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OrangeJuice 08-24-2012 08:44 PM

Life's a Happy Song! A very MUSICAL TR *NEW03/31 NEW PTR STARTED
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Soundtrack: Welcome Song

A warm welcome back to those of you who made it here from my pre-trip report and a big welcome to any new riders we may of picked up along the way. This is my second attempt at a trip report but this time I have decided to do a concise version of a trip report and actually get it done. So what does that mean for you guys...

* There will still be music...This is a musical trip report so every post will be accompanied by a song, sound clip or video.
*There will be lots of pictures. I WILL use the max number of pictures per post I promise!
* There will be dining reviews built into this trip report and links will be provided to individual restaurant reviews.
* There won't be as much text as other reports. I am starting my internship in a few days so I won't be able to spend as much time writing as I would like to.

Now I know what you are asking yourself...who is the charming author of this TR?

OrangeJuice (ME): I am your host (your ghost host?) for this trip report. I live and breathe Disney. I have been to WDW four times and in between trips I pretend plan more trips. My favorites include Tower of Terror and Splash, Beauty and the Beast and Ohana.

TheKeeper (Dwife): I did not go on this trip alone. Me and my wife decided to go to WDW for our honeymoon (we got engaged there last year). She is not as much of a Disney nut as I am but she loves going to WDW and is the one suggesting that we return soon. She likes to take the lead in WDW even though she has no idea where she is going which I find hilarious. Her favorites include Splash Mountain and Tower of Terror as well, Lion King and Kona and Le Cellier.

So what can you expect from this trip report?


Pop Century:

Dining plan:

Park Hoppers:

Adult stuff:

Dessert Party Stuff

Lesser known parts of WDW:

Eating & Drinking Round the World:

Touring Plans:

Volunteering for Shows at DHS (Backlot tour and Indiana Jones):

Pin Trading:

Character Autographs:

Breakfast Buffets:

Signature Restaurants:

New Fastpass rules:

And a just having a great time at the best place in the world:

So if this sounds like a trip report you would like to follow then please subscribe and come along for the ride :)

OrangeJuice 08-24-2012 08:46 PM

Table of Contents
08/25* Day 1: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
08/25* Day 1: Nightmare at 199.5 ft
08/26* Day 1: It's a Jammin Jungle Out There
09/01* Day 1: "Ohana means family and a good time!
09/09* Day 2: Princess StoryBook Adventure at Akershus Part 1 & 2
09/09* Day 2: Margo & Jess's Epcot Adventure part 1 &2
09/20* Day 2: Le Cellier, Our Home and Native Land
09/23* Day 3: Mickey's Kitchen Dining Review
09/29* Day 3: Hooray for Hollywood
09/29* Day 3: Countdown to Fun 1
09/29* Day 3: Countdown to Fun 2
10/07* Day 3: 50's Prime Time Review
10/14* Day 3: Relaxing Evening at the Studios Part 1
10/14* Day 3: Relaxing Evening at the Studios Part 2
10/14* Day 3: Relaxing Evening at the Studios Part 3
12/08* Day 4: Morning in Paradise!
12/08* Day 4: Morning in Paradise Part 2
12/08* Day 4: Morning in Paradise Part 3
01/15* Day 4: Dinner on Top of the World
01/21* Day 5: Tusker House Breakfast
01/24* Day 5: Animal Kingdom Explorer part 1
01/24* Day 5: Animal Kingdom Explorer Part 2 + Yak & Yeti Review
01/27* Day 5: Evening at MK
01/27* Day 5: Evening at MK with Desserts!
NEW *03/07 Day 6: Park Hopping Extravaganza
NEW *03/24 Day 6: Indiana Jones Starring a small background roll
NEW *03/30 Day 6: MK after Dark
NEW *03/31 Day 7: The End! Thanks for Reading

cheekypoppins 08-24-2012 09:12 PM

GASP!!!!!!! I love your dresses !!!

OrangeJuice 08-24-2012 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by cheekypoppins (Post 45935819)
GASP!!!!!!! I love your dresses !!!

Thank you so much :) We each picked ours separately but they ended up coordinating so well. Did you check out the PTR? There are more pictures of the dresses there.

tinkerbellmagic 08-24-2012 09:54 PM

I'm in, looks like fun!

silverhaze269 08-24-2012 10:04 PM

Checking in! :cool1:

Loving it so far! I can't wait to hear more :hyper:

Glad to see you got to cross the carrot cake cookie and mac'n'cheese hot dog off your "must do" list :thumbsup2 I'm really curious about those!

heaven2dc 08-24-2012 10:11 PM

Oh I can tell I'm going to have a grand time already!! :woohoo: Love your writing style (and pics) :)

OrangeJuice 08-24-2012 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by tinkerbellmagic (Post 45936229)
I'm in, looks like fun!

Thanks for joining in!


Originally Posted by silverhaze269 (Post 45936308)
Checking in! :cool1:

Loving it so far! I can't wait to hear more :hyper:

Glad to see you got to cross the carrot cake cookie and mac'n'cheese hot dog off your "must do" list :thumbsup2 I'm really curious about those!

Welcome back :D I'm glad you made the jump over here. We did get to do a lot of our must do's but we also completely forgot about a few others. The trip went by SO fast. You guys will have plenty of time to get all of yours done.


Originally Posted by heaven2dc (Post 45936364)
Oh I can tell I'm going to have a grand time already!! :woohoo: Love your writing style (and pics) :)

Thanks :goodvibes I really enjoy writing these so it's feels great to know others enjoy reading them.

cheekypoppins 08-24-2012 11:39 PM

UGH now I wanna renew my vows just so I can wear a pretty dress LOL,well thats not the only reason of course but yep I went to ur tr n skimmed through until I found them

OThopeful35 08-25-2012 12:29 AM

Ready to sing along to your TR!!:music:

OrangeJuice 08-25-2012 10:25 AM

August 12: Planes, trains and automobiles!
Soundtrack: How I know I'm home

Let's start where my pre-trip report left off. Packing was done and we where off to bed before midnight. Ta-da!. We got up at 4:00 the next morning and I headed out to Timmies for Bagels and Coffees. Which we forced ourselves to eat (too early for food haha). We then went downstairs and waited for our cab. At the airport, we dropped off our luggage (I had done online check in) and went through security. I love our local airport because it is so small and stress free.

We boarded the plane on time and headed to Montreal where we only had 60 minutes to get through customs. I didn't realize how much of a walk it would be just to get to customs. We got to our gate right on time but our flight was delayed a few minutes anyways so we weren't rushed.

Three hours later we landed in ORLANDO!

Struck a quick pose with the HULK!

Walked across the lobby

Found the Magical Express Lines:

Where we found this. We didn't get aboard the first bus but we where amongst the first in the second bus.

Waited for about 20-30 minutes to board.

Just a quick note as to my I picked the ME music loop as a soundtrack for this post. I think it is perfect for a first contact with Disney. It has a great mix of Disney animation classics AND Disney park music. The first song I heard while boarding was Listen to the Land and I LOVE that song!


One quick stop at the new resort (where I considered making a run for it and checking in there instead!)

We had done online check in so getting our keys was a breaze. We also got our Happily Ever After pins right there.

In front of food court/Gift Shop.

Stepping out into the POP pool area

Groovy! The pool area looked so cool and fun (we didn't go swim even once!)

We found our room.

Got our king size bedroom

No Towel Mickey head on the bed but this little fella was waiting for us on the windowsill.

We switched some stuff around so that our park bag only had the essentials in it and we headed out to the food court because we where starving.

No need for the menu. I knew what I was getting.

Ok so the picture doesn't really do justice. The Cheesesteak wrap was very good and had lots of meat in it so it kept us going for the day. Oh! forgot to mention that we always share counter service meals. We tried to get each our own once and ended up wasting SOOO much food.

The famous tye-dye cheesecake. We didn't have room for it right there but we brought it back to our room for later. It was fine and tasted like any other cheesecake that would of spent a few days in a fridge (it took us a while to actually come back to the room hungry).

*By the way, also wanted to mention that I am writing this on a Saturday morning while drinking a nice cup of Kona Coffee that we brought back from the Polynesian*

ok back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Where would we be heading to next?

We had left home at 5:00AM that morning and by 3:00PM we where walking into the entrance to Animal Kingdom!

729tink 08-25-2012 11:13 AM

Following along! Did you wear the same dress? They look gorgeous! I love your report style!

OrangeJuice 08-25-2012 11:19 AM

Day 1: Nightmare at 199.5 ft
Soundtrack: Welcome to Animal Kingdom

So we got in line for our first park.

Of course it started raining before the bus got there. There was this little fella in the bus that was so depressed because of the rain. He was certain that it would rain for the whole day and that they wouldn't be able to do anything and they would need to turn around. I felt like telling him "everything would be ok, there are plenty of things to do in AK in the rain and anyways rain never last in Florida" but then I figured it would be very creepy so I let him be sad...anyways, he was so busy being sad that he never noticed the rain had stopped halfway to AK.

We arrived at Animal Kingdom and already started having a wild time.


We took in the sights from the Tree of Life

Went to Asia first

Maybe we should of left some offerings as to not upset the yeti.

The park was busy when we arrived (around 3:00pm) but it was EMPTY after the parade. Wait times where nil for most rides (Safari, Dinosaur and Primeval, EE).

Grabbed some fast passes for Expedition Everest

Then headed pass Dino-rama

for our first ride of the week.

We took a shortcut through Dino-Rama and their prehisterically low prices!

Our fast pass window hadn't opened yet so we decided to get into the single rider line (All the single riders! all the single riders, put your hands up! up up up!) We very rarely get in lines longer then 15 minutes for anything *we're very impatient people* but single rider lines are great! we where on in now time and where ready to roll.

We are off!

Love the foreshadowing in this ride


Time to go up!

and up

and up?...nope we stalled. I told the lady next to me that this happens all the time and that we should be back on track in no time...

Nope, not gonna happen, they brought us up to the end of the track and then no more moving. A voice came on the intercom saying that our train had made and unexpected stop and that we should wait to expedition team members to come assist us.

I knew this meant that we where being evacuated through the inside of the mountain (and honestly I was excited, I am fascinated by EE's architecture (If you are too watch Modern Marvels Disney episode *LOVE IT*) anyways, most people in the train did not share my enthousiasm and promptly started panicking. I was worried that someone might try to exit the ride vehicle or do something stupid.

Thankfully our expition leaders got there within maybe 10 minutes. (I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted during this time because I discovered a secret pocket in by backpack (Aka I was sure I lost my camera until I found it inside said secret pocket)).

We where then tacken down 17 flights of stairs in the middle of the structure.Although the stairs are inside a staircase I did get a peak inside the structure (NO CAMERAS!) it was pretty cool. (oh and I was happy we did weight watchers cause I would of died in those stairs last year).

For those of you wondering (including the panicked lady sitting next to me), EE is 199.5 ft high (the coaster itself doesn't reach that high according to Wiki) and it is the tallest structure in WDW surpassing TOT which was 199ft. Disney does not want to build taller because they would need to place a red light for airplanes on it which would ruin the illusion. (The lady was not impressed with this trivia...weird haha).

Anyways, after walking down everest we needed something to quench our thirst..something full of water and electrolytes...something healthy...OH TRIPLE YETI BLAST! lets get that... and so we did.

Alright so we got our "adult beverage" and we had about 20 minutes till the parade...what to do? what to do?...Find out what in next week's episode which will air much sooner then next week.

Thanks for reading!

OrangeJuice 08-25-2012 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by 729tink (Post 45940025)
Following along! Did you wear the same dress? They look gorgeous! I love your report style!

Thanks :) They are different dresses but the top part looked very similar. I was impressed at how similar but different they where. You can see the whole dresses in our PTR (here).

cheekypoppins 08-25-2012 04:44 PM

OMg I just noticed now( i might be naturally blonde)that you're from Canada too,what part??? I'm in niagara :)

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