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kristinlynn 10-01-2012 03:31 PM

Affordable Diaper Bag to Fit City Mini 2012
Can anyone recommend a diaper bag that will easily fit in the City Mini 2012 storage basket? I know there is a baby jogger bag that clips to the side of the stroller (and I'm considering that). I also know many just put bags over the handles ... but I'm really looking for a bag that i can slip under the stroller.


sherry7 10-01-2012 09:38 PM

I have the 2011 version of the City Mini (which is the same as the 2012). I have several diaper bags, and the only one that fits underneath easily is a very small Land's End Little Tripper diaper bag. But, that bag is so small that I can hardly fit anything in it, so that doesn't work for trips of more than 2 hours. I have a Skip Hop Duo which can fit underneath, but only if it doesn't have much in it. Even then, it's hard to wrestle underneath and not worth the hassle.

The City Mini is a very stable stroller, so I don't have an issue with hanging a diaper bag on the handle. My favorite diaper bag (a Skip Hop Studio) is very easy to attach to the handle using the connector thingies. The Skip Hop Duo is easy to throw over the handle using the long strap. You can really attach just about any diaper bag to the handle using a set of Mommy Hooks.

danceintherain 10-02-2012 05:19 AM

One of the biggest drawbacks to the Baby Jogger City Mini is the storage basket. I've had mine for 2 years now (2010 model) and I still haven't really found a bag that fits well underneath. I usually just throw stuff under there sans bag, but that doesn't work well for instances when you'll be collapsing it frequently. I haven't caved into buying the saddlebag yet, but I might if/when we have another kid.

When we took ours to Disney, DH carried a backpack most of the time. We've never been heavy packers, when we go to the parks, even with a baby, so that worked fine for us.

kristinlynn 10-02-2012 09:31 AM

This is actually our second stroller. We started with the PegPergo Vela and I hated it. The front wheel ALWAYS stuck and using the bag hooks made it so it couldn't fold easily. The only thing I loved was the storage space.

I called Amazon with my complaints and they said they'd return it (LOVE AMAZON), so I just ordered the 2012 city mini. The reason I didn't just get that in the first place was the storage space, seat support, and narrow foot rest, but all three of these things have been addressed in the 2012 model. While the storage basket is still the same, they've lowerd the bar (making it more of a u shape) so it's easier to access. I was thrilled with I read about this, but when I saw it, realized it's still too small :headache:

Well, my stroller should arrive tomorrow, so I guess I'll be hitting up some stores on the search for a diaper bag that's less than 10" tall, about 4" thock, but really wide. I think a thin rectangle shape would fit in pretty good.

sbsteel 10-02-2012 10:47 AM

I have a 2011 City Mini (or whatever year they changed the seat back support) and the only diaper bag I was able to fit underneath is my Vera Bradley villager. Even then, it couldn't be completely full otherwise it wouldn't fit.

We carry a messenger bag for longer excursions, trips to WDW, etc. and that works well to hang over the handlebar.

The storage accessibility is my only gripe with that stroller, otherwise it's great!

kristinlynn 10-03-2012 02:23 PM

To anyone who is interested, I found an old worn out diaper bag that I had that, as long as it's not overstuffed, fits the 2012 city mini with the child in the stroller:

Bad news, it's from walmart and they don't appear to sell it anymore. However, you can find some of these left on ebay, or you can search for a diaper bag that's a similar size.

dsneygirl 10-03-2012 09:31 PM

I just got back from WDW with our City Mini and I had no diaper bag. I had 2 large ziplocs, one with diapers, wipes etc. The other with clean clothes. Then I carried a small one shoulder backpack with the other essentials.

This is my only drawback to the mini is the small basket but everything else wins out.

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