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ShiPooOwner 10-03-2012 10:33 AM

Coupon Train ~~ New Riders Welcome!
Thank you for your interest in hopping aboard our coupon train. Please be sure to read the next paragraph because sometimes new riders don't quite understand what the procedure involves. Make sure it's something that you really want to do and have ample time for and commitment to because it does take some time and effort on your part.

If you're interested in joining our coupon train, please PM me with your name, mailing address, month and day of birth, and your e-mail address. It's open to anyone interested in sending and receiving manufacturers' coupons. You will need to buy a newspaper every weekend. We send our envies on Mondays after clipping coupons from Sunday's newspaper inserts. By the middle to end of the week you will receive an envelope from your sender with coupons in it. You just remove what you want, add the new coupons from Sunday's newspaper that you don't want to the coupons that were sent to you that you don't want, and send them on to your other train buddy the following Monday.

9 ~~ Dznybound
11 ~~ Cameron991
13 ~~ Baililan
14 ~~ DVCLaurie05
18 ~~ Ninecrayons
27 ~~ Tiggerstac

5 ~~ Vitfamily
7 ~~ Udsweetpea
13 ~~ Rdrjj5
17 ~~ Carlyzmom

October 7 ~~ REQUIRED
October 15 ~~ REQUIRED (Post offices will be closed on Monday, 10/14 ~ Columbus Day holiday)
October 21 ~~ REQUIRED
October 28 ~~ REQUIRED
November 4 ~~ REQUIRED
November 12 ~~ REQUIRED (Post offices will be closed on Monday, 11/11 ~ Veterans Day holiday)
November 18 ~~ REQUIRED
November 25 ~~ REQUIRED
December 2 ~~ REQUIRED
December 9 ~~ REQUIRED
December 16 ~~ REQUIRED
December 23 ~~ OPTIONAL

Newspaper Coupon Insert Schedule

Red Plum - RP
Smart Source - SS
Procter & Gamble - P&G
General Mills - GM

Note: This is the schedule of coupon inserts according to Sunday Coupon Preview. They aren't always accurate with their predictions. There are also wide regional differences in which inserts are included in weekend newspapers.
10/6 - 2SS, RP
10/13 - SS, RP
10/20 - SS (plus possibly a toy/game insert)
10/27 - SS, RP, P&G
11/3 - RP, SS
11/10 - RP, SS
11/17 - RP, SS
11/24 - RP, SS
12/1 - P&G
12/8 - RP, SS
12/15 - RP, SS
12/22 - none

WISH LIST ~ If you would like to send an extra envie off the wish list, please PM me for mailing addresses for these train riders or you can contact them directly via PM for their address:
Pringles, cosmetics, Poland Spring Water, Dunkin Donuts, Friendly's ~ XxStaceFacexX
Kelloggs cereal tokens for Disney cameras, Box Top Labels for Education and Campbell's labels ~ Velrox
Purex liquid detergent, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Ragu pasta sauce, Ivory liquid bodywash, Pert shampoo, Mach3 razors, Oust air freshener ~ hmcfall711
Gatorade, Propel, Powerade, Fruit20 ~~ Rdrjj5
Ivory Snow Detergent, Finesse, Campbell's Labels, Box Tops for Education, SunnyD labels ~~ Eyor44
Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Friskies Indoor Cat Food, any juice, Kroger store coupons ~~ SoScary'09
Tidy Cats cat litter, Coke Rewards Codes. Box Tops for Education ~~ ShiPooOwner
Pampers diapers, Pampers/Huggies wipes, Box Tops for Education, Danimals yogurt, Quaker Granola Bars ~~RangerPooh
Huggies & Pampers diapers, Box Tops for Education, Campbells labels ~~ Claytonsmama
Fruitables, Tide, Bounty, Downy, Ragu, Charmin, Gillette razors for men, Intuition razors for women, dog treats, pharmacy Rx transfer Q's ~~ Honeybunches
Bed, Bath & Beyond, Coke Rewards, Coke, CoverGirl, Petco/Petsmart, Blue Buffalo Dog Food & Treats, Crystal Light to Go ~~ Belle2211
Enfamil ~~ VitFamily
Kellogg's codes, Campbell's labels, Box Tops for Education, Mio, Science Diet cat food, Fresh Step cat litter, BJ's coupons ~~ Manders77
Morningstar, Boca, Zyrtec, Renu, Opti-free, Hormel products, Redbox codes ~~ Wellesleyprincess
Danimals yogurt, Huggies diapers & wipes, Enfamil ~~ Lulu2

EXPIRED COUPONS (up to six months) can be sent to our military for use at their commissaries overseas. Please consider sending your expired coupons to our military rather than throwing them out or into the recycling. Here are four valid addresses:

Shantelle Stewart
PSC 557 Box 1871
FPO AP 96379

Roxanne Theobald
PSC 80 Box 12455
APO AP 96367

Kim Overturf
310 Ladera Lane Apt. 1605
Mangilao, Guam 96913-5869

Sonja Ramakka
PSC 2 Box 13112
APO AE 09012

(Use the same postage as you would for sending within the U.S.)

Our wonderful statistician Hanutedmansionmomma has kept track of our POSTED monthly savings using coupons:
October, 2010 $1,781
November, 2010 $1,115
December, 2010 $841
January, 2011 $2,108
February, 2011 $2,478
March, 2011 $3,658
April, 2011 $3,898.86
May, 2011 $4,306.82 (45 train riders posted their savings this month.)
June, 2011 $3,346.09 (41 riders posted their savings this month with an average of $81 savings.)
July, 2011 $3,239.63 (40 riders posted their savings.)
August, 2011 $2,059.41 (29 riders posted their savings.)
September, 2011 $2,240.35 (27 riders posted their savings.)
October, 2011 $2,747.00 (28 riders posted their savings this month.)
November, 2011 $2,337.56 (26 riders posted.)
December, 2011 $2,656.27 (20 riders posted their savings.)
January, 2012 $2,660.36 (31 riders posted their savings.)
February, 2012 $2,620.06 (29 riders posted their savings.)
March, 2012 $3,664.00 (28 riders posted.)
April, 2012 $2,207.84 (21 posted)
May, 2012 $1,445.22 (24 posted)
June, 2012 $2431.32 (21 posted)
July, 2012 $1,497.94 (17 posted)
August, 2012 $$2,764.70 (26 posted)
September, 2012 $1,447.02 (20 posted)
October, 2012 $2,085.56 (23 posted)
November, 2012 $2,051.58 (19 posted)
December, 2012 $1,744.05 (17 posted)
January, 2013 $2,345.50 (18 posted)
February, 2013 $1,611.93 (18 posted)
March, 2013 $2,059.70 (16 posted)
April, 2013 $1,927.08 (17 posted)
May, 2013 $1,111.46 (13 posted)
June, 2013 $1,376.63 (16 posted)
July, 2013 $1,004.90 (13 posted)
August, 2013 $1,335.84 (18 posted)
September, 2013 $973.08 (15 posted)

And those totals are only those that were POSTED! Think of how much more we saved using coupons but weren't posted!!! WOW! We're doing a great job! Pats on the back, everyone!

ljcraw555 10-03-2012 11:14 AM


Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic Train Conductor you are for all of us Train Riders. :goodvibes And just in case you don't always feel it, you are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Oh yah and the link for the new thread seems to be a-okay!! :)

ShiPooOwner 10-03-2012 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by ljcraw555 (Post 46336965)

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic Train Conductor you are for all of us Train Riders. :goodvibes And just in case you don't always feel it, you are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Oh yah and the link for the new thread seems to be a-okay!! :)

:thumbsup2 So glad to learn the link is working! My instructor on how to post the new thread in a link was MyDizneyBoyz way back when and she did an obviously awesome job with her instruction. :yay: :teacher: :cheer2:

As for your kind words, thank you! :) I love being our train conductor and glad I can contribute in some small way to helping us all save more money for our next trip to Disney. :woohoo:

U.P. North 10-03-2012 12:05 PM

Found the new tracks!! Thanks for all you do!!


eyor44 10-03-2012 12:30 PM

I found the new route! YAY!!!! :yay:

I recieved my envie yesterday! Thanks! :cool1:

PeanutButterMom 10-03-2012 12:34 PM

Found the new thread! I'm sending a GIANT mailer (right now, actually, I'm waiting in line at the post office). Hopefully it doesn't take to long to get to you!

hsmamato2 10-03-2012 01:55 PM

I'm sorry,I'm just curious...what does shipoo owner mean?:upsidedow

adtillma1 10-03-2012 03:16 PM

I've found the new link and I'm good to go. :)

espana94 10-03-2012 04:01 PM

Found the new train...good to be traveling with such a great group of Disney-loving, frugal shoppers...

Shipoo, thanks for doing such a great job keeping us on track!

Enjoy the reat of your week, everyone!


zackspal 10-03-2012 04:06 PM

found it,
wow page 1

Shelby5514 10-03-2012 05:57 PM

I'm here!

I priority mailed a box of coupons to LindaB73 today since I didn't get home from WDW until late Monday night and had to work yesterday. Of course as soon as I got home from the post office I found another HUGE envie in my mailbox.

Linda, you should have them by Friday.

claytonsmama 10-03-2012 06:18 PM

:thumbsup2i found it!! thanks dj for all your hard work!!

princesspaige...envie sent out yesterday...enjoy

2DisPrincesses...i am sorry, but i cannot remember if i posted last week, but i did receive envies...thank you bunches.

hope everyone has a great week:)

jkCT 10-03-2012 06:19 PM

Yay new thread! :wave2: Hello everyone!

gandhmommy, got your huge, record breaking envelope to sort through it! THANKS!!:cool1:

PeanutButterMom, Sent you an envelope on Sunday! (picked up a paper on Saturday with the Sunday coupons in that!)

SamiGage 10-03-2012 07:38 PM

Received and appreciated the newsletter and I can't wait to receive my first envie! I find myself running to the mailbox these days hoping it will arrive today :lmao:

SCDisneyMom 10-03-2012 08:44 PM

I'm here!

ibleedblue - got an envie in the mail today. Thanks! :)

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