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Keancanuk 05-05-2012 01:29 PM

Just back yesterday from the Sheraton Vistana Resort :)
We just got back yesterday from Vistana. We stayed there Fri to Fri. We booked a 2 bedroom as well.
We arrived at noon and they gave us the Fountains in building 42. We were told we had a 'water view' on the second floor. Got there and it was like 9pm at night, it was so dark and our view was a mere river. We went back to front desk and asked for a room with bright and sunny light. The room in building 42 was gorgeous, but it was just so dark (not facing the sun).

They moved us over to building 34, 3rd floor facing the Fountains pool and we had a skylight. The room was so bright, it was perfect There were no elevators, but we didn't have issues climbing 3 flights, when you can spend a whole day at Disney.

We swam a lot in the pool, it went from 3 feet to 6 feet, had a waterfall. We did drive around to the other pools, but we all agreed that the Fountains pool was the best one. (on top of the rocks where the waterfall is, there are 2 hot tubs).

We never took the shuttle as it had limited times they went and came to the hotel. We rented a car for the week, so we just drove ourselves. It was really simple getting to Disney. Turn right out of the resort and then right on World Drive and you are on your way to a Magical day.
I will say traffic is horrible in this area, especially when you drive towards I-4, towards downtown Disney. For some reason, people think that not signaling is cool and u-turns and cutting people off are even cooler.

We never did any activities at the resort, as you had to pay for everything! Our dd wanted to do arts and crafts and you had to pay to do that. Mini putting was pay. There was a magic show, but you had to buy their dinner ($19.95 per adult) in order to watch the magic show.
We did have KFC express one day because our ds really wanted kfc poolside, and it cost $38 for the 4 of us! eeek !!

The resort is beautiful and our room was heavenly. Full kitchen, it was great the kids had their own bedroom with 2 queen beds (looked like queens but may have been doubles) and their own bathroom, we had a large king sized room with our own bathroom and jacuzzi, our deck was screened in and we would sit out there at night in the beautiful warm nights. We had 3 tv's in our room too. Even ate lunch on the deck.

I will say that because the Fountains pool is open to 1am, it was a little noisy at night with people in the pool. Thur night someone had very young children in the pool after midnight, we were surprised at that. If you kept your balcony doors closed, you never heard it, but we loved to leave out doors open for the warm breezes.

We did go to their time share presentation, didn't buy, but they did give us $100 cash for going

Any questions, feel free to ask :)

AUTUMNSAM 05-05-2012 11:38 PM

Thanks for posting a review, how long was the presentation? How big was the second bedroom we have 4 staying in it. Plus 2 on the sofa sleeper, wondering about the size of the rooms. Was there 2 or 3 bathrooms? Was there any issues with parking after a long day at the parks? I read there was no fee for parking? how big was the jacuzzi? I know the kids will want to all go in!

Thanks again for sharing!

Keancanuk 05-06-2012 10:11 PM

Presentation was maybe an hour. They had breakfast and then they took you into another room to talk logistics.
2nd bedroom had two beds, easy for 2 people per bed = 4 peeps.
2 bathrooms, master bedroom had their own bath (jacuzzi, shower, toilet and sink, plus there was an outside 'powder area' that had another sink and counter with mirrow - very convenient) and the 2nd bedroom had their own bath with shower, toilet and sink.
free parking. We found that when we got in later in the night (after Hollywood Studios), that we couldn't park right at the stairwell, but maybe 3-4 spots down. It wasn't too bad at all.
Jacuzzi fit maybe 2 kids. Our kids wanted to go in, but with late nights, they never had a chance. It was all good though, as they went into the hottubs at the pool.

AUTUMNSAM 05-06-2012 11:15 PM

Thanks for answering all my questions.

Keancanuk 05-07-2012 10:23 AM

Your very welcome ! Enjoy your vacation :)

AUTUMNSAM 05-12-2012 05:16 PM

Leaving Thursday for the drive from upstate NY, staying Thursday night in Fredericksburg VA, Friday night in Savannah Ga and checking in at the Sheraton on Sat.

Getting so excited. I have not heard a reply to my emailed request, should I have?


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