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disneynat79 10-06-2012 04:11 PM

Disney Magic! Highs and Lows 1-5 October trip
Hello everyone,

I'm quite new to this board but thought you might like to read my highs and lows!

This was our second time going for the Halloween period and I must say I love it!

Sequoia Lodge - lovely hotel, we had a couple of little niggles with our room (lamp not working and bath plug wouldn't plug!) but other than that it was really nice and a nice short walk to the parks!

Characters - they were excellent and really made our trip, we saw so many (though we booked a few character meals including Auberge so we did seek them out!) and they were great. We saw the Fab Five, Woody, Jessie, Tigger, Eeyore, Mulan, Mary Poppins, Princess Jasmine, Ariel, Remy, lots of villains, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, the 3 Good Fairies and many more! We also saw Peter Pan and Wendy filming a special meet and greet with sick children and although we couldn't meet them, Peter did have a conversation with my eldest much to her delight as she loves Peter Pan!

Rapunzel! - My eldest girls absolute favourite princess, she loves her - was starting to be resigned to the fact that we wouldn't see her but on our 3rd day went over to the Princess Pavillion. We queued for an hour and finally got the the Princesses - there are 2 and you don't know who you will get or which 2 there will be. My daughter was asked by the cast member who she would like to see, (obviously she said Rapunzel), the cast member smiled and directed us to the right and there she was! My daughter beamed and ran into her arms and I just burst into tears - such a magical moment! And Rapunzel was so lovely to my daughter, lots of hugs and because she also has long blonde hair they were comparing!

Disney Dreams - I cried, such a beautiful show - would have loved to have seen it again but with a 1 year old we had to get her in bed at a reasonable time the other nights of the trip :(

Rides - wait times were not too bad, between us we got on crush 3 times, thunder mountain 3 times (baby switch is great too) and we walked straight onto Phantom Manor, Pinocchio, Snow White and loads of others

Now for the lows, although they didn't spoil our trip :)

Cost - I've been to DLP a couple of times before but it still shocks me how much they charge for stuff - I picked up a bag of Kit Kat choccies - 7.99 euros!

Rude People! Again, I was expecting it but it still angered me - the cast members in majority were really good but there were a couple of those that were a bit on the rude side, and some woman breezed right in front of me in a queue as I was about to approach the till for my transaction!

Smoking - I know everyone says about this but I hated it, no-one cared if they were wafting it right at my baby or little girl - just no need for it!

Other than that I loved it, would recommend Cowboy cookout BBQ to anyone, the food is good and plentiful and the character interaction is fantastic. Auberge was nice but the food quite 'posh' which can be hard if you're not used to it. Though the princesses made it worthwhile.

To all those going soon - I'm jealous! Is it too early to start my countdown for WDW 2016???

DLPdaft 10-06-2012 04:19 PM

sounds brilliant, I'm loving that Halloween season is so much fun this year :goodvibes.

tinks_1989 10-06-2012 04:23 PM

what a magical moment with Rapunzel something you will treasure forever.

DLPDreams 10-06-2012 05:07 PM

Wow what an amazing trip! :cheer2:

Sounds like you had a great time.

I have a special memory of my DD1 with Peter Pan & Wendy on our second trip to DLRP - they were amazing with her and to this day she still talks about it almost 3.5 years on!! :goodvibes

Glad you got to meet Rapunzel - how nice of the CM to show you to that room. If my DDs were asked they would probably say 'any of them' :lmao:. Eventhough we have met most of the original princesses but are yet to meet any of the newer ones!

Who did you meet in Auberge? Interested to know as these days it seems to be the same Princesses all the time. We have decided for the first time ever not to do Auberge on our next trip and I keep wondering if we are doing the right thing as we may not meet any princesses at all if not! :confused3

Unfortunately Cowboy cookout as a character meal is due to change very shortly - early Nov I think. It will return to CS only. Really sad as it was probably our favourite character meal on our last trip and probably the best value too - obviously it mustn't be paying very well :confused3. Would have thought with Christmas starting, it would be a good time to advertise it as it will be next to Santa's grotto!?

I agree about the cost of things, but I try not to think about it - just expect it now and then it's not a shock. Shareholders card and APs do manage to make the discounts seem worthwhile!

As for rude people, you get them everywhere. I normally don't bother much but a few did really get me going on our June trip - especially fully grown party of adults pushing in front of children who had been queuing for about 15-20 mins before they arrived and pushed in - it's awful. We found smoking not too bad, only time it was an issue was waiting for Dreams - really felt the air was thick with smoke some nights which wasn't too nice. But again, you get it all over - we noticed the same thing at Legoland last year when we went!

Anyway, would love to see a TR if you get a chance.... :thumbsup2

disneynat79 10-06-2012 05:17 PM

We saw Cinderella and Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel in Auberge.

We saw a few of the 'newer' Princesses in the Studios in the main bit as you come through the neon indoor bit, Mulan, Jasmine, Mary Poppins and Ariel were all there :)

DLPDreams 10-06-2012 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by disneynat79 (Post 46368473)
We saw Cinderella and Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel in Auberge.

We saw a few of the 'newer' Princesses in the Studios in the main bit as you come through the neon indoor bit, Mulan, Jasmine, Mary Poppins and Ariel were all there :)

Thank you for the reply - I thought as much about Auberge.

We saw Jasmine in June from afar in the WDS but we were about to go into Stitch live so couldn't wait..... Shame as my DD2 loves her :scared:

Mum to Belle 10-07-2012 01:34 AM

Wow!!! Sounds like a great trip - you did really well with the characters, especially the princesses!!

I really wish Cowboy Cookout was still going to be open when we're there, but never mind, I still have more restaurants I want to eat in than I have meals!!!!

Did you see the princesses in Studios in the afternoon?

cherrymarzipan 10-07-2012 02:52 AM

Welcome back! So glad you had such a fantastic trip with lots of characters and especially that your DD got to meet her favourite princess. Iím very jealous of your meet with the 3 Good Fairies as I have never seen them other than in parades and shows.

We were in the SL too until the 2nd October and agree it is a lovely hotel and as you say a nice short walk away from the park. Did you see the characters there as well? We loved Minnieís outfit there. :)

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