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Elleshoodat 08-16-2012 02:20 PM

How many side trips can we fit in before our big trip? *NEW* 11/5 - Our trip to NYC
The Cast:

Tiffany - An überplanner who gets slightly anxious when there are no Disney trips in the foreseeable future. A loving mother and wife, content director and wannabe blogger.

Nick, my Disney Husband.

Andrew, my darling Disney Son.

Here we are on our last trip, when we sat for a mini portrait session at the Poly:

The Long-Term Plan:

We just got back from a trip to the World in early May (you can read about that trip here), but - being the type-A personality I am - I can't not plan our next visit. We hope to take a lengthy trip in either October 2013 for Food & Wine, or in the spring of 2014. A few factors will determine when we go, including our budget. I am bound and determined not to charge anything on our next trip, so we are saving, saving, saving.

And we have to save more than usual because we want to bring my parents along. We took lots of multigenerational/extended-family trips when my brother and I were growing up, and I remember them fondly. I want Andrew to grow up with similar memories. My parents live in Louisiana, so we don't get to see them nearly as often as we'd like, plus they are so generous and do so much for our family that we want to show our appreciation. Right now the plan is to cover the accommodations for all of us, and to pay for their tickets. They will pay for their transportation, meals and any souvenirs they want (or want to buy their grandson).

Side Trips:

Nick recently brought up the idea of taking short one- or two-day trips to the World until we can take our bigger trip next year. We won't go into the parks on any of our side trips - maybe go to Downtown Disney, SeaWorld or the outlet malls - but I *need* my Disney fix and can get it just by spending time in the resorts and restaurants.

We don't plan to let it affect our savings goal, but we do think it will help us both to have a little escape from "normal" life every few months.

Elleshoodat 08-16-2012 02:24 PM

Animal Kingdom Lodge overnight, August 2012:
Part I
Part II

New York (including Disney Store Times Square!), October 2012:
Part I

Wilderness Lodge overnight, December 2012:

Elleshoodat 08-16-2012 02:31 PM

Plans for overnight at Animal Kingdom Lodge, mid-August 2012
We are taking our first quick trip this weekend, staying one night at Animal Kingdom Lodge thanks to the Florida resident late-summer room-only offer. We most likely won't be able to afford a deluxe for our big trip, so we're hoping to experience different ones on our smaller trips. (I'm pushing for Wilderness Lodge in December!)

Animal Kingdom Lodge won out this time because Andrew absolutely loves animals right now (especially giraffes), so he will get a kick out of the savanna. Plus the pool looks really nice, and we're looking forward to relaxing in and around it.

Besides swimming and animal-watching (and people-watching, of course ;)), we are planning to hit Downtown Disney and one of the outlet malls in Orlando.

Elleshoodat 08-20-2012 09:25 AM

Good morning! We are back from our weekend getaway to Animal Kingdom Lodge. I'll be back later with a full report, but in short we had a wonderful time and it was just what we needed. :thumbsup2

Have a magical day! :wizard:

Elleshoodat 08-24-2012 11:09 AM

Animal Kingdom Lodge getaway, Part I
Saturday, Aug. 18:

We left home a few minutes before 10 a.m., stopping to pick up my new glasses and for gas before heading north on I-75. Andrew fell asleep along the way, after "reading" the Elmo books my parents had sent him (we'd found them in the mailbox while loading up the car). He doesn't ask for "Momo" as much as he used to (lately he's been on a Barney kick, which Nick and I just love, haha), but he still likes watching "Elmo's World" and loves pretty much all books.

The rain started when we got close to Brandon, where we made a pit stop to return something I'd bought a few weeks earlier. I ran into the mall while Nick stayed in the car so Andrew could stay asleep, and I quickly made my return and headed out.

It was pouring by this time and rained our entire way to Orlando. Right at the exit we typically take onto WDW property (exit 62 off I-4), we ran into traffic -- and we were stuck until we reached the exit for the outlet mall at Vineland Avenue. I got a little turned around, and for a few miles we were heading in the wrong direction ... oops. Nick taught me how to see my location on Google Maps, and we made a U-turn so we could go the right way -- right into more traffic. Sigh. Finally we reached the outlet mall. The parking lot was packed, so Nick let me and Andrew out, then he went to look for a spot. (He ended up in the garage on the opposite side of the mall from where we started.)

Andrew and I went to a couple of stores but didn't have much luck. I was looking for a wristlet to replace the one I have now and went into Michael Kors, but I didn't find one I liked enough to pay $80 for. Nick called as we were finishing up in Michael Kors, and we met up outside the food court. We were all starving, so we went in. Oh my goodness, what a madhouse! Rude people everywhere, and lots of non-English speakers -- not that there's a correlation between the two; I am just noting what we saw and heard. It was also pretty dirty.

Andrew wanted pizza, so he and I got in line at Villa Pizza while Nick went to Subway for subs for the two of us. We waited ... and waited ... and waited until it was our turn to order. I got a value meal with a slice of cheese pizza, a side of "steamed" veggies and a Diet Pepsi (I'm actually a Diet Coke girl, but it wasn't available). After waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting some more, we got our pizza and paid, then went to check on Nick. He hadn't ordered yet, so Andrew and I left the zoo -- I mean, food court. There were lots of people without food sitting at tables out there (don't even get me started), but I was able to snag a couple of chairs, which I pulled into a shaded corner outside Disney's Character Warehouse.

I let Andrew out of his stroller so he could stretch his little legs. He had been so good the entire drive, and he didn't even complain when Mommy made him get into his stroller. We've got an easygoing little trooper who luckily goes along with our sometimes-crazy plans. I cut up some pizza for him, and he got to work on it. We both tried the veggies, but they were pretty awful -- cooked to within an inch of their life, and doused in oil and butter. Yuck. Nick met up with us, and he and I ate our sandwiches, sharing bites with Andrew. We all felt much better once we got some food in us.

We went into Character Warehouse, following Andrew's lead -- he saw "Gooshy" in the store and wandered in while Nick and I were cleaning up after lunch. It was pretty crazy in there, and I didn't see anything we had to have, so we didn't stay long. Our next stop was Banana Republic, where Nick found some jeans, khakis and a T-shirt, and I got a top. Adidas and J.Crew were disappointments, so we made our way to the garage and headed ... to Disney! Finally!

On the way there (or maybe it was earlier when we were taking our "tour" of Vineland and 535), we spotted Sheraton Vistana Resort and Caribe Royale. Those are two properties I was considering trying for our big trip next year, but they quickly moved to the bottom of my list once I saw the traffic and how un-Disney-like that whole area is. I'm still interested in Wyndham Bonnet Creek, though, and since it's on Disney property, it suddenly shot to the top of my list.

When we arrived at Animal Kingdom Lodge, we got a warm "jambo" from the security guard. He gave us our parking pass and directed us to Jambo House, then we got a "welcome home" (our first!) before we drove away.

Nick drove under the porte cochere and dropped me off so I could check in while he went to sit in the parking lot with Andrew, who had fallen asleep. The lobby was beautiful -- lots of dark wood, which I had known going in, but there was also a lot of natural light streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows at the back. It ... was ... awesome.

I went over to the check-in desk and was helped by Heather, a sweet CM who I think was on the college program (her nametag said she was from Eastern Kentucky University). We hadn't been assigned a room yet, so I asked if a king bed was available. She called the room assignor and was on hold for a while, so we made small talk. When she got off, she gave me the great news: We'd gotten a king!

We were in room 4216 on the Kudu Trail. Heather gave me a single red rose after printing out our keys (Andrew's wouldn't print, but I told her it was OK since he would be with one of us at all times), and I walked out to the parking lot to look for Nick's car. He had texted me their location while I was inside, but I got turned around and ended up wandering for a few. It was OK; I needed the exercise after being in the car for most of the day.

I eventually found them. Andrew was awake, but Nick was trying to get a catnap in. He was more awake than sleeping, so we all got out and loaded ourselves with luggage, then walked back to the resort. (It's amazing how much crap we travel with: a suitcase, a tote bag, a cooler, a couple of pillows from home and a mattress for the Pack 'n Play.) We walked to the back left of the lobby and onto Kudu Trail, taking the elevator to the fourth floor and the long hallway to our room.

I'd booked a standard view, so I was pleasantly surprised once we got inside and saw that we could see a bit of savanna from our balcony. We saw a few Roan antelope (Andrew called them goats) and some bunnies, which Andrew could spot from a mile away.

The room itself was OK -- a king bed, a sofa/day bed, table and chairs, flat-screen and fridge -- but it felt kind of small. That could be because it was a wheelchair-accessible room; the bathroom was really big, so maybe some of the room size was lost. Nick commented that the room itself wasn't any different from the moderate resort rooms. I know when you stay deluxe, you're paying mainly for the amenities (like having animals outside your window!), but I have to agree with Nick. There was nothing outstanding about the room itself.

After settling in and watching the "goats" for a while (we kept correcting him, but it didn't sink in; "goat" is far easier to say than "antelope"), we changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the pool. On the way, we passed several big windows that looked out over the savanna, and we had to stop at each one to ogle the animals. Predictably, Andrew's favorite were the giraffes.

When we got down to the pool, we found an empty chair on which to drop our stuff, fastened Andrew's Puddle Jumper around him and stepped in. The water wasn't warm (I imagine it would've been warmer had it been a sunny day), but it wasn't nearly as cold as it was on our May trip. Andrew had fun jumping to us from the ledge, and then watching people come down the slide.

At one point Nick got out to get towels and drinks for us, and there was a man nearby who started chatting with me. We'll just call him TMI Guy. He was telling me he was there with his 4-year-old sons and 1-year old daughter while his wife was at a conference in Celebration. He asked whether Andrew was our only child, and I replied with "So far." He then thought it appropriate to tell me to "look out," because he and his wife had conceived their 1-year-old while on a trip to the World. Umm, OK, I thought. We're going to get out now so I can have my drink (they aren't allowed near the pool). I needed it after that conversation!

Nick had a couple of beers, while I had a pina colada and then a Pina Colava. He hadn't heard me when I asked for that the first round, but that's OK -- when I did get it, it wasn't that great. I don't think the bartender put enough raspberry in it. We sat at a table near the bar for a while, then got back into the pool for a few but didn't stay long.

Once we were out for good, I spotted the flamingo viewing area and brought Andrew over while Nick went to get our second round of drinks and close our tab. We watched them for a while and took a few pictures, then decided to walk around and see what else we could see.

We went over to the playground to let Andrew run around and climb for a while. I changed his diaper and shorts so he wouldn't chafe, then we went up to the savanna viewing area, where we saw zebras, Tommies and I think some more bunnies. Andrew made friends with the CM standing nearby (he kept calling him "the man") who was answering our questions about the animals, and "the man" started calling him his little buddy.

We made our way up to our room so Nick and I could change out of our bathing suits, then we made our way back down to The Mara. Eventually. AKL is kinda confusing, what with the different levels (the lobby is actually on the third floor, the savanna viewing area on the second floor, and the pool and restaurants on the first floor). Plus, not all of the elevators go down to the first floor, so it felt like it took us forever to get to dinner. We were absolutely starving by this point.

We ordered Andrew the pepperoni flatbread because he was still asking for pizza (he didn't eat much at lunch), and we didn't realize until we'd sat down that there was a kid's pizza option. Nick and I both got the chicken pita, mine with couscous and his with fries. We also got some grapes and chocolate milk for Andrew, and Zebra Domes (!!!) and a couple of beers for me and Nick. The food court wasn't at all crowded when we got there, but by the time we sat down a line had started to form. We found a table near the window, grabbed a high chair and waited a few minutes for our buzzer to go off.

The food was so-so. Actually, the pepperoni flatbread was really good and the fries were OK, but the chicken pitas and couscous were just so-so. Not bad, just different. The couscous was cold, which I wasn't expecting; I thought it would be warm, but I rarely eat couscous so I don't know where I got that idea. :laughing: I'm glad I got what I did, though -- I can have pizza and burgers anytime.

Then ... the Zebra Domes. My, oh my. This was my first time having them, and they ... were ... delicious. Usually I prefer my desserts to be chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, but I loved how cold and creamy these were.

We each ate one, saving the rest for later. We packaged up most of the pizza and grapes, too, and headed out. Another note: There was nothing but plain brown napkins in the food court. Am I the only one upset about the demise of the napkins with Disney Parks designs on them?!

Up next was Zawadi Marketplace. I wanted to see what resort-specific merchandise there was, plus I needed to do some research. We headed up and to the front of the lobby, where the gift shop is. Andrew had a ball playing with the instruments on the front table, and he and another little boy about his age had a "drum-off" (like a dance-off, lol) with these toddler-sized drums near the entrance.

I wandered around, seeing what the shop had to offer. There was a big selection of Animal Kingdom Lodge merchandise, which I was happy to see, including some really nice hoodies (I heart hoodies). There was also some African art, including these giraffe figurines that were about a foot tall. I debated getting one because A) Andrew loves them, and B) we need some home decor, and I love to have things that remind me of Disney but aren't obviously Disney, but we decided against it.

There were H2O products for sale, too. We had H2O products in our room, but I don't get what all the fuss is about. I prefer Bliss bath and body stuff. We didn't end up buying anything, so we headed out and back up to our room. Down one of the long hallways, we saw some giraffes playing outside (one of them was running around and bucking up; usually we just see them eating leaves!), so we stopped to watch them for a while.

When we got back to our room, we did Andrew's bedtime routine, skipping his bath since we went swimming. We read a few books, then turned out the lights and put him in the Pack 'n Play next to our bed. We were able to put him down just fine on our trip in May, but this time he was not having it. He stood up and tried to get us to take him out, but we took turns kneeling next to him, rubbing his back and singing to him. When that didn't work, Nick took him out and sat in the chair with him, saying prayers (we'd missed that part of the routine ... oops) and basically holding him until he fell asleep. Once we were confident he was asleep, Nick and I crept out onto the balcony with a couple of beers and watched a couple of antelope settle in for the night. We weren't far behind them.

CandleontheWater 08-27-2012 07:08 PM

Hi there!

I'm joining in, you guys have an adorable family! :goodvibes

We stayed at the AKL last Oct and really loved it! Your pictures are bringing back some good memories. Glad to see you also were having a great time.

We've had some rough spots with trying to get DS asleep in hotel rooms also, so I feel your pain, glad to see it all worked out!

Elleshoodat 08-28-2012 03:23 PM


Originally Posted by CandleontheWater (Post 45966741)
Hi there!

I'm joining in, you guys have an adorable family! :goodvibes

We stayed at the AKL last Oct and really loved it! Your pictures are bringing back some good memories. Glad to see you also were having a great time.

We've had some rough spots with trying to get DS asleep in hotel rooms also, so I feel your pain, glad to see it all worked out!

Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by. :goodvibes

DS did fine sleeping in the hotel in May, but I guess we didn't wear him out enough this time. ;)

Elleshoodat 09-07-2012 01:43 PM

Animal Kingdom Lodge getaway, Part II
Sunday, Aug. 19:

Andrew woke up a couple of times during the night (both before 2 a.m.), but I was able to get him back to sleep by rubbing his back and singing to him. I woke up around 7:15 and couldn't get back to sleep, so I played on my phone for about 10 minutes before Andrew stirred. (Side note: How great is the DISboards app? It is so much easier than trying to access the full site on the iPhone.)

I brought him into bed with us hoping he would go back to sleep, but it wasn't happening. We went out on the balcony to see what was out there and so we wouldn't disturb Nick, but Nick came out within a few minutes. The antelope we had seen sleeping outside our room the night before were still there, so we watched them for a while as they were waking up. That's when I noticed a couple of things I hadn't seen before: the backs of the chairs on the patio had a zebra-head design on them, and the lace part of the curtains were printed with characters from "The Lion King." We spotted Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa. It was an awesome Disney detail.

We went inside after a while, and Nick and I took turns showering and packing while Andrew watched TV. He ate some grapes and a couple of bites of cold pizza, and I ate a couple of Zebra Domes - the breakfast of champions! Nick and I had some of the in-room coffee, too. It's drinkable, but I wished I had some real (liquid) creamer.

We left the room right at 9 and made our way through the lobby. (Of course just as we were figuring out our way around, it was time to leave!) Nick went to get the car while Andrew and I stayed out front with the luggage. Andrew climbed onto and off of a bench the whole time, while I did some people-watching (there are some good-looking valets at Animal Kingdom Lodge!). One of them helped us load up our luggage, then we said goodbye to AKL and were on our way to Downtown Disney.

Typically our Downtown Disney visits are evening/nighttime affairs, but it was so much nicer to be there first thing in the morning before the crowds got crazy. We parked in the second row behind Basin (score!), then walked around looking at topiaries and taking pictures while we waited for the stores to open. (I had thought they open at 9, but it's 9:30.) One of Andrew's favorite books right now is "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," and over by Earl of Sandwich there's a cool Sorcerer Mickey topiary complete with brooms and buckets. It was like a little piece of the Flower & Garden Festival, but at DTD. A very little piece. ;)

Since we were nearby - and because Andrew saw Mickey and Minnie - we first went into Mickey's Pin Traders. He wanted to climb onto their little podium, but there's a no-climbing sign, so we told him "no climbing" ... which he kept repeating the rest of the day. Oh, toddlers.

Pin trading isn't our thing so we hadn't been in the store before, but man ... there is a pin for EVERYthing. And some really cute ones, too! There were flip-flop pins (I heart flip-flops), Figment pins and pins for pretty much every character, ride and park icon imaginable. I resisted buying a pin just because it was "cute," and from there we went to Once Upon a Toy. It was our first time there, too, and it felt like we had the place to ourselves (have I mentioned how much more I like DTD first thing in the morning?). Andrew was in awe of the giant Mr. Potato Head, the Woody hanging from the ceiling and the giant Duffy, and I found myself liking Once Upon a Toy more than I like World of Disney. There are a lot of rooms, but it feels more contained somehow.

Anyway, Nick found me a Vinylmation Figment (one of the Vinylmation Nerds), and I broke my cardinal rule by not buying it then and there. I wanted to wait and make one big purchase in World of Disney so we could buy one of the purchase-with-purchase items. Besides, I knew if we didn't find Figment in WoD, I could run back to Once Upon a Toy for it.

We only spent a few minutes in Team Mickey, as there wasn't much Mets merchandise for Nick to peruse. There were a couple of cute LSU/Mickey shirts, but - other than the whole Mickey thing - there wasn't anything spectacular about them.

Next up was the World of Disney. We separated for a while, with Nick taking Andrew so I could concentrate on shopping. :thumbsup2

I found Figment and took my time deciding which coffee mug I wanted to add to my collection, finally choosing one with characters and sights from the parks, from the present day back to WDW's opening. It's my new favorite. I picked up a Rice Krispies treat for Nick, then met up with my boys.

After visiting with the Cinderella Castle replica for a while, we went into the baby room to look at children's books and toys. Andrew immediately plopped down on the floor and started pulling books off the shelves, "reading" to himself before tossing them aside one by one. Nick found some "Finding Nemo" bath toys (we'd been needing some new ones), and I looked lovingly at the Mickey ears for babies (can someone say "baby fever?") until he dragged me away so I could go check out. We ended up with Figment, a coffee mug, a Rice Krispies treat, a Lightning McQueen cookie (which Andrew ate half of before we paid), the Nemo bath toys, and a Jake and the Never Land Pirates book. I added one of the purchase-with-purchase items, a black-and-gray WDW backpack, to our haul. I've been looking for a backpack to double as a diaper bag for some of our outings, and I figure it will grow with us and we can use it for future trips.

It wasn't quite lunchtime but we were pretty hungry (remember, we'd only had Zebra Domes, grapes and cold pizza for breakfast :blush:), so we walked toward Earl of Sandwich. I'm not the biggest EoS fan. I know others feel differently, but to me it's OK for what it is but not something to write home about. Anyway, I wish I would've pressed Nick to go on a little farther to Wolfgang Puck Express, but he was starving and we know not to mess with each other when we're hungry like that.

He got into line after taking my order, and I went off with Andrew to find a table. It didn't take Nick long to order, but it was a while before our order was ready. We munched on chips until our buzzer buzzed. Andrew had the kids' PB&J (which was served warm, oddly), Nick had the Mediterranean chicken salad wrap and I had The Earl's Club. We left once we were done, as it was getting really crowded and we saw groups that needed the table.

On our way out to the parking lot, we stopped into Basin to look around. The fall scents were out, and I spent some time sniffing the solid perfume. I wish I would've bought a little something - every girl needs a little pampering, even if she has to do it herself - but we walked out empty-handed.

After a quick bathroom break, we loaded ourselves into the car around 11:30 and made the two-hour drive home.

CandleontheWater 09-07-2012 01:58 PM

It sounds like you guys had a nice morning at DTD! I also never seem to get there during the day, but seems like world away from the crowds and congestion during the evening! I'll have to try it someday!

You guys did a great job of shopping, and too funny that you mentioned Nemo bath toys, I was just wondering last night if they made them. I'll have to keep an eye out on our next trip and pick them up.

EoS is good, but I also prefer WPE (although I always seem to get lost when I try and find it! :rotfl2: )

tofubeast 09-09-2012 10:07 AM

Oh my, didn't know you had a new PTR until I just saw your post in my PTR. Super cool!! Looks like you had a blast at AKL/DTD. A nice perk of not being too far away from the World!

Elleshoodat 09-10-2012 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by CandleontheWater (Post 46082163)
It sounds like you guys had a nice morning at DTD! I also never seem to get there during the day, but seems like world away from the crowds and congestion during the evening! I'll have to try it someday!

You guys did a great job of shopping, and too funny that you mentioned Nemo bath toys, I was just wondering last night if they made them. I'll have to keep an eye out on our next trip and pick them up.

EoS is good, but I also prefer WPE (although I always seem to get lost when I try and find it! :rotfl2: )

It was only our second time doing DTD during the day, and I highly recommend it! It's nice at night, too, don't get me wrong - but the crowds were much more manageable.

The Nemo bath toys are super cute! There's a little pack with Nemo, Marlin, Dory and Pearl (random, I know). They don't squirt or anything, but DS still seems to love them.

OMG, I have to make it to WPE next time. Sooo many people rave about it! (Of course, people also rave about EoS, and we know how I feel about that. ;))


Originally Posted by tofubeast (Post 46099620)
Oh my, didn't know you had a new PTR until I just saw your post in my PTR. Super cool!! Looks like you had a blast at AKL/DTD. A nice perk of not being too far away from the World!

Thanks for coming over! I started this PTR on a whim; even though our trip is a ways away, I can't not plan with my fellow Disnuts!

Elleshoodat 10-02-2012 02:22 PM

Plans for overnight at Wilderness Lodge, mid-December 2012
We've never been to Disney World for the Christmas holidays, so for our next visit we're taking an overnight trip in mid-December. I've heard how amazing Wilderness Lodge is, with the roaring fireplace and lodge "feel," so I booked a night there as soon as the Florida resident room-only discounts came out.

We won't visit any of the parks (though Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is tempting since we will be so close to the Magic Kingdom); this trip is about seeing how the resorts decorate and just enjoying being together amidst the craziness of the holiday season.

Here are our plans.


We'll make the two-hour drive to WDW (either midmorning or after lunch, depending on how anxious we are ... OK, how anxious I am ;)) and check into Wilderness Lodge. If our room is ready, we'll settle in and explore the resort.

Later, we will take the boat to the Magic Kingdom and make the monorail loop, hitting the Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridan. The plan is to take our time checking out each resort's decorations (and of course I have to see their gift shops) and have dinner at a counter-service restaurant when we get hungry. I've heard good things about the Steakhouse Salad at Contempo Cafe and the "grown-up grilled cheese" at Captain Cook's, so I'm hoping we'll be at the Contemporary or Poly at dinnertime.

I'm also debating whether we should do the Ft. Wilderness sleigh ride. It's a bit steep at $60 for 25 minutes, but I've heard it's worth it. I'm just wondering whether we will feel too rushed if we want to tour the resorts and go on the sleigh ride.

We probably won't stay out too late (I like to try and keep DS on his schedule when we're on vacation), so we should be back at Wilderness Lodge around 8 p.m. After getting him to bed, DH and I can hang out on the balcony -- one of the many perks of staying deluxe!


After waking up, getting ready and having breakfast in the room, we'll check out of Wilderness Lodge and drive over to the Epcot-area resorts to see their decorations. We will have lunch somewhere on the Boardwalk, maybe at ESPN Club if it isn't too crowded, then make the drive home.

TMGosizk 10-02-2012 05:23 PM

I'm very much enjoying your PTR so far! :thumbsup2 How exciting that you live only 2 hours from Disney!!! I'm trying to convince DH to request one of the Florida AFBases when we leave here (Illinois)! I have two more years to work on that! :rotfl:

Your son is just the cutest! And you all seem like you enjoyed staying at AKL a lot!! Can't wait to read about your Wilderness Lodge stay and see pictures from the resorts during the holidays!

Looking forward to reading more!

Elleshoodat 10-08-2012 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by TMGosizk (Post 46331074)
I'm very much enjoying your PTR so far! :thumbsup2 How exciting that you live only 2 hours from Disney!!! I'm trying to convince DH to request one of the Florida AFBases when we leave here (Illinois)! I have two more years to work on that! :rotfl:

Your son is just the cutest! And you all seem like you enjoyed staying at AKL a lot!! Can't wait to read about your Wilderness Lodge stay and see pictures from the resorts during the holidays!

Looking forward to reading more!

:welcome: and thank you so much! I'm sorry for the delay in responding, but I've been out of town. We spent a few days in New York visiting DH's family (before DS turns 2 and we have to pay for him to fly ;)).

Of course we visited the Disney Store in Times Square, so I'll do a quick recap of that shortly.

Anyway, thanks for joining in, and definitely push for that move to Florida. We aren't natives, but we love it here!

amazingact21 10-10-2012 11:32 AM

What? How did I not know you had a PTR going with a weekend trip to AKL?? :confused3 Well, anyways, I'm glad I found it, because I loved your May TR.

Your one night stay at AKL sounds like it was fun and relaxing. Not really stressful or so busy you couldn't enjoy yourselves. AKL is on my list of resorts I'm considering for 2013, so I liked reading about how the lobby and savanah viewing areas are on odd levels and that the rooms are kind of small.

I think WL is a great choice for the holiday season. I've heard it looks really nixe with the Christmas decorations up, and it's so close to the other deluxes. Taking the monorail to see all the decorations is really fun, I did that on my first trip, and you'd be surprised at how much time it kills.

Can't wait to read about it and see how your plans for your 2013/2014 trip go!

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