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mommytocalliesue 06-10-2012 11:56 AM

Hot, August 2012 Trip to Beach Club with 3 Enthused & 1 Not....PTR (LAST UPDATE!!)

So excited to be doing my first PTR....although not my first trip to Disney. So please bear with me as I learn the ropes!!



My name is Wendy...I'm 30...mother, wife, Special Education teacher (starting a new position in the fall) and I LOVE DISNEY!!!! I would go every year if my DH allowed it....(he's the one who is NOT enthused!! :sad2:)
(DD took this photo on our last trip!)


Then there is my little "me". Callie shares the same love for Disney as I do! This will be her 3rd trip....and she knows what she does and does not want to ride and see (which doesn't necessarily agree with what I want and do not want to ride and see!!!) She just finished kindergarten and is excited for 1st grade next year. She wants this trip NOW....but I said..."Don't rush it...because then it means summer is over and it's time to go back to school!"
(Waiting for TOT...her exact words after the ride..."I will NOT ride that again til I'm 80!!")


Here's the one I'm worried about. He's SO EXCITED to see Buzz and Woody....but he has no idea where he is about to go! We talk about Disney...and he says he wants to ride everything...but deep down...he's kind of a chicken!! But a busy chicken....this kid goes, and goes, and goes, and goes....let's just say he's all boy! I'm anxious to see what he thinks about all the Magic!! I'm sure he'll fall in his sister has!

DH - Marty

Oh DH.... unfortunately, he does not share our love for all!! He wishes we'd never go....he says he'd go every 10 years...but I'm NOT having it!! He doesn't even want to be around when I mention the "D" word...and whenever I ask him for advice, I get..."Whatever" or "It's your do what you want!" So, ok....I will....good thing he doesn't see the credit card statement!! :cool1: He's a "farmer," well, does farmer type he'd rather be at home, working. Crazy....I know!! :rotfl2: However, I'm hoping seeing the Magic in his children's eyes will totally melt and change his "disliking Disney Heart!!" Here's to hoping....
(On our 2009 trip....see...he does look happy!!)


How I came to LOVE Disney

When to go....where to stay?

Decisions, Decisions


Our Schedule

Some of our Favorites

How we're getting Excited

Magic Kingdom

Carson's Surprise


Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom

Quick Service Dining

In Case of Emergency

A thought on DH

Step Away from the Credit Card

My Princess

Garden Grocer

Denver Wedding

Stressing more week

And we're packing

It's Time

TinkerbellinNY6 06-10-2012 12:34 PM

I am following along! I am going in August as well and staying at the Beac Club! Can't wait to see all of your plans :goodvibes

mommytocalliesue 06-10-2012 12:45 PM

How I came to LOVE Disney
I was never a child who's parents took me to Disney every year. In fact, my parents took me twice.

In first grade, we went and stayed at CBR. I don't remember much from that trip except I got lost. We were walking in Toon Town, towards the train, and I remember walking, following my dad. I remember staring at his shorts and when I looked up, I realized it wasn't my dad! So what to do...but start bawling! I did go to a CM...and 10 minutes parents found me! So not a great start to loving the place!

We didn't go again until I was 17. We stayed at CSR and if I remember right, it had just opened like a week before. I went with my parents and my brother who was 20 at the time. I remember it was HOT, and we spent a lot of time at the pool! And I remember standing in line for Splash Mountain for like 3 hours! Again, was not feeling the "love" yet!

When I was 16, I started lifeguarding at our town's public pool. My boss and his family were Disney obsessed...who went every, single year...sometimes twice a year. There was a group of about 10 of us workers who worked together for many years. When everyone had graduated high school, we all started talking about taking a trip to Disney....and so it began!

In December of 2000, a group of about 15 of us piled into 2 vans and made our way to Disney. Besides the drive down and was an AWESOME trip!! We had so much fun! We stayed at one of the All Stars...I believe Music on this trip.

We had so much fun we decided to do it again the next November. We went around Thanksgiving (this time we flew!) and had a blast! Again, stayed at one of the All stars.

In 2002, we went again, although it was a much smaller group. My boss and his family (ok....follow DH's twin brother was dating my bosses DD)...and my DH (boyfriend at the time!). So it was like a family trip! We went right before Christmas, and I think this is when I fell in love! With a smaller group it was easier to stop, look around, and really feel the Magic! Again, stayed at the All Stars this trip!

Had to take 2 years off as I was finishing college, student teaching, and planning a wedding. In 2006, I had my first child. As soon as she turned one, I started planning our first trip where I could introduce Disney to her.

So, in January of 2009, the three of us took off for Disney! We stayed at All Stars Movies...and had a horrible time at the hotel (we were not impressed....had to move rooms...and still didn't end up happy) but the overall experience...was AWESOME!! There truly are no words to describe seeing your child experience Disney for the first time...or the 2nd for that matter! Here are some pics from our first trip as a family!
(Chef for the Day)
(It was so cold!!!)
(One of my favorites...waiting for Little Mermaid show)

About 2 months after this trip, I found out we were expecting number two!!! Ecstatic, but had to take a couple years off of Disneyworld!

In 2011, I got the itch again. DH did not want to go....and I did not want to take a 1.5 year old and a 5 year old we decided to take a girls only trip!!! So last June (2011) we went for a week and stayed at CSR.

We had a BLAST!!!!!! It was awesome to go at our own pace....we swam and napped and did EMHs...and stayed out til 1 am!! It was truly a magical trip and I'm so glad I got to share it with her! My SIL and 3 nieces were also there at the same time, so we met up several times with them! Here are some pics from that trip!

As soon as we got home, I couldn't get Disney out of my mind. I kept reading Disboards, looking at other TRs, checking prices, etc. I made the decision we had to go again this year!! I gave the excuse I wanted to go once while DS was still we had to go before October! So began the planning.....

mommytocalliesue 06-10-2012 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by TinkerbellinNY6 (Post 45139517)
I am following along! I am going in August as well and staying at the Beac Club! Can't wait to see all of your plans :goodvibes

YAY!! How excited are you? I can't contain my excitement...which is why I'm doing the PTR!!! Hoping it will give me something to do!!!

mommytocalliesue 06-10-2012 01:17 PM

When to go, where to stay?
These were the BIG questions. The first...When to go?

Being a teacher, with only 3 personal days, it kind of limits when we can go to get in the 6 nights I want to get in! Plus, as I mentioned, DH is a farmer, so he says he can pretty much go in August or December-March. Which doesn't necessarily work the best for DD or myself. And as I mentioned above, I wanted to go before DS turns 3 which is in Oct. So that left August. School starts August 20th (when is usually when crowds start to slow down) so we'd have to choose a busier time. That left us going Aug. 9-15th. hotel!!

Initially I booked CSR! Love the pool and the dividing doors between the bathroom area to the sleeping area! We also had good results with the buses. But then I started thinking....with a 2 year old and 6 year August, we will probably be spending more time at the hotel. So when the 25% discount came out on Deluxes, I called and switched to AKL.

We were excited, I started showing the kiddos pictures and reading threads here on AKL, and then I started reading how some of the bus rides are kind of long. DS has NO PATIENCE, so, guess what, I switched again.

I switched to the Beach Club! I had friends stay there last year...and they said they LOVED the pool. Also, the walk to Epcot and either walk or boat to DHS, looks like a great option. I know the bus to MK may take longer, but no matter where you stay, you'll always have to deal with a bus going somewhere.

So...the Beach Club it is!! I've still debated switching to somewhere else...but am going to stick with this choice!

mommytocalliesue 06-10-2012 11:16 PM

Decisions, Decisions
On the last trip with just DD and myself, it was so easy. It was me and her...I knew what she needed, where she would like to go, etc. Now add the boys to the trip...and it seems that's when the drama hits!!

Here are some decisions I've had to make...

1) Flights ~ As I'm sure everyone has seen...airfare is not the greatest right now. I ended up getting roundtrip tickets flying Southwest for around 1,100 for the 4 of us. That's with Early Bird Check in as I don't want to risk being separated from a child (We had this happen to us before!) But then there was the time...when is the best time to fly? Early morning so we get there? Afternoon so the kids (possibly) nap? After going back and forth, we decided to fly around 9:25 am! And come back at 11:00 am.

2) Now...we booked flights. We're about 2 hours away from the do we get the kid's up early and drive the morning we fly out. Or do we get a hotel where we can park our car and get shuttled in the morning. Both had their pros and cons. I went back and forth...and finally decided 1.5 extra hours of sleep will be better for the kiddos than waking up early! So we did decide to get a hotel the night before we fly out!

3) Strollers ~ Do we bring two singles? or do we rent? I know some 6 year olds can do without a stroller, but not my little princess! She's maybe 40 pounds soaking wet...gets hot easily...then starts the whining!! I don't want to deal with the whining so I finally decided to rent a stroller from Baby Wheels Orlando. We got the City Mini Double Stroller + insurance + free rain cover, cooler, and parent console for 6 nights for $85! Not bad I'd say!! The stroller looks easy to use and fold I love that the seats lay back in case either child gets sleepy! It will be delivered right to our hotel so we won't have to deal with it at the airport!

4) Well now that we won't have a stroller in the we bring a leash for our DS....who takes off with NO notice. But, we've decided of right now! We're going to wait and see how the summer goes, but right now, he's doing a pretty good job of listening and not running off!

5) Where to eat....oh boy....that's a whole other thread!

I'm sure more decisions will come up....I will post them as they come!

mommytocalliesue 06-10-2012 11:36 PM

Now comes the hard part....where to eat!!

I knew coming into this trip, without free dining or any meal plan, we weren't going to be needing many ADRs. Plus, at the time, my son SCREAMED when he saw Santa....

Was a tad better at the Easter Bunny....(notice where he had to sit)

Seems to be excited to meet Mickey, Minnie, Buzz, Woody, etc....But until it actually happens, I'm not holding my breath that he will run right to them and get a hug!!! I think watching his older sister may help....but it obviously didn't with Santa!

So, we know we always want our last meal at Chef Mickey' that was a must. We've always done Tusker House...but I wasn't sure on this one...but just yesterday booked it. And we put in a few other random here's our ADRs....

T-Rex (dinner)
Rainforest (DD's choice - lunch)
Tusker House (breakfast)
Chef Mickey's (dinner)
Akershus (breakfast)

*Just added - 50's Prime Time (lunch)* ` Was going to do Sci Fi Diner but feel DH will like 50's better! Plus...didn't really like the car setup where we couldn't all see each other (aka Help with Carson)!!!

I figure this way if it's hot (who am I kidding....of course it's going to be HOT!!) they'll at least get to meet the main Characters and Princesses without having to stand in line to see them!

mommytocalliesue 06-11-2012 11:08 AM

Our Schedule's our schedule as of right now...I'm sure like many of you, I will continue to change it up to the minute we leave! I'm really trying to be more flexible on this trip to avoid as many meltdowns as possible!! Here's what I have so far...

August 9
*Fly out at 9:25 am – Get in at 12:55 pm :cheer2:
*Swim, nap
*Epcot for dinner/Fireworks at 9

August 10
*Animal Kingdom
*Tusker House Reservation at 8:25 am
*Reservation at Rainforest at 1 pm
*Swim, Nap
*Magic Kingdom Extra hours til 1 am

August 11
*Hollywood Studios 8 am/Extra morning hours
*Reservation at 5o's Prime Time - 12:15 pm
*Swim, Nap
*Downtown Disney – T-Rex Reservation- 1-407-828-8739 6:45 pm

August 12
*Epcot 9 am
*Reservation at Akershus at 10:30 am
*Swim, Nap
*Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom til 1:00 am

August 13
*Either Epcot or Magic Kingdom in AM or swim in am….nap….then
*DHS EMH 9-12am

August 14
*Animal Kingdom 9 am
*Swim, Nap
*Chef Micky’s Reservation at 6:40 pm.
*Magic Kingdom
*Extra Magic Hours at Epcot til 12 am

August 15
*Catch ME around 8 am to head home :sad2:

cogero 06-11-2012 11:26 AM

okay I am joining in. Your kiddos are adorable.

mommytocalliesue 06-11-2012 11:33 AM

Some of our Favorites
A little more on us....!!


Favorite Park ~ Magic Kingdom
Favorite Character ~ Minnie & Daisy
Favorite Princess ~ Ariel
Favorite Ride ~ Splash Mountain
2nd Favorite Ride ~ Tea Cups
Favorite Show ~ Philharmagic
Favorite Thing about Disney ~ Going to see the Characters, Going on Rides, Going to the Restaurants, and swimming! (She loves it all :cheer2:)

Carson (has a limited I took a guess at what he was telling me!!)

Favorite Park ~ Epcot (actually...he shook his head yes at all of them!)
Favorite Character ~ Buzz and Woody (can you say obsessed!!)
Favorite Princess ~ Jesse (from Toy Story...starting to see a trend here :rotfl:)
Favorite Ride ~ Buzz Lightyear
2nd Favorite Ride ~ Pirates of the Caribbean
Favorite Show ~ I'm going to guess he'll like Nemo
Favorite Thing about Disney ~ Parks!


Favorite Park ~ Magic Kingdom
Favorite Character ~ Mickey
Favorite Princess ~ Belle
Favorite Ride ~ Splash Mountain
2nd Favorite Ride ~ ToT
Favorite Show ~ Festival of the Lion King
Favorite Thing about Disney ~ I know it sounds Sappy...but it truly brings tears to my eyes everytime I see my kids so happy. It's an amazing feeling!

The Beast...I mean Marty

Favorite Park ~ Animal Kingdom
Favorite Character ~ Mickey
Favorite Princess ~ Rapunzel
Favorite Ride ~ Pirates of the Caribbean pirate:
Favorite Show ~ Nemo
Favorite Thing about Disney ~ No comment :rolleyes1

mommytocalliesue 06-11-2012 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by cogero (Post 45147770)
okay I am joining in. Your kiddos are adorable.

Thank you!! They are cute....most of the time!! ;)

I see you have a trip planned soon also....going to take a look!!!

TinkerbellinNY6 06-11-2012 02:14 PM

After seeing your dates we will be there at the same time! I am thre from the 8-12 staying at the Beach Club, 12-16 at Port Orleans Riverside, and the 16-19 at CBR! I am so excited for this trip and on the 15th I am checking into the College Program.

Also I noticed that some of our days overlap!:goodvibes

ANd your plans look great!

TigrLvsPooh 06-12-2012 02:04 PM

Great PTR so far! :) We will also be at the BC in August (4th-11th), maybe we will see you then! :goodvibes

mommytocalliesue 06-12-2012 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by TinkerbellinNY6 (Post 45149664)
After seeing your dates we will be there at the same time! I am thre from the 8-12 staying at the Beach Club, 12-16 at Port Orleans Riverside, and the 16-19 at CBR! I am so excited for this trip and on the 15th I am checking into the College Program.

Also I noticed that some of our days overlap!:goodvibes

ANd your plans look great!

Thank you! I've been switching things left and right....but right now I think they look ok! I looked at staying at POR (with my princess in a princess room) but decided against it!! I've heard good things about it!


Originally Posted by TigrLvsPooh (Post 45160451)
Great PTR so far! :) We will also be at the BC in August (4th-11th), maybe we will see you then! :goodvibes

Thank you!! Maybe we will see you! I'm excited for the pool!!

mommytocalliesue 06-12-2012 05:34 PM

How we're getting excited
1) Now....if any of you have kids or remember when your children were younger....they have NO concept of time!!! Everyday Callie wakes up, she asks, "Are we leaving for Disney today!!??" honey!!

I know, I know....I need to do a countdown calendar. I was going to wait until 30 days out....but she's kind of driving me bananas!! :banana:

Here's our Calendar!!

We're just putting Disney Stickers on the numbers to count down.

2) Watching Disney/Pixar movies!! I've seen so many great ideas on the Disboards of people who do theme nights....we haven't tried that yet...but we have been watching some of our Favorites! Here is what we have been watching...and I'll update the list as we watch!

Disney/Pixar Movies

Toy Story 1, 2 & 3
Monster's Inc.
Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast
Cars 1, 2
Finding Nemo
Pooh Bear
Alice and Wonderland (New one and Mickey's Version!)

3) When we're not watching those movies, we are watching the Disney Planning video!! My kids LOVE it!! I don't mind watching it myself :thumbsup2

4) Shopping online for Disney "stuff". Have scored some autograph books on sale, sticker books, clothing!

5) And of course searching the internet and looking at pictures!! Just a tad obsessed!

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