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DVC_Dreamer 06-06-2012 05:38 AM

Pre-Trip Report(10) - Smells 2
Pre-Trip Report - 10 days to go before our split stay at BLT and BWV in a two bedroom suite.

Before I begin, a word of caution. When you set your iPhone countdown app for vacation, pay attention to the time. It seems I used 6am because we have an early flight. This time setting distorted my days count a little. :eek:
No worries, back on track. Limbering up for tomorrow's single digit dance. :cool1:

Last year, one of my most popular pre-trip report posts was related to the ol'shnoze. This post was primarily inspired by the very sensitive nose of my DW. Just like every good movie has to have a sequel, I bring you Smells 2 today.

I used a top 10 list and the responses were awesome and I couldn't believe some that I missed. Rome burning in Spaceship Earth is one that had me lol . DW and I always commented on that one, I left it off the list and it was the first one commenters picked up on.

One that my DW mentions to me now is the smell of the Contemporary upon entering from the BLT sky bridge. First, the sky bridge is awesome. I love making that walk in the AM. I can't recall the smell she's referring to but I believe it's a tropical moisture of some sort. It makes me laugh when she mentions it. :laughing: I remember the windows always damp. I need to pay attention this trip to this one.

They have some of the best shower gels of any hotels I've ever been to. Just saying. :)

On my lunch hour, I like to walk the property around my office complex. It's a nice property with a large pond. I sometimes imagine (can you believe it) that I'm in EPCOT and walking near the water. This pond right now does smell like the water in EPCOT. I'm getting excited for the trip !!!

Remember, Disney pays attention to every little detail. They leverage all your senses so don't forget to "Smell the Roses" as they say.

Here's last year's list. Can you suggest others?

P.S. We did restock on Laila on last August's trip. :love:


1. Laila - Perfume of Norway - This smell reminds me of our trips to WDW like no other. It reminds us of our favorite area of the World which is World Showcase and Mexico/Norway area. I bought this perfume for my wife over the Internet for Christmas a couple of years ago and the bottle is getting empty. I spray some on an American flag handkerchief that hangs on my car rear view mirror as an air freshener. It reminds me of WDW as I listen to park music on my commute to work. Good way to begin a work day in the right frame of mind.

2. Morning Dew - I love to get up early and enjoy the cool, quiet Florida morning as the sun heats up the wet grounds. The smell of morning dew and plants with the beautiful background music. Priceless. Part of my mental meditation when away from WDW to remind me of a peaceful place.

3. Bacon on Main Street - Did I read somewhere that they pump in a bacon smell at MK? I can smell it when I get off of monorail and head towards park gate and Main Street. Where's the restaurant it's coming from? Smells good but I suspect Disney magic to get me hungry.

4. Inside Water Boat Rides - My wife and I joke about this smell all the time. Truth be known, she's got the shnooz for all smells. She's sometimes annoying with her complaints about a smell I don't even notice. But this smell, which could be offensive to some, reminds us that we're in the World and most likely in one of our favorite attractions. Pirates, Splash, Mexico and Norway boat rides all have this mildewy smell. Smells like fun to me!

5. Bakeries - Norway and Main Street. No brainer.

6. Flowers - Combined with landscaping, this is a very pleasant experience and must be remembered to smell the roses as they say. As a DVC member, must remember to chill and take it all in.

7. Ice Cream shop on Main Street - Can't figure out why an Ice Cream shop smell so strong, sweet and yummy. My theory again is that Imagineers are up to tricks. Either way, it can trick me into getting another chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

8. Flame Tree Barbecue - I'm a charcoal barbecue enthusiast. Mouth will water for ribs as I make my way there this year.

9. Almonds - Never eaten them but I love that vanilla smell as I make my way to England near start of World Showcase.

10. Poly lobby - I'm having trouble remember this smell distinctly but wife says it's a waterfall smell. It's tropical for sure and can't wait to get a look and smell on our way to Ohana this trip.

KweenofDis 06-06-2012 10:41 PM

So excited that you will be down to single digits tomorrow!! I love that feeling!! One smell that always gets me is upon entering the Monorail is the faint odor of horse pucky- my family thinks I'm nuts but I have a very sensitive nose!!

DVC_Dreamer 06-07-2012 04:47 AM


Originally Posted by KweenofDis (Post 45108196)
So excited that you will be down to single digits tomorrow!! I love that feeling!! One smell that always gets me is upon entering the Monorail is the faint odor of horse pucky- my family thinks I'm nuts but I have a very sensitive nose!!

Yes !!! Single digits !!! Very exciting !!! :banana:

A ride on the Monorail is unique in it's own way. We love the announcer dialog.


Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.
Can't say I remember a specific smell but I'm not surprised. I would suggest not following me after I've been to dinner with Italian or saucy food. Horse pucky would be a good description after that experience. :rotfl2:

Reminds me of a joke: Two guys in an elevator and one cuts the cheese. Everyone knows who did it. :rotfl:

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary and have a great celebration at the Happy Place. :cheer2:

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