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mommytocalliesue 08-21-2012 10:11 PM

Snow Mom & her 3 dwarfs...grumpy, sicky, and sneaky! Aug. '12 TR (Update 6/1)Complete
We've been back from the World for about a week. I still can't believe the trip I planned, and planned, and planned for - is over! It's like I snapped my fingers and it was done :sad1:

Anywhoo....we had a very interesting say the least!!! Some good times...some not so good times...but overall a very magical trip that I know we'll always remember!

I'm very excited to share our trip with everyone....please just bear with me. School starts tomorrow (I'm starting a new teaching position so have been stressed over that!!) But hopefully I'll update often!!

Table of Contents


August 8, 2012

Pre-Departure Day

August 9, 2012

Departure Day....traveling

The Beach Club

Security...I've lost my Son!

August 10, 2012

Tusker House Breakfast

Family of the Day

Where is that boy now?!?!

Finally....the Magic Kingdom!

August 11, 2012

Please stay seated...a Cast Member will be with you shortly...

Come on Mom...Woody Shoot

Carson is in Heaven!

Epcot Again

I whip my hair back and forth!

Oh My...the crowd!!

August 12, 2012

We're finally going to do Soarin'!!

Breakfast with the Princesses!!

One of my new favorite rides....Soarin'!!!

Change of Plans!

Halloween Update

On the Boardwalk...

August 13, 2012

<Gasp> What!! You're not sticking to the plan!

It's HOT at the Magic Kingdom...and I'm not just talking about the weather!

ESPN for Lunch

A more laid-back plan!

A fun night at the Best Place On Earth!

August 14, 2013

The start of our last day :(

The Last Swim!

The Last Supper - With Characters!

Taking it all in....

August 15, 2013

The Fun is just Beginning

Quick Summary

mommytocalliesue 08-21-2012 10:32 PM

Before we get started....I'd better introduce the cast of members who went on this trip!

Snow Mom (Me)

I'm the one who makes this trip happen!! I am obsessed with Disney and cannot get enough of it. I do all the planning and make sure things go as smooth as possible! When I'm not planning...I'm a wife, mother, and a special education teacher.

Grumpy (DH - Marty)

I know, I know...he does look happy in that photo....but that was because DD was taking the picture and yelling at him to smile! This is DH....and he really dislikes Disney. He doesn't like the crowds, the heat, the crowds....and the crowds! He mainly went on this trip to make me happy and to help keep track of DS!

Sicky (DD - Callie)

My poor, poor DD. She was pretty much sick this entire trip but was such a trooper!! If you read my PTR, she loves Disney as much as I do. But even she wasn't keen on the humidity of Florida!! She is 6...and starts 1st grade tomorrow!

Sneaky (DS - Carson)

Oh DS....what a sneaky little boy he is! I'll tell you now...we only had to call security on him once....but he had many sneaky moments throughout this trip!! I love him to pieces...and he LOVED this trip....but he definitely kept us on our toes!! He is 2.5 and started his new daycare Monday...and LOVES it!!

If you want to read more on us....check out our PTR!!! Now....time for the trip!!

NoOrdinaryPrincess 08-21-2012 11:03 PM

I'm in!

mommytocalliesue 08-21-2012 11:10 PM

Pre-Departure Day
The time had come.....our countdown Calendar was complete....

Our bags were packed....

Papa came over to say his goodbyes...(Nana was working)

The car was filled with gas.....and kids were happy!!!

We were flying out of Midway in Chicago...and decided to spend the night near the airport rather than get up early and drive. We left home around 5:45 pm (15 min. later than I wanted) DH made me drive....he was already grouchy. We stopped at Wendy's to eat dinner a little after 7...and made it to our hotel (The Holiday Inn Express) around 8:30 pm.

It was an ok hotel....grant it all we were going to do was sleep and use the shuttle service.

The kids had so much fun in the room. From our window, they could watch the planes take off and land. Carson especially LOVED it!

Carson LOVED jumping on the bed....which I thought would wear him out...but I thought wrong :rolleyes2

We started getting ready for bed around 9 when I realized I forgot to pack a brush. Uh oh....I have really thick hair and HAVE to have a brush. So, I loaded Callie up, and we drove a couple blocks to Walgreens. Now, we're from the I was a little nervous....but the store had a security guard so I felt a lot better!

We all got in bed around 9:45 ready for a good night's sleep...NOT!!

I knew it was going to be rough for Carson to fall asleep....when he sleeps, he needs the door closed and needs to be alone. For the first 30 min. he jumped from bed to bed...then he started the play by play. If someone coughed all of a sudden you'd hear, "Mom (in a loud whisper), Sissy Cough". "Mom...Daddy snore!!" OMG!! This went on for an hour. Finally at 10:45, he fell asleep. That lasted 5 min. when he was up again. :rolleyes2

I think around 11:15 he finally fell asleep....but then DH started snoring. :sad2: My gosh...I thought I'd never fall asleep.

I tossed and turned the rest of the night...and at 6 am I decided to get up and read my Kindle.

Everyone else was up at 7 am. We were dressed and out the door in 10 min.!!!! Holy Smokes...on TIME!!! :thumbsup2

Went down and ate a quick breakfast at the hotel...waited 5 min. for the shuttle....and we were off for the airport!!

I was nervous for the stroller to contain Carson....would we lose him here?

To be cont.....

mommytocalliesue 08-21-2012 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by NoOrdinaryPrincess (Post 45901721)
I'm in!

Welcome!! :wave2: Hope you enjoy the trip report!!!! I have lots of pictures!!

mommytocalliesue 08-22-2012 05:15 PM

I apologize for some of the pictures being SO big....I changed them all...and only some are changing. Sorry about that....I don't know what is going on!

cheekypoppins 08-22-2012 05:21 PM

cute little kidlets!!!

mommytocalliesue 08-22-2012 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by cheekypoppins (Post 45909972)
cute little kidlets!!!

Thank you! They are...most of the time!! ;)

Aussiesalad 08-22-2012 05:52 PM

I'm in!! Sounds like fun!! :thumbsup2

mommytocalliesue 08-22-2012 06:25 PM

Departure Day....traveling!
We left the hotel and made it to the airport. I was so nervous....

1) I was worried our bags were overweight

2) I HATE going through security with kids....I feel rushed and it just stresses me out!

3) Like I said, we didn't bring a stroller and I was afraid of DS running off!

Right away we stopped to check luggage. DS ran off once while we were standing there....he didn't go far...but he did run!! DH caught him!

Whew....our bags were both under the 50 lb weight!! Hallelujah!! :cheer2: I felt like dancing! This is the worst part....once we get through security...I always feel so much more relaxed! It really wasn't too bad. DD did as she was told...and DS didn't do too bad either! We made it through it all in like 15 min.!

We decided to walk and find the terminal. We still had over an hour the kids spent time watching planes and playing games!

Finally...we could board. As we were waiting to load...DS kept acting like he had to go the bathroom. I knew he hadn't gone (sorry TMI....#2) for a couple I started to get worried. He's newly potty every worst case scenario popped in my head. DH didn't make it any better...he kept saying, "Hope you have the wipes for when he poops his pants!" He was making me SO MAD!! I was furious! DS kept telling me all I could do...was believe him!!

We got on the plane. DS and I sat together...DD and DH in front of us!

We got delayed on the runway for about 20 min. because the thing that pushes us from the terminal stalled in front of us. But they finally got it moved and we were off!

I was REALLY curious as to how DS would do on a plane....I decided he would either A) LOVE it....or B) HATE it....

Luckily....he loved it! He got a tad antsy towards the end...but overall did really well. During take off, he just laughed and laughed! DD did well...but she was coughing and her nose started running...I thought..."OH NO!!"

We kind of had a rough flight....but overall...not too bad.

We arrived in Florida at about 1:15 or so. Headed to get on Magical

Follow the Mickey's...

The SIGN!! Best I could get on the bus!

We had to make some stops before we turned into the BEACH CLUB!!!! :beach:

So excited to be HOME!! It was our first time staying here....what would we think??

mommytocalliesue 08-22-2012 06:28 PM


Originally Posted by Aussiesalad (Post 45910301)
I'm in!! Sounds like fun!! :thumbsup2

YAY!! It was fun...with some surprises!!!

Again...I apologize for some of the pics (side ways and what not!!) Photobucket and I are not friends right now!!! :badpc:

tinkerbellmagic 08-23-2012 08:12 PM

Hi, We got back around the same time as you and I'm on withdrawl. I'm happily reading along to help relive some of that Disney magic! Sounds like a great trip report! :)

mommytocalliesue 08-23-2012 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by tinkerbellmagic (Post 45923596)
Hi, We got back around the same time as you and I'm on withdrawl. I'm happily reading along to help relive some of that Disney magic! Sounds like a great trip report! :)

I hear ya....I still can't believe how fast the trip goes...I always try to savor every moment while there....but it just flies!!! We had many interesting things continue ready!!! :)

mommytocalliesue 08-23-2012 08:44 PM

The Beach Club!
We were SO Excited to be checking into the Beach Club!!! We walked right in (everyone's smells so good!) and went straight to check in....which didn't go as planned :confused3

The CM told me that they had no queen bed rooms left! WHAT!! :rolleyes2 I had made this reservation 6 months could they not have any rooms for us. So she said we could....

1) Upgrade to the Yacht Club and get a water view

2) Take a King bed room with a daybed...on the first floor....with a patio!

I was flustered...the kids were running around crazy. They were fussy and hungry. DH was annoyed of chasing them....he was no help in helping me decide. I REALLY wanted to stay at the Beach I opted for number 2!

The CM told me it wasn't quite ready yet....but should be ready in 10-20 min. and that they would text me when we could get our room number. That was fine because we hadn't eaten since 7 we headed to the Marketplace for flatbread pizzas. I was starving so I thought it was good...however, the rest of the family weren't so thrilled!

When we were done, we expected our room to be done at any time. All of a sudden....that bathroom break that I thought DS had to do before the flight....came now!! So I ended up taking him....for 25 min.!!! :confused3 Boy....he takes a long time!

When I came out, it had now been at least 50 min. and still no text. It was close to 4:00 pm now...everyone was antsy....and pretty much annoyed. After about 10 min. I went up to the desk to have them check. The CM said, " haven't received a text." I said, "!" He said, "'s been ready for almost an hour!" WHAT!!! :furious:

We got our room number (1573!!). On the first floor....pretty close to the lobby....and close to the secret 1501 passage!!! We had a patio and a garden view! As soon as we opened the door, we saw our luggage had beaten us there!

Here are a couple pics of our room....sorry I didn't get better were READY TO SWIM!!!!

We were happy with the room and the space we had!

But no time to unpack....time to go swimming!

Storm Along Bay is AWESOME!!! It's big....but we pretty much stayed in the slide area and the area with the sand in the 2 ft. water. we were playing in the sand area...DS took off on me and went running to the lazy river (5-6 ft. deep!!) :eek: He didn't have his water wings on since we had been playing where he could touch....but luckily there was a dad who saw him take off....and was prepared to catch him if he jumped in. Luckily....he stopped and didn't jump in! I'm sure it was quite a site seeing me run to try to catch him. :rolleyes2 Oh that boy.....he is so SNEAKY!!! And that's not the last time this will happen!

We swam for about an hour....went back to the room to get ready. Tonight....a nice (short!!) walk to Epcot!!!

mommytocalliesue 08-23-2012 10:56 PM

Security....I've lost my Son!
After we were ready....and decorated our stroller....

we headed to Epcot!

It was a quick (maybe 3 minutes) walk!! In no time, we were walking through the World Showcase. As soon as we entered...we saw Mary Poppins getting ready to line up!! We immediately followed and was first in line.

Carson immediately started to freak out!!! He jumped out of the stroller and immediately ran to DH! I thought, "Oh great...we have an ADR at Tusker House at 8:30 in the morning. This may be a mistake!!"

We've never done an autograph book before....and Callie really wanted to do one this I caved in and let her. She loves Mary Poppins and immediately told her that since she was 3 years old, we've sang "Just a Spoon Full of Sugar" every night before bed. Mary mumbled something (she wasn't a very good Mary :confused:) and we got a picture.

After this we headed to Future world. We immediately went to Nemo and walked right on.

Carson's first ride....and he loved it! Of course the ride stopped right in the dark spot when the scary fish is going after Marlin...DH said he buried his head....but no tears!

Afterwards we walked and looked at some of the fish.

Carson kept hitting the glass. :confused3

Then we walked to Spaceship Earth....had about a 5 min. wait.

As soon as we got started POURING! We ran to a nearby store...and sat on a bench out of the rain.

It rained for about 10 minutes. By now it was 8 p.m. and we hadn't eaten we headed to the Electric Umbrella. We were all starving...DH and I both got the Meatball Sub (which was pretty good) and the kids split the Chicken Nuggets! The kids ate good...which I wasn't sure they would with everything going on!

After supper, we went to the Land and rode Living with the Land. DS hid his eyes during the storm scene....but liked looking at the plants...and the tractors in the pictures at the end (he's obsessed with tractors!!)

I wanted to do Soarin', but the secret must have been out that they stay open after 9 even though the park is closed! The wait was 60 min. at 8:50 p.m. So we decided to head back to the hotel since we had an early ADR. As we were walking, IllumiNations was going the kids watched as we walked!

We made it back to the hotel a little after 9. DH needed a shower, so the kids and I headed to fill up our drink cups.

DD brought the ipod with and was playing with that...and DS was standing on my left leg as I filled up the cups. I reached over to grab a straw....and when I looked down....Carson was GONE! :scared1:

I immediately turned around and couldn't see him anywhere. I asked Callie, "Where did your brother go?" She was too busy with the ipod to even have realized he was gone. I told her to go one way...and I'd go the other. We went through the entire gift shop (which isn't that big) and couldn't find him. So I immediately went to 3 CMs who were standing there. They acted quickly and called security.

My first thought was my son doesn't speak much and definitely can't tell anyone he is lost....and my second thought was Damn...I just took his security bracelet off that had our cell phone numbers on it...!

I talked to Security and gave them all the info I could. Everyone was looking for him....but he was no where. After about 10 min....out of no where....he was back. :cool1:

I have NO CLUE where he was....or where he had been. When I asked him he said, "Over there!" I don't know where over there was but it wasn't where we looked. I hugged and kissed him...cried over him...and he kept saying, "Sorry Mom....sorry Mom!!" I immediately started cursing myself for not bring a leash for him....he is a perfect example for why they make children's leashes!! I'd rather have someone call me a bad parent for putting one on him....than go through what we had just gone through.

We thanked everyone for helping us...they truly were great!

We headed back to our room...filled DH in on the situation...(I didn't have my cell with me so never even called and told him what was going on). We were in bed at 10:00. The kids and I in the King bed...DH on the daybed. I knew the kids were exhausted after our busy day of traveling and no they fell asleep right away!

Tomorrow we had an early ADR at Tusker House....would Carson be afraid of Mickey and gosh...he was of Mary Poppins!! We shall see....

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