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rznhal 09-19-2012 05:17 PM

Kidani Views...a few questions...
I've done some research on Kidani standard views (just booked for january!!!):goodvibes, but I still have a couple of questions:

1. Do any of the standard view studios at Kidani have partial (or better) savannah views? We stayed in a standard view at Jambo earlier this year and saw several animals from the balcony in our room...wondering if we could get that lucky again?

2. When checking in online, is there a place to "request" (i know this is not a guarantee) a view?

3. I read somewhere (possibly a blog) that a guest checked in and the CM showed them a map of available standard rooms and let them choose...has anyone ever had that happen or was that a major pixie dust moment?

Thanks so much in advance!!!!

MarcyMouse 10-08-2012 06:36 PM

I am trying to search for answers to these same questions! We are booked for the first time at Kidani in a standard view, and I don't know what to expect/request. Does anyone have info about this? Thanks!

stormer 10-08-2012 08:15 PM

We stayed in room 7757 this past August. It was a standard view room along the back of the pembe savannah so it was actually a nice view. There was about 30 feet of grass and then a fence. We saw animals every day that were walking back and forth from the pembe savannah. This savannah has no giraffes and zebras, though. We saw Okapi and a bunch of that type of animal and a lot of cranes. Much better than looking at a parking lot.

cvjw 10-09-2012 07:53 AM

The majority of the standard views at Kidani Village are on the back side of the resort, and face the parking lot and pool. There have been reports that some villas that face Pembe Savannah can also be standard view. If I booked a standard view at KV, I would expect a parking lot view, and be very pleasantly surprised if I received a better view. We have stayed at KV several times, and never had a CM show us options of available rooms. Our villa was preassigned each and every time. In fact, our last stay we were assigned a villa on the Pembe Savannah (which has no giraffes or zebras), and the CM had to get a supervisor, and the room assigner on the phone to get us reassigned to a villa on the Sunset Savannah.

dvc4me27 10-10-2012 10:48 PM

I've read too that some of the standard view villas face toward Pembe Savannah. I've enjoyed a wonderful savannah room view last trip but the first year settled for a standard view and was overlooking the pool. Sounds nice but the music was loud 24/7 and we could hear while trying to sleep. I think they turn it down at night now but am not sure. My next trip is scheduled for January. (Still up in the air if we can go because of my job situation.) We have a one bedroom standard view room booked. I figured that in January with the cooler weather, we might not want to be sitting on the balcony as much. Does anyone know if any of the 1BRSV rooms face Pembe?

rznhal 10-10-2012 11:40 PM

Wow thanks everyone for all the great info!!!

Has anyone done online check in at kv? I'm wondering what the choices are under room requests?


csjordan 03-18-2013 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by rznhal (Post 46410821)
Wow thanks everyone for all the great info!!!

Has anyone done online check in at kv? I'm wondering what the choices are under room requests?


I just completed online check in on My Disney Experience and room/amenity requests included Sunset or Pembe views. I wasn't sure which one, so I chose Sunset. Does anyone have a preference between the 2 and why? I've never stayed at AKL, so wasn't sure what to request. Thanks!! :)

n3rf 03-18-2013 12:09 PM

good thread,

First year we are going to stay at AKL, and wondering about views as well... we really wanted a Savannah view room, so was thinking we could stay at a Savannah View room.... is it guaranteed that all those marked "Savannah View" room will have balconies to the animal?

Or could it be a luck of the draw that we might/might not get a good view? Kidani is our next option as well....but based on discounts available etc we havn't decided were to stay yet.

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