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socababy 09-24-2012 12:56 AM

CA Coast Wonder cruise Sept 23 - 30 Trip Report! Updated and started adding pics!
(I am having trouble with photobucket so I will post some pics as soon as I can.)

When I saw that these CA Coast cruises were not selling that well, I immediately began looking regularly on the DCL website for *GT rates. I knew I couldn’t take my boys on this trip though since they will be missing 2 weeks of school when we go on the Panama Canal cruise in December. I, however, really wanted to do this cruise because for one thing, the Wonder’s time on the west coast is dwindling down. I want to spend as much time on her as possible. Secondly, I love San Francisco and overnight there sounded great! So with dd’s birthday being Oct. 2, I thought why not do a cruise in place of a birthday party. She is just in pre school so missing school is not as important as her brother’s missing school.

I went ahead and asked my MIL if she’d mind watching the boys if *GT rates came available and she said no problem. Back in July, IGT and OGT rates came out first. I almost hit the submit button but really wanted to hold out for a VGT rate. I saw the cruise before this one was offering the VGT rate and it was only $100 more than the OGT rate so I held out. Finally the VGT rate became available a couple days later and I booked our mother/daughter cruise!

Day 1

My oldest son had a baseball game on the way to the port so we dropped him off at his game and then my MIL drove us to the port. We arrived at the port around 10:40 with a boarding time of 11. We cruised right in and just like previous cruises at this port, no one questioned what boarding time we had. We were able to walk straight through the CC line to check in. This is my first GOLD cruise and dd wasn’t happy that she got a silver lanyard and I got a Gold one. LOL I told her that when we sail in Dec, she and I will both have Gold and her brothers will only have silver. She liked that! After getting checked in, I asked if there were any upgrades available. I was walked over to the supervisors desk and was shown which 1 bedrooms were still available. There were about 6 or so. We booked a VGT room and were originally assigned 7546. I was told it would be $964 to upgrade so we took it! So we moved up a deck to room 8546.

There was no one in line for kid’s club registration so that took less than 5 minutes to get done. We then walked over to wait in the concierge area to board.
Here is dd excited to be boarding soon!
I thought boarding was a little late compared to previous cruises. We didn’t board until close to 12. Once onboard, I went immediately to Guest Services to get Disney Friend’s Tea Tickets only to find out they are not offering it on these cruises. Dd was quite bummed about that. We then headed to Parrot Cay for lunch where we saw some friendly faces, Bonieface and Salomie, both servers who have taken care of us in the past. Lunch was good, especially the pineapple coconut soup. Unfortunately, I am always too busy eating to remember to take pics of food!

After lunch, we headed to the Cadillac Lounge for the Concierge Reception. It was great to see Tawanda, our concierge host, again. Such a nice man! We chatted for a bit and dd told him how she wanted a Gold lanyard so he went and got her one. She was so happy about that! LOL After, dd really wanted to go swimming. It has been very hot here in So CA for the last 6 weeks or so and today was no different. We entered deck 9 from the forward stairs and I was surprised to see the adult pool and the goofy pool empty. Almost all the table by the Mickey pool were taken. I was able to grab one by the windows but it was directly in the sun. I was starting to cook sitting there and was regretting not packing my bathing in my carry on like I did for dd. I do love the heat but dripping in sweat is no fun. I’m sure in 2 days time I’ll be complaining about how cold it is in San Francisco!

After some swim time and an ice cream cone, we head to our room at 2. The room is nice and I know I’ll appreciate the extra room when dd sleeps in (or at least she better sleep in since she always wants to at home!) I’m looking forward to ordering in breakfast for this reason. Dd relaxes while watching Cinderella and I am certain she is about to fall asleep. I was hoping to head to the DIS meet at 3 but dd napping is much more important! Soon it is 3:30 and dd never fell asleep and I wasn’t about to let her now since we have the safety drill at 4.

The safety drill was miserable because we were in the sun the whole time on deck 4. I arrived right at 4 hoping to cut down on the wait time only to realize all that did was put up in the front of everybody directly in the sun. Dd complained the whole time and wanted me to hold her. I told her there was no way I was holding her because I was roasting right along with her. The drill seemed to drag as they said everything in English followed by saying everything in Spanish. I don’t recall them doing this before or maybe I just now noticed since I desperately wanted to get out of the sun. The drill finally ended and we could escape the sauna. Dd didn’t want to go to the Sail Away Party. I think swimming really exhausted her so we went back to our room where we called home to see how my son’s baseball game went and to say a final goodbye before we set sail. Thankfully the boys didn’t seem bitter that they were not with us on the ship. They were too busy to even talk much since they were playing the Wii at Grandma’s house.

We set sail a little late but were finally on our way about 5:20. Docked at the same port is the SS Iowa battleship. So cool to see. My ds7 was in the car when we were dropped off and he was in awe of it. I’ll have to see how long it is stationed there and maybe we’ll go take a tour soon.

I didn’t make a dining rotation request and we ended up with TAPAPTA. I did request to have Bonieface as our server and we were granted that request. Dinner was good. I had the shrimp with horseradish sauce which dd also enjoyed. I also had the escargot, Market Salad, Beef Tenderloin and dd and I shared a sundae for dessert. Right before we got our dessert, I had a very pleasant surprise…Pierre, the F&B manager came to my table! I first met him back in April on the MR cruise and he was also on the Hawaii cruise a few weeks after that. Such a nice man! I knew he was heading to the Magic after Hawaii and I even asked here on the DIS if he was on the Magic in July. He was, so I assumed he was still there. What a nice surprise to see him here on the Wonder! That is one of the reasons why I love coming on board the Wonder, it is truly like coming home with all these familiar faces!

Seeing as this is a Pixar cruise, the Children’s menus are Pixar themed. I thought I did pretty good on my Dash drawing!

So far we have not seen any Pixar characters no were any scheduled in the Navigator for photo ops.

Dd decided she didn’t want to go see the show “Let the Magic Begin” because she was too tired. I have a feeling this will not be the first time this happens this cruise. She doesn’t have her brothers here helping her get a second wind! We head back to the room to find a nice Pixar book. The letter says it is for being a returning CC member and a Disney Visa cardholder. I’m not sure of you only need to be one or both. There will be an opportunity later in the week to have the book signed by Tia Kratter. We then ordered in the movie Alladin II for dd to watch and I place our breakfast order from Tritons for tomorrow morning. I love having breakfast on the verandah which is one of the reasons why I like sailing in a concierge room.

The one bedroom concierge rooms come with 100 minutes free Wifi which is why I decided to write the trip report live. My last 2 trip reports were never finished because life got in the way once back at home. Since dd will be in bed early most nights, I decided to try and write each days events at night! Hopefully I can help any future Pixar Cruisers. It is 9:30 and dd is almost asleep and I think I will be close behind her. Bummed that tomorrow’s navigator isn’t here yet. Oh well, I will study it over breakfast in the morning. The balcony door is opened and we will fall asleep listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean. So far, the ship is motionless for the most part and there isn‘t much creaking noise from the wood in the room like I have encountered in other concierge rooms. Fingers crossed this continues throughout the week.

Luliemouse 09-24-2012 01:07 AM

Can't wait to hear more! I would love to see some navigators if you have em. :goodvibes

marciemouse 09-24-2012 01:29 AM

I've loved all your previous trip reports (even the unfinished ones!) so I am thrilled you're doing one live! We almost booked the cruise you're on since our kids have a short week at school this week, but my DH wasn't interested in the itinerary. Back to Mexico in 6 weeks instead! Have a great time!

Stmpnshell 09-24-2012 02:59 AM

Can't wait to hear more!

princesskayla 09-24-2012 06:05 AM

We are going on the Wonder in Oct. Thanks for the SS Iowa tip. My son loves anything Miltary related so we will plan on touring it before we board the ship.

homeboycartel 09-24-2012 10:21 AM

For military lovers, the uss hornet is on display across the pier from where the wonder will dock in sf. My family is planning to your it on our 1st day in sf.

BAT 09-24-2012 11:33 AM

thanks for the report, hope you have a great sailing.

KimnChris 09-24-2012 01:17 PM

Great report, we are on next Sunday voyage!

cheryllarsen 09-24-2012 01:50 PM

This is awesome! This will have to be my next cruise!

cheryllarsen 09-24-2012 01:51 PM

Just got back from our Alaskan cruise which was amazing but rather chilly. ;) Going to try and book a warmer location cruise for this winter!! Love reading these trip reports and planning my next vacay!!

Cristine B 09-24-2012 08:18 PM

Thank you!
Thank you for posting, I love all of the timely information. We board Sunday and are also CC members, can't wait to do the Pacific with Disney. We will be celebrating my mom's 70th and my DH's 44th with our two boys 11 & 14. Hoping to upgrade at check in as well.

franandaj 09-24-2012 11:15 PM

We are staying Concierge on a Mexican Riviera cruise. Please take lots of pictures of the ship and the room! :thumbsup2

Also how does the 100 minutes of WiFi work? Did you bring your own computer?

socababy 09-25-2012 01:35 AM

Day 2 - At Sea

Dd is my one child who likes to sleep in. This morning she chose not to. She climbs into my bed at 6:15 and proceeds to touch me with her ice cold hands. LOL The room was pretty cold since we slept with the balcony door opened. I kept telling her to go back to sleep but she just didn’t. Finally at 7 I just turn the tv on for her while I continue to close my eyes for the next hour. I get up at 8 and take a look at the Navigator to see what we should do with our sea day. Our breakfast from Tritons arrives just after 8:30. Dd had a child’s combo plate with pancakes, a waffle and some scrambled eggs. I had an omelet with some extra crispy bacon. Everything was good except dd’s eggs were pretty runny. The coffee wasn’t that great either. I normally bring my own flavored coffee creamer with me onboard. Right now it is miles away from me sitting in my fridge at home! I can’t believe I forgot it!

After breakfast, we get dressed and head over to the Kid’s Club. It is Open House so I watch dd play on the slide and then play some computer games with her. Soon we here the CM announce that Secure Programming will be in place soon and that we need to go check our kids in if they want to stay. We make our way out of the Club to discover a long line of parents wanting to sign their kids in. Luckily it went by pretty fast. I drop dd off and then head to Cove Café for a pick me up. I order a café mocha and then decide to go sit right outside the Café on a padded lounger to drink my coffee and read my book on the Panama Canal (getting ready for Dec!) It is quite cool outside but they have some blankets available on deck to use. I wrapped one around my neck and placed one over my legs and I was just fine. I sat and read for about an hour. The book is getting me more and more excited about the PC cruise!

The princess gathering is at 12 so at 11:30 I go ask dd if she wants to go get in line for that. I’ve discovered on past cruises that you want to line up early for this. Dd wanted to stay in the club so I left and headed to the gift shops. I really didn’t see much in way of Pacific Coast cruise merchandise other than a limited edition trading pin. I plan on going back later to look more closely though. I bought the Pacific Coast pin as well as a Happy Birthday pin for dd. Now that I am Gold, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I got 10% off. It wasn’t much, but it all adds up! I go get dd a little after 12 and she is just finishing up Toy Story Boot Camp. As we are leaving the club, she sees the princesses below and she wants to go see them! Of course she does! I told her it was a very long line and that is why I asked her earlier. I told her we’ll do it on another day and that Mickey was going to be up on deck 9. We head up to deck 9 and find that we are first in line for Mickey. We wait just about 7 minutes or so and in that time, the line grows about 15 kids deep. We got there just in the knick of time! Dd is excited to use her new autograph book and she tells Mickey thank you for calling her on Saturday. I had set up on the DCL website for Mickey to call last Saturday to tell Katelyn how excited he was that she was coming on board. She was so happy after she got that call.

After seeing Mickey, we head to Beach Blanket Buffet for lunch. Before we enter, dd participates in her first pin trading experience! She is loving this! I wasn’t too thrilled over the selection at the buffet today. Dd and I both ended up eating some sautéed shrimp and dd had some broccoli while I had a salad. Neither of us were super hungry so maybe that is why nothing looked that appealing. After lunch we wanted to go get Minnie’s autograph but the line was a bit long. Minnie was outside on the gazebo where it was a bit windy and cool. We head back to our room where we find that Tawanda has left Katelyn some arcade cards. Dd wants to go to the arcade so off we go. My boys have gone to the arcade using cards given from concierge before but they always went with someone else in our party. This was the first time I had been in there and I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t anything girly for dd to play. Most of the games are geared for older kids who can reach a gas pedal and steer at the same time.

After the arcade, we came back to the room to relax before heading down to get in line for a pic with Woody and Jessie! Picture time was at 2:45 and when we went down about 2:10, we were already about 15th in line. I brought dd’s Leappad to kill time while waiting in line which was a lifesaver. For those who love the Incredibles, they were taking pics right before Woody and Jessie but dd didn’t have any interest in them. We got our pic with Jessie and Woody and my plan was to hop back at the end of the line to be one of the first for a pic with Mike Wazowski! He wasn’t scheduled to come out until 3:30 and I just wasn’t sure dd would make it another 15 minutes especially since she didn’t want her pic with him anyway. The CM said they will all be back out again over the next 2 days so hopefully we can catch Mike at another time. I have never seen an opportunity to take a pic with Mike at Disneyland or WDW so I definitely want dd to do it.

We came back to the room and dd watched a movie on tv while I hopped in the shower. I got out just in time since the doorbell rang with room service dropping off some yummy crackers with cheese for us to snack on. Another perk of concierge is having goodies dropped off each day. Even for those not in concierge, you can call room service and have them deliver this yummy snack. It is called “All Hands on Deck.” After dd managed to get crumbs everywhere, I filled the bath for her since she was eager to take a bath with the jets on. Deep tubs are the worst to give kids a bath in but I got it done!
Love these robes in the conceirge rooms and so does dd! So soft!
Tawanda stopped by and asked if he were going to the show tonight. Dd wanted to so he told us to meet him down at Cadillac Lounge at 7:55 and he’ll get us the secret way. He did this for us on a past cruise which was awesome! We also discussed what we would be doing in San Francisco tomorrow and he even gave me a map of the Fisherman’s Wharf area. We will not being doing a DCL excursion so I am hoping for the best to not get lost. I told Tawanda if I am not back by dinner, then something has happened to us. He half jokingly and half seriously wrote down my cell number just in case! LOL

Before dinner we went down to the atrium to get a pic with Minnie dressed in her formal gold dress since tonight was formal night. The line wasn’t very long, thank goodness. For those of you who have read past trip reports know that I make my kids do all the pics every night. Dd lucked out since I already know that I won’t be purchasing the dvd this trip, she doesn’t need to take a pic at every station! I grabbed my free alcoholic drink (mai tai maybe??) from the waiter and then head over to say hi to Pierre. Dd doesn’t want to talk to Pierre because she spots the girls at Guest Services with their lanyards on. So we do some pin trading there where we find out that Pierre is quite the pin trader himself. So he tells dd he will bring his out later.

Dinner tonight is in Animators Palate. The olive oil, garlic, basil dip was fantastic with the bread tonight. I also had the fried cheese ravioli, broccoli and blue cheese soup, and the New York strip. I hardly ever make red meat at home since the kids don’t care for it so I always seem to consume a lot of it on my cruises. Dd had a cheeseburger and some peas. Bonieface also brought out some sautéed shrimp for us. For dessert we shared a strawberry Sundae. By share, I mean I had 2 bites and dd had the rest. Those who have read past trip reports know that I don’t feel like desserts are up to par on DCL.

After dinner, we head to Wavebands to watch Mike Price do his juggling act. He was really good and dd seemed to enjoy watching him. We then meet Tawanda at 7:55 and he takes us into the theatre where we get our front row seats. I personally don’t want to sit it the very front. The smoke they use onstage goes right in your face several times a show. Tonight was no different but dd always insists we need to sit as close as possible. Dd was asked to be one of the 7 dwarfs but no amount of persuading could get her to do it. Bummer too because she was offered the chance last April and she turned it down then too. I’m not sure how I can get her to come out of her shell when it comes to things like that. The Golden Mickeys is a really cute show and dd loves seeing all the various characters. So the show ends and we are in the very front row. There is a mob of people very slowly trying to exit the theatre. Can you guess what dd says at that moment??? She of course says she has to go potty really bad. Ah crap! I stand there praying for the line of people to move faster but to no avail. So I finally just manuever my way through people apologizing along the way saying she needs to go potty badly! Most people were gracious and moved over while others probably wanted to push my down the stairs. Oh well. The good news is that we made it to the bathroom just in time!

Dd wanted to go to the Club so I take her back to the room to change her clothes and then drop her off at the club. I go back to the room because my heels are killing me. I pour myself a glass of Pinot Noir and sit down to write this days report. Unfortunately, still no pics. The internet is a lot slower than I have experienced on the Mexican Riviera cruise or the Hawaii cruise. I’ll finally get signed on to Photobucket and then I am kicked off. So pics may need to wait until I get back home. I’ll be picking up dd from the club soon because I want us to get to bed at a decent time. We are scheduled to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge around 6:45 so I want to make sure we are up for that!

socababy 09-25-2012 01:39 AM

Yes I brought my own computer but I believe concierge does have Ipads you can borrow. The 100 minutes are charged to your room and then just credited back.

lbaier 09-25-2012 02:00 AM

Post NAVIGATORS for Pacific Coast/Pixar Cruise - PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!
If anyone has sailed on the first two sailings of the Pacific Coast/Pixar cruises on the Wonder would you PLEASE post your navigators? I am sailing with 18 family members (none have ever cruised before) on the Sept 30th sailing. I would love to see the activities and plan ahead for family get togethrs.


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