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Brummig 09-06-2012 01:01 PM

Adding more guests on arrival at hotel - anyone had a problem doing this?
We are going back to hotels for our next visit after several campervan stays. I have read about booking the room for 1 or 2 people, and adding extra guests (who have annual passes), and just paying the room tax for them. DH is nervous about doing this, and I had a very confused conversation with someone on the booking line, who eventually said that adding more people to the room would be at the desceretion of the hotel as to if they would allow this at all and how much they would charge. Has anyone ever had a problem when they have done this? We are looking at going 14th Dec for 2 nights to DLH.

DLPdaft 09-06-2012 01:12 PM

there is no point discussing this with the agents on the phone for DLP. The hotel check-in staff are the ones who are used to this process, and in my own personal experience, there is absolutely no problem doing this, at all.

Call the hotel yourself, a few days (but not before this) before you arrive at DLP. Explain you will need a room for however many in total, because 2 extra guests will be joining you but do not need park tickets. This will help ensure that you get a room with enough beds to sleep you all.

Remember though, you can't go over the maximum occupancy of your room when you add your extra guests names at check-in (so if you've paid for a standard room on your package, the total number of guests cannot exceed 4 plus one infant (ie aged under 3 years old).

markpsych 09-06-2012 01:13 PM

We've done this at the DCR approx. 8 times over the last few years, with no problem....except on a couple of occasions when the CM didn't fully understand the process and had to get assistance from a colleague.

As Elaine suggested, I think the only problem people have encountered is trying to squeeze people into a room that isn't fit for purpose. e.g., an adult into a room that only has a spare bunk bed available.

DLPDreams 09-06-2012 01:54 PM

I had issues at the DLH with this in June. Long convoluted story which you can read in my TR if you like :). It really did cause us issues for the whole of our duration, mainly down to the fact we missed out on DLH fast passes the first night, others were promised for later in the holiday and we had to keep going to reception when they weren't delivered to our room, despite promises. The room was set up for 1 person (minimal towels for 4 of us) and the turn down service was for 1 person the first two nights (even though it was clear there were children in there and both beds were being used?) - caused no end of upset to my two children! etc.

In future, I will always ensure that I confirm by email how many people will be staying in the room before arrival - ask for a reply so that you know they have it. If you don't get one (sometimes they aren't that quick), then take a copy of the email with you. I think it is better that they are forewarned, although others haven't had issues at all?

I did email them before our June trip to ask for a room that slept 4 (two doubles) and when I changed my booking I asked the telephone CM if I needed to inform the DLH that my family (APs) were staying in the room too - she told me not to as she would ensure it was in the notes to the hotel - this never happened, if it did, then they didn't act on it! :headache:

To be fair, it wasn't the best stay we've had in the DLH and there were issues with the reservation itself which didn't help (not to do with APs/adding people). So much so that it did really all add up and spoil our holiday but we are going back in November and are trying again at the hotel (much to my Mother's persuasion) as we've had great stays there before. So fingers crossed it goes smoothly this time ;).

Mrs Stonfiesta 09-06-2012 03:54 PM

We have done this loads and never really had an issue, we have been charge different prices to from no charge to 20euro in total but normally aroundd 4euros for 3/4 nights.

Brummig 09-06-2012 04:22 PM

Thanks for the speedy responses guys. This is the long promised mother in law trip (hence the hotel, not the camper) so we don't want there to be any hitches - like 2 of us not been allowed in the room!!

We are toying with idea of DLH, but I don't think we can justify the extra cost, so maybe Sequoia. We have stayed in Cheyenne before which DS loves, but m-i-l wouldn't like it, and we want to be closer to the parks.

DLPDreams 09-06-2012 04:40 PM

There won't be any fastpass issues with Sequoia which is one less worry! I'm sure emailing them, it will all be fine. We paid around 4-5 euros for DH for the 5 nights we had in June which is brilliant - both DDs were free as they kindly gave us the under 12 offer, rather than under 7 (which would have meant tax for DD1 as well as DH).

Hope you manage to get it booked and sorted out :) Sequoia really does look a great hotel and does appeal to me but I just don't fancy it in the cold with the girls due to the walk or relying on buses. If we were to go back spring/summer I would definitely consider it - it looks lovely :lovestruc.

kizzabel 09-06-2012 05:31 PM

We did this in May as DH had park tickets for the duration but as we were only 2 occupants it wasn't going to be an issue anyway. I think we paid 2 for DH for the night at HNY, we just had a lovely room with a huge bed and sofa. I would email a couple of days beforehand to keep your mind at ease.

Brummig 09-12-2012 02:20 AM

Thank you all for you help. In the end I went for the Sequoia - 302 room only for 4 people - no tickets, which I thought was a good deal, and just couldn't justify the cost for DLH. Any tips for the Sequoia welcome!

We booked on Expedia and it says on the booking Extra Magic Hours included. Does anyone know how/ if this works as we will not be picking up tickets from the hotel? Also, we get a carer ticket for DS, can we get one before 9.30 when the ticket desk opens? DS has Fantasy AP which includes EMH, and allows a carer ticket, so its pretty bad if we can't get that ticket during EMH, effectively excluding him.

Feels a bit weird going back to hotels now, but this is mil's trip so lots will be different. Going in Dec so hope it won't be too cold!

Ware Bears 09-12-2012 03:08 AM

I can't help with the carer ticket but you'll get an easypass from the hotel when you check in which is your proof that you're staying there - this is what you show to access EMH, hotel pool etc etc.

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