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disney-akj 04-06-2012 08:17 AM

Daily Grind- 4/6/12 and Happy Easter
It is quiet is here! Everyone is still sleeping- peaceful! I just wanted to tell everyone to have a Good Friday and a Happy Easter!!

Off work and school today!!
Making Pancakes in a few minutes!!
Packing and heading to the in-laws

Hoping my photos come in the mail today, they should, so I can start scrapping my Disney trip this weekend at my in-laws. They live on a lake and just got a three-season room added to their house, so I think that will be a perfect spot to scrapbook! My in-laws are pretty cool, so I might plan a scrapbooking weekend at their house with some friends too!! Maybe I should mentioned this to them this weekend?? LOL

morgansmom2000 04-06-2012 10:19 AM

Ugh. What day is it? I'm all thrown off. Not feeling 100%, but not feeling so bad that I need to stay home either. Saw my doctor yesterday, the meds are helping my thyroid, so my energy level is up, but I've been having a LOT of headaches.

I'm working, but will probably leave early. DH and Morgan are going to the movies, she's got a tremendous crush on Josh Hutcherson and Journey 2 is at the cheap theater ;)

Michelle, hope your pictures show up today!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

PrincessNancy96 04-06-2012 11:40 AM

Have a safe and wonderful trip to the in-laws, Michelle.. Yea, I'd mention the scrap retreat this weekend and just see how it goes!!! I'm sure they'll think it's an awesome idea!!!

bearbear- good luck with the bake sale!! I hate fighting insurance but I love to do it in the same breath... some days I just have to wonder why they think they know what is BEST for our families health care! Hello...last time I told the lady that I'd send her the bill and since she thought she knew so much and that we had a money tree in the back yard she wouldn't mind helpin' out while the money tree was in hibernation! Of course, i wanted to use another word too..but I got my point across!

Jennifer - I hope you start feeling better soon.


take DD to lab to have test read
clean up around house
kids to work on 4-H projects when we return
call Mom and Dad and confirm we will be coming down tomorrow to visit w/ them.
Dad is doing much better and I need to get list ready for next doctor visit.. The doctor laughed because mom had each of our questions on color - coded paper so we could all review.. most of the questions were exactly the same but mine were a little more indepth... LOL

Ok, I better get the dishes going and get myself ready for our trip.. Need to get my cameras ready...
Maybe we will stop by target and look for the kids carry-on luggage they want...

rlovew 04-06-2012 12:06 PM

Good Morning!

Big day here today with it being Good Friday.

get things ready for reception after service
finish little touches on PP for tonight's service
baskets out to those who need them
big meal- lamb- DH is smoking it (he forgot to yesterday)
basket for youth on Sunday (done)
work on taxes


Reddy 04-06-2012 12:15 PM

Michelle - I hope the pics come in
Jen - get feeling better - if the headache is above the right it may be alleregies (I always get a headache there when mine act up which they are at this moment)
Nan - I hope the animals pose for pictures for you

I"m home - working on Clarbelle Cow - I'm o the last one for her - just doing 5
got the TnT swap tagged & bagged - ready for mailing on Monday!!!
I'm going to go thur my premade stuff & make a list of what I have & what I need

morgansmom2000 04-06-2012 12:25 PM

:headache: freakin' tax issues! (Not me, for work). I've had it with doublespeak from two people today. I need to go get something greasy for lunch. I hope the mailman comes soon so I can go out!

JohnsonsLoveDisney 04-06-2012 02:01 PM

Good morning ladies!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are hosting dinner so tomorrow will be spent with the others cleaning. I've done my share this week :)

once overed the kitchen already this morning, from my cupcake, cookie, rice crispy treat mess from yesterday

Just going to putter around

need to figure out what all needs to be done tomorrow so it can get done

finalize menu and times to get things in the oven for sunday

dinner- not sure just yet ohh maybe i will cash in pizza night! I added up what we spent in March on eating out and decided that it was way too much!! :scared1: So we are on a pizza night once a week only budget now $15.25 according to DBF, the left over money is going straight into our Disney fund. :woohoo: the sad part is it will cover our hotel and tickets with out a discount. or airfare which is just crazy! Surprisingly the kids are ok with it. I swear they would eat top ramen and pop tarts year round if they could go to Disney. :thumbsup2

disney-akj 04-06-2012 02:23 PM

Pictures arrived and we are out the door!!

Good luck everyone finalizing Easter details :goodvibes

JJ&JHsmom 04-06-2012 04:01 PM

Happy Good Friday!

Michelle, yay for pictures, have a great time at the inlaws!

Jennifer, hope your headache and tax issues go away!

Nan, have fun at the zoo!

Rachal have fun with your Easter prep! I understand about the takeout, we spend way too much!

Boss was nice and gave me the day off today! I have not had the entire Easter weekend off in over 20 years.:cool1:

Julia and I went shopping for an Easter dress. 2 hours later we finally found something age appropriate and that she liked.

Picked up basket things and then headed out to pick out cards for students....3 down just need one more. Having a hard time finding ones that are appropriate.

Julia has dance at 5 and after that we are dropping her at a friends and meeting up with some of our friends for a grown-up night!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!


JohnsonsLoveDisney 04-06-2012 05:38 PM

Cassey, thanks. It was just insane. Doing good so far almost a whole week. I kept pizza night just because Dbf loves pizza. And little ceasers is cheap.

In puttering around, I had the girls clean up the play room. Found the xbox game Dbf "looked for" and took the xbox away till it was found. Now we can have it back and play disneyland and i can work out. I also took all the stashed toys and games out of the closet that we share. it became the catchall during bday party declutter. What a disaster. I reworked the tote system. And now they have till ds falls asleep to finish putting it away. whats left is leaving in trash bags. hopefully this is the end of the playroom war.

Soon as i get it out back in the closet im going to scrap the rest of the day/ night. As a reward for tackling that war zone. :)

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