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AnnaS 08-08-2012 06:43 PM

SSR - Girls Only Trip
SSR with daughter and friend


I will give this a try and see how it goes. I give up very easily especially when I have a hard time connecting with this laptop. Getting some help when girls are around.

This is a last minute trip planned. I don't plan on going to any parks. Lot's of relaxing, reading by the pool, DTD and visiting other resorts.

We had a 6 am flight - at 6 am we were told there was a problem - water leak in the back of plane and had to wait for maintenance. By 6:40 we were good to go. Very smooth flight and no more incidents after that.

I decided not to activate my AP. My dd's friend bought her hopper pass at the resort and my daughter was picking up her AP at MK. I asked if I was needed and was told no. The girls left and I went to hang out by the pool to wait for room. They called around 1 pm and needed my membership number. The cm had to make a three way conference call so I could give my information. My dd and her friend told me later that the cm was pretty nasty and rude and made them feel stupid - she was already annoyed by the time they went up to the counter. It took about 30 minutes to get it right. By 1:30 room was ready. I stayed a bit longer and then went to room - all in great shape. Called bell services for our gardengrocer order and carry-ons. ME brought up luggage almost at the same time. Back to pool for more reading and relaxing with a pina colada in hand

Waiting for the girls now - we have been up since 3 am so we will all probably hang around here for the rest of the evening once they come back.


AnnaS 08-08-2012 09:40 PM

Before dozing off - we are in the Springs section as requested, not sure if it's refurbished or not but room looks good. We are on the fourt floor and I enjoy using the stairs. The resort is a bit overwhelming at first - I feel like I have no idea where I am going, which direction. Regardless, whenever we stay at a new resort for the first time, it takes a full day or two before we feel at home.

I decided to walk to DTD and I literally went around and made a full circle and then just kept on walking and asking people which path to take. It is a nice walk and have no problem walking there from where we are (maybe not at 1 in the afternoon) - 10 mins tops. Coming back I walked to the wrong boat dock and as much as I wanted to walk back to Paridisio for the SSR boat, it was too crowded and I could not keep my eyes open so I took the bus back. Not only did I freeze - but I could have walked back much faster.

So far so good.

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