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RustManFan 08-18-2012 04:55 PM

Marion's DISigns - For My Displaying only...NO REQUESTS***
Remember, no requests on this thread. If you see something you like, post a request in the appropriate thread.

At least one Etsy person has STOLEN my images and posted for sale. My Disney PB now password protected....see my profile on the Meet the DISigners sticky (I am NOT putting in my signature at this time).

Here are all my thread links. I ask that you read the thread titles and not post to the wrong one. Many people don't read enough these days :sad1: (new general request thread) (Disneyland) (License Plate/Stroller Tags) (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) (New Years through 4th of July)

SPORTS: (College Sports only)

MLB only:

NFL only:

NHL only:

and, as always, no quotes or links of any kind to preserve my sanity!!

RustManFan 08-22-2012 06:02 PM

this thread not yet open but I thought I would post this poem here as I am often looking for its location:
.................................................. ..................
I saw a castle in the night
A fairy green take dazzling flight

I saw a tree clothed in life
And in its shadow, people free from strife

I saw a shiny geodesic sphere
And waving banners against sky so clear

I saw a massive sorcerer’s hat
And heard music, laughter, screams and happy chat

I saw buildings that belonged to other lands,
Children making masks with paper and crayons

I saw the welcoming riverside gate
And smiled through my check-in wait

I saw a bus packed to the gills
Heading for fantasy and magical thrills

I saw a sight I never thought to see
A prince upon his bended knee

I saw a princess and then some more
Who smiled and signed…’twas not a chore

I saw a parade come trooping by
A favorite character I did spy

I saw a line swiftly disappear
And another that lingered through ropes that steered

I saw a ghost aboard my ride
As I turned and laughed with my child beside

I saw a familiar three circle shape
Hidden in architecture, path or landscape

I saw a wondrous juicy sight
A turkey leg I’d love to bite

I saw a resort where I’d like to stay
If only I had the money to pay

I saw many a camera take a shot
At preserving this moment and special spot

I saw shirt DISigns I’ve seen before
Ones you cannot purchase at any store

I saw flowers and trees ablaze with hues
Of pinks, greens, reds, yellows and blues

I saw a dog, a bear, a mouse
Providing hugs at Mickey’s house

I saw a lake or two or three
With shimmering waters, calm waveless seas

I saw balloons in azure sky
And another joined them bye and bye

I saw a pool yet felt true glee
Floating wandering river – hope no one needs to pee!

I saw delight on grandparent’s face
Sharing together this uncommon place

I saw some pirates, can you believe?
These Walt himself helped to conceive!

I saw a lime green Mickey head
I DIS, Do You? It clearly read

I saw a child with ice cream bar in hand
And heard an enthusiastic marching band

I saw a boat come cruising by
And watched with calm and focused eye

I saw people garbed in fantastical attire
Both as heroes and as villains dire

I saw many tents and RVs too
From my campsite I was passing through

I saw some tired babies nap
In stroller or on loved one’s lap

I saw and heard fireworks on high
As colors transformed a pitch black sky

I saw a show that brought delight
With music and dance and fanciful light

I saw hippos, giraffes and tigers at play
Animals, birds and bats and pachyderms of grey

I saw lights go on along Main Street
And a couple share a remembered treat

I saw many yawns at end of day
As families returned from hectic play

I looked, I saw and smiled wide
And mixed in with the human tide!

By Marion M. Raiser
June 15th, 2012

RustManFan 08-29-2012 12:32 PM

To those we know as Princesses:

Under the sea or in forest deep
In massive tower or castle keep
In disguise or fast asleep
Fighting her foes or living cheap
Reading books or taking trusting leap
With little men, chores to dust and sweep

Many share a common and admired trait
They lack the ability to sit and wait
They cannot rely on presumed destiny
Or a promised life of fantasy
They are girls of action and girls with style
Who will always go that extra mile

So enjoy a Princess fairy tale
In ocean’s depths or pine forest dale
Across the world in many lands
Each Princess has earned the right to her loyal fans!

August 30, 2012
Marion M. Raiser

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never enough Tink!

RustManFan 09-07-2012 02:48 AM

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