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Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:04 PM

We're POR transplants hooked on POLY now!
Ok so those who will read this it is my first report I have done so be gentle.

A lil background on our trip:

- Well we had originally booked a Royal Themed River View Room at Port Orleans that was under refurbishment, and should have been completed on the 17th of February 2012. They however fell behind and then pushed the estimated date back to the 9th of March. So Disney being ultra-nice and considerate sent some pixie dust our way and we got upgraded to Theme Park View at the Polynesian. Time went by until our check in date. The 24th of Feb, and we flew in arrived at approximately 2 pm and proceeded to check in, where as we got off the bus and instantly were greeted by a check in CM who asked us some basic questions and after grabbing our carry ons, we went to check in. After stepping in, he processed our check in very fast and when asked he arranged for a microwave for our room and then told me the bad news, well kind of bad news. We had asked for Hawaii Building on the phone and after speaking with a CM on the phone and they were aware of us being moved there and the reasons, they told us that we could have it. But how ever we were put in Tuvalu building, room 3414 which is in the pics you will see later. Not complaining, we were in the poly with a view of the castle every time we were in the room.

There are negatives I didn't like in the room. Well actually it was the balcony mostly, it had spider webs everywhere on the balcony like the place hadn't been used in years. the entire time there they didn't clean them and we mentioned several times about them. The laundry facilities are all the way by the Neverland club. Yeah there is only one spot where you can do them yourself. If you don't mind some stranger handling your underclothes and stuff and paying them to do it. Then there is a laundry service which is explained on a card in the room with prices. Also just added, the drain in the tub was very slow flowing. If you took a bath in it, it would take almost an hour to drain all the way down.

Post check in:

- After we had dropped off our items, did some basic setup of room, all within 20 minutes, we opened our balcony on the third floor and stepped out and took in the view. Deep breath and wow, it was beautiful. Within ten minutes of setting the room up we get a knock, microwave. Then five minutes after that we get another knock, luggage showed up. Wow these CMs are fast. So pleased with the room and service so far we ventured down to the Dole whip machine and then to the buses where we decided to go to downtown Disney and do some site seeing and shopping right before our dinner reservation at T-Rex at 630pm. We went on up to the Rex counter and proceeded to check in. Host at the counter said, I don’t see you. I said I know we have a reservation I even have the confirmation number right here. He asked if we had went through Disney or called directly, we had called them directly. But none the less he still honored it. Set us up in the Ice Cave section which was cool, because before we had eaten there loved that section. Well afterwards, browsed DTD World of Disney Store, Then took a brief look through the new Lego store, and on to the boats to POR.
After arriving at POR, my fiancé and her daughter went to the gift shop and I went on another mission. To the Oak Building, aka, the first building to be scheduled for refurb of the royal rooms. Well approaching the building I put my phone on vibrate, and noticed the, “Please pardon our dust, we in the process of making more pixie dust for future guests”, signs. So I do the deviant thing and walk past them. I then proceeded to the first floor rooms where some lights were left on and no curtains up on the windows. Took a few photos, and then walked on. After walking almost the whole bottom floor, there was only the new rug applied to the bottom floor rooms, other than that they were bare. In fact some rooms were not even finished with deconstruction. So I took the stairs and went to the second floor. More progress there, by adding mattresses, light fixtures, and some bathroom fixtures to the process. So after taking shots of that, I moved up to the third floor, now this is where the majority of the work has been done. They wanted to keep this from the prying eyes as long as possible. They had most everything done but no sheets on bed, chairs and stool still wrapped in protection, and no electronics yet, oh and some pictures not yet on the wall. But the neat head boards were in place. So after getting a call from my fiancé to hurry up and get out of there and taking shots of the rooms. I hurried down the back stairs and raced to the path nearly getting caught by a roving grounds CM. Then we grabbed a bus to MK and monorail to poly and called it a night just in time to see the wishes fireworks.

Ok here is where I break the trip down:
This is how the week went.

Day 1 Feb 24th: Arrive @ the POLY and then down to DTD and T-Rex for dinner.
Day 2 Feb 25th: Magic Kingdom Day and Wishes from our Hotel Balcony
Day 3 Feb 26th: Epcot Day
Day 4 Feb 27th: Hollywood Studios, Hotel Hop to GF and Lapu Lapu drinks back at the POLY afterwards.
Day 5 Feb 28th: Epcot Day
Day 6 Feb 29th: Hollywood Studios, Beaches and Cream at Beach Club, and DTD Shopping.
Day 7 Mar 1st: SeaWorld with our Platinum Passes and DTD afterwards.
Day 8 Mar 2nd: Animal Kingdom til 1pm, Magic Kingdom til 9pm, and then Epcot til Midnight.
Day 9 Mar 3rd: Leaving the Poly :( for home. But not before taking our time leaving the room with a 1pm checkout time and dragging butt walking around shopping at the Poly Stores.

If you have any tips or questions post and I will edit this thread as needed.
Below are the pics to start. I have thousands of photos, so if you want particular shots ill see what I can come up with.

Views of room and view from balcony, warning these are big when you click on them:

View from Balcony -

Room Views:

Shots of the 24th:

POR Rooms still undergoing construction as of Feb 24th 2012.

3rd floor rooms...

Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:11 PM

Photos of the first full day there.
First photo is of a Jessie Doll. I think it to be way creepy to have in a room if the lights are out. Id be scared to go to sleep near.

Here are the rest:
Panoramic shots 1st

View from Balcony

View at the lake right below our balcony

For those of you that smoke there are smoking areas outside the ends of the longhouses on the stairs:

Shots of the wedding expansion over at the GF (Beginning March 2nd and no definite stop date the monorail will be closed between 11:30am and 6pm) Something to do with the crane equipment they have over there coming close to the monorail's electrical lines on the track:

Magic Kingdom Random Shots: Ate lunch at Liberty Tavern and Dinner at Crystal Palace

Haunted Mansion was refurbed??? When? There was this whole add on now to the wait line where you can go through the graveyard! I have more shots of this area so just ask.

Had to do this shot its mandatory lol:

Wishes from the balcony in Tuvalu 3rd floor room 3414:

jennyjinx3 03-05-2012 03:13 PM

Nice pics of your room at the Poly, can't wait till September!

Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:13 PM

Here are the pics for Feb 26th, keep in mind if you want to see more of certain areas of my day I most likely have more shots, just ask!

Started of our day taking MK Monorail to TTC and hoping the Orange Mono to Epcot

Went strait to our lunch reservations at Le Cellier at 11:30

I had the Filet Mignon but for desert I got the Moose!

Then we walked off our lunch til we got to the back boat dock so we could take it over to the front, we had a Behind the Seeds Tour scheduled.

Here is a panoramic shot from that dock of World Showcase looking towards Spaceship Earth.

Made a quick stop in can you guess this place?

The Behind the Seeds Tour in Epcot

Hidden Mickeys are everywhere and these ones following cant be seen bye the boats on Living with the Land

But these ones can be seen by the boats

Then we went back on rides for a bit Soaring, Test track, Mission Space Extreme, Went into the innovation buildings and explored, definitely recommend to others to do this. Then went back into world show case, to England area.

Then Fiance tried on the costume jewelery version of Kate's/Diana's Ring

Then took these last shots as it got dark before leaving

As we were leaving we decided to ride Test Track here is the video at night:

Got back to the room to find this...

Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:14 PM

Pics for Feb 27th.
Headed to the Hollywood Studios

Ate Lunch at SciFi Drive-In Theater then went to the Muppets Show Area and found this Hidden Mickey

Then if you go into the Muppet Theather look at the ticket counter youll see this sign

Then look down right in front of this counter and youll see the mat. Lift it to reveal this...

Just outside the Muppet Theater there are these giant icecream sundays on the fence, the one closest is full, but look down the wall and youll see another one, but its been eaten.

Walked around it and back to the character meet that was over there around the corner from the behind the scenes tour entrance and saw this door

Here is the smaller door there.

Then went and on this ride a few times...

Where I got greeted by this creepy bell hop.

Inside here is another Hidden Mickey

Then after dark and we ate at 50s Primetime for dinner we left and went and explored Grand Floridian and listened to the musicians there.

Then here came the real fun, but the one in front of the little one was a virgin one with juice in it I am not that irresponsible, lol.

After consuming a few I took a random shot of my LGMH

Then stumbled, not really, back to the room. Ohh no wet floors!!!

jennyjinx3 03-05-2012 03:14 PM

I see your ticker...did you book a bounceback while you were there? You did fall in love:love:

Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:15 PM

Pics for Feb 28th.
Well another Epcot Day, but a late start. Went back to Epcot for Lunch at Le Cellier at 11:30 again. We really love that place!

To Start of the day a few Trade Mark shots of Spaceship Earth.

I love these fountains when they are doing water fireworks.

Stole some soda from here: (Love the China Flavor)

They were setting up some Flower Sculptures for the upcoming festival.

Flowers I took shots of outside the Mexican Restaurant.

Went back to the Crystal Shop Back Near Norway area. (This Castle had a pricetag of 35K+) We also got our little one a real princess tiara there.

I wanted to try my Miniature effect on their train sets back there near the norway shop.

Waiting to ride the boat back up to play on Test Track before Dinner.

Hidden Mickey? IDK if it is... Look in the pencil holder.

Dinner at Rose and Crown with friends from Orlando.

Panoramic Shot at Rose and Crown:

Then Rushing to get into line I was bored at Soaring while waiting yes waiting in the Fast Pass Line.

When we got back to the room that night Mousekeeping was cleaver!

Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:18 PM

Pics for Feb 29th (Leap Year Day).
Well another Hollywood Studios Day. On the way out we snapped a shot of the hidden, well not really hidden Mickey, right in the entrance of the GCH.

Saw the behind Walt exhibit where they have a replica set of Walt's Office

In the Exhibit they had a prop from my favorite Disney movie: TRON

Love the Street Shows

There was this awesome golf cart, I want one so bad.

After riding the tower and star wars, we decided to head to Beach Club for a try at the Kitchen Sink. We Failed!
Saw a bald eagle just chilling while taking a boat from HS to BC.

We only managed to eat half.

After leaving the Beach Club we headed to DTD, this was the face of our bus driver the whole time. (Not trying to offend anyone.)

On the way back to the hotel to catch the monorail, I had to snap a shot of the date on the bus.

Riding the Monorail around that night to MK for the all nighter.

Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:20 PM

Pics for March 1st (SeaWorld Day).

Started the day off with Breakfast at Ohana.

Then caught a bud to DTD to pick up a taxi closer to Seaworld save a lil bit right.

Saw a very nice flower garden I would like to reproduce.


Panoramic of the Whale and Dolphin Stadium

Fed the Dolphins.

Dinner at Capt. Cooks

Got back to the room and Mouse Keeping didn't do any towel animals, but did this.

Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:21 PM

Pics for March 2nd Report (Part 1).
Animal Kingdom

We just went strait for the Jungle Safari Ride.

It was funny when we got to this part some little girl asked her mom what these birds were doing, I popped up and said, "Waiting".

Wrapping up AK to move on to MK, we ate at Rain Forest Cafe before leaving. Sat next to the gorillas.

MK until Closing

Right next to the Dole Whip Stand in MK, by the Tree House there is a little hidden eating area where I believe I found a hidden mickey. Its not near parade routes, so it cant be confetti, but it is in a rather difficult spot to get it to but here it is. Up on one of the Glass sections of the roof.

Took my first ride on the Astro Orbiter

Took a ride on the Jungle River Cruise right before getting kicked out.

Continued on the next post...

Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:22 PM

Pics for March 2nd Report (Part 2).

River Cruise Continued...

Leaving to head to the main entrance

Here is the view as we took the Big River Boat to TTC to catch the Monorail to Epcot.

Epcot til Midnight...

Rode Test Track til we were bored of it...

Found the ever so elusive talking trash can in the electric umbrella.

Venomhatch 03-05-2012 03:42 PM

Pics for March 3rd Report.
Last pics of Disney World before leaving...
Panoramic Shots:

Good Bye room...

Returning home...

The End... :(


Originally Posted by jennyjinx3 (Post 44232699)
Nice pics of your room at the Poly, can't wait till September!


Originally Posted by jennyjinx3 (Post 44232720)
I see your ticker...did you book a bounceback while you were there? You did fall in love:love:

Why thank you for the compliments... Yeah we have discussed going back and yes we are taking advantage of the bounce back offer. Yes we did get bit by the Poly bug.

teentoddlermom 03-05-2012 05:26 PM

Hi and thanks!
Looking forward to reading your report, I had been taking notes from all your posts on the POR thread. Our paths crossed last week. I loved my first trip to POR, and hope you liked Poly! Another resort I haven't tried yet.:)

HiHoOffWeGo 03-05-2012 05:26 PM

Great beginning report! Can't wait for more.

Backstage_Gal 03-05-2012 06:37 PM

Hi Venomhatch, great start. You know I'll be reading along. Kind of sad that you won't be staying in a Royal Room next year though. Dedication ceremony is set for this Friday afternoon!

Forgot to add, I always suspected it was you who took the spy pics, LOL

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