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Alifay 07-20-2012 11:01 PM

Alison and Katie – May 1 2014 – Italy/Attic/EpcotDP – Pre-Planning Session Update

My name is Alison, and my fiancé Katie and I recently realized we can swing the cost for a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding! AH! YAY!!

For details about us, our story, engagement story, and some pictures, please see our wedding website:

Planned so far:
Hopeful, May 1, 2014; our ten year anniversary (backups April 28, April 30, April 29 in that order)

Ceremony: Cinderella’s Castle, Swan Boat Landing (backup, Luau Beach)
Castle Ceremony by Alifay1, on Flickr

Morning Reception: The Attic
The Attic by Alifay1, on Flickr

Evening Dessert Party: Epcot location TBD
Dessert Party by Alifay1, on Flickr

Theme: Main Street USA
(keeping theme from when we were planning Disney themed wedding as opposed to a wedding IN Disney. This helps keep us on the same page for an overall look)
Dreams come true by Alifay1, on Flickr

Pastel blue and pink with rose-gold accents.
blue_and_pink by Alifay1, on Flickr

Save The Dates / Invites
We fell in love with this idea posted here by another couple:
Key to the world STD by Alifay1, on Flickr

We love the folder / pocket style invite but don’t want to go broke over them. Several styles in mind. Will probably find a way to DIY these…
Castle Fold invite by Alifay1, on Flickr
Castle folder invite by Alifay1, on Flickr


Katie doesn’t want to know anything about the dress. So all I will put here is what she already knows: it will be short/tea length. ☺
We love a formal khaki/beige look with a pop of color for Katie.
Groom's attire by Alifay1, on Flickr

Either none or two each. One way it is easier/cheaper to go without. The other way it is nice to have someone designated to assist in wedding items and to give toasts and be honored as a special person. I keep changing my mind.

Bouquet from Cultivar on Etsy. I saw this picture and fell completely in love, I’m already on her waiting list for 2014
Fabric Bouquet by Alifay1, on Flickr

Inspiration and brief mockup at the craft store. The Attic has so much personality we won’t need much.
Rose bowl centerpiece by Alifay1, on Flickr
Centerpiece mock-up by Alifay1, on Flickr

Not sure what to put underneath centerpieces. Doily? Charger plate? Handkerchief? Sashes? Ribbon?


Writing our own, but not in the Public Love Letter format. We plan to create personal vows that really describe what we want to promise one another. Details here TBD.
Marriage Contract
Assuming Florida/Colorado will still be in the equality dark ages, Katie and I will have a decretive marriage contract to sign as part of the ceremony. Details TBD, but we are thinking of wording it with our vows
Sand Ceremony
Shadow box style. Not totally in love with this one, so will keep looking.
Sand Ceremony Shadow Box by Alifay1, on Flickr


Guest Gifts:
No on favors, YES on Welcome Bags (we think welcome bags are more useful and fun)
Anticipated Welcome Bag items:
Reusable bag from Disney store, Reusable water bottle, Sun screen, 2-4 Trading Pins per person, $1 Lanyard - personalize name tag, include mini itinerary, Tiny bottle of rum (a special tradition of ours to be described in guide book), I'm Celebrating buttons, might make custom wedding buttons (where do people get those from?), Door signs, Something homemade – cookies, treats…, Ponchos, Hand sanitizer, Protein bars, fruit snacks, goldfish, candy, Advil, EmergenC packets, Disney Postcard, Epsom salts - single use package.

Disney / Wedding Guide book
---Info on how to tour parks, our experiences on specific rides, a few hidden mickey searches
---Welcome letter
---Phone numbers
---Weather forecast

Guest Book(s):
Right now I want two. Haven’t discussed this a whole lot with Katie yet. I want to make these and I am so in love with them! Another idea is to have guests sign a photo matte to later put in a group pic in front of the Castle. Decisions!
Hearts guest book by Alifay1, on Flickr
Wish Jars by Alifay1, on Flickr

Music (unconfirmed):
Down the aisle – I see the Light (Tangled)
Up the aisle – Upbeat portion of I see the Light, or Ever Ever After (Enchanted)
First Dance - Can I Have This Dance (HSM 3) – super confirmed and super excited.
Cake Cutting – A Dream is a Wish (Disney Mania version)

I will be making this cake topper … otherwise undecided. We both love the Happily Ever After cakes but with ~25 guests it is probably too much.
Crystal Ears cake topper by Alifay1, on Flickr

Top Monetary Priorities:
Katie: Venue, Food, Music
Alison: Venue, photography, dress

Provided by Alison with the help of E6000 and Epoxy. It will be everywhere!

I work for Southwest Airlines, so not only do I (and Katie and my family) fly for free, but I also get a 40% discount on resort hotels! Score. I can save up buddy passes to help some of my guests get to the wedding. Double score! :dance3:

I haven’t actually contacted DFTW yet :faint:. I have purchased and obsessed over the Passporter book and likewise obsessed over these boards and just about every Disney wedding anything all over the internet. I am a little bit of a research dweeb, especially when I have a new project! So I am pretty well informed, but not official … yet. :blush:

Current Troubles:
Save the Dates. I have a plan to make them out of Key to the World cards (stolen from another Bride here on the boards, inspired idea!). However, it seems that Disney won’t let you confirm a date at The Castle until six months out :worried:. Is six months long enough for sending STDs? Should we send STDs with a generic “date” (ie, Late Spring 2014 ) a bit earlier? :confused:
Guest List. We need to keep it short, but there are tons of people I’d like to invite. How do I handle the A list B list issue … with Save The Dates and what not? If someone says they can’t make it that means I can open up space to invite someone else … but they won’t have received a STD and … eeeek. :eek:

Wow … that was a lot longer than I anticipated. I told you I had been obsessing… :flower3:

So happy to be posting here! I am already looking for crafts I can DIY (we have a monogram picked out but not finalized, a solid idea for centerpieces, and a growing list of welcome bag items…) but I am also worried it is too early to really be working on these things. I am hoping to find other crafts I can do to pass the time… I might need to order more crystals (I have a habit of gluing bling to everything)

Congrats to anyone who made it all the way through that! :woohoo: :lovestruc

NoOrdinaryPrincess 07-21-2012 11:08 AM

Welcome! I'm incredibly excited about your PJ! If I understand how it works, it's really hard to get a particular date. A lot of people give a range of dates for castle weddings.

Your plans look excellent! Can't wait for more!

Alifay 07-21-2012 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by NoOrdinaryPrincess (Post 45558752)
Welcome! I'm incredibly excited about your PJ! If I understand how it works, it's really hard to get a particular date. A lot of people give a range of dates for castle weddings.

Your plans look excellent! Can't wait for more!

Thank you! :yay:
That is what it seems about the dates, so we went ahead and choose 3 backups ... if we can't get any of those then hm. We might have to pick a different venue. That would be SAD!

As I was writing it out I was thinking ... shoot I have a lot of stuff! Not sure when we will be adding more, still lots of time and still haven't called DFTW ! Thanks for following along! :hug:

JRoyster86 07-22-2012 04:06 PM

You are so on top of things! Your PJ makes me feel like I need to get my butt in gear :lmao:

I love the bouquet and the pastel pink and blue color scheme!

Alifay 07-22-2012 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by JRoyster86 (Post 45570758)
You are so on top of things! Your PJ makes me feel like I need to get my butt in gear :lmao:

I love the bouquet and the pastel pink and blue color scheme!

Thanks much! More like obsessed than on top of things XD I have been "sick" with this 5 week long migraine that laid me out for many days. I spent most of my time saving pictures and reading everything I could find everywhere (the only thing I could do was lay still to quiet the pain beast. When the headache hit two weeks I named it Helga).

I looked for a PJ of yours and didn't find one! You will have to let me know when you start one :D :lovestruc

Alifay 07-22-2012 04:38 PM

Reusable Disney Store bags for a steal!!
Today my lovely Katie took me to the Disney Store to spend much of her hard earned cash on the last day of their 25% off entire purchase sale! :love::cutie::love:

I was really excited to get a new shirt, and a PJ set!! But most of all...

IMG_4022 by Alifay1, on Flickr

Not kidding, we picked up the whole stack that was out and counted only 13, the store manager was there beside us and immediately ran to the back to see if there was more, and came out with an armful!!! We are only planning on about 25 guests, but this was such a good deal we bought 30.

How much of a good deal???? These bags are normally $3.50, they were on sale for $1.99 (I'm sure many of you will recognize them from this years Valentine's Day promotions) -- THEN we got the extra 25% off which made them $1.49 each!!! :hyper::hyper::hyper::cool1::woohoo:

Best. Buy. EVER.

Alifay 07-22-2012 04:55 PM

About Us
And on that happy note, I figured I better post in here about us as a couple and our story. This is copied from our wedding website:

Once Upon a Time...
The story of how Katie and Alison met has been told many times ...
Once upon a time Alison moved to a far-away and unfamiliar place, Wasington, D.C. She was seeking friends, and found someone who seemed like her on a local social networking website. Alison sent an IM to Katie over AIM, and they made plans to get together in two days for Katie to show Alison around this funny place. Alison got Katie's phone number and immediately called her to make sure she had entered it into her phone properly (that's the story and she's sticking to it).

Two days later Katie and Alison met up at the Reagan Washington National Airport. They spent thirteen hours together that day finding their way around D.C. Turns out, Katie only knew one road -- but it was a good one. They found the White House (is that it? No? How about that one? That one???) and Lincoln Memorial together, and ended the night and that day together reluctantly.

Katie and Alison have spent every day together since, with the exceptions of one or the other being out of state (or in India for a semester abroad). Katie became Alison's Knight in Shining Camry.
Alison's thought when she began to date Katie after just three weeks of knowing one another was "There is no way this will last more than three months..." This day almost eight years later she is glad to have been so wrong!

Happily Ever After has become a way of life and being. Here's to a new Once Upon a Time together!


About Alison (aka Alifay)
Alison is a recent graduate of The Metropolitan State College of Denver, with a BA in Hospitality, Event Management (no pressure there...). She currently works as an operations agent with Southwest Airlines and hopes to one day advance to planning their Spirit Parties!

Alison is a great fan of Japanese music, food, and fashion; Disney of all sorts (channel, radio, parks, movies ... all of it!); glueing sparkly things to her electronics, and spending lots of time within the comforts of home.

About Katie (aka Knight in Shining Armor to become a Prince :D )
Katie is currently a student at Metropolitan State College of Denver, working on a BA in Hospitality, Tourism Management. She works as facilities maintenance for Fortrust. Fortrust is a server storage company. Alison likes to call it The Fortress. Katie hopes to one day become a VIP Tour Guide at Disneyland Resort (because Alison refuses to live in Florida).

Katie is a die-hard fan of the Atlanta Braves. She has a passion for airplanes and taking to the skies. Like Alison, she adores Disney just as much (and is finally learning to tell the Princesses all apart!). Katie loves to find good food, and travel to different parts of the country in search of new adventures. Thank goodness for flight benefits.


The Magical Moment, our engagement story.

Katie took Alison to have lunch with the princesses at Ariel's Grotto in Disneyland. Alison dressed up and wore a tiara for the event and was very excited!!

Alison had no idea how exciting and memorable that afternoon would become.

Katie had planned everything seamlessly. The staff at Ariel's Grotto played all of the couples' favorite Disney Princess songs in the right order, and even closed a section for Katie to pop the question without loads of dining patrons around.

Katie and Alison had a magical and delicious lunch together, met all the princesses, and Alison even got to try macaroons for the first time! (Katie was sure to ask for a sample of all the flavors so Alison could try them all).
After lunch, Alison went to the little princesses room to freshen up -- and Katie sneakily took the opportunity to arrange the ring on a glass slipper and hand off their camera to a cast member. When Alison came out of the bathroom Katie invited her out onto the patio overlooking the ferris wheel and lake, with a great view of the park. Alison didn't know what was going on and agreed that the view was nice.

Katie looked at Alison and said, "Since we just had lunch with the princesses, I thought it would be a good time to..." and got down on one knee, pulled out a glass slipper with the family engagement ring on it -- "Alison you are my princess and I love you. I want to be with you forever, please let me be your prince. Alison will you marry me?"
And she said yes.


Here are some pictures of us the day we got engaged :cutie:

(I really wish the bun/pouf had turned out better that day ... darn)
IMG_3164 by Alifay1, on Flickr
We saw Mickey in my favorite costume first thing that morning!
IMG_3214 by Alifay1, on Flickr
Pictures while on ride = the most happy
IMG_3315 by Alifay1, on Flickr
I really was completely surprised!
IMG_3323 by Alifay1, on Flickr
Photo0105FourBySix by Alifay1, on Flickr
Just Engaged photopass time!! We met two REALLY GREAT photo pass people who spent extra time with us, it was so nice of them!
Photo0092FourBySix by Alifay1, on Flickr
They didn't have the Just Engaged buttons anywhere around, Katie is wearing an I'm Celebrating button and wrote on it "She said Yes!", we bought a CeleBEARation 2011 Duffy (my favorite) and he sits on our mantle wearing the Ariel's Grotto pin, the She Said Yes pin, and protecting the glass slipper Katie proposed to me with.
IMG_3397 by Alifay1, on Flickr
Did I mention this was also Katie's first time to Disneyland? She had never been! Been to world something like ten or more times, but this was her first time to Land!

And that's our story. Hoping to have a magical wedding on our ten year anniversary -- I am sure we can work it out! ::yes::

Alifay 07-22-2012 05:12 PM

The difficult emotional part
I suppose this should be said as well, as it may very well be one of the most important things about my wedding story.

Obviously, Katie and I are a lesbian couple. This has been very hard / impossible for different portions of our families to accept...

Katie had to re-come out to her parents after she met me and we started dating. Some years before I met her, Katie was sent to a "Straight Camp" called Mercy Ministries. She became very sick there but was not allowed to see a doctor and literally almost died. Her parents drove six hours when they finally heard what was going on and brought her home. Her parents have banned Katie from telling anyone else in the family, though we are pretty sure most of them know anyway. We moved across the country together, spend Holidays together ... do EVERYTHING together over the course of more than eight years. It has to be obvious that we aren't just roommates. Katie's parents are very nice to me and like me very much, but we are pretty sure the only way they tolerate our relationship is by pretending it isn't there.

Beyond that though, and relating to the wedding, Katie's parents are on the guest list and will receive an invite ... but we are pretty sure they won't come and that is very sad. I am pretty sure it bothers Katie more than she lets on. We will see how it goes, I suppose...

On my side, my parents are divorced. My mom is an incredibly loving person, and for the first several years after she found out I was gay she would tell me frequently that she hopes I find a nice man to settle down with. That was the beginning and the end of her disagreement, it was solely based on her religious upbringing and she always just wanted the best for me. In 2009 while I was taking a semester in India she saw some movie about a gay kid who killed himself because his parents were so disapproving. She wrote me an e-mail and said that she backs me 100% and will be there whenever we get married. That year for Christmas she gave me her old engagement ring and wedding band, I thought she had sold it. It meant the world to me and I still get emotional thinking about it. She is my and Katie's biggest supporter when it comes to my dad. Just a few weeks ago she talked about how perfect Katie and I are together and how well we complement each other. It makes me so happy.

My Dad on the other hand... He is not so on board. He is the strong quiet type and lives out of state so I don't see him very much. His wife is extremely homophobic and has threatened to "straiten [me] out" if he can't do it himself. My Dad is also very loving and wants the best for me, but is having a large amount of trouble getting past the gay thing. It doesn't help that he almost never sees Katie and therefore can't get a feel of what we are like together. But most importantly, I haven't told him yet that we are engaged. He might know, I'm not sure, but I haven't told him myself. I need to do it in person, and the last couple times I have seen him has either been for a funeral or Christmas with Grandma ... ... not appropriate times for something like that. When I tell him, I hope he will remember that when he got married so soon after divorcing my mom, to a woman I had never met, that I was there for him. His entire family shunned him completely, I was the only person from his side who attended his wedding. I went despite my own disapproval, because the most important thing was for him to be happy. I stood up for his happiness, I so hope he will find a way to stand up for mine. I plan to tell him that we are engaged, and that it would mean the world to me if he would walk me down the aisle. If he finds it in his heart to say yes, to attend our wedding and to walk his little girl down the aisle. .. oh man, I will be such a mess. It would be all my dreams come true all at once. It's such a beautiful image in my head, my daddy walking me down the aisle to marry the person I love more than any, in a beautiful setting at the castle. Well, it's all beautiful except for my red face and running make up from crying with so much happy.

His wife is not invited. The only person who likes her is Dad, no matter how hard the rest of us try.

Anyway, I will be sure to update here with any developments on that front. :flower3:

LittleKittyMarie 07-22-2012 05:41 PM

Welcome! You have so many details already in your first post, you are very organized! I love your Main Street theme and colours! It is going to be fabulous at the castle.

When I sent out my STDs (about a year and a half in advance) we just wrote July 2013, so I think you could definitely get away with Spring 2014 or maybe even Late April/Early May, although that is a bit wordier. And, we also hadn't contact DFTW yet when I started my PJ. I just couldn't wait that long! Haha!

Everything sounds great so far! Looking forward to reading more!

LittleKittyMarie 07-22-2012 05:57 PM

Of course as soon as I posted I realized I'd left your PJ open too long without refreshing the page, and there was so much more for me to read.

That was a fabulous deal on those tote bags. These things never seem to be on sale when I go to the Disney store, I must be very unlucky.

I love your engagement story, it is so sweet! And you got such fabulous photos to remember your day. Your ring is beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with your families, I really wish there was more I could say than that. It's such a shame that some people can't see past their own ideas and prejudices to see how they are affecting people that they love.

Looking forward to reading more (again)! :goodvibes

disney212 07-22-2012 06:43 PM

Congratulations! :woohoo:

CinderALLIE 07-22-2012 06:56 PM


Look forward to seeing your plans.

Sorry about the disapproving family members. As long as you 2 have each other it doesn;t matter what anyone thinks :)

Tonyaandnate2013 07-22-2012 07:37 PM

Good deal on the bags. You have so much planned and thought out. I can't wait to see how things progess.

JRoyster86 07-22-2012 08:07 PM

Since you called me out on it, I went ahead and started a PJ! Go me.

I'm sorry you're having family trouble. My fiancee is trans, and while his family is wonderful, I am nervous about the situation with my family. My Dad seems to be having some trouble with it. Being gay was one thing, but this is another for him. It's rough, so if you ever need to vent, definitely no judgement here. ::yes::

RandiEliz2 07-22-2012 08:20 PM

I had the same issue 'dating' my save the dates we just say "may 2013" knowing we'd pick "A" day in may once it became available.

i look fwd to hearing more of your plans!

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