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crabbie1 01-10-2012 10:57 AM

When can i ajust my booking?
As new members We still hv a lot to learn. We hv a reservation for VWL studio from 17 th aug -22nd then a one bedroom from the 26 th- 31 st sept.
We would like to change our first 5 nights to a studio at BWV or BLT . When can i do this and can i do it in one go or day by day?
Also i wanted to add the qsdp or ddp and wondered if i had to pay for this now if booked or can it be added at a later date. Also anyone know what areas to choose as not stayed at any of the above resorts before

wilma-bride 01-10-2012 12:49 PM

You can book at your home resort 11 months in advance, for a period of 7 days from check in date, so today you could book for arrivals on 10th August for 7 nights or less.

You can book at other resorts 7 months in advance, again for a period of 7 days from check in. So, for example, to switch your VWL booking for August, you can phone on 17th January and will be able to book all 5 nights, if they are available, in one go.

You can add the Dining Plan up to 72 hours before arrival and, yes, I believe you now need to pay for it when you book. It used to be the case that it was paid on check-in but that changed last year.

As far as what areas to request, it really depends what category you will be trying to book.

ETA: We have stayed twice at BWV (both times in Standard view). Las time, we had room 1125 (studio) which was a great location. We literally turned left out of our room, went out of a door and were on the walkway to Hollywood Studios. Out of our room, turn right, out a door and we were at the quiet pool. The first time we stayed at BWV, we also had a standard view studio and were in a room very close to the lifts (can't remember what number) which was also a good location since we spent a lot of our time on that trip in my very favourite place on property (outside the parks), the Belle Vue Lounge :thumbsup2

Can't help with BLT, I'm afraid - we have only stayed there once and that was a MK view Grand Villa (which, by the way, I can highly recommend ;))

crabbie1 01-10-2012 05:17 PM

Thankyou tht helps a lot. We hv enough points to rent a one bed at the first resort as they gave us pointa for the whole use year which for us is june. Me and DB wanted to save a few to go back for a week in dec kid free:lmao:We prefer the BW and not bothered abt view really but then it wld b nice to try BLT. Need to look into room sizes of the studios.
Lovw Akl and OKW which I know are the biggest but wanted to try other resorts. Will ring on the 17 th see what they hv left. At least we hv our hone resort booked which we hv never stayed at:lovestruc but has always been my dream resort.:thumbsup2 do u know if we can do qsdp as dvc members or just reg ddp and deluxe?

Elise79 01-12-2012 08:13 AM

You can add any dining plan however if you are going back in December you may be better off with a TIW card.

If you PM your email address I will send you over the DVC dining brochures which have the prices on them for the plans.

I don't think you will find any good value for money.

We have stayed at BLT and BWV.We have a had standard view at BLT but I would think that will be a waitlist situation at 7 months (LV should be available) however the studios are small and I wouldn't want to have to use the sofa bed as there is only about 1ft to 18" between that and the queen bed.

BWV we had a garden view and it was nice looking over the quiet pool towards the swan. Only ever had a one bedroom there so not sure on the studio size.

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