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Trishtack 10-02-2012 07:04 PM

Questions re Military Ticket Discount
Friends of ours have offered to gift DD and me with tickets purchased with a Military Discount. We will be arriving 10/14-10/20. They are not vacationing until December. Can we use them without the retired military/spouse being present? I am not a member of the military.

This may not be the right board. I apologize and ask it be moved if necessary.


idofabric 10-02-2012 07:30 PM

If they are giving you the Military Salute tickets, and they have been activated at WDW by them, before you go and no one else has used them, then, yes, you can use them. But the military member or spouse must be the ones to activate them at the parks...these are the 4 day tickets that are about $160? now...
If the tickets are the ones that military members can buy at any MWR that can be for any length of time, up to 10 days, they don't need to be activated by a military memeber or their spouse.
We go down to WDW every Food and Wine, and take a ton of friends and family members. We go to the Shades of Green resort, (Military Hotel on WDW property...), and get tickets for them. They go in with us, and they use their credit card or cash to pay for them. We have been doing this for sevral years now, at first we paid for them all, but the last few years the MWR personal has said that it was fine for the people that were getting the tickets could pay as long as we had an active military ID card!

Trishtack 10-02-2012 07:59 PM

Thanks. They are not salute. They bought them here or are buying them here ( not sure if they have bought ). Are they for a certain number of days and do you know the price?

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