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larina 06-05-2012 12:10 AM

JANUARY 2013, Who Else is Going?
I searched for a Feb 2013 thread and didn't find one on the DL board. If I've just missed it, please redirect me. Otherwise, here goes!

Anyone else planning on, or thinking about, visiting the happiest place on earth next February? I was trying to do an October trip, but it just won't fly for us. So I rebooked our retro rate rooms at the Hojos for January 11 - 15. I know some things will be down for the holiday removal, but we're still excited. Thought about February, but I'd have to miss to school, so this works out perfectly.

What about you? When are you going? Where are you staying? What are your plans?

DisneytheKid ~ Dec 30 - Jan 1 ~ ?
kelmac 284 ~ Dec 30 - Jan 5 ~ Staybridge & DLH
NorCalGal ~ Dec 30 - Jan 5 ~ Super 8
MagicCanuc ~ Dec 31 - Jan 3 ~ DLH
Next Big Thing ~ Dec 31 - Jan 3 ~ ?
gokdog ~ Dec 31 - Jan 4 ~ PPH
coaches24 ~ Jan 1-5 ~ ?
MrsPinup ~ Jan 1-5 ~ Peacock Suites
NMDisneyMom ~ Jan 1-6 ~ ?
scrapbunny ~ Jan 1-6 ~ BWRI
Girimama33 ~ Jan 2-4 ~ w/friends
AwfullyBigAdventures ~ Jan 2-5 ~ Condo
bubbasmom99 ~ Jan 2-5 ~ GCH
coaches24 ~ Jan 2-5 ~ Motel 6
dopeyfanatic ~ Jan 2-5 ~ ?
StephNJer ~ Jan 3-5 ~ GCH
hjgaus ~ Jan 3-6 ~ GCH & VGC
bkreitzel ~ Jan 4-6 ~ ?
ministry chick 77 ~ Jan 4-6 ~ ?
mysteriousspnai ~ Jan 4-6 ~ ?
mamaofthree ~ Jan 6-10 ~ HoJo's
dis2cruise ~ Jan 6-13 ~ VGC
mhrebates ~ Jan 7-11 ~ PVI
NZHana ~ Jan 8-12 ~ PVI
Newbie Cruiser ~ Jan 8-15 ~ Staybridge
Lucille1963 ~ Jan 8-16 ~ VGC
nzer ~ Jan 8-20 ~ HoJo's
DisMe ~ Jan 10-12 ~ Marriott/GCH
mom2aidanNpiper ~ Jan 10-13 ~ GCH
Tasia ~ Jan 10-18 ~ ?
Walleandeva2011 ~ Jan 12-15 ~ DLH
angiemouse ~ Jan 12-18 ~ HoJo's
TiffBiff ~ Jan 12-18 ~ GCV
mufasa0505 ~ Jan 12-19 ~ GCV
Eeyore11081 ~ Jan 13-14 ~ Anabella
Dizzy4DL ~ Jan 13-18 ~ BWPPI
Mousequake ~ Jan 13-18 ~ VGC
DisneylandDeeDee ~ Jan 14-17 ~ ?
sray563 ~ Jan 15-18 ~ PPH and Jan 18-21 La Quinta
siczlo ~ Jan 17-20 ~ Desert Inn
Kim339 ~ Jan 18-21 ~ BWPPI or Stovall's
longhorns2 ~ Jan18-22 ~ PPH
MouseFiend ~ Jan 18-22 ~ HoJo's
Scot-n-Michelle ~ Jan 19-26 ~ Tropicana
Mazel ~ Jan 19-23 ~ PVI
Baliezer ~ Jan 20-21 ~ PVI
thewesterberg ~ Jan 21 ~ ?
XGrumpy1 ~ Jan 21-24 ~ VGC
Seiter Clan ~ Jan 21-26 ~ PPH
BabieDuckie ~ Tink 1/2 ~ DLR
bluedoggy ~ Tink 1/2 ~ ?
kindaKrazy2 ~ Tink 1/2 ~ DLH
runner_princess ~ Tink 1/2 ~ GCV
specialks ~ Tink 1/2 ~ Hojo's
TinkerTurnbulls ~ Jan 22-27 ~ ?
siczlo ~ Jan 23-26 ~ HoJo's
Pooh Bear Friends ~ Jan 23-27 ~ DLH
BadgerGirl84 ~ Jan 23-28 ~ Dbl Tree/Fairfield Inn & Suites
Iggipolka ~ Jan 23-28 ~ DLH
PrincessDuck ~ Jan 23-31 ~ VGC
3Minnies1Mickey ~ Jan 25-27 Dolphins Cove
aymekae ~ Jan 25-28 ~ VGC
jemilah ~ Jan 26 ~ Day Trip
jmac ~ Jan 26-30 ~ HoJo's
Kim532 ~ Jan 26-30 ~ VGC
ValpoCory ~ Jan 26 - Feb 1 ~ VGC
DizFan13 ~ Jan 27 - Feb 1 ~ HoJo's
jmac232 ~ Jan 27 - Feb 1 ~ Desert Palms
AmandaRoseGirl ~ Jan 28-31 ~ ?
Homerun ~ Jan 28 - Feb 2 ~ VGC
Robindianne ~ Jan 29 - Feb 2 ~ VGC
minniecarousel ~ Late Jan ~ ?
DizMe ~ ? ~ ?
Susie63 ~ Jan 31 - Feb 11 ~ DGC

Jan. 3 - Made some updates/changes. Let me know if you find an error. Also, which is correct VGC or GCV? People have used both.

K311y0h 06-05-2012 02:12 AM

We are going late Feb or early March. It's tax season so we should have enough money to do everything I want. We are planning on staying at the Grand Californian, and I hope not too many rides are down!:mickeyjum:mickeyjum

DizMe 06-05-2012 02:33 AM

Well, nothing definite, but I almost always go in January. It's my birthday month, prices are lower, and the parks are quiet. I love treating myself to a DLR trip for my birthday! And guess what...I leave dh and the kids at home :)

larina, do you fly or drive from Sac? I usually fly.

MommyLove 06-05-2012 04:20 AM

We're going! Long trip (taking the kids out of school), driving down, and we'll be there for my birthday! :)

Staying in a kid suite at HoJo.

larina 06-05-2012 09:19 AM

Am I the only one amused that so far the folks who have posted here about going in January are all from the Northern/Central California area (close to Sac). Interesting...

We drive down. As a family of 6 (my parents usually come, maybe just my mom, making us 5), there are just too many of us to fly. Besides, we are sort of a crazy driving family anyway, so its not that big of deal to shoot down 5. Less of an ordeal than the airport with baggage, kids, and flights to catch. If I was going alone, or making a girl's trip, I'd fly though.

In February, my oldest daughter may have a couple of friends go with us. They are 18 and older now and will be paying their own ways. We're going to catch half their room cost, but tickets and the rest is on them. This will mean taking two cars and caravaning down, which may be sort of fun for us (told you we're driving fools) in the end.

kelmac284 06-05-2012 10:25 AM

Another Sac person going in Jan LOL.

We are actually driving down on the 29th of Dec and staying at Univ and going to Grinchmas on the 30th and then will be staying at the Staybridge since there will be 6 of us AND it is the holiday week so TOO much to stay on property. But we are going to DL on NYE because it is my daughter's 13th birthday. I have ALWAYS wanted to do NYE there at least once and since it ALSO my dd's b-day we thought it would be a lot of fun.

We know it is going to be a madhouse but we plan to go and stay in the parks even if we have to go find a place to take a nap LOL. We are taking dd to Blue Bayou for dinner and I plan to order a cake so it should be a fun day.

Then we are going to Pasadena on New Year's day to see the floats. NOT going to the parade itself since we will have been up WAY late the night before and we have seen the parade twice already but thought it would be fun to go to the viewing afterwards.

Then spending the last 3 days of that week at the parks hoping to get some good park time. Know we won't get ANY on the 31st LOL.

We also plan to go the end of february because I am part of the ladies trip group so I am going for that and it also happens to be my daughter's cheer comp so we will be going one way or the other for that. So exciting!! :)

specialks 06-05-2012 11:20 AM

We're headed down for the Tink 1/2 in January. Bummed they moved it up a week with MLK day, but looking forward to running thru DLR for my 2nd time. It was a great visit last January. We're booked at HoJos kids suite retro rate, but I'm considering a switch to onsite midway. Hard to pay more for less room though, and I think the kids would miss the kids suite.

runner_princess 06-05-2012 12:40 PM

Hi! So glad this is started - we will be going for Tink and the following week! We are WDW regulars, but this is our first trip to DL, and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now trying to figure out what seems like a completely unrelated place! We're coming from Indiana, and will be staying on points at GCV.

Susie63 06-05-2012 03:26 PM

Count me in! We are heading to California from Canada,on Jan 31 for a one night stay at the PVI and then we are in a studio at the Grand California for 10 nights.All of them at the DLR!!!!:love::love::love::love::love:

kim3339 06-05-2012 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by larina (Post 45089766)
Am I the only one amused that so far the folks who have posted here about going in January are all from the Northern/Central California area (close to Sac). Interesting...

Another NorCal going!! :rotfl: Going down the 18th through the 20th. Right now I'm at BWPPI but will change over to Stovall's when the prices come down.


Originally Posted by specialks (Post 45090999)
We're headed down for the Tink 1/2 in January. Bummed they moved it up a week with MLK day, but looking forward to running thru DLR for my 2nd time.

I don't like the change to MLK weekend either, especially w/ WDW Marathon weekend right before it. I need some time to get home and do some laundry before Tink. :rotfl2: Hope it's not that busy!

Lucille1963 06-06-2012 12:05 AM

Fingers crossed, we're hoping to make it out in early January! It is our favorite time to visit, though our trips are usually at the end of the month, this one is looking like it may be quite early. Send some pixie dust so we can get what we're hoping for at VGC!!

Lucille1963 06-06-2012 10:08 AM

We're booked at VGC from January 6-13!
Our trips are usually at the end of the month around my birthday so going this early will be a change.

Perhaps we'll even glimpse a bit of Christmas?

aymekae 06-07-2012 04:41 PM

Joining! We'll be there the weekend of the 25th. What started as just an annual sister's trip each January (to coincide with the NAMM show, since one sister's DH goes to that and brings my sister along to meet up with us more local sisters) may become more of a family event next year. For sure, it will be me, 3 sisters, my niece (who will be about 15 months old), and maybe some of our husband's and our father. We are looking forward to staying at VGC for the first time! Really tired of everyone staying at different hotels and taking forever to coordinate schedules and pickup times and not getting into the parks till nearly noon, so those of us staying on-site will just roll out of bed. :rotfl2: Hoping to go for 2-3 days this time, instead of one day.

Not too much else is planned at the moment. We're thinking of going in and buying a ticket for my dad to join us, even though he claims to "not like rides" so he can hang out and watching the little one for us. (This past January with a 3 month old baby really put a cramp on our style. How do you guys with kids DO it?? :scared:)

ValpoCory 06-07-2012 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by Lucille1963 (Post 45100722)
We're booked at VGC from January 6-13!
Our trips are usually at the end of the month around my birthday so going this early will be a change.

Perhaps we'll even glimpse a bit of Christmas?

I am booked at the VGC too. From January 26th to February 1st. Can't wait.

dopeyfanatic 06-07-2012 04:52 PM

Apparently those of us in Northern California really like the idea of DL in January. I'll be going Jan 1-6, with park days being 2-5. I'm taking my three kids, along with my sister and nieces, my best friend and her two girls (their first time ever). As a surprise my dad is coming and one of my aunt's. My other aunt *might* bring my cousin's daughter down. And my cousin is probably coming with her two boys. Phew. No husbands either!! Man it is going to be awesome! The kids still don't know about it ;) It will be my kids first time to go at Christmas time. They've been a million other times, but never at Christmas :)

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