

We travelled over to Disney after being at the Hard Rock for 3 days on the Sunday 23.. Arrived at Saratoga Springs around 1pm.
I was able to book this hotel through our time share that we own in Vermont for $260 for the entire week in a 1 bedroom villa. We used our points from this year and was well worth it....cheapest part of the vacation.
This was a beautiful resort...but HUGE!!! Wow
We checked in and had a wonderful castmember who said we had our request of the Congress Park area room 1325 ..3rd floor room with balcony facing DTD.
Great view to wake up to every morning..however if we stayed here again I might as to be closer to one of the big pools ..preferably Springs section.
i loved the fact that everything was on 1 little key for our room, dining plan and charging priviledges of course!! way to go Disney for being so organized!! At Universal it was annoying having to use seperate cards for tickets, express pass and room.
We drove over to our room after filling up our refillable cups at the pool area..You can only refill at the 2 big pools or restaurant near lobby..
Great room!!! mickey towel of the trip as we didnt get mousekeeping ..
We relaxed for awhile unpacking and organizing...We had brought a blow up bed for DD as there was no way her and DS would sleep in same bed together. I loved the DH and I had our own room with king size bed..nice walk in closet too!
After a quick swim in the pool so kids could check out water slide..I will post video on the next post.. and a refill
After swimming we had to get ready for our first big reservation of the trip...
Up next...Crystal Palace...

appleorchard 10-15-2012 04:58 PM

Looks like a fun trip! Can't wait to hear a little about Universal and your comparisons--we're toying with the idea of visiting Harry.....don't tell Mickey...

pattiken 10-15-2012 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by appleorchard (Post 46453469)
Looks like a fun trip! Can't wait to hear a little about Universal and your comparisons--we're toying with the idea of visiting Harry.....don't tell Mickey...

Thanks for reading :goodvibes
Im sure Mickey wouldnt mind..he is just that nice kinda guy. Trust me Harry was so worth it..really done well.
Im not very good with posting a link to the universal part of my trip but it is under my signature if you want to read :goodvibes

pattiken 10-15-2012 07:06 PM

Here is the video of DD going down the slide at the main pool..she makes me laugh every time I watch this..Just click on pic.

Chapter links

Crystal Palace and EMH MK

EMH MK and DH was "That Guy"
Disney Day 2
Day 3..Hollywood studios part 1
Day 3...Hollywood Studios part 2
Day 3 part 3 Typhoon Lagoon and SANAA!!
Day 4 Blizzard Beach part 1
Blizzard Beach
Video of DD on zip line at BB
Video of DH on Summit Plummit
Video DH and I on slide
Day 4 minature golf at winter summerland
Diner at Kona cafe

diner kona part 2
Day 5 Animal Kingdom part 1
animal kingdom part 2 and yak and yeti lunch
Animal kindgom part 3

Breakfast at Ohanas
morning at MK

downtime at resort

wonderful morning at HS
50s primtime cafe

KYP25 10-15-2012 07:10 PM

I'm a lurker too! Love reading everyone's TR and will finally do one this fall. Excited to read about your trip! :)

pattiken 10-15-2012 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by KYP25 (Post 46454715)
I'm a lurker too! Love reading everyone's TR and will finally do one this fall. Excited to read about your trip! :)

:goodvibes thanks for joining in!! gets me excited to keep going :goodvibes
Hope you write one too..

MelMel11 10-15-2012 08:00 PM

Count me in!!

pattiken 10-16-2012 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by MelMel11 (Post 46455186)
Count me in!!

:goodvibes welcome!!:goodvibes

pattiken 10-16-2012 09:37 AM

Crystal Palace and EMH at Magic Kingdom

Welcome back...When I left off we were on our way to the Magic Kingdom for our first park at Disney!! I had purchased our tickets from Universal Tourist..(most expensive part of trip)..6 day park hopper with waterparks..we were there for 7 days and I had planned one day we would head into Orlando to do something different..well that never happened but I will get to that later

I had also purchased the photo pass plus before hand on line for a cheaper rate than the $199 and I brought the disk with me with the voucher hoping to get it validated at DTD before we hit the park...This is one of my blunders of the trip...I am crazy over the top planner like most of us on here and my family has complete faith in my trip planning skills...however I went wrong thinking we could take bus from DTD to Magic Kingdom and make it there with lots of time to spare...In hindsight this would have been ok if I had more time but we didnt..I made mental note to make sure we start driving to parks much as I loved this resort it is a little far from the parks and buses take awhile..also the Congress Park section of Saratoga Springs is last stop....

Anyways getting back to my story (sorry I easily digress) we started walking over to DTD..this part I liked about our section of the resort..nice 10 min walk as we were the first building to the path and closest to DTD..while we walked we played the "who can count the most lizard game" and walked into DTD...Ahhh happy place :yay: love it!! disney music so nice! With maps in our hand we are there to find the picture place..however first thing family notice was pin trading store!!...I see how obssessive this pass time could be..My three amigos :dance3: loved this on this vacation...I originally purchased 25 random pins on ebay for DD as I thought she would enjoy this...not realizing my 15 DS would aslo love it as well as my 36 DH...There eyes were always peeled for the CM pouches on the lookout for pins...We ended up being here alot longer than I thought because DH had to buy DD protective backings for pin as he was scared they would fall off :sad2:..i notice on my watch it was 445pm and our ADR was at 6pm so I quickly rounded up family and we headed out to buses...not realizing you cannot bus from DTD right to the parks...:eek: omg i had no we jump on the contemperary resort bus and I cross my fingers we will make it...exit at contemporary take in all sights awestruck as I march them along this way that way..up here over the monorail to MK...phew we make it!! 30 min to spare
thought it was good time to insert pic..Im way to wordy..
Before this pic I found a wonderful CM who escorted me over to the photopass nice ..When I was inside I found it odd the CMs in there really didnt know alot about the photo pass plus..I handed her my DVD..not knowing I didnt have to bring this..and she said you dont need that just your voucher..I said what was it for and she said it was just extra pics of disney..not knowing there was a secret code inside that I would need when I got home to get pics..i really didnt want to carry this and she said they would hold it behind counter for me until we left park..nice CM thankyou!! So I leave with pass in hand and we head of course to restrooms....then get as many pics as we we are in Magic Kingdom finally...I needed to stop and breath to enjoy that moment...ahhh ok moving in hand we are off to find
I checked in at podium and was handed our pager..I think we waited about 10 min or so.
.parade was taking place at this time so we watched that until we were called in.. What a unique and charming place..wonderful hostess sat us and explained how it would work with the characters and for us to patiently wait as they would all make it over...We then ordered our drinks and start at the buffet...lots of yummy choices...DD was put in as a child on her ticket as well as the dining plan ( i know she is 10..but really looks 9 and I saved money on her ticket lol...I hated having to tell her that she was 9 for this trip when asked..she didnt like that either however when i told her that left me more money to spend on her that was ok)..digress again..with buffet and dining plan kids can eat off adult food :goodvibes that made her happy...
Then the characters started
first up...I was nervous how DS would react with first he was saying no way and would not get in pic with DD then Ehore started bugging him and tapping him on shoulder and I think this turned him around:yay: thank you Ehore!!!
then it was
poohs turn and then tiger!!
We never ended up getting a chance with Piglett..however we were stuffed after 2-3 plates of food and 2-3 plates of was time to move on ..we had been in magic kindgom now for over 3 hours and hadnt ridden any rides..and since my family was older I know they would be ok..this is when I was so thankful my kids were a little older..i felt so sorry for moms around me with little kids who didnt understand why they had to wait..well we have all been there..thankfully I am good for awhile..until grandchildren of course...but that is hopefully way way in future lol
up next will be EMH at magic kingdom!!

pattiken 10-16-2012 06:08 PM

part 3.. EMH MK and my DH was "That Guy"

After diner we headed into adventureland..Since we didnt have our super fast pass yet (thats what im calling it) we grabbed one for jungle cruise..I also noticed that for a quiet time of year it was very busy while we were there. Alot of different people mentioned that it was free dining, almost start of food and wine and the 10 miler at end of week....any hoo..we went into tiki room as it was just about to start..This was lots fun, I like the updated (last time I saw this was our trip in 2004)..then it was a ride on magic carpets with aladdin which was only 10 min wait..a walk through Swiss family robinsons then it was time for our fast passes with jungle cruise. This was a great ride which I thought was alot of fun, boat driver was very funny. Moving along after that it was pirates of the carribean which went really fast, I think about 10 min wait. We played in gift shop for awhile then moved on over to this time it was getting dark and the electrical parade was about to start...We decided as a family this would be the anti-parade and fireworks trip...not really sure why..I guess because we didnt want to get stuck among all the strollers and we just didnt have time....A little bit of pixie dust later and a wonderful man handed us 3 fast passes that were just about to expire for big thunder run...I didnt realize there were only 3 until we were almost at I just sort of quickly flashed them and he grabbed them not even counting...phew we made it in...Of course everyone loved it!!

When we were exiting ride we tried to walk on path up towards haunted mansion while parade was still on...We were almost successful then madness broke out and we were in a stroller nightmare!!!! Parade ended and everyone was everywere...I actually almost panicked and felt so closterphobic..lets just say we stayed clear from that moment on of area with lots of strollers lol We made it on haunted mansion successfully and yes then we had to do its a small world..much to my DS nightmares...then it was onto futureworld...
time for a picture we are getting wordy again
After our first use of snack credits..I think we all ordered some sort of float..again next time I will for sure take notes...we headed over for space mountain fast passes...however they stopped giving them out because EMH had already started so we decided to get into line it was only 25 min..actually moved pretty fast..everyone loved this ride!!
then onto buzz lightyear..
im sure DS won on this as he won most rides except for the best one ever...toy story..but we will get to that later
After this we did Stich's great escape...I have to say I really didnt care for this one at all..the smell of the onion made me nauseous blah!! We then went into Monsters Inc...which we LOVED!! this was great we were so impressed with the comedians ability to add lib wow good job disney again!! Also my DH was "that guy" and this made our night...He also recieved a sticker which someone told us are hard to get lol
I think by this time it was getting close to 11pm and we were all beat. DD was very successful in pin trading..we learned early on when you are cute and polite they will go overboard to help you..At least 3 different stores brought her over to counter and brought out big book of pins for her...This brought out her confidence and she was able to ask all week CMs for there hidden stash...
So we went to find bus and take the long long ride home to our resort...

Up next Disney Day 2 with DTD and Epcot

pattiken 10-22-2012 08:37 AM

Hello everyone reading..I have been a little slow on my updates however sometimes life stuff gets in the way of Disney :headache:...

Disney day 2

We woke up a little later today as we had done EMH at Magic Kingdom the night needed a rest. I enjoyed my coffee on the balcony with this wonderful view

We needed to hit the grocery store today for munchies and breakfast food..we should have done it on our way into disney but we were all to excited to get to our resort...So after everyone was dressed we piled into the rental car and headed to the Wynn Dixie...My kids and I are obsessed with grocery stores in the states..I know DH thinks we are :rotfl2: I could spend the day there..In Canada we just dont have all the fun things like you guys do...I also made the mistake of going shopping on empty stomach so needless to say our cart was full by the time we left. We headed back unpacked and headed over to DTD again...Nice 10 walk..we needed to eat and I knew exactly were we wanted to go..
Earl Of Sandwich!!!:cheer2: loved this place. We hadnt used any of our CS yet. I didnt realize until half way through our trip that DD who was a child on the dining plan could have an adult meal..I guess it doesnt say for CS just TS...So we ordered and I had the Meatball sub
yummy!!! DS had the hawaiian ..he loved it and DD and DH had the club all good...successful CS meal..I think the best one of the trip actually. The place was packed also and it was still early..1130ish.
After pintrading again and wandering around
we decided to give the Disney buses a try again...mistake number 2 of trip..I just dont like disney buses from DTD complicated...I figured we didnt have to be at epcot until our ADR at 530 so we had lots of time...So we pile on to the buses..I figured we would take polynisian bus and look around there then take the monorail to epcot..So we get to poly
look trade of kids are so funny they loved it here and asked why I didnt book this place...I had to explain it wasnt available through our RCI points..DD has insisted next time we come she wants to stay here concierge level :scared:..better save up for that one
On our way back up to monorail we find out it has broken down:scared1:..CM explains we could take a bus or just walk over to the monorail change station..So we decide to do this..Wow was it hot. 10 minutes later we get to monorail and we are finally on our way to epcot!!
I had never ridden the monorail into loved it. I didnt realize it actually goes through park..very cool. Kids are awestruck..I love that look on there faces..really wish I could bottle that and use it when they are cranky.

up next..Fantastic night at Epcot and our meet up with our fairy godmother who gives us our super fast pass...

pattiken 10-24-2012 12:43 PM


Im pretty sure we arrived at Epcot around 230 ish..First up was photos first..regular ones then fun pic ones
I love the faces on this so fun! My plan was to head over to soarin right away to grab fast passes then explore Future World until our ADR at 530.
On our way over to the land we spot Chip and Dale so of course DD needs autograph and pic..DH takes her for that as DS and I rush over to Soarin
They were so awesome with her!!
Fast passes ended up being for we would have time to eat diner first..It was at this point that I had my DH text our new friend/fairy Godfather who had mentioned that he could get us the super fast pass...After 2 nd text we had an answer and he happened to be in the Mexican Pav and would meet us in 10 minutes :cheer2::cheer2::dance3:..So this wonderful man meets us and hands us the pass for the whole week..actually it was dated until middle of oct. So of course we all head over to soarin as we didnt need the 730 pass ...actually tried to give these away 4 times..crazy no one wanted them until one family of 3 took them.
We all loved soarin, great ride..Also our godfather was full of info..sort of a walking tour guide. He noticed DD hidden mickey book in her bag (another obsesion of the trip )..and told us there is one on the golf ball that you see for 1/4 of a second...Our new friend was by himself so I asked him to tag along with us for a few rides and we bought him a cold frosty beverage as well..actually would have given him anything at this made the vacation!!!
We headed over to Captain EO as I am a huge Micheal Jackson fan..loved this..I had seen it in the 80's and had forgotten about it. Then we crisscrossed over to Mission Space. DD and I rode the green and the boys rode the Orange. I have to say the green was very good, loved it.
My DD was very anxious to do the new agent P adventure however it was almost time for our ADR in Japan so we had to make our way over there.
We sadly said goodbye to our friend..then he throws another suprise..pixie dust at us..He handed my DD a gift card for $10 to buy a pin and says if we wanted to meet him friday morning we could get %45 of at disney store :dance3::cheer2::dance3: wow!!! what a guy!!
Diner was at Teppan Edo..we were all very excited about this..we had done it in 2004 but kids were too small to remember.
Great meal..we always love tappaniaki style dining! After diner we wandered around the japan store for awhile..DS who is of course huge gamer loved all the stuff game related so we were in there for awhile.
We also noticed the booths were all set up for Food and Wine and we were very anxious to come bk and try these when they opened...We wandered around for awhile in Morrocco and spotted Jasmine and Alladin so we hoped in line for that..Alladin has best autograph by the way
Then it was onto france for these babies that I needed to try thank you DIS :yay:
mmmm grey goose slushie and DH had the grand marnier one...wandered around the france pav for the store in here so nice!! Next up United Kingdom when we spot Mary Poppins...DD said she was great stayed in character and told her not to slouch for picture
We enjoyed the band for awhile there, they were awesome then wandered again..didnt buy anything just pin traded and probably vinylmation trade as well. By this time Illumination had started and we didnt really have great view so we walked through our country CANADA!! of course I knew it would be all about the maple syrup and mounties..
We were feeling tired at this point so we headed out and made our way for the long bus ride home.
Great night at epcot..tomorrow was Hollywood Studios!

pattiken 10-25-2012 08:19 PM

Hello Everyone and welcome to Day 3 of my Disney report..Today was Hollywood Studios!!
We didnt make it to rope drop however we made it early eneough for our family..probably around 930. We drove today, unfortunetly I had given up on the Disney Buses from our resort just to long, much easier to drive.
We went in and took a few photos...
My DS eyes are always closed in cute. He tried so hard to smile this trip too...
First place was a walk up Hollywood blvd and down into Pixar Place to ride the ride I was so looking forward too..thks again DIS for the anticipation:cheer2:

Toy Story Mania :dance3:...I noticed fast pass time was already 230 that goes fast..however we had our wonderful super pass so we walked right on...

Wow what a fantastic ride!!! love it, Disney imagineers you outdid yourself on this one...What a work out on your arms...We would be back to this one for sure..Of course my DS needed to beat DH ...not sure he ever did...
I have to say, my family was so wonderful on this trip..They went with the flow and just loved up Disney!!! Makes we weepy just thinking of it...anyways moving was now time for Tower of Terror..
My DD was stressing about this one abit and very nervous (I was too but didnt tell her that
She was pretty scared in the waiting area..but did it with no problem..

thats us in back was weird when doors opened at top, there was a man standing behind one of the letters..strange must be repairing something..
We headed over to Rockin Roller coaster next however it was broken :sad2:..Oh well back there later.. We all decided we wanted Toy Story again but first I needed a snack that I had seen over and over on the DIS....
The Red Velvet Cupcake....I had been salivating over this on the boards for months..I knew we had to head to Staring Rolls to get one...Well let me tell you..what a zoo!! place was packed..and if you know how small it is in there..picture 20 people with 4-5 strollers and possibly 2 screaming children :crazy2::crazy2:..I sent the family out to get a table because it was getting way to conjested and ordered our stuff

After using a few snack credits I went outside to great table my family found and we dug into our treats...
DS butterfinger cupcake
DH carrot cake cupcake with my red velvet in background...sorry no pic but I'm sure its on the boards a gazillion times lol DD bought a danish of some sort..In hindsight Im really glad I tried the Cupcakes and although they were very tastey it made my stomach not feel very well..had to be the heat and then the rides didnt help...
We did Toy story again
The theming here is so great!!!
Then it was time for Star wars!!! We loved this ride back in 2004 and it was my DS favourite movies as a kid so we were all excited..of course ride didnt disappoint..except my stomach was not aggreeing with me at all..had to be the cupcake :sad2:..oh well lesson learned..One regret was when we were here last time we took a great picture of DH, DS and I as princess laya, Luke and Obi one..and DD really wanted to do one with her in it this time...I was very ill at this point and told her we would be back...I feel bad because we never made it back...Oh well you know what that means...almost time for a new trip ticker!!!

Outside we had to take a pic with this
We made our way to streets of america then DH, DS and DD went to explore honey I shrunk the kids playground, while i found a much needed break on a wonderful bench
I started to feel better by this time so we figured we could walk around some more....cont next post

txtara 10-25-2012 10:25 PM

Sounds like a great trip! What a great deal you got at stay dvc is a dream of day

Eosphotog 10-25-2012 10:59 PM

What the heck is a super fast pass? A DVC fast pass?

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