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newmouse2008 09-13-2012 04:02 AM

Online Fundraiser: Flattie Vacations for Give Kids The World
Let us know what you think about our lasest project... Kathy Rob and I are very excited aout this!!!

Loves2Read 09-13-2012 05:31 AM

Absolutely loving this idea! Can't wait to see the flattie adventures:)

HubbDave 09-13-2012 06:31 AM

Very cute idea. Saw this on FB this morning

*NikkiBell* 09-13-2012 06:36 AM


SamSam 09-13-2012 02:53 PM

This is brilliant! I love it and it will be easy to do more than once!

*NikkiBell* 09-13-2012 05:36 PM

Now the decision-making...

Welcome Center or 4.0 package? Hmmmm...:scratchin

*NikkiBell* 09-15-2012 09:35 AM

Just peeked at the progress - $530 raised so far! Way to go! :thumbsup2

Mrs Grumpy 09-15-2012 01:58 PM

I'm going to WDW (well my Flattie is going to WDW)!!!!!!

Just donated. This is a great idea!

*NikkiBell* 09-22-2012 08:42 AM

I ordered my flattie last weekend with the Welcome Center and beach package. I'm very excited to see how this turns out. T, Rob, and Kathy are super creative!

wendydarling826 09-27-2012 11:18 AM

I love this! My 4th grade class is participating in projects throughout this year to benefit GKTW. With the money we collected in the first few weeks of school, we would like to send our Flattie to WDW. We will make our own, and I'll make the donation throught the FirstGiving page, but where do I send the Flattie? We can't wait to see his picture at WDW!

safetymom 09-27-2012 12:54 PM

Please send it to ATTN: T. Echols, Suite B, 6550 N Atlantic Ave, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920.

The instructions are in the thank you note you will receive when you make your donation on the Flattie GKTW page on First Giving.

wendydarling826 09-27-2012 01:29 PM

Thank you!

*NikkiBell* 09-30-2012 11:57 AM

Flattie pictures are starting to appear on the DIS Welcome Center's official FB page!

Have you gotten yours yet?

safetymom 10-05-2012 03:49 PM

We now have a page here where you can order your Flattie.

If you haven't ordered one lately today is a great day to order a Flattie and help Give Kids the World.

safetymom 10-10-2012 02:30 PM

If you aren't on Facebook you can view the adventures that the Flatties have been on here.

If you are on Facebook stop by!!/...veKidsTheWorld

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