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ejud 09-20-2012 09:48 PM

POTD Match Game
New thread as off shoot of the POTD thread. First poster posts an image of choice: everyone else for that day tries to match it.

As we have already seen, the "subject" of any starter image is quite open to interpretation, so there is plenty of room for variations.

Update after a few weeks of use!

(The "Starter Picture" is valid for 24 hours fro m when it is posted, no matter what time it is posted.) Changed 7 December 2012 as follows:

The starter pic gets 25 hours (as opposed to 24) so that the starter posting time moves forward in time each day whether someone snipes or not.

The same person may not "start" consecutive days unless it goes to 26 hours without a new starter.

There was some talk of limiting any single poster to two starts a week, but I think that is not needed at this point. Don't want to get overly regulated... always a tricky balance you know...

No "catching up" If you miss, you miss! Join in where we are.

More will be noted here as needed and decided by the group: I technically started this thread but it was not my idea and I am not the boss of it! :rotfl2:
POTD MATCHES so far through December 5th, compiled by klmall, aka Kathy:

9/20/12 Expedition Everest
9/21/12 Mr. Potato Head
9/22/12 Dumbo
9/23/12 Any 3-D glasses
9/24/12 Maelstrom
9/25/12 clock on Main Street in the Magic kingdom (became WDW clocks)
9/26/12 statue in Italy at Epcot
9/27/12 Lego figures outside at DTD
9/28/12 Mission Space rocket (outside)
9/29/12 Any of the 75 Mickeys
9/30/12 Cinderella Statue/Fountain in Fantasyland
10/1/12 Epcot Future World Spaceship Earth gardens
10/2/12 Walt and Mickey statues at MK
10/3/12 the Sky Net in Future World
10/4/12 ourselves with a character
10/5/12 Nemo
10/6/12 Your best picture while on a ride
10/7/12 Buzz Lightyear (ride)
10/8/12 Pictures of Mickey Mouse
10/9/12 Flag of any kind
10/10/12 little cottage in the Canadian pavilion
10/11/12 Pics of your favorite queue
10/12/12 Exit sights from Spaceship Earth or exit sights from any attraction
10/13/12 Disney transportation
10/14/12 Disney parking lot signs
10/15/12 Trash cans around the World
10/16/12 Disney light fixtures Day 1
10/17/12 Disney light fixtures Day 2
10/18/12 Totem pole in Canada
10/19/12 Ride Times (Wait Times)
10/20/12 Illuminations
10/21/12 Queues
10/22/12 WDW weather vanes
10/23/12 Trains
10/24/12 Goofy fishing/napping at AK
10/25/12 anything Duffy
10/26/12 Kids splash areas
10/27/12 The fountain (near Imagination area with the reflecting pool)
10/28/12 Attraction Signs
10/29/12 Live music
10/30/12 Chip n Dale (live only)
10/31/12 Pumpkins
11/1/12 Gorillas on the Pangani Trail
11/2/12 Hidden Mickey
11/3/12 Divine*
11/4/12 Live animals
11/5/12 Buildings*
11/6/12 Christmas trees at Disney
11/7/12 Main Street shops and buildings
11/8/12 and 11/9/12 anything Star Wars
11/10/12 any carving from the Tree of Life
11/11/12 Daisy Duck
11/12/12 Cast members
11/13/12 Disneys horses
11/14/12 Festival of the Lion King
11/15/12 Stuff you see ON the attraction. (Not "away from" the attraction - like scenery off in the distance - unless that's part of the attraction like TTA or the train.)
11/16/12 Neptune (statue in Italy)
11/17/12 WDW entrance sign
11/18/12 anything Kilimanjaro Safari*
11/19/12 Downtown Disney sights (except Lego stuff)
11/20/12 Seasonal decorations
11/21/12 Epcot Pavilions at night (favorite rides or countries)
11/22/12 Disney plush displays
11/24/12 Cast members (again)
11/25/12 Signs
11/26/12 Disney backsides
11/27/12 Displays in windows
11/28/12 Elephants on the Jungle Cruise
11/29/12 Rain pictures
11/30/12 Sweet treats
12/1/12 Room views
12/2/12 and 12/3/12 Pictures of fire
12/4/12 Clocks from any park or resort
12/5/12 Space Mountain (inside or outside)
12/6/12 ANY shot of the raceway
12/7/12 Electrical Parade
12/8/12 IASW
12/10/12 Topiary
12/11/12 The Mosaic in the Castle Tunnel
12/12/12 Great movie Ride scenes
12/13/12 Holiday picture from any WDW Park
12/15/12 "Beauty Shot"
12/17/12 Your reflection
12/18/12 WDW Palm Trees
12/19/12 anything BOARDWALK
12/20/12 Sebastian!!
12/21/12 Anything in Italy's shops
12/23/12 Tomorrow Land signs
12/25/12 Hidden Mickeys..(or not so hidden...)
12/26/12 Disney Ducks
12/28/12 Polynesian Resort
12/30/12 Santa shots, from any park
12/31/12 Area before Tomorrowland
01/01/13 Baby carriages
01/02/13 Any Disney Dinosaur
01/05/13 Bathroom walls in the parks (not your resort bathroom)
01/06/13 The Studios Water Tower
01/07/13 Tiki Room
01/09/13 TEST TRACK
01/10/13 FOOD! Disney YUMMY Food!!!
01/11/13 Dogs
01/13/13 More dogs
01/14/13 Mr. Incredible!
01/15/13 A) Coca Cola, B) Sign or if you are feeling froggy C) Coca Cola Sign
01/17/13 Tow Mater!
01/18/13 Two or more princesses in the same picture
01/20/13 Wall decorations at Resorts or anywhere outside of Down Town Disney or the Parks
01/21/13 THE Chandelier in the Grand Floridian lobby
01/23/13 Waves
01/25/13 FENCES
01/26/13 All Aboard!!!
01/27/13 Small World
01/29/13 The outside of Spaceship Earth
01/30/13 The man himself...
01/31/13 Disney ceilings
02/02/13 Peter Pan
02/04/13 Tinkerbell
02/05/13 anything with the word "Disney" on it
02/06/13 Views from the Wedway Transit Authority
02/08/13 Pizza Planet: in or out.
02/10/13 any villains...
02/11/13 Downtown Disney WESTSIDE
02/14/13 Ride Tracks
02/15/13 Things found in Adventure Land
02/16/13 Details of Swiss Family Robinson Tree House
02/17/13 WDW drink machines
02/18/13 Mickey merchandise
02/21/13 Back side of SSE Building with forecourt.
02/22/13 The Contemporary: outside only: as close to this view as possible: no interior shots.
02/23/13 Mission:Space- Facade
02/25/13 Water in Epcot- not the lake.
02/26/13 Mary Poppins And Bert
02/27/13 The Characters of Main Street U.S.A.
03/03/13 Disney "rocks"
03/06/13 Haunted Mansion
03/08/13 3 or more Animals
03/10/13 This shot of Goofy: Goofy only
03/11/13 TRASH CANS! Or tall pillar thingies (technical term)
03/12/13 This view of the Crystal Palace
03/14/13 Dumbo's mouse friend
03/17/13 someone trying on clothing in Disney or someone wearing a hat with glasses, sun glasses do not count
03/18/13 Pictures from Tom Sawyer's Island
03/21/13 [unspecified: opening image was an overflowing single sundae smothered in whipped cream and cherries.]
03/23/13 Main Street windows; the ones with lettering
03/25/13 Group Stuffing Faces
03/26/13 Fish
03/27/13 Things with strings or threads. Or dancing.
03/29/13 Your score on any Disney ride... High score wins!!
03/31/13 RESORT POOLS ...
04/02/13 Resort Main Entrance Facade: NO repeats! First come, first served!
04/03/13 Reflections in the water... any where on Disney property
04/04/13 Staircases
04/07/13 Bridges
04/08/13 people chilling and having fun but not in the Parks
04/11/13 resort Bus stops
04/12/13 TOPIARIES
04/15/13 Disney Under Construction
04/16/13 an attraction queue
04/18/13 Sunsets
04/20/13 Disney birdhouses, real or "model"
04/22/13 INSIDE the Contemporary Resort
04/23/13 Horns
04/26/13 The "Cloud" wall at HS
04/27/13 The Brown Derby
04/29/13 "CLOCKS" around the world
04/30/13 Ornamental fences of the world
05/01/13 Roofs: must feature roof, not just have one cause they are there
05/03/13 Signs in the parks
05/05/13 Ursella
05/07/13 statues (not in Italy, not Cinderella, not Walt and Mickey)
05/09/13 Decorative watercraft that's not actually used for transportation.
05/12/13 THIS CAR from RnR
05/15/13 Tikis or Totems
05/16/13 Picture of (your) room number
05/18/13 Storybook Circus
05/20/13 Restaurant signs
05/22/13 cats
05/28/13 Bathroom Signs
05/30/13 Monorail
06/03/13 Performers in the parks...
06/05/13 Chocolate
06/07/13 Fountains around the world
06/10/13 Fantasmic
06/13/13 Disney Balloons
06/16/13 parade
06/19/13 Minnie Mouse in different outfits: no duplicates, please
06/21/13 Donald Duck
06/25/13 7 Dwarfs
06/27/13 Images from the Tree of Life
07/01/13 Under the sea
07/07/13 restaurants, counter service locations too...No duplicates please
07/08/13 Pirates
07/10/13 topiary
07/14/13 favorite Disney art
07/17/13 Menu
07/18/13 Disney Water
07/22/13 your family with a character at a character meal
07/25/13 People on the PeopleMover
07/28/13 boats from around the world
07/31/13 Any Transportation sign(s)



ColleenG 09-20-2012 10:25 PM

I'll start out with an easy one.

eeyoresnr 09-20-2012 11:03 PM

ejud 09-20-2012 11:37 PM

PythonFan888 09-20-2012 11:39 PM
Happy 14th - Disney's Animal Kingdom by Allen Castillo, on Flickr

cyndiella 09-21-2012 07:37 AM

Sorry, I'm a little late today for this...

cyndiella 09-21-2012 07:45 AM

Today's subject is "Mr. Potato Head.

mouselovenfamily 09-21-2012 10:11 AM

Ilivetogo 09-21-2012 10:52 AM
DDPotatoHds by Ilivetogo toFL, on Flickr


j-jhall 09-21-2012 11:03 AM

Here is my match

ejud 09-21-2012 01:25 PM

This is from the first day, early the first day, of the Passholder Preview!



cyndiella 09-21-2012 07:38 PM

Jud! I see a resemblance!! Right down to the mustache!! :rotfl2: Just kidding.. This is a very nice picture.. I must try to get my picture taken with Mr. P soon!


Originally Posted by ejud (Post 46226108)

This is from the first day, early the first day, of the Passholder Preview!



Nellas Elensar 09-21-2012 08:36 PM

Kathy Jetson 09-21-2012 11:25 PM

ejud 09-21-2012 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by Kathy Jetson (Post 46231093)

Ahhhh! There's a unique one! Well played Kathy!



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