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disney-akj 06-11-2012 12:09 AM

Disney Album-DONE!!! 200+ CELEBRATION!!!
OK- This is what I have done on my most recent Disney Album thus far. My goal was to use a swap item on every single page somewhere! I have failed on a few pages, but I have tried my best. I have done so many layouts the past month, I can not remember who made every piece. I will be happy to give you credit if you let me know. If I am wrong with whom I have given credit to, let me know!

We are now in low with this resort, we may never stay on property again??

Suitcases was made by me for a swap

I believe LM3K made the pieces and MDD made the title

Pool title was made by multiple swappers in a letter swap and MDD made the rainbow mickey head (was on a paperclip)

I made mickey, tag, lamp post, and mats in a swap

I made the ATC, wdwmickey made the castle, and LM3K made the title

DisneyBarlans gave me the ride characters on a RAK- thank you!

I made the small mickey-head hat pin for a swap

I know that JJ&JHsmom made some of the pieces and JohnsonsLoveDisney made the mouse

I made in a page swap

LM3K made in a page swap

mm2000 made the title, MDD made the tinks, and I made the library pocket

LM3K made the Disney part of the title, I made sleepy, and someone made Eeyore??

PN96 made Mickey and Epcot ball with flags

LM3K made the title and Reddy supplied the goofy file!

Scrappinstevie made the land title

partyof3 made Bruce

Someone made Crush and m2mrb made Squirt

Title made by multiple swappers in letter swap

Page made by wdwmickey in a page swap

disney-akj 06-11-2012 12:10 AM

title, goofy, and mats made by m2mrb

Mat made by someone

JJ&JHsmom made corner flower piecing

Left side made by me in page swap, on the right side BAMB made the mexico pyramid piecing

No swap pieces, but found svg file for KP at craft room

Made by ssm2 for page swap

AWM made for page swap

wdwmickey made for page swap

made by JJ&JHsmom for page swap

made by mm2000 for page swap

PN96 made for page swap

Hanne Clark made for page swap

BAMB made for page swap

I made the ATC and Mardenz supplied the Marie file

Someone made the ice cream cone paper clip??

MDD made the title, mats, and tink

m2mrb made for page swap

Scrappinstevie made Mickey head

JohnsonsLoveDisney made the lyric

I made pooh for a swap and Reddy made Rabbit

Made by PN96 for page swap

Several swappers made Epcot title for letter swap

disney-akj 06-11-2012 12:13 AM

A few more to add! I went out of order for motivation! I hit a brick wall! If the photos are sideways, they will eventually straighten out! Photobucket is delayed-augh!!

Lisa made the safari hat title, Sheila made the squares on the right, and Erin made the embellished circles (they were paper clips)

Title made in a letter swap. Someone made the banner?

Title made by Cassey maybe and poem by Princess Jayne I believe?? I put the bat on the title given to me in a swap too??

Reddy made Mickey, Cheryl made hat (was a paperclip), and several swappers made the title

Cheryl made the title and I made stars for a deco shape swap

I made for a page swap

Traci made the mats and title

Hopemax made character, title, and embellished mats

For Islands of Adventures I didn't use hardly any swap pieces because I didn't have any from this park.

Mat, lamp, title, umbrella, clouds made by me for a swap

Title and flag made by several swappers in a letter swap

disney-akj 06-11-2012 12:14 AM

I made the tube with the mickey/sunglasses for a swap

I made the title, I believe Erin made the BB tags, and someone made the snowman? I added the mickey hat

Big snowflake die cuts were from a swap?

Someone made the small snowman slide?

I made the igloo, penguin, and title for a swap

No swap stuff

I made bucket for a swap

No swap pieces, but Arizona Rita gave me chipboard letters for hosting a swap

I believe catinthehat made the circle Disney letters and the circle tag

Disneyrider made title and hat, wdwmickey/cheryl made the circle pieces and mats, Erin made the goofy I think

No swap pieces

No swap pieces

I made wdw circles for swap (were paper clips)

I believe Cheryl made the slipper and Danielle made the MK/mat

Title made by various swappers (did have to change to letters because i could barely get it to fit? Sorry)

Someone made Alice and Rita made Fantasy Land title

I believe Susan made car and title, I made mickey head and flags.

I believe Tracy made the bunny sign which was a paperclip and the paper piecing. I think Cheryl made the title.

Erin made the prince charming title

I made the tag for a swap and Ally Scraps Blog inspired me for this layout (just to give credit where due)

I received this tag and flowers from a RAK on another board

I believe Cheryl made the title, some of the mats, and border; Lisa made the planet and some of the mats; and Jayne made the tags

I believe Sheila made the celebrate word title?

disney-akj 06-11-2012 12:15 AM

Cassey made the tomorrowland mickey head!!

Erin made the stars with the buttons. This might be my favorite so far, probably because of the pictures though. Thanks Reddy for the sketch inspiration.

Cheryl and MDD made the borders and mats I believe

I made the trains for the paper clip swap (took the clips off)

I believe Shelia made the tag and squares.

Someone made the fairy paper piecing.

I made the genie for the surprise swap

Someone made the title and heads (were paper clips)

bigsis1970 made the title and Cassey made the slide mounts

Someone made Cindy and Cheryl made the horse/carriage

If I didn't have such a strick rule about not re-doing pages- this would be on my list to redo! The ideas was much cuter in my head

I made the waves for a swap.

I made the mats, title, and big guitar for HS swap. Erin made the little guitars (they were paperclips)

No swap pieces on the rest of the Universal pages or the resort bath tub page. Thanks Mardenz for the files!

disney-akj 06-11-2012 12:15 AM

Reddy made the character frame and I believe DIT made the title

MDD made the tree title, Cassey made the tags, I made the mats

Cheryl made the frames and someone made the tag

Shelia made the title/frames and Cassey made the tags and someone made the mickey head (was a paper clip) I made the JB

I made the title and someone made the two paper piecings

Someone made the title

Several swappers made the title in a letter swap

Someone made the borders

Reddy made Rafiki, Lisa made the paw deco square, and I used my cosmo cricket mini pad that I received for hostessing from Cheryl I believe

I made the sign, Lisa made the mountain mat, Traci made the paper clip I think, Cheryl made the mats I think and someone made the title

AWM made the title and circles

I believe DIT made the borders and I made the dino

Someone made flik and someone made the shapes (maybe Erin)

Someone made the title, Nemo and Cheryl made Dory

Someone made Mickey and the tags MDD made the title and parade lyrics

Kali- no swap pieces

Pretty tink pink made the tag and most of the flowers

disney-akj 06-11-2012 12:17 AM

I believe Reddy made the borders and Cassey made the title, tag, and hat piecing

I believe Jennifer (morgansmom) made the mats?? and she made Piglet. Title and stars??.

Reddy made the title and the director board I believe

Several swappers made the title and someone made the little green man and monkeys

I made the title, some shapes, and face border. I believe Erin made the Mr. Potatohead and the mat

I believe Erin made the characters and title?

No swap pieces

My DH let me son get into my new pages so if you noticed a lot of wrinkled corners on the next layouts that is why!! GRRRRRR!!!!!

I made paper doll, title, and pieces for a swap

Jennifer mm2000 made the whole layout (I only attached pics)

Reddy made the awesome characters and I made the title/tickets

I made titles, pin, borders, and shapes for a swap

Reddy made Carl, I believe Erin made the dog, Cheryl made the mats (and the balloon paper was from her too), someone game me the balloons?

I made title for a swap

Jayne made both borders

I made tow mater plate and I believe PN made the Lightning Car, mats, & the title

I think Erin made the decos and the title

disney-akj 06-11-2012 12:18 AM

Sheila made the title I believe, Erin made the border I believe

I made pieces for a swap (bottle, shapes, and title)

Someone made the mats and I think Erin made the Kermit

Someone made the title, Mr. Incredible, and the tags... I believe they were all different people though

PN made some of the mats, the title, and the border.

I believe Erin made the title and the couple. Someone made Mrs. Potts and Chip??

Reddy made Daisy

Reddy made Mickey and someone made the title

I believe Lisa made the wave borders and someone made the tags?

kierstenswisher made for a page swap and Rita made surf boards/title

I made title/surf boards for a swap, I believe Erin made the mats, Rita made the sun, and kierstenswisher made palm tree

kellyw262 made pages for a page swap

Someone made Tigger?

I made border, someone made title, and someone made 3 splash shapes

No swap stuff

JJ&JHsmom 06-11-2012 07:53 AM

Michelle, love them! I will be lifting a few!

dacky041208 06-11-2012 08:24 AM

your pages are beautiful!!! love them!

dogcarbon 06-11-2012 08:57 AM

Love this!

Thanks for sharing your hard work!

BernardandMissBianca 06-11-2012 09:07 AM

Love them!!! I have a lot of that stuff too. Hopefully my room will be clean enough some day to get the 2 albums out of limbo that are just sitting there.

I made the Mexican temple.

I love everything, isn't it nice to have all those great pieces available!

mommy2mrb 06-11-2012 09:39 AM

great pages Michelle! thanks for using my pages and pieces!
think the bruce and squirt pieces are mine too!

pjlla 06-11-2012 10:08 AM

THese pages are absolutely spectacular! Makes me wish I participated in swaps! But I definitely will be doing some "lifting"! Thanks for sharing those with us!......P

PrincessNancy96 06-11-2012 10:36 AM

Love the pages...

thank you for using mine... I have pages in my mind and photo must takes.. wonder if my family would be upset if I had a check off list of photos everywhere?? Please stand right in front of the Epcot ball... I need a portrait photo like this so I can mosiac it on a page... now I need this... and this.. and this since I have 3 kids... LOL

Love the Epcot 2'' letters... those came out fabulous!!!

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