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Tiggerlover91 01-11-2012 12:15 AM

The "Official" June 2013 Thread...we're almost there!!!!!!!
I hope this is okay....I started a thread for our June 2013 Disney travelers! :goodvibes

I know we won't be busy for awhile, but I hope someone will join me and keep me company. ***We are busy now!!!!!**** :thumbsup2:cool1:

Leave your dates and resort and I'll post it! :thumbsup2

ravensterling3~~June 1st-June 6th~~POFQ
ericaluvsdisney~~June 1st-June 8th~~WL
sydneysmom~~June 1st-June 8th~~GF
MrsMommaRN~~June 1st-June 8th~~
Djjsperry~~June 1st-June 8th~~BCV
kirkaliciasmom~~June 1st-June 8th~~BCV/June 8th-June 11th~~AKV Jambo House
jce2~~June 1st-June 11th~~SoG
BearWater~~June 2nd-June 6th~~
nicjude~~June 2nd-June 7th~~AoA
3lilmousekateers~~June 2nd-June 8th~~AoA
amyz00~~June 2nd-June 9th~~ASMu Suites
magrudersmakes3~~June 2nd-June 9th~~BLT
jackemail~~June 2nd-June 9th~~WL/Boardwalk
tianna26~~June 2nd-June 11th~~AoA
michygoomy~~June 2nd-June 14th~~CON/AoA
MHTeacher~~June 3rd-June 10th~~PoP
tclauderdale~~June 4th-June 15th~~ASMu
PlutoJenn~~June 5th-June 13th~~CSR/AKL
casualgeek~~June 5th-June 14th~~CSR
bigbabyblues~~June 5th-June 14th~~CBR
dutchdisneyfamily~~June 6th-June 14th~~POR
Albert.A.Walls~~June 6th-June 15th~~POFQ
micheletenor~~June 7th-June 14th~~POR
mikscrap~~June 7th-June 14th~~OKW or AKL
flea1267~~June 7th-June 14th~~AoA
dmiller64152~~June 7th-June 15th~~CBR
mommytoxzande~~June 7th-15th~~WL or AK Jambo House
BigDaddyWill~~June 7th-June 16th~~POR
softballmom3~~June 8th-June 13th~~WL
debjk4~~June 8th-June 15th~~CSR
GoofyMomInOhio~~June 8th-June 16th~~POR
nursie~~June 8th-June 15th~~OKW June 15th-June 22nd~~BWV June 22nd-June 29th~~OKW
SDFgirl~~June 8th(7 or 8 days)~~AoA/Wilderness Lodge
havinfun~~June 9th-June 14th~~CS
cindymindy~~June 9th-June 15th~~PoP
Ahenderson070911~~June 9th-June 17th~~POR
letthewookiewin~~June 10th-June 13th~~CR
mobtown7~~June 10th-June 16th~~POR
KatieKat~~June 12th-June 15th~~BC or YC
gjl~~June 12th-June 20th~~Poly
WildabouttheMouse~~June 13th-June 20th~~Boardwalk Villas
NicPie~~June 14th-June 22nd~~CBR
figmentswife~~June 14th-June 22nd~~POP/Swan
ssmerdel~~June 14th-June 28th~~BCV/BLT
VACamm~~June 15th-June 22nd~~CSR or POR
ffcheff~~June 15th-June 22nd~~BLT
Missytara~~June 15th-June 22nd~~POR
MelMel11~~June 15th-June 22nd~~FW
AlohaAnnie~~June 16th-June 22nd~~BCV June 22nd-June 28th~~BLT
AStarOnMars~~June 17th-June 28th~~CSR
Mickeyfan333~June 18th-June 22nd~~BC
dd53~~June 18th-27th~~POR
DaughterOfTritan~~June 22nd-June 30th~~POR
shine87~~June 22nd-July 1st~~AoA or POR
CoachBagFanatic~~June 23rd-June 25th~~GF and June 25th-June 30th~~Poly
JennyWren~~June 24th-July1st~~ASMu
The Fox Menagerie~~June 25th-July 1~~Poly
anjalee6~~June 27th-June 30th~~POFQ
Ctownminnie~~June 30th-July 6th~~ASMu

shine87 01-11-2012 11:44 PM

Oh Hurray for Junies!!! I will hopefully be going June 22-July 1st. My original plan was to stay at either AOA or POR but my best friend might be joining us again :cool1: But we learned from last years trip that we'll need 2 rooms this time and unless we can get a good deal we'll be staying at ASMo, Im so excited I can hardly wait!

Tiggerlover91 01-12-2012 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by shine87 (Post 43708330)
Oh Hurray for Junies!!! I will hopefully be going June 22-July 1st. My original plan was to stay at either AOA or POR but my best friend might be joining us again :cool1: But we learned from last years trip that we'll need 2 rooms this time and unless we can get a good deal we'll be staying at ASMo, Im so excited I can hardly wait!

I've got you added! Thanks for joining me! :hug:

Well as you see I'm going big on my trip....AKL. I'm a FL resident so that alone allows me to even look at a deluxe for our family. Without that, we wouldn't be able to do it. We've always done the values...before my hubby got out of the military, we did SOG. (THAT was FABULOUS!!) I LOVE the values! I'm only in my room to sleep and shower anyway, but I think, I'd like to have a little pool time this time around and enjoy the animals when we're NOT at AK. :goodvibes

Tiggerlover91 06-01-2012 04:43 PM


anjalee6 06-03-2012 04:29 PM

I don't know our exact dates yet, but we are going on a cruise June 30- July 4 and we are looking at doing Disney before our Dream cruise.

kopitedor 06-05-2012 07:30 AM

coming back to Disney in July 2013 stayed at POP 2008 and at POR in 2010 and 2011 will be coming back and going to Disney's Caribean Beach or Disney Coronado Springs July 27 for 14 night's any help with picking the best one to stay at let me no:: up date we are still coming back in 2013 but will be at POR we just love it there so were coming home :) some photos from are 2011 trip

SDFgirl 06-14-2012 10:53 PM

Planning to leave the DAY AFTER school lets out for the year (I'm a teacher)!! :woohoo::woohoo: We are planning on June 8th for 7 or 8 nights.

My oldest DD loves the pictures of AoA, and I've ALWAYS wanted to stay at Wilderness Lodge. So, I'm going to try for a split stay between the two.

dd53 06-18-2012 05:33 PM

June 18-27th POR Can't wait!!!!!

Missytara 06-19-2012 01:54 PM

June 15th through June 22nd; POR.

My first time in the summer; I always go the week after Thanksgiving.

I am taking a friend who is a server at my favorite watering hole; who asked me to put together a trip to celebrate her daughter's graduation from HS. We have been talking about this for a year.

It will be her daughter; daughter's friend; son; and son's friend in one room and myself, her and her friend in the other room.

We talked Saturday and I said, can you believe it, this time next year, we will be getting on the ME bus to get to our resort..... tears ensued all around.

Tiggerlover91 06-22-2012 06:20 PM

:wave: Welcome to the new members! I added you! Thanks for stopping in! :woohoo:

Tinker_Tam 06-22-2012 07:04 PM

Can I cautiously join? We are hoping to go early June but don't have exact dates yet. We have to wait to see when DD gets out of school. I get so worried that something will come up and keep us from going though.

We will be at POP. That is where we stayed on our other trip and LOVED it!!!!!! Great with our young kids!

Tiggerlover91 06-22-2012 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by Tinker_Tam (Post 45262335)
Can I cautiously join?


AStarOnMars 06-23-2012 11:29 PM

Reporting for duty ;) We are heading to WDW June 2013 ... Still have not picked a resort but leaning towards CSR from the 17th to 28th :scratchin

wdwnut61 06-24-2012 12:51 PM

We are in the process of planning our next trip to celebrate DD's High School graduation. Our tentative dates are May 24th-June 9th still not sure about the resort.

We were just there June 7 -17 and had a wonderful time. DD loves SWW so we knew we wanted to return during that time.

Looking forward to hearing everyones plans :goodvibes

mobtown7 06-26-2012 05:02 PM

First Disney Trip!
Planning our first Disney trip for June 2013! So excited I can hardly wait for some rates to come out!

Plans as of right now are June 10 - June 16 at POR.


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