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DMGeurts 08-06-2012 08:44 AM

~ Aug 2013~ Sew what... We've gotta find a way back! Part I!!
Yup... The girls and I can't stand it a minute longer. We must find a way back to the magic... Time to push my sewing machines into high gear in an effort to fund our next trip. :teacher:

The Cast...

D~... I love all things Donald! Splash Mountain is my all time favorite ride, with Expedetion Everest following a close second. My favorite park is MK, but AK is right there too - I love both of them for different reasons. My all time favorite Disney movie is the original Parent Trap with Hailey Mills - which the girls never let me watch, because it's so old. I really enjoy making custom outfits for our trips. V enjoys wearing them, but Alli does not. :confused3

Alli... She loves Dug!! Her favorite ride is... Hmmm... I don't know? I know she loves Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror, Rockin' Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safari, Mission: Space, Test Track, Soarin'... I think I need to ask her to be certain. I know for a fact that her favorite park is AK - hands down - she has always enjoyed nature and animals - she aspires to be a Veterinarian one day. Her favorite Disney movie is UP!

V... She is The Biggest Goofy Fan Ever! She loves Goofy - always has. Her favorite ride - when asked, the reply is "I dunno, I like a lot of them, why?" So, I guess I will just go with Alli's above list... However, I am quite sure that Splash Mountain is very close to the top. V's favorite park is MK and AK. V is also our Official Fast Pass runner... She is very good at getting ahead of the crowds - and finding us when she is done.

And of course... DH doesn't know it yet (he prefers it this way - I promise)... He gets to stay home! Traveling with us is just too stressful for the poor guy. :crowded: And unfortunately - the big news is... At this point in time - he still doesn't know the girls and I are planning to go back. :scared: Shhh... We can't tell him until the timing is right. :scratchin

Not only that - but he gets some male bonding time with MM (aka, Monster Max... Maxy Moo-moo... Or sometimes just Moo). MM came into our family while the girls and I were on our last Disney excursion, and he has grown considerably these last few months...

MM joined our family very shortly after we had to put our Rufus down... Ruf was such an integral part of our family for 11 years - and we still shed tears often because we miss him so much!

Last March - over Spring Break - the girls and I took our very first solo trip ever. We had so much fun, we've been talking about nothing else since we've returned. It really was the trip of a lifetime for us. We travel well together (most of the time, in recent weeks, my girls are actually getting along.. :confused3). We all enjoy the same rides, lots of food, planning and fun.

If you would like to read about how our March 2012 trip came about, our adventures, or the customs I made - please feel free to take a peek at my previous PTR and TR (the links to my ToC page are right in my siggy).

This PTR will chronicle our plans... Um hello - I love organizing our trip with many planning tools. It will also chronicle everything I make for the trip (and everything else too) - including, but not limited to... Custom bags, outfits and travel gear.

It promises to be a fun - if not bumpy - ride! :beach:

So, buckle up - and hang on... :crowded:

DMGeurts 08-06-2012 08:45 AM

Table of Contents

Tiana UPB
Mickey UPB
Donald Duck PPP
Balloon UPB set
Monsters Inc. Boo UPB set
Sorcerer Mickey UPB set
Ray UPB set
Stitch Messenger Bag
Donald Zip Wallet and Lanyard set
Holiday Cookie UPB set
Sorcerer Mickey UPB set
Donald UPB
Pluto UPB set
Mickey UPB set
Minnie UPB set
Donald UPB set
Goofy UPB set
Pluto UPB set
Lady & the Tramp Messenger set
Maleficent UPB
Pirate Mickey Zip Wallet/Lanyard set
Castle/Monorail PPP
Jack Skellington UPB set
Ratatouille/Remy UPB set
Custom DSLR Bag
Daisy UPB set
Tigger UPB set
Eeyore UPB
Meg UPB & coordinating DSLR strap
Sorcerer Mickey UPB with coordinating GAC Pouch
Pink? Blue? UPB
Lion King Messenger Bag
Duffy UPB & coordinating DSLR strap/wallet combo
Spaceship Earth UPB
Peace Mickey EPB set
Toy Story Jessie UPB
Mine Train ~ Dopey UPB
Marie Mini-UPB set
Classy Damask Hidden Castle UPB
Bambi/Thumper UPB set
Sorcerer Mickey & Broom UPB set
Donald Duck PPP
Figment PPP
Jiminy Cricket UPB set
Tinkerbell UPB set

GAC Pouches

Pirate Mickey GAC Pouch and Lanyard set
Pirate Mickey II GAC Pouch and Lanyard set
Stitch GAC Pouch and Lanyard set
SoMK GAC Pouch and Lanyard set
Sweet Treats GAC Pouch and Lanyard set


Calendar Page
Day 1 - Magic Kingdom
Day 2 - Animal Kingdom
Day 3 - Epcot
Day 4 - Downtown Disney/rest day
Day 5 - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Day 6 - Typhoon Lagoon

Trip Customs

V's Monsters Inc skirt
Headbands & Ears & Headbands - Oh my!

Baby stuff

Chenille Baby Quilt
Peak Hour baby romper


Are you my friend? A post about friendship


DMGeurts 08-06-2012 08:46 AM

If you would like to read my initial post in this spot - here it is:

Um - yah... Did I tell you all that... We don't have any? :scared:

Yup - no official plans for anything yet. :confused3

No dates...

No resort...

No flight...

No food...

No money saved...

No nothing...

However, I do have some idea...

The girls are on MEA break from October 16-20th. They also have off the weekend of Columbus Day weekend (12-13th), but not actually Columbus day (???)... So our tentative dates are October 12-19th (take or give a day depending on flights). I would be willing to let them miss 3 days of school for this trip.

I am not thrilled about being there over Columbus Day weekend, but because of their school schedule - we just can't make any other weeks work - with out them missing many more days of school. And since Victoria will be starting high school next fall - I really need to keep her missed school days to the bare minimum.

It looks like this trip will only be 7 days. Ideally, we would like to do 9 or 10, but there is just no way to make that work this time.

We are planning a few Dismeets (we love them!) during our trip... Connie (OopsiDaisy), Suzi (Solana131), Tink (Lovethattink), and hopefully Chiara (Cogero) will all be there the same time as we are, and we are looking forward to finally meeting (and meeting again - Tink & Oopsi) these long time Dis friends. :) And as time progresses - it looks like we will have other Dismeets too! Whoot!


We are hoping for a nice discount code... Preferably Free Dining. If not, we are hoping that the military rates are extended into October... Or (please) some sort of code is offered. Ideally, we would like to stay at FQ again, the girls and I really love that resort. However, if the code and $$ are right, we wouldn't object to trying out AKL or the Poly, since this is a "shorter" trip - it might be our only opportunity to ever stay deluxe - I would even consider a possible resort change (gasp)... I only say this because I really looked hard into DVC, and I'd love to experience AKL to see if I would like to take the plunge someday.

If no codes are offered through Disney - I have been watching for disounts at Shades of Green - and I most likely will book there anyways, I can cancel up to 30 days before our trip, and still receive a full refund of my deposit (one night's stay). The only reasons that I don't want to stay at SoG - their dining options SUCK (bad), and it's a long walk from the Poly to SoG if we choose not to wait for a SoG bus... And let's face it - we do enough walking at WDW, as it is. But it's still an option.


We won't do Park Hoppers... We have never done them. I pay $ for access to Touring Plans, and we do a lot of research. We love going into the parks in the morning at rope drop - staying for a few hours - resting at our resort - then going back in the evening. We get a lot accomplished this way.

I am editing this to add... We may (if the offer is extended) decide to do the Military tickets (if FD isn't offered)... They only give us admission for 4 days... but we can do the Park hopper option (so we can park hop between Epcot and DHS one day), and the girls and I have always wanted to try the water parks... So, the other two days, we can spend a day at each of the water parks. From what I have read, the water parks don't go into their annual refurb status until the end of October - so we should be safe. Honestly - I like the looks of Typhoon Lagoon the best. So, the water parks would be something totally new for us this trip.

Since we have switched our dates from March to October - this also means we will be doing MNSSHP. I have already planned out our costumes (it's a HUGE secret), and bribed my girls. So, the day we do MNSSHP, we will plan to take that morning off from the parks to swim and do whatever - maybe an ADR? Then we will head over to MK at 3:30 for 4PM park admission.


The girls and I love our sit down meals... And we have our definite favorites. There will be places from our previous trips that are must-dos and there are places that we won't do again. There are also a few restaurants that we'd like to try for the first time.

Depending on Free Dining offerings... I am not sure how all of our ADRs will plan out? Especially on our water park days? I am thinking there will be days that we don't have any sit down meals at all, and other days where we will have 2 (ACK!). I do know, unless we stay at SoG, we will be purchasing the DDP (if FD isn't offered), because it works out so well for us. However, if we stay at SoG - we plan to do our dining a bit differently.

That's it... We have it all planned out... Sort of... :thumbsup2


DMGeurts 08-06-2012 08:46 AM

Place holder


miprender 08-06-2012 08:51 AM

:cool1: WooHoo am I first....:dance3:

oopsiDAISY 08-06-2012 08:54 AM

SECOND!!!!! :dance3:

MinnieVanMom 08-06-2012 08:56 AM

Great so far!

mphalens 08-06-2012 09:01 AM


cogero 08-06-2012 09:03 AM

I am here too I haven't read anything yet though

Blyssfull 08-06-2012 09:05 AM

I'm going to try REALLY! hard to keep up with this PTR but I can't make any promises.. hehe.

YAAAAAAY! I can't wait to see all the new customs!

So I read through but I don't remember actually seeing a date... When are you planning on going? I *think* we're going to try to plan for February this upcoming year. I am SO itching to get to Be Our Guest and all the new B&B stuff in Fantasyland. :)

blessedmom4 08-06-2012 09:15 AM

On my way out the door and checked in one more time...yea for you!!!

hivemama 08-06-2012 09:18 AM

Woohoo for you! Can't wait to watch your plans come together!

TinkNH 08-06-2012 09:22 AM


theEncode 08-06-2012 09:30 AM

YAY!! I loved your last TR, can't wait to go along with your PTR and planning since we will be there ALMOST the same timeframe!

disneychic2 08-06-2012 09:32 AM

I read your last PTR and part of the TR and am always so fascinated with your creativity and considerable talents!!!! I plan to follow along this time a bit more regularly so I don't have pages and pages to read each time.;) I'm already catching your excitement!:goodvibes

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