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AngieMouse86 09-21-2012 11:19 PM

Mother has DCIS
I know I haven't posted a lot here on the Dis, but I do spend a lot of time reading here and feel quite comfortable here, enough to post this.

I just found out tonight that my mother has DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ, or 'stage zero' breast cancer. We don't know yet if it has spread beyond the breast at all, or if it is just confined to the ducts. But either way, this is very scary news. It is not, technically, cancer at this point but could develop into it, and if it isn't and is treated, the DCIS can come back within a few years. That's about all I know at this point.

It's only been a few hours since I found out, but I already feel a large weight on me, as I'm the oldest and the only sibling that knows; My littlest sister is too young to share the news with at this stage, since things could go very positively. And my mother has asked me not to share this with my younger sister, as she just recently started her Freshman year of college and is out of state. :guilty: So I'm already feeling guilty that I have to keep this from her and in.

But anyway, just hoping for some strength from positive words and prayers. We truly and greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

ForAandA 09-21-2012 11:40 PM

Sending hugs. My Mother In Law is going through chemo as we speak. Her son (my DH) is great. my SIL, not so much. I know what it is like to have to take care of everything. Somehow, we just do ;).

luvmarypoppins 09-22-2012 08:58 AM

:hug: so sorry to hear this news about your mom.

Sending prayers for Gods peace as you go through this journey.

Also you might want to post on the breast cancer survivors thread on the community board. Those ladies are a wealth of information and so inspiring and helpful to all. They are the best. (I have a different kind of cancer but they have adopted me)

Wishing your mom all the best.

mommasita 09-22-2012 01:44 PM

I second the PP. Those are a fabulous bunch of ladies, and sometimes just having others know what you are feeling helps a lot.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. :hugs:

AngieMouse86 09-24-2012 12:42 AM

Thank you all soo very much for your kind thoughts and well wishes, I truly appreciate it. :hug:

luvmarypoppins, I will be sure to check that thread out, had no idea about it. I will keep you in my prayers as well. :goodvibes

ForAandA, that is true, one does always manage to find a way through hardship, especially with faith. :)

mommasita, thank you!

It is just a waiting game for now, for her to see a specialist (who happens to be a former coworker of hers, so we're familiar with him and he's wonderful) and get the full picture now. I will report back as I find out more.

ctl 09-24-2012 04:32 PM

finding it this early is good
Hearing that your mom has DCIS is very scary. If you look from the glass half-full perspective, it is actually very lucky that she found it at this stage. This is about as early as you can find cancer and it is in situ. This gives your Mom the best chance for successful treatment. I hope this gives you some comfort. Will be praying for her. Hugs.:grouphug:

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