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cstorm65 06-01-2012 11:44 PM

The Thrill Ride Junkies Return with a Toddler in Tow - Started 6/1/2012
Welcome and thanks for reading my pre-trip report for our trip that is exactly one year from now. Most people would say that 365 days is much too early to start a pre-trip report, but not me. I live for planning these trips and have been thinking about this one for several months now. Although on April 3rd our families world changed forever when our son was born. We actually got the call in early March that DW and I were selected by a birth mother to be the parents of her baby. On April 3rd our DS was born and we have been parents for almost two months now.

Adoption Side Note: I would love to post pictures for you all to look at, but I cannot post on any type of public site until the adoption is finalized. The parents rights have been terminated for our DS, but in the state of Oklahoma there is a six month waiting period until we can go to court ourselves to legally adopt. So I promise I will post pictures as soon as we get out of court on that day in about four months.

DW and I went to Disney World for our first official visit in June of 2011 and stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach resort. We loved everything about our trip. The resort, the parks, the transportation, EVERYTHING! We both wanted to return and the sooner the better. How is it then that we are not getting back until two years later in June of 2013? Well, first off we started the adoption process in September of 2011 and were picked by a birth mother in November. Unfortunately that situation did not work out, but we now see God's plan in action. DS was meant to be ours. Through all of those months we could just never plan a trip because we did not know what was coming, what finances would be needed for the adoption, and other factors relating to that. With that in mind we have had to put the trip off until June of 2013. On top of the adoption process and expenses our DS was born with a cleft lip which will require surgery later this summer. That just adds more to the confusion of the summer months as well as is going to leave us with some other financial bills to take care of. June 2013 it is and these 365 days cannot pass quick enough.

Me, Jon. I am the primary planner on this vacation and am the one who spends countless hours setting itineraries, ADR's, and touring plans. I love everything about it and am quite OCD with the entire planning process. I work in the high school and teach Pre-AP Physics, Physics, and Chemistry. In addition to teaching I am the Head Boys Track and Field Coach as well as a football coach. I love teaching and coaching and honestly believe I have the best job in the world. I get to be a part of the lives of numerous young people and impact them in a positive way everyday. I have been teaching for four years after playing four years of college football. I have also recently graduated with my master's degree (M.Ed.) in education. Finally, I am the proud father of my DS who is just over 2 months old and will be between 14-15 months when we take our trip.
Favorite Character: Goofy
Favorite Ride: Expedition Everest
Favorite Show: Festival of the Lion King
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favorite Restaurant: Kona Cafe

DW, April. She loves being at Disney World, but she loves that I love to plan. She is perfectly happy letting me plan the trip and her just enjoy all of the great things about Disney World. She is an unbelievable mother and wife…I completely out-kicked my coverage when I got her. She is also in education and is a school counselor. She loves working with young people everyday and is awesome at her job. More than anything though she is a great mother to our son and I just love to see her interact with him.
Favorite Character: Ariel
Favorite Ride: Rock 'n Roller Coaster
Favorite Show: Festival of the Lion King
Favorite Movie: Little Mermaid
Favorite Restaurant: Le Cellier

DS (14 months at trip time). Although I cannot tell you much about DS at this point, as he is just 2 months old, I know he is going to love Disney World. He has to with two parents like us who love Disney World. We are excited about being able to provide some insight to families traveling with a young toddler to Disney World and I am definitely taking in as many trip reports as I can in this area so that we are prepared. I will update this with pictures once the adoption is finalized.

Others?? There will be some other attendees, but we are still waiting on final confirmation from some people. Both DW's mom and my parents are checking on dates as well as DW's brother and sister and my sister.

June 2-15, 2013
Because DW and I are both educators we are limited to school breaks to attend Disney World. We cannot attend on Fall Break or Thanksgiving Break because I coach football. Also, we cannot usually attend at Spring Break because I have track practice…and I don't think we would want to battle spring break crowds anyways. We went in early June last summer and that seemed to be a pretty good time. It was somewhat crowded, but very manageable. We also figured that since we missed an entire year without a major vacation we could extend this one just a little bit into a two week trip. I will detail what we plan on doing later in the report.

cstorm65 06-01-2012 11:45 PM

Table of Contents
Tables of Contents

Let's Get This PTR Going Again

OnSpaceshipEarth 06-10-2012 12:54 PM

cstorm(Jon)...just finished reading your Caribbean Beach Resort TR and absolutely loved it!

Corrine 1973 06-10-2012 01:32 PM

Of course I don't think you are crazy starting a PTR with a year left of planning. But than considering I still had over 500 days before my trip when I started a PTR I would be on the same boat as you.:lmao:

Congrats on the adoption. Hope the next couple months go smoothly so we can see that little one.

It looks like we will just miss each other at the World. I am planning on going from May 26th- June 1st. I might try to add a day if I can save up enough money.

Great start so far. Can't wait to read more.popcorn::

belias21 07-11-2012 01:19 PM


Having just completed a trip with a 7yo, 4yo, and 1yo old I'm curious to get your take on what it is like bringing a 1yo to the World.
It is truly a very different experience than going sans children.

You'll probably be doing a lot of "Child swapping." :-)

cstorm65 12-25-2012 02:38 PM

Let’s Get This PTR Going Again!

After a six-month absence I am going to go ahead and continue this PTR as I am not needing to find something to pass the next 158 days until we leave. I always get extremely busy throughout the fall coaching football and teaching. Now, I am sitting around the house on Christmas Day bored to death. Both DW and DS are taking naps as we are snowed in as a blizzard is going on outside in southwest Oklahoma. We were going to travel do DW’s hometown to have Christmas with her family, but it is really just not safe to travel on the roads today. So we made chocolate gravy and biscuits this morning, read the Christmas story (the real one from the Bible), and opened presents (the first time for DS who is 8 months old).

I guess I should outline how our plans have come together in the last six months. All of our ADR’s are made and the daily itinerary is set…for now. We fly out of Dallas (much cheaper than OKC) on June 1. These are free flights as well as we are using SW Rapid Reward points. DMiL is going with us for the first half of the trip. We will check in on this day to…

…where we will stay for two nights. I will also mention this is going to be a two week trip. Yes I know that is a long trip, but we deserve it. We haven’t been able to take a real vacation since we last went to Disney World in June of 2011 because of the adoption process from late 2011 until we finalized just last month. In addition DS was born with a cleft lip and we had that large surgery process in July. So we feel we need a long get-a-way from real life and it works out well since DW and I are both in education so we get summers off.

After two nights at Pop we will rent a car and move for two nights to…
Universal’s Royal Pacific Resort

We are staying on site here to take advantage of the front of the line access you get as well as early entry into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. DW and I honeymooned in Orlando, mainly at Universal, in 2008 and we love it there (although not as much as Disney now!). We want to return to see WWoHP.

On June 5 we then check in for our long stay at…

…the Boardwalk Villas! We are renting DVC points and have a boardwalk view room. We are staying for 10 nights here and are looking forward to the proximity to Epcot and DHS.

Well that about does it for the trip overview. I will be back with a detailed plan of each day which will include ADR’s.


cstorm65 12-25-2012 02:48 PM

The Adoption is Final and Who is Coming For Sure?

The adoption is final for our son. We finalized about six weeks ago and everything went perfectly. Here are a couple of pictures. The first is DW and DS. The second is me and DS at a Halloween party at church I was a referee and he was Yoda.

We also think we have finalized who is joining us on this trip. DW’s mom will be joining us during the first half of our trip. She has been to Disney World several times for just a day trip while at a youth convention in Florida. We are very excited she gets to accompany us. After DMIL leaves we will have two days to ourselves and then my mother will join us for the last half of our trip. All in all we are glad to have them with us.

Finally, here are the ADR's I have booked. This is in no particular order. I will reveal each day of the itinerary over the next couple of months to help the time pass quicker.

Cape May Cafe (Dinner)
'Ohana (Dinner)
Crystal Palace (Breakfast)
Cap'n Jacks (Lunch)
Whispering Canyon (Breakfast)
Kona Cafe (Lunch)
Be Our Guest (Dinner)
Wishes Dessert Party
Les Chefs de France (Lunch)
Mama Melrose (Dinner)
Rose and Crown (Dinner)
La Hacienda de San Angel (Dinner)

We are very disappointed that California Grill is closing for renovations. DW and I were going to have a night out together there, but it is not going to work out. I have a substitute night out planned, but am still a little bummed no Cali Grill:(

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