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MrsPotatoHead425 09-09-2012 07:50 PM

February 5, 2013 - M&M's Disney Magic 4 Night From Galveston
This will be our 2nd cruise and we are very excited!
It will be DH and I, and living in Arkansas; we couldn't pass up an opportunity to go out of Galveston! :drive:
Any other DISers out there joining us?? :wave2:

The M&M's

Roll Call:

The link for the Mickey & Minnie FE group exchange:
Thanks to Lori (cruisecrasher) for handling this list!!
Now closed

The link for the Donald FE group exchange is:
Thanks to Carla (CorBBalter) for handling this list!!
Now closed

Elizabeth (txaggie94gigem) is now handling the Goofy FE group. If you want to join, please PM her to be put on the list!
Thanks Elizabeth for handling this list!!

Also, if you haven't joined our facebook group yet, add Out to Sea Lee as your friend on Facebook and she will add to to the private group. Her page can be found here:

The Embarkation Day meet-up for the M&M's (Magic & Mexico) is planned for 3:00pm in the Promenade Lounge. Come if you can - super informal, grab a bracelet, say hello & meet some new friends!

Out to Sea Lee 09-10-2012 11:53 AM

Hey!! I've been checking every day since last week to see if anyone had started a cruise meet thread yet!! I wasn't brave enough to do it just in case we had to cancel. My DH and I will be cruising with you!! This will be our fourth Disney cruise. We haven't told anyone other than the kids that we are going. We cruised on the Fantasy in June and are ready for another Disney fix!!

MrsPotatoHead425 09-10-2012 02:47 PM

So awesome! it took me all week to figure out how to start the thread, but hey, we finally did it!! lol!

So glad to hear we're not alone... for the life of me i can't figure out why this cruise is so cheap! we moved from spring break to this one because we just couldn't pass up the price.. you have to tell me ALL about the fantasy! i want to go soooo bad!! (i am just dying to try that popcorn soup it just blows my mind that it's popcorn, and a soup, and its popcorn soup...pixiedust:)

are there any ships you haven't been on? this is only our 2nd cruise, the first one being on the magic this past May.. we tried to get the same stateroom but apparently i waited exactly 2 hours to long (how frustrating!)

we were looking at trying out a carnival cruise since it's a lot closer (galveston or new orleans) and when they made the changes to these 4 days from galveston, well, i was online first thing in the morning and screaming for joy because i didn't have to "settle" with carnival.. i guess one cruise was all it took for me to become a disney snob. :p

So where are you guys from?

Out to Sea Lee 09-10-2012 10:44 PM

When I saw a thread on the boards wondering why this cruise was so cheap I had to head on over to and see for myself. We booked an inside room, which we have never done before. We are just excited for the chance to sail again.
We had a blast on the Fantasy!! I was by far the best vacation ever!! I actually ate the popcorn soup. It was nothing like I was expecting it to be!! It really was good.
We cruised a 7 night western on the Magic, 3 nights on the Wonder and then the 7 night eastern on the Fantasy. The 3 night was way to short, but we tagged it on to a week trip to Disney. We surprised the kids with it!!
We have sailed on Carnival 4 times (only once since we started sailing Disney). It was convenient for us with New Orleans and Mobile being 2 hours away. It just doesn't compare to Disney!!
We are from South Mississippi. We live north of Hattieburg. What ports did you visit on your last Magic cruise?? On our last cruise we had a very active group and we started a Facebook page. I personally feel more comfortable sharing info when it's a private setting and not where everyone can read all our info!! Just a thought!!

MrsPotatoHead425 09-11-2012 08:26 PM

Last time our ports were Key West, Nassau and Castaway Cay.. we fell in love with Castaway Cay so it's kind of a bummer that we won't be going there this time, but I can handle that trade off for the price difference! :scratchin

We stayed in an inside room last time and loved it. Of course, this one being only our 2nd cruise, we don't know any different so it's ok! I was worried that it would feel damp and dark (I don't know why damp, but it was just a vision lol) and like a jail cell or something and it was totally the opposite!

We did stay in at times and order room service (for lunch, never missed dinner at a MDR) and watched a movie or whatever and I never remember thinking "gee, i wish i had a window" so it was fine.

We probably spent 1/3 of the trip on Deck 4 in the chairs snoozing or people watching/reading/whatever and just enjoying the breeze.. that's actually what DH talks most about since we've came back. Me, it's just the whole "shebang" that I loved. It was SO hard once we got back to actually have to get up and prepare and serve dinner, I just kept waiting for people to come out and know what I wanted to order, and to put my napkin in my lap for me, and wash all the dishes, but it just never happened!! :wizard:

Our last group also made a facebook group towards the end, which we used a lot. I don't care either way, I just can't check facebook at work (so i spend hours surfing the disboards LOL) :surfweb:

Hopefully some more people will join us soon! I don't know why but ever since we booked, I've had this feeling of happiness come over me, and a need to shop... funny how that happens..... :laughing:

IrishCowboy 09-14-2012 11:31 AM

I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :)

Have a great cruise!

Out to Sea Lee 09-15-2012 08:47 PM

I'm so in need of this vacation!! My DH said today "to bad we don't leave today!!" I'm just really hoping that the weather is nice and there is no fog!! I need to quit reading the message boards.

On our last cruise we did a "cabin crawl" where we went and visited other DISers cabins. We went inside a Cat 11 and it was nice!! This will be our first time cruising without a split bathroom, but since there are just two of us I don't think it will be a problem. My only fear is that the room will be dark and I may never wake up!! I've read where people put the TV on the channel that shows the front of the ship so they can see when the sun comes up. Honestly on our last cruise there was a day or two that I walked out on the balcony just before bed time just to say that I walked out there.

I agree that coming back to reality is by far the worst thing about getting off the ship!! Nothing beats having someone make up your room twice a day and all your meals being prepared for you! I'm going to miss CC this cruise!! We haven't had a chance to go to Serenity bay and I really want to go!!

If you don't mind I may go on ahead and start a cruise meet page on Facebook. I like to communicate that way!! It's easier to share pics and things.

Thanks IrishCowboy for moving this thread!! It makes it a lot easier to find!!

Lee Ann :)

MrsPotatoHead425 09-16-2012 01:26 PM

we're have some concerns about the weather also.. but i've done my own research and i think it'll be fine during the cruise... i'm just worried about getting to galveston and then going back home. the prices to fly really aren't that bad so we're debating on whether or not to do that.. but then those fears of the weather come in to play and i just don't want to chance missing it. (yes, even though i was planning on flying in a day early..i still have that fear lol)

DH says I'm an over-planner... :scratchin but that's part of the fun for me! :p

A facebook page sounds fine to me... i'm on both sites every day, so i don't care! Let me know once you've made it and i'll be joining right away :hyper:

I told DH that this cruise should be a LOT cheaper, not only with the price of the cruise (obviously because i still can't figure out why its so cheap) but because we wouldn't have to buy all the stuff we needed for cruising (like our "special cruise clothes", things for the room, a FE, etc.)

Needless to say.. that plan has already flew out the window and I've already bought a new dress, some new jewelry, and some other stuff... :laughing:

I'm having a hard time figuring out what type of clothes to pack (yes, i'm already working on a packing list... DH asked me the other day if we were leaving next week and he didn't know it or what because apparently i talk/act as though we are) the average temps in Cozumel in Feb are 84(high) - 64(low) but I bet there's a cool breeze on my fav deck 4 in the evenings...who knows...

We've never been to Mexico before.. have you? I'll have to make some new magnets for our door! :hyper: Last time our stateroom guy kept knocking them off and finally said "i think you have to many!!" Maybe I did go a little overboard.. ::yes::

Okay.. i'll quit boring you for now :crazy2: with all my chatter.. :joker:
Look forward to "meeting you" on facebook! :surfweb:

MrsPotatoHead425 09-21-2012 12:51 PM

Yay! We have someone else joining us for this sailing... she sent both of us a private message I believe... I'll go ahead and repost what she wanted posted for others to see who may join our meet later:

"Hey y'all! I (also) read on the main boards how cheap this cruise was but didn't think anything of it until DH and I were hanging out reading the Dis (he Dises too) and saw a separate thread entitled Why Go On A Cruise. They were discussing non-family vacation reasons to cruise Disney. DH threw out "because it's a Tuesday" which I giggled over and posted. The next day while paying my Disney Visa I noticed we were over $800 for our rewards and started wondering exactly how cheap that cruise I'd read about was exactly. Well, to make a long story even longer I contacted my DH's coworkers wife to see if the coworker could arrange for a fake corporate retreat in Galveston for those days then find grandma or a friend to kid sit. And this morning I decided to put down the deposit. So hi! I'm Lori. And I'm trying to surprise my DH Ben with a just because cruise. For obvious reasons, I will not be posting on these boards or get a cute countdown ticker this time. But if we get a Facebook group together, I'm so there! All for now! Lori Aka cruisecrasher (But don't tell Ben!)"


Out to Sea Lee 09-22-2012 01:29 PM

Great to have you aboard Lori!!

I just created a Facebook group for the cruise. If you search for me Lee Ann Fortenberry, my profile pic is me with Capt. Mickey, I'll add you to the group!! So far it's just me and my hubby in there. I did it as a secret group so no one can see it. I named the group "DCL Magic Cruise - 2/5/13" Oops..I just realized that I put it as 2015 rather than 2013!! I'll fix it!!

MrsPotatoHead425 09-22-2012 06:40 PM

Ok great... I sent a message to who I hope was you... lol :rotfl: we'll see!! :badpc:

Out to Sea Lee 09-22-2012 09:36 PM

Hey! I've been checking my phone all day looking for a friend request or a message from you and Lori, but I haven't gotten anything yet. I'm trying to think of another way to make this work!! :)

MrsPotatoHead425 09-22-2012 10:48 PM

Then I'm going to assume that person I messaged isn't you and is probably thinking I'm some crazy weirdo!! :rotfl2: I'll look again! Actually... I'll have my friend look... we were snooping on somebody earlier and she was able to find someone and I couldn't.. .maybe my privacy settings are different or something... idk.. :badpc:

MrsPotatoHead425 09-22-2012 10:57 PM

I'm probably easier to find on facebook... my name is Elizabeth Smith Free.. it's a picture of me and DH.. i've got on a black shrug, and I'm on the left, DH is on the right of the picture. My cover photo is of the Magic at Castaway Cay :goodvibes :clown:

I had my friend look you up too.... can't find you either. Who knows.. sometimes facebook drives me crazy since they've made all these changes. :crazy2:

Alliebellemans 09-22-2012 11:52 PM

First timer!
Ok girls I see there is a lot of experience out there and I want in on it! This will be our first cruise for my daughter and I and I am so excited!!! I already have too many plans for an FE and definitely don't want to miss out on any fun extras!! Any and all hints, tips, and more send them my way!!! Thanks and can't wait to learn more. Lavish me with all you got!!:banana:

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