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hardrock01 09-04-2012 02:14 PM

AoA suite or DVC rental
hey all my disney friends

found out we can go to disney next fall, we have usually stayed at dvc rentals at boardwalk or beach club, we just love em,, but wondered if anyone has been to both these and an AoA suite and tell me some good points versus bad points trying the AoA vrs the others! It will probably be hard for us to change our love of the DVC rentals but wanted to know if anyone thought the AoA where better in any way !!
thanks Yall:banana:

hardrock01 09-04-2012 04:45 PM


twinboysmom 09-04-2012 07:53 PM

Since nobody has answered you yet, I haven't stayed at AoA but I have stayed at a family suite in music so similar. And I am a DVC member so I am familiar with DVC villas. To me, you are comparing apples to oranges. AoA is still a value and the DVC properties are deluxe. That being said, I really liked the family suite and I think the pictures of the AoA suites look amazing.

Depends on what is important to you. What size villa do you normally stay in? How many people in your party. Do you value the location of the boardwalk area and the close proximity to Epcot and DHS? If you stay in a 1 bedroom or largepr villa do you like the jacuzzi tub and full kitchen and king size bed? On the other hand, the one bedroom units at BW and BC only have one bathroom and AoA has 2. AoA is brand new. AoA has a food court which I really like and the BW and BC (IMO) are kind of low on quick serve locations. What about cost?

That's the main things I can think of. Me personally, I would always choose a 1 bedroom DVC over a AoA family suite but who knows, my opinion might change because I have one heck of a little Nemo lover.

PAcpl 09-04-2012 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by twinboysmom (Post 46051311)
On the other hand, the one bedroom units at BW and BC only have one bathroom and AoA has 2.

Funny, I never knew this. We own at AKV but have only ever stayed at the BWV. That is an interesting tidbit, thanks!

Marthasor 09-04-2012 08:53 PM

As the PP said, it is apples to oranges. I have stayed at both AoA Nemo Suites and BCV and I would never, ever again stay at AoA over staying at a DVC, particularly one steps away from EP. You may get one less bathroom, but you gain deluxe amenities and the ability to walk or boat to two parks and countless dining options.

There is simply no comparison. DVC over AoA hands down on this one. AoA, though it looks great, is a value resort - food court, buses, thin walls, value amenities. No comparison.

francie57 09-05-2012 06:27 AM

You may get one less bathroom but the set-up at the BC and BW in the bathroom allows for several people to get ready at once since you can basically make two separate rooms. The first room has the shower, toilet and a sink and the other park has a large vanity and jazuzzi tub. Don't forget a 1 bedroom and larger villa also has the in-room w/d. We have never stayed at any of the values (or moderates for that matter) but I would go with a deluxe dvc resort any day. The convenience to getting to the parks is a perk that can't be beat.

katspin 12-08-2012 10:47 AM

From everything I've read, if you're used to DVC villas, you won't be happy in a WDW Value. That said, we're just back from AoA. Due to jobs, kids, commitments, and that pesky thing called a budget, we don't get to WDW as often as we'd like - on average every 4-5 years. With the oldest about to leave for college, this was our last big family trip. We're also the type of family who spends at least 10 hours in each park each day in order to hit all the rides, parades, and shows we want to see. All that said, we found the AoA family suite to be the perfect fit for our family of 5. There was no issue with sleeping kids - mine don't wake up when I check on them at night to pull up kicked off covers, etc. so walking into the living/dining area when they were sleeping didn't cause a problem. At night, Hubby and I finished getting ready for bed in our own bathroom/bedroom after they'd gone to bed. The kitchenette was perfect to fix breakfasts (saving some bucks; lunch/dinner were on the free food plan). Kids did manage to swim 3 of 6 days (it was in the 50s at night), we ate in the food court, and I did laundry one night - no difference between POR and AoA that I experienced in any of those categories. We even went over to SSR for the DVC presentation, and I was shocked to see some of their one-bedroom layouts provided LESS sleeping space for a family of 5 (1 queen, 1 full sofa bed, 1 chair sleeper (smaller than a twin) versus 1 queen and 2 full convertables).

For many who aren't used to waiting for buses, doing laundry outside their unit, want to spend time by the pool, want/need a full kitchen, you shouldn't stay at anything less - even Moderate or Deluxe without the suite option won't work for you. If you've ever lived in a dorm or apartment, take public transportation to school or work, go to Disney for park time not pool time, and are on a budget, AoA is a great choice!

ghertz 12-08-2012 11:33 AM

I don't have any input on DVC but the AoA nemo suite we were in was great and I really liked the 2 bathrooms and 3 beds.

PrincessShanShan 12-08-2012 08:16 PM

I'm a DVC owner at BWV. I did stay at AoA in the Nemo section in July. Would I stay at AoA again? Yes, but only if I had my three year old nephew with me. I think he would love it there. He loves Lion King and Nemo and I think he would have a blast! If it was a trip without little ones, I'd pick DVC in a heartbeat! It wins hands down!

jimandami 12-09-2012 04:03 PM

We have rented DVC points many times, usually for a 2-bedroom but sometimes a studio if just the 4 of us. We also stayed in a LK suite in September. We did enjoy AoA and never felt cramped (3 adults and 2 kids), but I really missed the amenities of the deluxe resorts! Although the Nemo pool and splash area where nice, they just can't compare with the pools at BCV, BLT, and AKV (don't particular care for the BW pool nuts it's not bad). Although the food was pretty good at the food court, it was just too chaotic for me. I also missed the extra transportation options at most of the DVC resorts. I was glad we tried AoA, especially since it was new but I am a deluxe girl at heart and we are going back to DVC renting!

shoes99 12-09-2012 04:46 PM

We just returned Friday from 1 night at a Cars Suite at AoA 4 adults), and 4 nights in a lakeview studio at BLT (2 adults). No comparison as others have said. I am a big CARS fan and chose the one night so I could say that I stayed in a the Cars room. It was comfortable for 4 adults for just the one night. DH & I took the bedroom, Sis took the table converted to a full size bed with the Mater light in the headboard so she could read. BIL took the couch that folded out to a full size bed in front of the big screen tv so he could watch football. Our main bath had a walk in shower only that was themed like a carwash. The other bathroom had a themed shower curtain. The themeing was great if you are a cars nut like I am. For a longer stay I would pick a DVC rental anytime.
Also the cost of the one night at AoA was $50 more per night then I paid for renting points at a BLT studio.

Deb & Bill 12-09-2012 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by shoes99 (Post 46889522)
...Also the cost of the one night at AoA was $50 more per night then I paid for renting points at a BLT studio.

But you could never get four adults in one BLT studio.

tink_lover 12-09-2012 09:10 PM

We stayed one night at AoA this fall. While I thought it was OK, probably wouldn't stay there againg more than one night. We liked the food court and the room itself was fine (beds for all of us and 2 bathrooms). But it was strange to be on ground level and not have a sliding door and pool was bad for the older kids and adults. We are DVC owners and that is no comparison.

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