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mommyof3princess27 08-13-2012 01:59 PM

November 2012 Trip planners #4~almost Disney time! Everyone welcome!
November 2012
Current Promotions and Dates Offered

Get a FREE dining plan when you purchase a non-discounted 6-night/7-day Magic Your Way room and ticket package at select Disney Resort hotels, for arrivals most nights:

Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, Oct. 19 - Nov. 1, Nov. 9 - 15, Nov. 23 - 29, Dec. 10 - 13
Book through September 29, 2012! The choice is yours:

Photopass + pre-order info
reg price $199.95 preorder it for $169.95!!!
Includes many ride photos and restuarant photos.
Included places:
Participating Attractions:
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Rock ‘n Roller Coaster
Expedition Everest

Participating Character Dining Locations:
1900 Park Fare
Ohana (Breakfast only)
Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show
Chef Mickey’s
Cinderella’s Royal Table
Tusker House Restaurant (Breakfast only)
Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue
Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Disney PhotoPass+ Includes:
PhotoPass+ Card and Lanyard
A gallery CD with over 400 stock photos
A unique code to create and order a PhotoCD with all your photos online at
Print Packages at select Dining locations
Digital Downloads of select Attractions

MVMCP info
These are the current party dates based on the park hours for the month of november. which can be found here

MVMCP Official Dates and Prices

November 9, 12, 15, 16*, 25, 27, 29 and 30*
December 2, 4, 6, 7*, 9, 11, 13, 14*, 16, 18, 20* and 21**

* Advance Sale pricing is not available for these dates. Even when purchased in advance, "Day Of" pricing is in effect.

Advance Sales $58.95 Adult / $53.95 Ages 3-9 (plus tax)
Day of Event Sales $64.95/$59.95

** Premium Night Dec 21 $67.95/$62.95

DVC and Pass Holder Discounts 2012 MVMCP - Official Information

There is special discount pricing for DVC Members and all levels of Annual Passholders (except water parks and DQ APs)

Valid the following nights only:

November 9, 12, 15, 25, 27, 29,December 2, 4, 6, and 11

$54.95 Adult / $49.95 Ages 3-9 (plus tax)

These must be purchased in advance and will not be available the day of the event.

A Passholder may purchase up to four tickets and a DVC Member up to six tickets.

All tickets must be set up for will-call and either a valid AP or DVC Membership must be shown at that time.

Who's going??

Arriving Before or on November 1st
silverhaze269 Oct 29th- Nov 11th @CSR/POR
juliebug Oct 28th-Nov 2nd
aml3679 Nov for 11 nights @Yacht club GV
Cin 1st-
Ash-n-brensmom Nov 1st- 8th
ldnoggle Nov 1st-Nov 6th
packofprincesses Nov 1st-6th
alexandhadleysmommy Oct 30-Nov 7th @POR
micheleq Nov 1st-6th
BELLE1109 Oct 29th-Nov 3rd
GMU MOM Nov 1st-6th @AoA
katestar676 Nov 1st-6th @ PORS
Caretames1 Nov 1st-11th @ AoA
Divaovdisney Nov 1st-8th
AnnaBeth2012 Nov 1st-6th
FaerieFire Nov 1st-10th @AoA
Suelala Nov 1st @Pop
ToddyLu Oct 26th- Nov 2nd@AKL
Sandy Mouse Nov 1st-7th @AoA LM
weezy26nm Oct 28th-Nov 11th
bmcd Nov 1st-10th @CBR
MomofKatie Nov 1st-6th @ASM
DawnM Oct 29th-9
rachel09985 Oct 31st- Nov 6th @AoA LM
Whattatk Nov 1st-9th@POP
MousePrincess Nov 1-12 @ AKL
Ccann Nov 1-8th @ AKL

Arriving November 2nd
Amandaka78 2nd -7th @ CSR
Patches 07 Nov 2nd-9th @ POP
DisneyInDel Nov2nd-9th @WL
WDWCPAULUMO03 Nov 2nd-11th
packofprincesses Nov 2-7th
weedles Nov 2nd-11th @ Poly
guarn3md Nov 2nd- Nov 7th @WL
jenseib Nov 2nd-3rd @AKL; Nov 8th-11th@BCV; Nov 11th-14th@ AoA
Cvirtue1 Nov 2nd-8th
anjalee6 Nov 2nd-5th@AKL

Arriving November 3rd
TinkPirateMom 3-11
mickimousemama 3-11
Pfopma 3-11
klwdisney Nov 11/3-11/10/12 @POR
SMLounsbury Nov 3rd-11th
lisasmithczepiel Nov 3rd- Nov 10th @POR
l_acheson Nov 3rd-Nov 11th @POP
mill4023 Nov 3rd-12th
Staceyhzoo Nov 3rd-Nov 10th
MOUSEANDALL Nov 3rd-Nov 10th @AoA
AquaDame Oct 28th-Nov 3rd @ AKL Jambo House Nov 3rd-10th Fantasy and Nov 10th-11 AoA
MisKaren1 Nov 3rd-8th @OKW
LoveandMagic Nov 3rd-11th@ POR
skarloey Nov 3rd-11th@WL
Atksn Nov 3rd-10th @AoA
madsmom22 Nov 3rd-11th @BC
Ashleylvsgoofy Nov 3rd-17th @POFQ
kellyf2626 Nov 3rd-18th @OKW and Poly

Arriving November 4th
disneywatcher 4-15
katrina1122 Nov4th-14th@ POFQ
Jfranklyn Nov 4th-11th @ AoA
DisneyStoryMania Nov 4th @ AoA
HeatherL Nov 4th-9th @ AoA Cars suite
deebax Nov 4th-9th@OKW
ars0525 Nov 4th-9th@ ASM
princesshope1982 Nov 4th-11th @ AoA LM

Arriving November 5th
Candycane83 Nov 5th-13th @BWI
mugglebe Nov 5-Nov 12
Twoboysnmygirl Nov 5th-8th @ AKL
ireneryan Nov 5th-10th @ GF 10th- 15th @ Poly
Hmom Nov 5th AoA; Nov 6th-16th AKV
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ Nov 5th-10th

Arriving November 6th
Hmom Nov 6-15 staying @ AKV
LyndenP Nov.5/6/7 to Nov.14/15 POR
purplejulie456 Nov6th-10th
cwojchik Nov 6th-13th
Stitch Is King Nov 6th-20th @ POFQ
mom2nik Nov 6th-7th @ Poly
disignermv Nov 6th-13th @ Poly
CristinaML Nov 6-17 WL
autryrw Nov 6th @ AoA LM

Arriving November 7th
Broncobilly83 No 7th-Nov 13th @WL
PrincessAnnabell Nov 7th-13th
Irishgrl6975 Nov7th-17th @ WL
cmadara Nov 7th-12th@Poly
FunkyDuck Nov 7th-15thrd @OKW villas
Mickeygirl33 Nov 7th-12th
tamtam500 Nov 7th-11th@POR; 11th-14th WL
Shunasee Nov 7th-9th @ POP; Nov 9th-13th @ POR

Arriving November 8th
exwdwcm Nov 8th-17th@ BLT
zandorian Nov 8th-17th@AS
dischic89 Nov 8th-13th @ POR
Sam33 Nov 8th-14th @ POR

Arriving November 9th
Countrymommy 9-16
tink15823 9-16
brownielq 9-16
Photobee 9-16 @Villas at Wilderness Lodge
kcdarr Nov 9th-17th @ POP/AoA
milmore104 Nov9th-21st @BC
Karebear1 Nov 9th-17th
DisneyInDel Nov 9th-15th
pmama Nov 9-20 AoA
Mom2Bkids Nov 9th-16th AoA Little Mermaid
vikkii19 Nov 9th- 17th @ VWL
Deesknee Nov 9th@SSR
Tulles Nov 9th-12th@ POR; Nov 12th-18th AoA
rcroke Nov 10th-17th @ POFQ
arbarks Nov 9th-17th @ POR RGR
cyndiloveswalt Nov 9th-17th @SSR
disjenne Nov 9th-15th @AoA
milmore104 Nov 9th-18th
DisMullans Nov 9th-15th@ AoA
boysrus2 Nov 10th-Nov 18th
dbennett3899 Nov 9th
disneyfamily81 Nov 9th-18th @ WL
JessiLynn Nov 9th-18th @ AoA
kerrimiller Nov 9th-17th @ AoA LK
tlramer14 Nov 9th-18thbuffalogirl Nov 9th-14th @ AoA LK
Sunnygal041 Nov 9th-10th@ ASMu
mousenut71 Nov 9th-16th @POR RGR
jreeves628 Nov 9th-13th @ Poly

Arriving November 10th
gonnago 10-16
skygirltkw 10-16
Figment3258 10-16
Goofy4Donald 10-17
jb2mw 10-17
TCups4me 10-17
Lisadaa2 Nov 10th-Nov17th @POR
DisneyNDecember Nov 10th-17th@WL
Disney Mommy 3 Nov 10th-17th
ollynholly Nov 10th-17th
Lisadaa2 Nov 10th-17th
OrangeCat04 Nov 10th-18th
piglet925 Nov 10th-17th @BLT
ewalshslp Nov 10th-18th @ WL
Melodious Nov 10th-18th@GF
NJRA Nov 10th-19th@POR
MrsBreacat Nov 10th-18th@POP
natter Nov 10th-17th @ POR
nemrocks Nov 10th-17th@CBR
mommy4 Nov 10th-18th @ POR
herb102211 Nov 10th- 13th @ BLT
Starbound25 Nov 10th-17th @ SSR
twoplustwins Nov 10th-16th @BC
Pluto nov 10th-17th@AKL
tyandskyesmom Nov 10th-25th
kerriemiller Nov 10th-17th @ AoA
teamm Nov 10th-19th
rcroke Nov 10th-17th @ POFQ
disneydiva2005 Nov 10th-17th
DalmationGal29 Nov 10th - 16th@ASMo
Kimnvbva Nov 10th-17th@AoA LM
xipotec Nov 10th-18th @ Poly

Arriving November 11th
new york 1 11-17
MinnyGranny 11-17
Princesca 11-17(2nd full week)
mistybroussard 11-17
thelittlemermaid 11-17
Tchr414 Nov11th-Nov16th
Lindap1 Nov11th-17th
yankeesmom21 Nov 11th-16th
MUFFYCAT Nov 11th-17th @Boardwalk
Dee718 Nov 11th-17th@ Boardwalk
madouceamie Nov 11th-19th @ POR
eecteacher82 Nov 11th- 16th @ AoA
brandijo5 Nov 11th-18th
AeroKU Nov 11th-18th
RhettsMom Nov 11th-18th @ BCV
Happy Mom2 Nov 11th-19th @ POR
Kellicb Nov 11th-17th
umaangel00 Nov 11th-16th AoA
JessiMommy Nov 11th-17th @POR
jgbills Nov 11th-18th @POR
TruBlu Nov 11th-18th @AKL
tigger30066 Nov 11th-17th

Arriving November 12th
TQH1022 Nov12th- Nov18th
tigger30066 Nov 12th-15th AoA
Kristina Nov 12th-19th
tigger30066 Nov 12th-17th @AoA
knick-knack Nov 12th-16th
Tulles Nov 12th-18th@ AoA LK

Arriving November 13th
Dmoore718 13-20
tinamariec 13-18
Schmoodle Nov13th-Nov18th
mommy2aprincess Nov 13th-18th
skysmom99 Nov 13th-18th @ AS Sports
dennisnlisab96 Nov 13th- Dec 2nd @ AoA
Gymbomom Nov13th@ AoA Nemo Nov 14th-21@BVC/BWV Nov 21st-24th @SS
admindog Nov 13th-23rd
purplejulie456 Nov 13th-17th@AKL

Arriving November 14th
bellofthehouse 14-18
LaDonna 14th-21st
WANNABE@WDW Nov 14th-20th @BWV
Cumbley Nov 14th-21st
Divaofdisney Nov 14th-22nd@POFQ
Dawson'sMom Nov 14th@CSR
PixiePrincesses Nov 14th-20th @ POP
pkirkbri Nov 14th-18th@Poly
3boys4me Nov 14th-24th @AoA

Arriving November 15th
Babette01 15-23
hmire Nov 15th-20th @POR
shannonstar Nov15th-21thBCV then AKV
ladywebby Nov15th-Nov 22nd
ChuckECheese Nov 15th staying@POP
pirategirl34 Nov 15th-21st
Tulips1726 nov 15-24 @ pop
mistydoodles Nov 15th-23rd
ekatiel Nov 15th-26th @AoA
ThreeAngels 15-24 @POR
akayek31 Nov 15th-25th @AoA LM
peachygreen Nov 15th-25th@ Bonnet Creek Offsite
Disney Barlans Nov 15th-21st @AoALK
blessedisneymomX3 Nov 15th-25th@POP 25th-29th Disney Dream
Minnie Mommy Mouse Nov 15th-24th@OKW
Carolina Mom of 3 boys Nov 15th-22nd
LyndsayJ Nov 15th-18th @BW

Arriving November 16th
ksloane Nov 16th-21st
julieanddanny Nov 16th-22nd @AoA
Minnie Mommy Mouse Nov 16th-24th

Arriving November 17th(Thanksgiving week)
BurleyGirl Thanksgiving week
aceys_h0ney 17-23
scases week of Thanksgiving
Priorityonecb week of Thanksgiving
iterib arriving Thanksgiving?
brandip22 Thanksgiving week Nov17th-24th @SSR
KATIESMOMMY Nov 17th-24th
MARAJIM Thanksgiving week
agriffith Nov 17th-25th
Rachelsong Nov.17-24
Debs5angels Nov 17- 24 @Pop
nikkistevej Nov 17th-21st @AKV;Nov 21st-25th on Disney Dream; Nov 25th-26th @BLT
portocall Nov 17th
hmansure Nov 17th-24th @ AKV
squirral4569 Nov 17th-24th @ AoA LM

Arriving November 18th
DisneyLover75 Nov18-25th
Alicat3784 Nov 18th-24th@ CSR
wdwmomOf3 Nov 18th-25th
TracyM89 Nov 18-23
MichaelAaronsmom09 Nov 18th-23rd @ASMusic

Arriving November 19th
mydisneyobsession Nov 19-dec 2nd @AKL/Dolphin?Poly
snarfblatt Nov 19th-24th @POFQ

Arriving November 20th
Akess Nov 20th-27th@ WL

Arriving November 21st
raven0855 Nov 21st-26th @ AoA LM
Eeyore#1fan Nov 21st-24th
bartleyosu Nov 21st-26th @ POR RGR
momjeeps Nov 21st-23rd offsite Nov 23rd-28th @AoA Cars

Arriving November 22nd
blueshog2001 Nov 22nd-Dec2nd@AKL
SevsOnlyGirl Nov 22nd-28th
uscgmouse Nov 22nd-30th
HFred Nov 22nd- 30th
kaileighbug Nov 22nd - Dec 1st
Josi96 Nov 22nd-Dec 2nd@AoA
LifeIsDis Nov 22nd-28th@WL,SS & AoA
DandDmom Nov 22nd-Dec 1st @CBR

Arriving November 23rd
AliceInMommyland 23rd-1st
Runskimom Nov 23-1st
MSUmom Nov 23-Dec 1st
mousiemom Nov23rd
YoCoLifSavr Nov 23rd- Dec 2nd@POR
jamiesmom07 Nov 23rd-12/1 @ POFQ
DandDmom Nov 23rd-Dec 1st @CBR
momto2inkc Nov 23rd-Dec1st @CSR
NokOnHarts Nov 23rd-Dec 1st @pop
Hitchhiking Ghost Nov23rd - Dec3rd @ POR
ashleycade Nov 23rd-28th@ AoA
saluki2002 Nov 23rd-Dec1st
Dawson's Mom Nov 23rd- Dec 1st
joeiii3 Nov 24th- Dec 1st @ POP
disney_dreamer77 Nov 23rd-29th
Smileybug 23nd-Dec 2 WL
reddog75418 Nov 23rd-30th@CSR
monica9 Nov 23rd-25th @ASsports 25th-27th offsite 27th-Dec 4th@WL
luvallprincesses Nov 23rd-Dec 1st@ WL

Arriving November 24th
Happy Mom 2 24-?
Phoebec Nov 24-Dec 1
Rags week after Thanksgiving Grand Gathering
wdwcraz Nov24-Dec 1st
4-everDisneyFan Nov24th-Dec1st @POR
whodatdare Nov 24th-Nov30th @AoA
Sanapp Nov24th
kerplop Nov 24th-Dec 8th
jcieutat week after Thanksgiving
Tigger&Aidan Nov 24th- Dec 1st@POP
jse107 Nov 24th-Dec 1st
jcbaral80 Nov 24th-Dec 1st @ POP
Shawnfmorris Nov 24th-Dec 1st
jennjenn57 Nov 24th-Dec 1st @AoA LM
Bisoubird Nov 24th-Dec!st @WL
Santa Nov 24th-Dec 1st @ AsM
vleeth Nov 24th-29th @ ASM
aroundtheriverbend Nov 24th-Dec 2nd@BLT
4my2girlz Nov 24th-Dec 2nd @AoA LM
marlenedisneynewbie Nov 24th- Dec 1st AoA LM
Denise M Nov 24th-Dec 1st @ Poly
DisneyMom0709 Nov 24th-29th
chloelovesdisney Nov 24th-Dec 1st
Cree629 Nov 24th-30th@POR
Magic2000 Nov 24th-30th @POFQ
jcbaral80 Nov 24th-Dec 1st @ POP
mom2rose&john Nov 24th-30th @ POFQ
mrsap Nov 24th-Dec 2nd offsite
dfin Nov 24th-Dec 2nd @POFQ

Arriving November 25th
Mommyof3princess27 Nov 25-Dec2 @POR- Grand Gathering- RGR
dvcmom72 Nov25th-30th @ OKW
j71 Nov 25th-12/2
mickeysfavgal Nov 25-Dec 2@POR
SlightlyGoofy Nov 25th-Dec 1st @ ASsports
cinderanna Nov 25th-Dec 2nd @ASM
aubreysmom09 Nov 25th@POFQ
pollymn Nov 25th-Dec 6th@BWV,AKV,SSR

Arriving November 26th
dazednconfused Nov 26-Dec 7 @ASMovies
letthewookiewin Nov26th-Dec 2nd@ FWC
DisneyDreamersAreWe Nov26th-Dec1st
Lfsdromero Nov 26th-Dec 1st
IlovemesomeGoofy Nov 26th-Dec 2nd
Stulmaca- end of november trip
StilAPrincessAtHeart Nov 26th- Dec 4th @POFQ
DsnyMama Nov 26th-Dec 5th@AKV/CSR
lshanks07 Nov 26th- Dec 2nd
uscgmouse Nov 26th-29th
disney mom of 6 Nov 26th-Dec 6@ POP
dillydilly Nov 26th-Dec2nd @POP

Arriving November 27th
Mom23wildboys Nov 27-Dec 4
Auntie Liz Nov 27 - Dec 4
KatienJenny Nov 27th-Dec 2nd @ POP
kerplop Nov 27th-Dec 10th @ POP
NorCalGal Nov 27th-Dec 5th @ POP

Arriving November 28th
opal6779 Nov 28th-Dec 4th
PDJPrinceCharming Nov 28 @ Poly
sjs314 Nov 28th-Dec3rd @BWI
ourpartyof6 Nov 28th-Dec 4th @AoA
floridascgirl Nov 28th-Dec 1st @POP
Celine Nov 28th-Dec 12th@POR
stacyandgreg Nov 28th- Dec 5th @ POR RGR
mamamini Nov 28th-Dec 12th
disneychic2 Nov 28th-Dec 6th
k3mommy Nov 28th-Dec 3rd
bigmochick Nov 28th- Dec 3rd @ POFQ
WendyBelle Nov 28th-Dec 8th@ POP
CantHardlyWait1981 Nov 28th- 4th @ CSR

Arriving November 29th
PDJPrinceCharming Nov 29-Dec 8 @ Sports
MommyofTHEPrincess Nov 29th-Dec 3rd @ POR Royal Room
Fire RN Nov 29th- Dec 6th
Random Ninja Nov 29th-Dec 2nd @ASMu

Arriving November 30th
Karabee Nov30
peanmunch Nov 30th-Dec 4th

Arriving Dec 1st
mom2my3kids Dec 1st-9th
Adnewhampshire1 Dec
bender726 Dec 1st-Dec 8th

NOVEMBER 2012 Packing List
over the door hanger for bathroom
glow braclets from dollar store
gallon size bags to put kids outfits in
rain ponchos
All Chargers
pop up hamper
night light
power strip
extra shoes
bathing suit
extra batteries or memory cards

mommyof3princess27 08-13-2012 02:00 PM

November 9, 12, 15, 16*, 25, 27, 29 and 30*
December 2, 4, 6, 7*, 9, 11, 13, 14*, 16, 18, 20* and 21**


Attending Nov 9th

Attending Nov 12th

Attending Nov 15th

Attending Nov 16th
Minnie Mommy Mouse

Attending Nov 25th

Attending Nov 27th

Attending Nov 29th

Attending Nov 30th

Attending Dec 2nd

Attending Dec 4th

mommyof3princess27 08-13-2012 02:01 PM

*dont want to exclude anyone- if your just going to the show let me know which show and Ill add you
Here is some info on the CLP
Participating Places/ Prices

Reservations Link:

ThreeAngels Nov 23rd 5pm show Isabella Rossellini-Le Cellier at 11:45 am
hmansure Nov 23rd 5pm show-Le Cellier11:40
Divaofdisney Nov 23rd 6:45 show, GG 4:15
Smileybug Nov 24th
Hitchhicking Ghost Nov 27th 815 show-GG
pollymn Nov 28th 5pm show-Tutto Italia 1pm
4my2girlz Nov 28th 8:15 show NPH!!! -GG 4:40
mommyof2princess27 Nov 28th NPH!!! 5pm show-Coral Reef 1:50
reddog75418 NPH!!! Nov 29th 5pm show
vleeth Nov 29th NPH!!!! 5pm show
dazednconfused Nov 29th NPH!!!-Biergarten
momto2inkc Thurs Nov 29th 5pm show, 12:45 Via Napoli
aroundtheriverbend Nov 29th NPH!!! 645 show-Les Chefs de France 3:30
sjs314 815 show Whoopie!!!- Tutto italia@4:45
peanmunch Dec 2nd Tutto Italia
disneychic2 5pm show~Le Cellier @1150
dfin November 29th

Here are the current 2012 prices:
New 2012 pricing info from DIS on July 2, 2012 for Epcot Candlelight Processional Package
*Price "PRICES INCLUDES TAX", but not gratuity.

Biergarten– Germany
Lunch: $35.14 (Adult) $19.16 (Child) (on Christmas Day, the price will be $54.31 for adults and $27.68 for children)
Dinner: $54.31 (Adult) $27.68 (Child)

Chefs de France- France (Recommended)
Lunch: $55.37 (Adult) $14.90 (Child)
Dinner: $69.22 (Adult) $19.16 (Child)

Coral Reef- The Living Seas
Lunch: $56.44 (Adult) $14.90 (Child)
Dinner: $69.22 (Adult) $19.16 (Child)

Garden Grill- The Land (Recommended)
Dinner: $56.44 (Adult) $28.75 (Child)

La Hacienda de San Angel- Mexico
Dinner: $64.97 (Adult) $15.45 (Child)

Le Cellier Steakhouse- Canada (Recommended)
Lunch: $58.57 (Adult) $15.97 (Child)

Nine Dragons Restaurant- China
Lunch: $41.53 (Adult) $13.84 (Child)
Dinner: $53.24 (Adult) $17.03 (Child)

Restaurant Marrakesh– Morocco
Lunch: $41.53 (Adult) $13.84 (Child)
Dinner: $53.24 (Adult) $17.03 (Child)

Rose and Crown- UK Rose and Crown - UK
Lunch: $44.72 (Adult) $13.84 (Child)
Dinner: $55.37 (Adult) $18.10 (Child)

San Angel Inn- Mexico
Lunch: $48.57 (Adult) $13.32 (Child)
Dinner: $62.84 (Adult) $15.45 (Child)

Teppan Edo- Japan (Recommended)
Lunch: $59.63 (Adult) $15.97 (Child)
Dinner: $71.35 (Adult) $19.16 (Child)

Tokyo Dining- Japan (Recommended)
Lunch: $59.63 (Adult) $15.97 (Child)
Dinner: $71.35 (Adult) $19.16 (Child)

Tutto Italia- Italy
Lunch: $56.44 (Adult) $14.90 (Child)
Dinner: $69.22 (Adult) $19.16 (Child)

Via Napoli- Italy ia Napoli - Italy
Lunch: $42.59 (Adult) $13.84 (Child)
Dinner: $54.31 (Adult) $18.10 (Child)

Each person purchasing the package receives one meal (described below), guaranteed seating at the Candlelight Processional, and reserved viewing for Illuminations.
Each meal includes:
1 appetizer
1 entree
1 non-alcoholic beverage
1 dessert
1 full buffet (where applicable)
Disney Dining Plan Exchanges
Plus Dining (Basic plan): 2 table service credits
Deluxe Dining: 2 table service credits
Premium Dining: 1 credit
Platinum Dining: 1 credit

mommyof3princess27 08-13-2012 02:01 PM

mommyof3princess27 08-13-2012 02:02 PM

List of Our ADR's
*ADRs in GREEN are close to each other and you may run into each other*

November 1st
rachel09985 Kona@810am
rachel09985 Via Napoli @7pm
Whatzzatk Garden Grill @750pm

November 2nd
FairieFire Chef Mickeys@8am
FairieFire LTT @12
FairieFire narcoosee's @530
GMU Mom Teppan Edo
anjalee6 Tokyo Dinin@7
Whazzatk Chef Mickey@745pm
rachel09985 Ohana @805pm

November 3rd
GMU Mom Crystal Palace 810am
rachel09985 CRT@840am
anjalee6 Via Napoli@1245
Whazzatk Crystal Palace 110pm
GMU Mom LTT 130
rachel09985 The Wave @530
anjalee6 Les Chefs de France @7
FairieFire Fulton's @730

November 4th
FairieFire Kona@730am
Whazzatk Tusker House @1115am
rachel09985 Le Cellier@1135am
GMU Mom Sci-Fi 340
anjalee6 Yank&Yeti @1
princesshope1982 1900 PF 640
FairieFire Flying Fish@735
anjalee6 Jiko@8

November 5th
anjalee6 Boma@7
FairieFire Cape May cafe@730
princesshope1982 Crystal palace 115
anjalee6 Sanaa @115
Whazzatk H&V @130pm
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ Sci-Fi 230
rachel09985 Yachtsman@540pm
GMU Mom CRT 550
FairieFire Le Cellier @615
Whazzatk Sci-Fi@735
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ 50'a Prime Time Cafe 755

November 6th
MomTo3PrincessInNJ Chef Mickeys @710am
FairieFire Tusker House@810
ireneryan CRT@820
Whazzatk Ohana@1030am
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ LTT@ 1130
princesshope1982 MMM@ 1215
GMU Mom Le Cellier@ 110
ireneryan Crystal Palace @115
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ WCC@ 5
ireneryan Tonys Townsquare @515
CristinaML HDDR@615
princesshope1982 50's PT cafe@ 710
FairieFire Cape May Cafe@715

November 7th
ireneryan H&V@8am
FairieFire H&V@805am
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ Akershus 810am
princesshope1982 Akershus 815

Whazzatk 1900PF@1010am
FairieFire MM@1215
ireneryan 50's PT Cafe @140
CristinaML Crystal Palace @515
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ Coral Reef 7
princesshope1982 Garden Grill 710
ireneryan Flying Fish @730
FairireFire Coral Reef@825

November 8th
FairieFire Boma@735
ireneryan Cape May Cafe @755
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ Cape May Cafe 840am
Whazzatk Cape May Cafe@950am
ireneryan Biergarten @12
princesshope1982 Tusker House 1220
FairieFire Yak & Yeti @1230
CristinaML Mama Melrose's@3
ireneryan Akershus@630
FairieFire Les Chef @7
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ 1900 PF 710pm

November 9th
princesshope1982 Ohana@750
FairieFire Crystal Palace @815
MomTo3PrincessInNJ Tusker House @820
ireneryan Perfectly Princess Tea @1030
Tulles T-Rex@5
MomTo3PrincessInNJ Cape May@510
FairieFire California Grill@530
ireneryan Chef Mickeys @545
princesshope1982 Coral Reef @740

November 10th
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ CRT@805am
FairieFire Akershus @815
Tulles Tusker House@1005
princesshope1982 BBB @1040
ireneryan Ohana@1155
MomTo3PrincessesInNJ LTT@12
kerriemiller MM@1215
FairieFire 50's@130
CristinaML Wolfgang Puck cafe @5
princesshope1982 CRT@530
ireneryan Kona @745
FairieFire HBD@750

November 11th
ireneryan Akershus @805
CristinaML H&V@815
ireneryan Le Cellier @415
CristinaML Tutto Italia@515
FairieFire Artist Point@755
DalmationGal29 Teppan Edo@8pm
princesshope1982 Chef Mickey@805pm
kerriemiller Biergarten@555
Tulles Teppan Edo

November 12th
tigger3066 Chef Mickeys 745
FairieFire 1900PF@825am
kerriemiller Chef Mickey@845
ireneryan The Plaza @1115
CristinaML WCC@1145
DalmationGal29 50's PT Cafe@250
kerriemiller Grand Floridian Tea Room@320
CristinaML LTT@510
ireneryan CRT @715

November 13th
DalmationGal29 Tusher House@815am
ireneryan Tusker House @820

tigger30066 Le Cellier@1150
Tlles Crystal palace@1250
CristinaML T-Rex@4
Schmoodle Kona
DalmationGal29 Boatwrights@615
ireneryan 1900PF @720

November 14th
ireneryan Crystal Palace @835
Schmoodle Captains Grill
ireneryan LTT @1
DalmationGal29 Akershus @120
kerriemiller 1900 PF @5
Divaofdisney Jiko@605
Schmoodle Les Chefs
pkirkbri Kona@620
CristinaML Boma@630
Tulles Cape May Cafe@650
PixiPrincesses WCC @745

November 15th
PixiPrincesses Ohana @810am
pkirkbri Ohana@825
DalmationGal29 Crystal Palace @1020am
CristinaML Le Cellier @1
Divaofdisney House Of Blues@1
kerriemiller LTT@105
Tulles Coral Reef@110
pkirkbri RFC@215
Schmoodle Ohana
Divaofdisney Cali grill@730

November 16th
kerriemiller Ohana@735
Schmoodle Tusker House
DalmationGal29 Chef Mickeys @9am
Tulles Ohana @940am
PixiPrincesses Akershus @945am
Divaofdisney Crystal Palace @205
kerriemiller CRT@215
Minnie Mommy Mouse LTT@510
Divaofdisney CRT@515
CristinaML Ohana@520
tigger30066 Via Napoli @545
Tulles 1900PF@550
Schmoodle Boma
pkirkbri Biergarten@705

November 17th
PixiPrincesses Chef Mickeys @810am
tigger3000666 Ohana @930am
CristinaML Chef Mickeys@1015
Divaofdisney Coral Reef@1220
Schmoodle Le Cellier
pkirkbri H&V F! package
PixiPrincesses 1900PF @410
Tulles WCC@430
momjeeps Raglan Road@5
Divaofdisney Teppan Edo@710
kerriemiller 1900 PF@8

November 18th
Divaofdisney Tusker House@910
PixiPrincesses Crystal Palace @25pm
Divaofdisney RFC@130
squirrel4569 Les Chefs de France@630pm
Divaofdisney Narcosee's@715
momjeeps Crystal Palace@725

November 19th
hmansure Les Chefs de France @1230
squirrel4569 BBB@11am
Divaofdisney 50's PT cafe @125
momjeeps Akershus@245
Minnie Mommy Mouse CRT@425
squirrel4569 Chef Mickeys @7pm
Divaofdisney Yachtsman@7

November 20th
squirrel4569 H&V @8am
PixiPrincesses Olivias @1015am
momjeeps Tusker House@130
squirrel4569 H&V @345pm F!
MichaelAaronsmom09 T-Rex 4pm
Minnie Mommy Mouse HBD@515
hmansure 1900 PF@540

November 21st
hmansure Chef Mickeys @850am
momjeeps Ohana@825am
Eeyores#1Fan Be Our Guest@430
Minnie Mommy Mouse Le Cellier@530
momjeeps Yachtsman @730

November 22nd
squirrel4569 Ohana @805am
Eeyores#1Fan Akershus@1150 or 1
hmansure Cape May Cafe @4
Minnie Mommy Mouse Be Our Guest@430
Divaofdisney Be Our Guest@615
momjeeps Mama Melrose's @615
squirrel4569 CRT @710

November 23rd
hmansure Le Cellier @140
momjeeps The Plaza @420
Minnie Mommy Mouse Rose & Crown @445
Smileybug Be Our Guest @620
reddog75418 WCC@720pm
Kaileighbug Ohana @750

November 24th
Smileybug Whispering Canyon Cafe@845
hmansure Boma @9am
reddog75418 50's PT cafe@1235pm
Kaileighbug La Hacienda @5
Hitchhiking Ghost Ohana
Whodatdare Be Our Guest@630
mom2rose&john Garden Grill@635
Smileybug Coral Reef@645
momjeeps Chef Mickeys 855pm

November 25th
Keileighbug Ohana @1045
Smileybug The Plaza@1120
TruBlu Boma@4
Smileybug Crystal Palace @405
mommyof3princess27 Be Our Guest@405
mom2rose&john 1900 PF@610
Hitchhiking Ghost 50's PT Cafe
Smileybug 50's PT cafe@710

reddog75418 Akershus@8pm

November 26th
Mommyof3princess27 H&V@ 805
Smileybug WCC@810
reddog75418 Ohana@1030am
Smileybug Sci-fi@1220
Mommyof3princess27 50's PT cafe@145
mom2rose&john H&V F! package @335
TruBlu Teppan Edo@340
Kaileighbug 1900 PF@450
Smileybug Cape May cafe@620
Aubreysmom09 The Wave@650
pollymn Flying Fish@710 41st ann
disney mom of 6 Chef Mickey@7pm
Mommyof3princess27 Sci-Fi@815
Hitchhiking Ghost WCC

November 27th
Mommyof3princess27 Tusker House@805
Smileybug Ohana@945
mom2rose&john Tusker House@1115
disney mom of 6 LTT@1130
Kaileighbug Crystal Palace@1215
Mommyof3princess27 RFC@1230
kerplop T-Rex@4
Smileybug CRT@425
Mommyof3princess27 WCC@500
Aubreysmom09 Biergarten@645
pollymn Rose and Crown @735
TruBlu Narcoosee's@8
Hitchhiking Ghost Garden Grill

November 28th
disney mom of 6 H&V@8am
Mommyof3princess27 Ohana@830
Smileybug Crystal Palace @840
Smileybug LTT@1230
kerplop 50's PT cafe@1235
Mommyof3princess27 Coral Reef @150
disney mom of 6 Brown Derby@250 F!
reddog75418 Crystal Palace@320pm
Smileybug Ohana@5
Kaileighbug Cape May Cafe @505
TruBlu Cape May Cafe@515
Disneychic2 Be Our Guest@540
Aubreysmom09 1900PF@540
mom2rose&john Crystal Palace@610
Mommyof3princess27 Cape May Cafe@705
pollymn Boma@730
Mamamini Raglan Road @730
Hitchhiking Ghost Boma
mrsap California Grill

November 29th
Mommyof3princess27 Crystal Palace@805
Smileybug Tusker House@820
mom2rose&john Akershus@11
TruBlu Sci-Fi @1105
Smileybug yak and Yeti @12
disney mom of 6 Le Chefs@1230pm
Mommyof3princess27 CRT@205
Mamamini CRT @405
sjs314 Be Our Guest@430
Aubreysmom09 The Grand Floridian Cafe@515
disneychic2 Rose and Crown@615
Kaileighbug Via Napoli @620
kerplop Biergarten @650
Smileybug T-Rex@7
Mommyof3princess27 Ohana@700
Hitchhiking Ghost HDDR
reddog75418 Rose&Crown@745
mrsap Teppan Edo

November 30th
Smileybug WCC@8
Mommyof3princess 1900PF @830am
Mamamini Tusker House@925
Aubreysmom09 Wolfgang Puck Cafe@1130
reddog75418 T-Rex@12pm
disney mom of 6 Tusker House @1215
Smileybug Tusker house @1235

Kaileighbug Teppan Edo@5
Smileybug Garden Grill@555
disneychic2 Boma@510
kerplop Boma @550

Mommyof3princess t-rex@745

December 1st
Aubreysmom09 Cape May Cafe@8am
Mommyof3princess27 Akershus@805
Smileybug 1900PF @815
Smileybug Les Chefs@1230
Mommyof3princess27 Le Cellier@205
Mamamini Brown Derby @250
Smileybug Le Cellier@445
disneychic2 Cape May Cafe@510
Mommyof3princess27 1900PF@700
Jskbr 1900PF @705

Kaileighbug Ohana @750
TruBlu 50's PT Cafe@815
kerplop Ohana @925
Hitchhiking Ghost Mama Melrose's

December 2nd
Smileybug WCC@730
Mommyof3princess27 Chef Mickey's@1040
disney mom of 6 Ohana@1050
kerplop LTT@1230
Mamamini Boma@540
Hitchhiking Ghost 1900PF

December 3rd
disneychic2 50's PT cafe@1225
kerplop Sci-Fi 1245
disney mom of 6 San Angel Inn @1pm CLP
Mamamini Les Chefs de France @330
pollymn The Plaza@610
kerplop Cape May@635

December 4th
disney mom of 6 CRT@1020am
disneychic2 Le Cellier @1150
Mamamini LTT@4
disney mom of 6 Be Our Guest@415
Jskbr Boma@430
kerplop Raglan Road@6pm

December 5th
Mamamini 50's PT cafe @125
disney mom of 6 Crystal Palace@440

December 6th
disney mom of 6 Kona@1015
Mamamini Akershus @155
kerplop Via Napoli@545

December 7th
kerplop Yak&Yeti 1230
kerplop Boatwrights@615
Mamamini Ohana@640

December 8th
Mamamini Chef Mickeys@955
kerplop HHR@615

Decemer 9th
Mamamini Kouzzina@525

December 10th
Mamamini Yak&yeti @12
Mamamini Be Our Guest@550

December 11th
Mamamini BOG-hopefully

December 12th
Mamamini Kona @930

mommyof3princess27 08-13-2012 02:28 PM

Ok I have room now if anyone wants to list their ADR's I will add them:) might be fun to see who is eating where and when..maybe we will see each other!

kerplop 08-13-2012 02:49 PM

Wow a 4th! We really are a chatty bunch :rotfl2:

DalmationGal29 08-13-2012 03:31 PM

Extra Day of Magic!
Thanks for starting the Fourth thread :worship: boy we do talk alot.

I know I mentioned in the FB group, but we were able to add an extra day to our vacation so we are now arriving on November 10th instead of the 10th.

Can you please update our dates to Nov 10 - 16th? Thanks!

ksack 08-13-2012 04:44 PM

signing up!!

mamamini 08-13-2012 06:23 PM

Ya!!! Number 4, I bet we'll get to 6 by the time November rolls around. :-)

aubreysmom09 08-13-2012 06:26 PM

I'm not on the list for Nov. 25 at POFQ.. All this time, and I didn't realize it.

aubreysmom09 08-13-2012 06:26 PM

Eekkkk I replied to the other thread a bit ago :(

aubreysmom09 08-13-2012 06:37 PM


Arrive Nov. 25. CS.
Nov. 26- The Wave 650pm
Nov. 27- Biergarten 645pm
Nov. 28- 1900 Park Fare 540pm
Nov. 29- The Grand Floridian Cafe 515pm
Nov. 30- Wolfgang Puck Cafe 1130am
Dec 1- Cape May 8am. Going away breakfast :(

kerplop 08-13-2012 07:30 PM

We have a ton of ADRs so please excuse the mess:

11/27: T-Rex at 4:00pm
11/28: 50s Prime time at 12:35pm
11/29: Biergarten at 6:50pm
11/30: Boma at 5:550pm
12/1: Ohana at 9:25pm (but we're trying to get an earlier one)
12/2: Liberty Tree at 12:30pm
12/3: Sci-Fi at 12:45pm, Cape May at 6:35pm
12/4: Raglan Road at 6:00pm
12/5: Be Our Guest (HOPEFULLY)
12/6: Via Napoli at 5:45pm
12/7: Yak & Yeti at 12:30pm, Boatwright's at 6:15pm
12/8: Hoop Dee Doo at 6:15pm
12/9: Whispering Canyon at 6:20pm

CristinaML 08-13-2012 07:40 PM

OK part 4 it is!! LOL:lmao:

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