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xAshleyx 10-08-2012 03:40 PM

AoA Trip Report- Sept/Oct 2012
So we just got back from our 9 day stay at AoA. Since AoA is relatively new I wanted to share my experience with everyone ...

I will be posting about me and my family and our first day report shortly :-)

xAshleyx 10-08-2012 05:45 PM

The Mouse Club
This was my 10th trip to WDW. Ive stayed at every value resort on property, CBR, and off site :cool1:

DD4 third trip to the world, to celebrate her September Birthday!!

And lastly DF 1st REAL trip, his first time was as a kid-- and he doesnt remember it-- so for all intent and purposes, this was his first trip :thumbsup2

xAshleyx 10-08-2012 06:06 PM

Arrival Day !!!
We left PHL at 3:57 pm on Friday. Usually I dislike taking such a late flight- the anticipation all day kills me. However, this year I did not plan on taking Friday off of work. That was until I had three cavities that needed to be filled before my trip- for me to properly enjoy my FREE DINING.. so friday morning i woke up bright and early and headed to the dentist for my three fillings.

1 hour and half a xanax later- I was done and super excited for 3:57. Being the procrastinator that I am, I still had to go home and pack :confused3

Once I got home DD was FULL of energy, as any normal 4 year old would be when they are 4 hours away from the happiest place in the world. So packing was nearly impossible. . I regretted not staying up another hour the night before to finish packing.

After throwing a bunch of clothes in my suit case. I decided to take a much needed nap to help me forget about my swollen/numb lip.

I woke up at 2:00 and it was time to head to the airport :drive:

Our flight there was pretty good- another half a xanax and 2 budlights made the flight fly by. Thank god for DF to help with DD as I lay there drooling like a zombie on the plane-- but hey, I have flying anxiety.

I get the same feeling every year when we land in MCO. Its that "morning of the first day of school " feeling. When your excited, anxious, and nervous all at the same time. 25 minutes later when we finally got off the plane- next year I will pay the $10 a seat to sit in the front of the plane- DD and I high tailed it to the bathroom- for the best pee of your life, the "I was just on a plane with a dirty co-ed restroom for 2 hours" kinda pee.

Then it was finally off to the world. We decided to take the Magical Express, since rental car prices werent even reasonable this year.

We walked right up and got right onto a bus. DD was jumping with excitement. After a few stops we finally pulled up to AoA.. Words cannot express my excitement- as an avid Ariel fan, this was like a dream come true for me. I told DD since the trip was booked that we were going to Disney and that Ariel was letting us stay in her room. princess:

We walked into the lobby- it was bright & fun. Not much of a line to check in-- I expected worse for a Friday night. There was only 2 CM working in the lobby. They were both extremely slow and seemed totally confused. A manager CM kept walking by literally every 2 minutes to help them fix something. A problem with the computer system ? Or just mass confusion with the opening of a new resort?

Anyway, it was finally my turn and the CM walked over to greet me and shake my hand. After giving my information the CM quickly assigned my room. My top floor, bay view request was given a first floor parking lot view :furious:

I was also traveling with my parents and 5 year old sister, my mom was checking in at the CM next to me. I could instantly see smoke blowing out of my moms ears when the CM told her our room situation.

This was completely unacceptable. You pay enough money to go to WDW. I can understand being unruly and demanding and not being granted your request, but I booked this trip 10 months out and made the room request then. If i was going to be smothered in a first floor room and have to listen to feet stomping above me all night, I would have gladly paid and stayed at POR in a larger room.

After expressing our concern to the CM, we were quickly told "there is nothing we can do to help you" WHAT ?! in DISNEY? I didnt even know they could say things like this there. The CM was very unhelpful, showed no compassion, and was down right rude.

I quickly asked for the manager. She was very apologetic and after i expressed my concerns about wanting to be further away from the pool and noise in the courtyard and on a higher floor so the foot steps dont keep me nocturnal, she understood and advised she would move us into new rooms first thing the next morning.

I could deal with that- a nice compromise. The manager advised us to drop off our luggage first thing the next morning when we head to the park and they will have them moved to our new room.

We arrived to our room. it was ALOT smaller than expected. Since I have stayed in every value resort on property, I was used to the small rooms. But this was ridiculous, I couldnt even open the door without it getting stuck on the stiff comforter hanging off the bed.

At this point I was beyond tired and aggravated and did not want to complain about something else. I was in Disney and away from work for 9 days, I was in heaven. .

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