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Corrine 1973 03-15-2012 06:09 PM

Around the World in 4 days. . .Disney World that is!!
So let me begin at the beginning. You are probably thinking, "Well Duh, where else would you start?" Well that are so many places to start a story. Some will start at an epilogue which is sort of a before the beginning. Some might try to entice a reader to read more by starting with a highly energetic tale and than go back to the beginning. I have decided to start at the beginning, after all it's the very best place to start. :goodvibes

For those of you who I have meet before, I am glad to see you here. It is my hope that you enjoy our time here. For those of you who are new to one of my TR/PTR , Welcome. I hope you enjoy my TR as much as I have enjoyed so many others that I have had the privalage to read. Let me also say that I also have a PTR going for a trip that I am going on next year (you can find a link in my siggy with the number 527 in it) and I hope you come over and say hello there as well. And for all you lurkers out there, don't be afraid to say hello. I promise not to bite.:rolleyes1

My name is Corrine and I am a 38 mother of four. (Did she just reveal her age?:scared1:) I have been a long time fan of Disney for as long as I can remember and joined the Bristol Ren. Faire just so I could have the privlage of wearing a big pretty dress. I had been to Disneyland once as a little girl but never went to WDW. I vowed that one day I would take my kids there, though I assumed that one trip was all I would take. Boy was I wrong.:lmao:

In 2009 my eldest son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and I found out shortly after that he qualified for a Wish Trip. Well of course his wish was to go to WDW (with some coxing from mom) and we had one of the best weeks of our lives. Yes it was hot, yes we had the occasional rain to ruin our plan, yes we had the occasional melt down (and I have a picture of my DD before Storybook Princess Dinning with pink puffy eyes to prove it), but for all of that it was magical.

I was hooked. I wanted to go again as soon as possible. But lets face it, unless I got a really spectacular deal the chance of going again anytime soon was going to be hard. I was in that Disney duldrum stage when I saw a commercial on TV and decided that I was going to make it happen. Now let me tell you just a little bit about me, if I am determined to make something happen. . . I will make it happen.:) That is where I came up with the idea to take my kids sepratly for a special trip with just mommy. That way we could center a trip on what they wanted to do and didn't have arguments about what to do next. (And lets admite it, with 3 boys and 1 girl there is always compaints when it comes to "girly" things.)

So last May I took my eldest DS to WDW. We had a wonderful time and so many memories (Chicken boy TR in the siggy if you want to check it out) but when I got back I went from excitedly writting about my trip to skipping weeks to a month at a time. I needed to find some Disney Magic fast so at the end of last year I started my PTR for the next trip.

That is when I came up with the idea to go on a solo trip in March so I could meet up with some friends that I meet here. And as I said before when I am determined about something, I make it happen. There were some speed bumbs along the way (look out for that tree!!!:scared1:) but I was able to work it out and was at the world from March 7-11th. Well actually 8th-11th since I didn't arrive at my resort until 1:00 am on the 8th.:lmao:

Well that is all for now. I will be back soon to share with you all about my trip alone. I promise that my future posts will be filled with photo's and amazing stories. So pop some popcorn, pull up a seat, and enjoy!:thumbsup2

Corrine 1973 03-15-2012 06:10 PM

Table of Contents:

taraplus2 03-15-2012 08:00 PM

Excited to read....

DMGeurts 03-16-2012 12:27 PM

Totally here Corri! :)


mom2_3girls 03-16-2012 06:26 PM

I'm here too!

Corrine 1973 03-16-2012 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by taraplus2 (Post 44335134)
Excited to read....


Originally Posted by DMGeurts (Post 44340349)
Totally here Corri! :)



Originally Posted by mom2_3girls (Post 44343411)
I'm here too!

Thanks for joining me everyone. I hope I don't bore you to much.:lmao: Sorry there is no update tonight. I took the kids to the movie night at the school and watched Puss n Boots. It was actually pretty cute. I than came home and finished up playing with my PP pics. After I played with them all I have over 100 pics. Alot of them came out really cute while some of them have me vowing to lose some weight before my trip next year. So now that it is in writing I guess I will have to stick to it. I hope to lose at least 40 pounds by next May.:goodvibes Don't let me slip guys. I will have to post this in my PTR as well so you guys will keep me on my toes.:thumbsup2

Oh and talking about PP, there was a slight problem on our Epcot day together D. I sent you a PM through FB.:thumbsup2

I promise to be back soon to enthrall you all with my fabulous tales of WDW.:goodvibes

DMGeurts 03-17-2012 10:55 AM

I know how you feel about the weight loss issue Corri... I feel the exact same way!

I just sent you a message via FB... Hopefully we can figure it out.


mtgirl29 03-17-2012 10:13 PM

Here!!! Cannot wait hear everything!!!!:goodvibes

Corrine 1973 03-18-2012 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by DMGeurts (Post 44348206)
I know how you feel about the weight loss issue Corri... I feel the exact same way!

I just sent you a message via FB... Hopefully we can figure it out.


Yea I am sure that we are not the only ones out there too. If only it was as easy to too loose weight as it talking about it:lmao:. I would have already lost 5 pounds. :rotfl2:


Originally Posted by mtgirl29 (Post 44352684)
Here!!! Cannot wait hear everything!!!!:goodvibes

Yea TK is here. I hope my trip is worthy of you living licariously through. One of these days we are going to have go at the same time (again, but this time we will actually meet.:lmao:)

Corrine 1973 03-18-2012 02:43 PM

So I wish I could tell you that the first day of the trip was full of excitment and Disney Magic. Unfortulatly it really wasn't. But that is not because Disney is not a truely magical place, but because by the time I actually got there it was actually the next day.:lmao:

So our morning went pretty much like any school morning goes. I helped the kids get ready for school, drove them to school, and spent the day hanging out with the boys who are not in school yet. It was a peacefull day, but I must admite that I was near jumping out of my skin. I had a variety of emotions running through me. I was excited to being going to the world, I was sad that I wasn't going to see my kids for a couple of days, and I was trying to tie up a few last thing. One of those things being to buy my son a new suit for his CF event on that Sunday.

The day went in a flash and soon I was on my way to Mid-way airport in Chicago. I only made one stop on the way to get some gum for the plane ride. I knew I could have waited until I got to the airport but I was scared on how expensive it was going to be.:scared1:

I am glad I gave myself some extra time for my plane ride becase the first half of the drive went by in a breeze but than I hit traffic. Traffic that did not let up until I was at the airport. The 1 1/2 hour trip probably took me over 2 hours once everything was said and done. I hate traffic, but I had my Adele CD playing and visions of Disney World dancing in my head.

It was about 6 when I drove into the parking lot that I was going to park at. They grabbed my bag and put it on the bus, I grabbed my carry-on and soon I was on my way to the Airport. I chatted with a man on the bus, he was going to Colorado to visit family. It was only a couple minute trip and we said goodbye and went to check in my bag.

Soon, with boarding pass in hand, I was on my way to the gate when I wanted to see what kind of time I had left. That is when I realized that I forgot my phone in the center counsel of my mini-van. :scared1: (Yea I admite it. I have a mini-van. But with 4 kids what else could I really have.:lmao:) I went to the nearest pay phone and gave the parking lot a call. No problem, they would get it out of my van and meet me out front. So I went to wait for them. When the buss arrived, the driver told me that they couldn't find it so I decided to go back to retrieve it. I had the time after all. When we got back to the lot we were told that they found it and the other bus driver had it, so it was back on the bus to fetch it from the other driver.

Well several minutes later, we were able to track down the other bus and I had my phone in hand. Considering how much I used my phone for this trip I could not have gone without my phone.

So with phone in hand, I again started heading to my gate. It took about 10 min. to get through security but it was rather painless. OK, there was a little pain. Three weeks before the trip I hurt both of my ankles. They were both duing alot better, but still hurt when I turned them the the side. There for when I took off my shoes my ankle were complaining to me.:headache:

At this point it was almost 7 so I knew I had about an 40 minutes for my flight so I went over to McD's to grab a fish sandwich meal. Some how though I had no urge to eat it once I got to my gate. I drank the drink, nibbled on the fries, and ended up putting the rest in my bag for later. It ended up going in the fridge in my room where it stayed until the day I checked out.

Soon it was time to board the plane, I choose the first seat I could next to the window. It really helps my motion sickness to be able to see what is going on and not feel so closed in. The flight was uneventful and we were in MCO sooner than expected. I do remember looking out the window at all the lights below us in the night. It was a very beautiful sight and I wish I had thought to take a picture of it.

It was at MCO that I wish I had brought my suitcase on as a carryon. It took them over 30 min to finally put the luggage on the belt and of course I was one of the last suitcases to come out. It didn't help that we were traveling with a baseball team who all had there own equipment. At one point I even saw a lone baseball that had escaped its confinement.

I than got my bearings and headed to the ME. The directed me right away to a bus (that's right, no line) and I was the first one on. WooHoo. Front seat for me. I started talking to the woman next to me. It was her first trip so I was giving her some pointers that us Diser's all know about. She was from Canada, meeting her family at POR, and they were staying for 3 weeks. I ended up seeing her two other time during my trip. (IT's a small world after all. . .)

It was about 12:30 when the bus finally took off. I had been on the bus for about 45 min praying that we could leave soon so I could get some sleep because I knew it was going to be a busy day. I am sorry there hasn't been any pics until now, I didn't even think about pics due to it being night, I was tiered and by myself. But at this point I dug out my camera.

Mickey decided he need a visit home and hitched a ride with me. I couldn't help but take his picture.

The trip was quite since we were all tiered and we all were watching the video. But than came one of the best sights that made me smile from ear to ear.

Yea I know it isn't the best pic. But it was now officiall. I was at Walt Disney World.:cloud9:

The bus was dropping off for 3 resorts and mine was the second stop. So in no time I was checking in and heading to my room.

I was assigned room 3115 which was a very nice room. It was close to the main building (but than what room isn't at POFQ) and I lucked out and got a cornor room that had two window. Here are a couple of pics (yea even as tierd as I was I remember pics.:lmao:

My fist Mickey Towel anilmal.:sad1:

I quickly unpacked my things, got on my mickey pj's and was snuggled in my king sized bed. Soon I was dreaming away with thoughts of Epcot swirling in my head.:love:

Lidian 03-18-2012 10:41 PM

I'm here! :goodvibes Can't wait to hear all about your adventures after I left. :thumbsup2

DMGeurts 03-19-2012 07:50 AM

Yay!! Great update Corri! Your room looks awesome... I could have used a bed like that for myself on the trip. :)


Corrine 1973 03-19-2012 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by Lidian (Post 44361590)
I'm here! :goodvibes Can't wait to hear all about your adventures after I left. :thumbsup2

Yea Liddy is here!!!! :banana::banana::banana: It was great to finally meet you, the family, and the boys during our trips.


Originally Posted by DMGeurts (Post 44363204)
Yay!! Great update Corri! Your room looks awesome... I could have used a bed like that for myself on the trip. :)


Thanks D,

I loved the room. I am thinking that if my friend backs out of the trip next year that I will be wanting a room with a King Sized bed. I know my DD, and being away from home she will want to sleep with her mommy.

Hopefully someday our DD's will get to meet, because I am sure that Mia would love your girls.:thumbsup2

So I just realized an intresting fact about my WDW trip. At least one day of all three of my trip I have have spent a big portion of that day with a family I have meet here on the Dis. How strange is that?:lmao:

Corrine 1973 03-19-2012 10:45 AM

So I woke up bright an early that next morning. I was tierd but have to admite that I would not have been able to sleep any more even if I wanted to. I was at WDW and was ready to enjoy some of that Disney Magic that I had been crazing for months.

I took a shower, got dressed, did my hair, did my makeup, and was soon out the door for some breakfast. There was nothing on the screens for the menus so I was a little confused on what I could order.:confused3 I ended up buying a bowl of fruit, a yogurt and getting my reusable mug. I must admite that I was upset that it looked like the same mug as last year, I thought they changed the jug every year.:confused3 Oh well, I ended up getting the black one since I have a pink and blue one at home.

I filled up my mug and headed back to my room. I than texted D, sat in my bed watching Stacey, and started eating my fruit. I ate all of it because I knew I needed the calories, but I must admite the melons seem a little underripe and flavorless. Loved the grapes though. By the time I was finished with my breakfast it was almost 8 am so I texted D to ask her what room she was in, made sure everything I needed was in my bag, and headed out the door to building 6.

Within just a couple of minutes I found myself in front of building 6. Just in time to get the text from D telling me what room she was in and asking if I was almost ready. I answered that question by knocking on there door. Now I am not the one to normally bug people I have only meet online at there room, but I had some fabric for D that I wanted to make sure she got and something else.:rolleyes1

The akwardness I felt on showing up at an almost strangers room was quickly put to rest when I was welcomed to the room with giant hugs by D and her DD's. I welcomed almost as part of the family and immidiatly was put at ease.:love:

Soon we were out the door and heading to the busses at Epcot.:thumbsup2

Goodness, another update with out pics.:scared1: I hope I am not scaring everyone away with my long winded posts and little pics. I promise that once I am at the parks the pics will pick up.:thumbsup2

I finished doing my PP's the other day, but since I went in with a group of poeple I will not be able to get them for awhile and will post those pics probably at the end. Hey it gives you something to look foward to at the end.:goodvibes

oopsiDAISY 03-19-2012 12:09 PM

WHEW- I am late, but I made it! :cool1: Great TR so far, Corri! :thumbsup2 Can't wait to see your story unfold! It was great meeting you all. I wish we hadn't all be so dang tired! :lmao: There MUST be a "next time" when I can spend more time with all of you....:wizard:

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