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Carrie_Cat 09-26-2012 05:48 PM

The Extended 20th Anniversary

That's the official visual and confirmation that the 20th Anniversary is extended until at least next September

Hipster Meg 09-27-2012 03:55 AM

Doesn't surprise me but it's good to see it confirmed :goodvibes

Happy Tappy 09-27-2012 04:52 AM

The image implies that Dreams will continue (Fireworks, star and bubbles around the characters.

Whilst I'd be happy with Dreams continuing, I do wish they'd be a bit more creative with the yearly themes.

Isila 09-27-2012 06:14 AM

happy to hear that. We might see it :love:

DLPDreams 09-27-2012 06:41 AM

Thanks Carrie :thumbsup2.

No surprise though really is it. DLRP don't have a huge budget so parades etc can't really be overhauled every year.

Something like Dreams was never going to be just for one season/year. Far too much went into it. I am happy it is staying. Not so keen about the new parade but it seems it will be here to stay for a good while longer...

The thing I look forward to finding out about is what will happen in place of Fanti next year - anything or nothing?? :confused3 Only time will tell.....

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