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stackyallred 08-21-2012 02:31 AM

My Dream Is A Meal A Chef Makes! A Sept. 2012 POP PTR (with multiple food allergies)!
First thing's first... I must confess that I suffer from a rare Disboards disease. Actually, it might not be that rare. It just might be one of those sicknesses that people are ashamed of and therefore, they never talk about it. I know that the first step to getting help is admitting that I have a problem... so here I am. I am not sure of the scientific name but I believe I have “completed-trip-report-aphobia.” Otherwise known as CTRA. It all started innocently enough 4 years ago when DH and I were about to go on our 5th anniversary trip. I had a nice PTR going with all the fun details and pictures of how DH and I went to WDW on our honeymoon and every year after. I was all excited because it was my first trip since discovering the disboards... but then- we returned home, the post vacation blues set in and then I found out I was pregnant and that put WDW out of my mind for a while (Gasp! If that is possible!) Fast forward almost 2 years and I decided to give another PTR a try. This was our first trip with a baby! Surely, I must share this event with the entire world (or at least the other disers)! So again, I started out with a nice, well-intentioned plan... only to come home and neglect the precious few followers I had reeled in during my pre-vacation excitement.

Now comes the test. Our next trip is 3 weeks away. I want to do a trip report for a few reasons but I think I need accountability if I am going to finally break this vicious cycle. :lmao:

My disboards name is stackyallred and I don’t follow through with trip reports.


Let the healing begin.

As I said, I have a few reasons why I want to give this all a try yet again. In the past, I think I was just excited and thought it would be fun to share. This time, my reasons are a lot more important to me. So, what are those reasons, you ask?
1. I want to have it as sort of a journal of our vacation. DS will be almost 3 and he is totally pumped about this trip. This will be his third trip but it is his first where he clearly understands the idea of “going to Disney World” and meeting the characters/riding rides. He remembers things from last year and is excited to see it all again (which makes mommy and daddy even more excited! :lovestruc).
2. (This is the biggest reason!) I have had a variety of health problems since right after I found I was pregnant with DS. Some of the problems were there before pregnancy, but became very heightened after. Others just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. After 2+ years of unexplained issues that just kept getting worse, ranging from constant and severe stomach pain to anxiety attacks and overwhelming exhaustion, I was finally diagnosed with multiple food allergies (49 to be exact!) this past March. I also was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a few other minor things. My lifestyle has changed rather dramatically since then but after about 6 months of relearning how to eat/cook, treatments and lots of patience, I think I am finally turning a corner and seeing some real improvement! In planning this trip, I have learned so much about how to plan for Disney with food allergies and I want to share my experience with others so that maybe I can help someone, too! I have a LOT of foods that I avoid, but the big ones (in other words, the hardest to avoid) are :wheat/gluten, soy, egg, peanut, dairy, and garlic. My reasoning for the title of this trip report comes from the fact that I have not eaten out at a restaurant since March because I have yet to find a safe place to eat with my allergies. If I didn't make it, I usually can't eat it. I am SO excited to not cook for almost two weeks at WDW!

Alright, there you have it! Here’s to a COMPLETED trip report full of memories and (hopefully) lots of yummy allergy free meals! :yay:

stackyallred 08-21-2012 02:41 AM

The "I'd Rather Click On Chapters Than Scroll Through All These Comments" Area: :lmao:

Introductions Part 1

Introductions Part 2

How We "Do Disney!"

Arrival Day!

theycomefromallover 08-21-2012 12:28 PM

I'm looking forward to reading this! :)

stackyallred 08-22-2012 12:34 PM

Thank you to our wonderful Mod for moving this into the correct forum! Now I can keep "pre-trip" reporting! :goodvibes

Aulika 08-22-2012 12:42 PM

I can t wait to read about your trip. I m sre it s gonna be magical pixiedust:

stackyallred 08-23-2012 01:34 AM

How about some introductions? I love pictures and since this is still a pre-trip report, I will include some pics of some past trips.

DH and I will be celebrating our 9th anniversary this year. When we got engaged, I am not sure we ever discussed our honeymoon location- somehow we both just knew immediately that we wanted to go to Disney World! We both had been to WDW a few times prior as kids with our families and as teens/college students with our friends but never together. We both loved Disney in general though (I had a collection of Cinderella items such as music boxes etc, even into my late teens and DH had a Toy Story Party for his 16th birthday lol) and we were excited to enjoy WDW together! We had a great honeymoon and I can hardly believe that we only went to WDW for 3 nights and 4 days considering how short that would seem to us now (we also went to Universal for two days but we’ve never returned)!!! Below is a pic from our honeymoon. The only one I could find to upload right now is this one from our approximately 4 hours in Epcot’s World Showcase... Funny story- when we were planning our honeymoon, DH asked me which country I liked the best in Epcot. I was totally confused. He said, “You know, the part that has all the different areas from all over the world.” I had NO idea there was a World Showcase! I had performed at WDW with a show choir in high school and had spent a very boring day in Future World and not once did anyone I was with mention that there was another area... don’t ask me how that happened. I will blame it on being a teenager who was probably more interested in a boy than looking at a map! :rotfl2: Anyway... I fell in love with the World Showcase on our honeymoon!

We enjoyed a half day at Disneyland in 2004 thanks to a work related conference and then we did spend a great week at WDW in early December of 2005. We were loving Disney World, but then in 2007, something just changed. All of the sudden, we were just totally hooked. Maybe it was the fact that we had no vacation planned and a friend offered us a FREE 8 days stay at Bonnet Creek at just three weeks out :worship: it was totally unexpected and we had so much fun that trip even though we basically had to eat PB & J for every meal to afford a trip we had done no saving for! ::yes:: Regardless, that is when we really entered the “I-Will-Vacation-At-WDW-Every-Chance-I-Can-Get!” Club. I realize this is probably not a real club, but if it were, I know most of us would join it, right?!? Here's a few pics from our other “pre-parenthood” trips:



Fairly typical behavior for us...

5th Anniversary 2008:

I was Tink and he was a Lost Boy...

DH is not afraid to steal the show, as seen at Hoop Dee Doo!

Thanksgiving 2008:

Just a few months after our 2008 Thanksgiving trip, we were surprised to find out we were going to be parents! :banana: My due date was Halloween 2009 and I must confess that one of my first thoughts (because we always vacation in the fall) was, “When will I go to WDW again?!” It wasn’t a pouting thought, because we were excited... I just knew I probably wouldn’t want to do Disney THAT pregnant. So, what do two Disney-obsessed, excited parents-to-be do? They plan another trip for early in the second trimester! I was absolutely MISERABLE this whole trip :sick: (I was terribly sick through the whole pregnancy- still worth it of course!) but we made some good memories and enjoyed knowing that DS’ first trip was before we even knew that he was indeed a “he!” We had the idea that we would make his a scrap book of his “first trip” and have all the characters hold up a sign we made that says, “See Ya Real Soon!” We started early on the Disney brainwashing! ;)

Babymoon May 2009:

Continued in next post...

stackyallred 08-23-2012 01:35 AM

Continuing with our introductions...

DS was born in November and not long after, we started planning a trip for fall of 2010. We invited my MIL and SIL to come along (MIL watches DS while I work part time so she is a huge help because she knows exactly how to take over when needed and my SIL is one my best friends). We had a great trip and my MIL and SIL were kind enough to bring DS back for a few days so DH and I could celebrate our anniversary in our happy place. I had a few teary moments, missing my baby but it went by fast and it was fun being just the two of us!

Baby's First Trip! 2010:

I promise DS was happy even if you can't tell here :rotfl:

First time meeting Mickey! :lovestruc

In 2011, we invited my MIL and my FIL and had another awesome trip. DS was so great the whole time and seeing him exploring and enjoying everything was so much fun. Once again, my MIL and FIL brought DS home with them for a few days so that DH and I could again celebrate our anniversary. Have I mentioned that I have WONDERFUL in-laws?! :hug: We were sad to see DS go because he was totally starting to dig WDW just like us! But, he was thrilled to get a whole week of his grandparents all to himself so it was a bit easier to let him go this time. Again, it was fun being with just DH- WDW will always be “our place” even though DS shares it with us now, too!


Before heading to the airport!

DS was super excited to meet Mickey until he touched him! :lmao:

I had to add this because DS made this face a lot out of excitement!

This year, we are going in mid-September and we have invited my mom! I loved having my in-laws come but they really couldn’t come 2 years in a row and they knew eventually that my parents may join us (we hope some day all of us can go together). My dad is hoping to join us next year but I am super pumped that my mom gets to come this time. I can’t wait to share Disney World with her. Her trips there were not anything I think she ever enjoyed (she never had the disboards to show her all the ropes! :rotfl:) but she is more excited about seeing it all with her grandson than anything. Mom will fly (she lives 18 hours away) to our house a few days before our trip and then we will all be flying to WDW together. And, because my mom is just as awesome as my in-laws, she is flying DS back to our home, dropping him off with my in-laws and then flying back to her home... all so we can celebrate yet another anniversary! :lovestruc I am not sure what DS is more excited about- spending a week at WDW or coming back to spend the night at my in-laws! I am a little anxious about him leaving us this time because I think he is going to be a full-blown Disney World fanatic this time (I’ll explain more on just how obsessed with WDW he has become in the last 6 months in a later post) and not want to leave. I know, I know... some people may think we are horrible parents for doing WDW alone, BUT he does get to enjoy it and we are big believers that happy parents/marriages make for happy kids. This way we all get the best of both worlds... and no one can deny he won’t get spoiled rotten at his grandparents’ home! Not to mention our yard literally connects to my in-laws so basically DS thinks their home is just an extension of ours! We are very blessed that our parents support us so much and give us some “just us” time. Here is a pic of my mom and DS back when he was about 6 months old (side note: my mom has lost 50+ pounds in the last 8 months so she actually looks quite different now!):

Ok, that is us! I guess next time I’ll tackle how my obsession with how being organized plays into my Disney trip planning!

(Hey look! I’ve already had two entries in this PTR! Maybe I am overcoming my CTRA after all!)

stackyallred 08-23-2012 01:48 AM


Originally Posted by Aulika (Post 45906849)
I can t wait to read about your trip. I m sre it s gonna be magical pixiedust:

Thanks, I sure hope it is! :)

theycomefromallover 08-23-2012 08:09 AM

That was great!!

stackyallred 08-23-2012 11:00 AM


Originally Posted by theycomefromallover (Post 45914919)
That was great!!

Thanks! :goodvibes Since not many people have followed along yet, I decided to change the name of the PTR... it was almost 1 AM when I came up with the first one and I had "trip reporter's remorse" regarding the name! :rotfl:

Disneychix 08-23-2012 04:43 PM

Nice start!
What I think is the funniest thing is my DSs have a lot of the same Disney shirts and outfits and even shoes as your little cutie! Ha!

We started going to Disney together before we got married and had some trips with just the 2 of us even after our first DS was born. None of our parents have signed up to watch them now that there's 2 though! :rotfl: But with older DS being 5 there's probably no way we could explain to him that we were going anywhere near WDW without him!

Can't wait to see you dates and itinerary!

stackyallred 08-23-2012 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by Disneychix (Post 45921361)
Nice start!
What I think is the funniest thing is my DSs have a lot of the same Disney shirts and outfits and even shoes as your little cutie! Ha!

We started going to Disney together before we got married and had some trips with just the 2 of us even after our first DS was born. None of our parents have signed up to watch them now that there's 2 though! :rotfl: But with older DS being 5 there's probably no way we could explain to him that we were going anywhere near WDW without him!

Can't wait to see you dates and itinerary!

So, what you are saying is, you shop at Target, too?! :rotfl: I was just thinking the other day how there are probably lots of other toddler boys wearing the same exact clothes while getting their pics taken with Mickey!

I am glad to know we aren't the only ones who still do WDW (at least partially) minus our littlest family member. But, yes I have thought that all this free week-long babysitting might come to an end when and if another one comes along! My MIL LOVES watching babies, though so I guess only time will tell!

I will have to take a look at your past reports and read about your trips. It is always fun reading about other couples with kids similar in age. Thanks for reading! :goodvibes

BearcatsFan 08-24-2012 01:04 PM

:wave2: What a lovely family - your little boy is so cute! ::yes::

I'll be reading ... popcorn::

stackyallred 08-24-2012 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by BearcatsFan (Post 45930648)
:wave2: What a lovely family - your little boy is so cute! ::yes::

I'll be reading ... popcorn::

Thanks so much and thank you for all your help yesterday! I see you have a September trip planned, too! I just saw your link in your signature. Headed over to read about your plans now! :goodvibes

CatNipRules 08-24-2012 03:27 PM

I love your PTR!! I love reading other's reports. I get a lot of useful tips on things to do and thing I might need! LOL!!

Your DS is soooo adorable!!

I'm reading along and can't wait to read more about your plans!!

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