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haPevraftr 10-06-2012 05:41 PM

Need some advice
Possibly considering trying to save some money on our spring break trip so that we can take the kids again in Sept. DH has a conference and I am going with him, but really want to take the kids as well. Thinking that maybe if we shave some of the cost at Easter, then we could use the money for airfare for the kids in Sept. MIL has RCI account and I can get decent rates for Silver Lake, Star Island, or Vacation Village at Parkway. Which do you like better and why? Traveling will be myself, DH, DD9 and DS6. We have WDW APs so parking and tix are covered.

haPevraftr 10-08-2012 10:12 PM

Help still needed
Okay...maybe I should phrase my question differently because people may not have stayed at all of the above and can't offer me a fair comparison.

Last year, we stayed at Sheraton Vistana Resort. Since I have experience at that resort, maybe someone could tell me how either Star Island, Silver Lake, or Vacation Village at Parkway compare/contrast with SVR (since I can use that as a frame of reference).

We are staying at WBC in January, and I know that it has more pool amenities than the three that I am asking about, but how closely do they compare to it on other things. Again I am using WBC as a frame of reference for what they are like. I am not asking whether I will like WBC better (because I know I would).

I am asking about what I would be getting with Star Island, Silver Lake, or Vacation Village at Parkway since I would be paying less for them. Am I getting that much less of a vacation? If you can compare/contrast it with SVR or WBC, it will help me visualize. I have seen photos of all of the above, but I never know what to trust when it comes to the photos. However, I do trust the opinions of fellow DISers.


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