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theworldneedscolor 08-27-2012 07:13 PM

Sweet Sixteen and Disney Obsessed- A PTR
Hello everybody! :wave2: Before I get started, I need to introduce myself. So...I'm Ellen! Let's a put a face to the name, shall we?

As I said, my name's Ellen, and if you couldn't tell by the title, I'm sixteen. As of yesterday, actually! And I am crazy about Disney, also noted in the title. I also love Harry Potter (Wizarding World in 2012), LOST, Michael Jackson, cookies, the internet, and spending waaaay too much money on clothes, make-up, and jewelry. That's me in a paragraph. Oh, and the picture is from our Spring Break 2011 trip.

My mom, Caryl, will also be joining me on this trip, but I'll respect her privacy and try not to post too many pictures. If I do, I'll do the classy face-blurring :thumbsup2

We are not Disneyland experts by any means, but we have been a few times, and I've done enough research that I think I've got it figured out :goodvibes

The details: We will be flying in October 9th at night, so no park day then. Wednesday we are going to try to see the Ellen Degenres Show (I LOVE her, have been wanting to see her show since I was nine)! Thursday and Friday will be a park days! Saturday will be as well, but a half day, since we are flying out that afternoon. This trip was birthday gift from my parents, but we decided to wait to take the trip until October since a. crowds will be smaller then and b. the budget is tight around the beginning of school.

I'M SO EXCITED! :cool1::hyper: :goodvibes

theworldneedscolor 08-27-2012 07:23 PM

Note: I tried to resize the pictures, but Photobucket was just not working with me. :headache:

I am making my mom and I little goodie bags that I will be giving to her the night before we leave. Here are somethings I have made so far.

First, we have some matching t-shirts, that I tie-dyed and decorated with puffy paint.



Next, we have some luggage tags.

Since I had extra fabric, I made some matching coin purses.

Mickey is lined with yellow, and Minnie is lined with red. Like I said, these were supposed to be coin purses. But after I made them, I realized that they were the perfect size for park tickets and Fast Passes! :cool1:

Here, we have some little certificates...

For the Blue Bayou! I made surprise reservations to treat mi madre to some dessert. It's our first time at the restaurant, we've always wanted to go but have never been able to afford it. It's going to be amazing! :goodvibes

And finally, I just made myself an autograph book.


I just love those stickers, they are adorable!


So, the black side is for pictures of me and the characters, and the side with the white is for autographs. And they have those cute little pumpkins up in the corners.

I also ordered a Halloween Mickey t-shirt for my mom's bag, and I'll be putting a few other little goodies in there as we get closer to the trip! :yay:

BryANDJessMom 08-27-2012 08:19 PM

Love all of your special creations!!! Your mom must be really excited to!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!

theworldneedscolor 08-27-2012 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by BryANDJessMom
Love all of your special creations!!! Your mom must be really excited to!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!

Thank you! :) We are gonna have a blast, I can't wait!

theworldneedscolor 08-28-2012 07:40 PM


Excuse the large size, I am just sooo excited :cool1: I opened a package with the tickets on my birthday the other day, but forgot to snap a pic before my mom took them to work for safe keeping. Sorry guys! :guilty:

I did, however, figure out my costume this afternoon. And boy oh boy do I have some excellent pictures for y'all ;)

Blurry, but you get the whole image. That's a Deathly Hallows shirt, for all you Harry Potter fans. Oh, and yes, I'm gonna be a female Harry Potter :goodvibes

Isn't that precious? :rotfl2:

"I am ready to PAAAAARTAAAAAY!" Gotta love Bridesmaids :thumbsup2

I'll leave you with a nice one :)

sevenmotions 08-30-2012 05:36 PM

So sweet that you are making little goodie bags for your mom! It's also an idea I'm going to steal for my trip next year when I go with my mom and aunt. :thumbsup2

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