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PrincessNancy96 12-13-2011 04:51 PM

2012 Annual Scrapbook Challenge: Jan-Dec totals added
Happy 2012!! Please feel free to post the total pages you wish to scrap for the year and any goals you wish to accomplish in this thread!!

2011 thread:

2010 thread:

2009 thread:

2008 thread:

2007 thread:

Please remember, this in NO way replaces the monthly challenges! They are essential to keeping us motivated, and they are FUN!! Plus they keep us supporting each other as a group! This just gives a focus on the annual numbers.

2007 Total: 12,791

2008 Total: 14,208

2009 Total: 12,025

2010 Total: 8814

Total for 2011: 10,289

Total pages completed since beginning challenges 58,127

Total for 2012 so far:
January 2012: 1106
February 2012: 728
March 2012: 901
April 2012: 833
May 2012: 905
June 2012: 818
July 2012: 877
August 2012: 764
September 2012: 748
October 2012: 486
November 2012: 650
December 2012: 446

Total so far for 2012 all year: 9262

When you meet your goal, we will change your font color to this! :banana:

Individual Totals: Ace (1-10 pages):

1grumpy9 - 1
babyblueeyes - 1
madilynnsmommys - 3
blmcdowell - 3
ckmom97 - 4
jacksmomma - 5
kellymb - 5
catinthehat - 6
ohiopugmom - 7
ToTLaugher - 9 & Pixel POWER (11-24 pages):

tropical wilds - 13
PollyannaMom - 14
platypus - 16
lorAbill - 19
chicago262- 19
hopemax - 20
scnrc00 - 21 Kickin' (25-50 pages):

Spinning - 25
paul_toria96 - 43
bigsis1970 - 45
my sister's princess - 49
ImDMous - 49
daisyduck49 - 50 Expert (51-74 pages):

newtexan - 59
mbim - 60
urbkols -63
fireplug - 74 Champion (75-99 pages):

MDD - 80
joyah - 85
cluvdisney - 92 Memory Preserver (100-199 pages):

pjlla - 103
lm3ks- 104
momabaarjo - 112
laura&fam - 120
JandJ - 129
LTM - 132
mazdaUK - 137
dsneygirl - 141
Nutz4Dizney - 144
forever a princess - 151
mantaz - 190
MM2000 - 197 Maven (200-299 pages):

nikkistevej - 207
rlovew - 212
AR - 228
tpaetz - 255
BAMB - 258
jld - 286
lynner - 298
disney_akj - 299 Genius (300-399 pages):

jjandjh'smom -369 Phenom (400-499 pages):

poppins2000 - 425
lindababe- 451 Scrapper (500-599 pages):

wdwm - 522
PN96 - 538
m2mrb - 540
SIOH - 598 Success (600-699 pages):' Princess/Prince (700-799 pages):' Diva (800-899 pages): Til You Drop (900-999 pages):' Queen/King (1000-1099 pages):

reddy - 1001

Individual GOALS Totals:
Adhesive Ace (1-10 pages):

Paper & Pixel POWER (11-24 pages):

Sticker Kickin' (25-50 pages):

Embellishment Expert (51-74 pages):

Crop Champion (75-99 pages):

Priceless Memory Preserver (100-199 pages):


Memories Maven (200-299 pages):

reddy --- Meet Goal

Journaling Genius (300-399 pages):


Photo Phenom (400-499 pages):


Master Scrapper (500-599 pages):


Scraptacular Success (600-699 pages):

Scrappin' Princess/Prince (700-799 pages):


Scrappin' Diva (800-899 pages):


Crop Til You Drop (900-999 pages):

Croppin' Queen/King (1000-1099 pages):

rlovew 12-28-2011 06:43 PM

Well I will start off posting my goals for the year:

General Scrapping:
Pages: 366- I for each day of the year.- 104 done
Cards: 120- I am going to try for 10 a month- January will be Thank Yous for Christmas gifts- 7 done
Swaps: Only items I have a specific and immeadiate use for and gifts

Projects to finish:
Fairy Tale books for nieces/nephews
Beautiful Album- Done
Others to be added as I find half done projects as I organize
Completed Pages in albums (even if the album isn't finished)
Cross Stitch Stocking

Albums I am Working on:
10th Anniversary
Larry's Graduation (2 -1 for his mom and 1 for us)- started and well through MIL's album, have done some pages of mine
Park Albums
Character Album
Food and Wine Album- layouts done need to put in an album

Redo scraproom set-up (January)done
Find a way to keep putting things away
Work room by room through the house and throw/give away 1/10 items
1st room: Living room (February)
Get the last of my school supplies organized in the garage (Finish in January)done!!!!!

I will only buy scrap items that I have a specific and immeadiate use for
Carts- New Testament (when it gets to a reasonable price) and others only if they have a specific purpose and I have a list of at least 10 cuts I will be using off the cart

Exercise 4 time/week
Wii Fit measurement 6/week
begin wearing make-up
at least 8 servings of vegies daily
at least 2 whole grains daily

That is all for now but I am sure I will have more to add.


PrincessNancy96 12-30-2011 06:42 PM

Rebecca, sorry I stole your layout for this.. it looked great and allowed me to break everything down!

Well I will start off posting my goals for the year:

General Scrapping:
Pages: 800+ :this can be done with the number of things that need done by May15th.
Swaps: None, will angel but I have so much that needs done to prep for Graduation, Vacation, and most importantly more time for my family.

Projects to finish:
Disney 2008 trip Done 1/24
Order DD's 2010 fall break trip Done & ordered 1/24
DD's baby book: Jan Done & ordered 1/24
DD's lyric book for graduation : Feb
DD's sports book: Feb
DD's life book current: Mar
DD's school book: May (minus graduation that will be added in July)
DD's 4-H book current for graduation and then finish her 10th year: August
DD's Senior scrapbook : Apr
3 boards for DD's graduation party Apr
DD's power point video for graduation: May
get older photos put into their perspective albums
complete PJ's t-shirt quilt for graduation (need to start cutting shirts by end of Jan. Mom is gonna sew the pieces together for me...)

Albums I am Working on:
Family 2012 - 365 style
Keep DS11's sports, life, 4-H and school books current
Keep DS15's sports, life, 4-H and school books current
2010 Disney book (goal to be done by Oct)
Start 2012 Disney trip in September

Finish remodeling upstairs before May 15th.
Jan/Feb: DS15's room working on.. 1/3 done
Feb/Mar: DD's room
Last weekend in Mar: paint kitchen/DR
Apr: DS11's room (want this done in 1 week: spring break)
May: update bathroom: Disney Style

I will only buy scrap items that I have a specific and immediate use for
Start buying stuff for DD's college each month
Only shop from list.. if it's not on the list it's evidently not something we have an immediate need for
Order 365 pages I want (BH –March)

Exercise 3 time/week
Pay off 3 CCs (they are small balances just need to get it done) 1 done
Purchase new car before vacation
Date night 1 day/night a month w/ DH
Each week spend 1 day/night one on one with each child

I will keep adding to this because I know there is more....

Reddy 12-30-2011 06:58 PM

I'm stealing too - you really did great

General Scrapping:
Pages: 250 - wanting to make better family pages instead of just hurrying & getting them done quickly
Cards: not sure - I'm really not a card person but I may make a few for fun
Swaps: Big theme park ones - I'm going to make 2 sets of books for the 2013 trip - one for home & another set for boys to take to group home with them.

Projects to finish:
don't really have any at this moment

Albums I am Working on:
Park Albums
Character Album
tubing/girls weekend fun books for friends

Redo scraparea set-up (January)
Find a way to keep putting things away
Work room by room through the house - work on cluttering/fixing up
1st room: Living room (February/maybe January)

I will only buy scrap items that I have a specific and immeadiate use for
Carts- only if they have a specific purpose and I have a list of at least 10 cuts I will be using off the cart if I can't make them myself in inkscape (can't do exact but maybe something that would work better)

Exercise 5 time/week
3 times lifting with DH
Atkins diet with only 2 "fun" days per month

That is all for now but I am sure I will have more to add.


JJ&JHsmom 12-30-2011 07:51 PM

I am stealing too! I like the way Rebecca laid this out.

General Scrapping:
Pages: 400 at least, but I want to be current.
Swaps: Only items I have a specific use for and gifts.

Projects to finish:
finish painting shelves for bookcase
clean and organize DD's room

Albums I am Working on:
DS everday album
DD school album
DD Everday album

reorganize DS's room, he has torn it apart!Done!
organize paper and embellies, can't find anything Done!
Buy something to hold swap pieces, I can't stand the boxes everywhere anymore! still looking

Need to get better at grocery shopping weekly again, too much take out the past months. getting better but still need to work on it
Only buy scrap items I need, I need to work down some of this stash.
Carts, only if it is a good price and I will use it frequently.

Excercise daily and eat healthier, I need to work off 15 more pounds and I will be happy with myself. down 5 more pounds
Try to be less stressed, changing jobs is going to help in this area more than anything.
Pay off cc, we have one left and I will get it paid off by the end of the year.
Spend more time with DH. If I can get him to come home!

I will be adding to this for sure as the year progresses.


StitchIsOurHero 12-30-2011 09:23 PM

Ok, here we go! I'm going to keep the same format, too!

General Scrapping:

732 pages (2 per day)
No swaps (I have tons of stuff! I need to use it up!)


Get DS's age 2 - 3 book finished--DONE
Catch up his age 3-4 book & keep current--caught up!
Finish April 2011 Disney album
Start and finish June 2012 Universal/WDW trip book
Keep 2012 Project Life book up to date
Start a family album for 2012 & keep up to date


OrganiZe DS's toys to try to keep them better picked up
Keep house cleaned
Keep work stuff better organized so I don't have to do much at home


Only purchase scrap supplies I absolutely MUST have
Keep sticking to menu-planning
Spread out the need to buys for vacation across the next few months


Lose 15 lbs
Exercise at least 3 times per week
Visit my mom's tanning bed
Continue paying off debt--did good on that in 2011, need to keep it up!

January Goals:

Page goal: 62 pages (2 per day)--DONE
Finish 2010 pages--DONE
Scrap August 2011 pages--DONE
January 2012 Project Life pages--DONE
Scrap 15 pages from April 2011 Disney pages--DONE
kit 10 more pages for April 2011 Disney pages--DONE
Lose 2 or 3 lbs--Urgh. Not so successful!
Exercise at least 12 times--Been too busy with work for this. . .must make time!

disney-akj 12-30-2011 09:52 PM

General Scrapping:
Pages: At least 500 pages
Swaps: Angel only

Try to get more up-to-date on albums. I am almost done with 2010. I want to be at summer 2011 in my albums before our disney trip over spring break.
Finish and print digital album from summer road trip

De-clutter basement
Clean out closets(I really just want to throw all of our clothes away so I never have to do laundry again, but this could cause a problem:rotfl:)

I will only buy scrap items that I have a specific use for like solids, tape/glue refill, etc.
Get a new van for me, because mine is getting old

Work on paying off debt
Exercise 4 times/week
Eat healthier and get more organized with grocery shopping
Pray and read the bible more often
Plan dates with my friends and husband more often

ColleenG 12-31-2011 10:03 PM

My goal is just to get more scrapping done in 2012 than I did in 2011. I started this year off with a bang and then spring came and I just totally fizzled out. Tomorrow my plan is to clean up my scraping room. I was going to do it today but just didn't make it down there.

Happy New Year everyone! And happy scrapping!

MazdaUK 01-01-2012 07:06 AM

General Scrapping:
Pages: At least 300 pages
Swaps: Only what I have a use for, no full pages (postage too much!), more letters, plus suitable Disney swaps (see the ticker:banana:). Resist everyday/colour swap as I'm up to 3 boxes of swap items now just with those :earseek:

Family year
keep both DS up to date
summer vacation

Finish cross stitch for DSIs's kids (she has 4 and I'm on #4 - and have been for 4 years :blush:)
Make at least 5 cards per week

re-organise scrap supplies (DH has said we can buy a purposeful unit as I've about killed the antique buffet with the weight of scrap supplies and magazines:guilty:)
Admit which clothes I will never wear agin and give to charity shop

I will only buy scrap items that I have a specific use for like solids, tape/glue refill, etc.
Anything else must be 20% off or more AND have an immediate use for AND come out of birthday money or earnings from consultant sales

Plan to start small craft business (have to have a dream!)
Plan dates with my friends and husband more often
Lose weight - at least 14lb :rolleyes1

mantaz 01-01-2012 10:13 AM

I would like to try to complete 275 pages.
I want to keep current on DD's albums.
I want to catch up on some more vacation trips

I want to keep practicing my sewing and keep up with DD's scout badges!

Here's to a productive 2012!!

Arizona Rita 01-01-2012 10:42 AM

The song from Peter Pan is in my head...."We're following the leader, the leader.."! Excellent pattern to follow though Rebecca!

General Swapping
One page per day, but must include some type of journaling on it.
Possibly 3 swaps, Color, Dland, MAW if there is one. I too have too many things Im not getting to use.

Projects to Finish
Baltic Sea Cruise!
It will 2 years this year and its time to wrap this up. 4 sections to go.
I really need to just concentrate on getting this done.

Albums Im working On
Norway, almost done
Sweden, have started kitting and about half done
DLP, have not even ordered photos yet
England, have not even ordered photos yet

There must be a way to make this room more functional. Has good furniture and a new paint job, done while we were in Hawaii. But somehow functional isnt happening.

I was able to buy albums to get my pages caught up, paper stacks on clearance and have enough embellies that I should be good.
I will need solids and adhesives and that should be it. Lets see how long that lasts.

I need to lose 20lbs. I am going to cruise again in 2013 in the Caribbean so I need to do something.
Work as much as possible
Make more time for DH, DD and DS and prepare myself and him for going to college.

I think thats it.
Good luck eveyone!

ckmom97 01-01-2012 11:16 AM

Here are my 2012 goals:

General Scrapping:
*Pages: 750 total pages.
*Swaps: I don't have a lot of swap items on hand, so I'll be swapping in 2012 I just need to limit my groups to where I only have do complete one or two per week.

Albums I am Working on:
*2012 Family album
*2011 Family album
*2011 Disney vacation
*DD14's school album
*DD14's dance album
*DS11's school album
*DS11's sports albums
*DD9's school album
*DD9's dance album
*DD9's sports albums
*Hertiage albums

*Buy cabinet for scrap supplies & organize paper and embellishments.
*Go thru bins in storage shed and see what I need to trash.
*Contain paper clutter -- file it or trash it!
*Deep clean one room per month.
*Organize pictures -- sort printed pics, scan predigital pics, label folders and boxes, back-up and upload everything just to be safe.
Plan menus and use one afternoon per wk to make and freeze casseroles, chop and freeze veggies, etc.

*I will only buy scrap items that I have a specific and immeadiate use for
*Figure out the coupon thing and buy in bulk -- our grocery bill just keeps going up.
*Start Christmas shopping early -- no waiting until Dec this year!

*Exercise 4 time/week
*Loose 15 lbs
*Spend more one on one time with the kids. They are growing up so fast!

BernardandMissBianca 01-01-2012 12:50 PM

General Scrapping:
Pages: 366 – 732 – 1-2 per day. Crafting day is Wednesday
Swaps: No swapping for 2012 – to much stuff and to many unfinished projects

Albums I am Working on:
365 - 2011
365 – 2012
WDW June 2010
WDW Dec 2009
Indiana/Kansas trip

January – Kitchen: paint, curtains, purge cookbooks (almost finished); Living room: curtains, purge books (replace some to Kindle), repaint trim ; Bathroom – Paint ceiling, put up shelves, new handles on cabinet, organize under sink and linen closet
February – Bedrooms – Organize, purge clothes, purge toys, purge books, paint both rooms, new light for boys room
March – Craft room, organize room, organize projects, pre-kit pages
April – Basement – PURGE PURGE PURGE
May – Garage – Easier to list things that don’t need to be done!
June – Loft – PURGE PURGE PURGE, finish putting up shelves
July – building – purge purge purge; paint outside of the house, landscape

New dressers for boys
New wardrobe for Master bedroom
New bed for Master bedroom
Build DS15’s loft bed
New simpler bunks for boys

Look into Pellet stoves for the house and the garage to supplement oil. Look into pellet maker cost.
Only shop for needed items, off a list. Use as many coupons as possible and reusable bags (get 5˘ back for every reusable bag)

I will only buy scrap items that I have a specific and immediate use for
Photos – Only 365 2012 photos (must be purchased on sale)

Stick to a monthly budget
Exercise 5-7 time/week
Start training for Princess 1/2 2013
lose 70 pounds (not putting an end date on this)
Pay off 3 CCs
Use coupons
Stay off the computer
Don’t volunteer at school

mybestieismickey 01-01-2012 08:28 PM

General Scrapping:
Pages: 209. The nine is to make up for what I was short this year. The rule with the pages though is 1/3 minimum must be my immediate family. I do a lot of gift albums and my family got pushed aside big time in 2011.

Albums I am Working on:
DH Alaska (I say this every year, maybe I'll actually do it :sad2:)
WDW 2009
Sister’s Album
Wedding guest book (mine)
Wedding guest book (DSIL)
Assorted pages as I am inspired. I don’t generally scrap chronologically.

Deep clean one room a month. List already made, starting with office/scrap room in January.
Stay on top of printing and sorting pictures. I am so far behind it’s sad:scared1:
Load the dishwasher before bed every night, run when necessary.

List shopping only. Clothes, food, scrap, craft, everything.
The only exception is crazy deals on food that I can store for later, budget allowing.

Adhesive and prints are always allowed.
Patterned paper: must have a specific use before purchase
Paper stacks: must have at least 3 specific uses before purchase
Tools/Carts: must have at least 3 specific uses before purchase
NO Christmas gift albums. I mean it this year...

Stick to a monthly budget
Exercise 4-6 time/week
Lose 10 pounds by February 14, 20 total by March 31.
Pay off 1 CC
Use coupons when I can

Jeniferdwn 01-02-2012 08:32 AM

This is a continuation of my 2011 goal list......

DS baby and toddler books
DD -- Catch up on toddler and little girl
pets -- catch up on all pet pics
family, motorcycles,- catch up on photos
Disney World 2010 - finish my 12x12, dd 8x8, ds 8x8
DD - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
organize and seperate all photos
print all photos and keep current with printing
keep scrapping areas neat and tidy.
2011 Elf Christmas book
2011 holiday books --Christmas, Halloween/fall
Mountains - 2010, 2011
Beach -- 2008,2009,2010
Use as much paper and embellishments as possible without buying more.
Only buy paper and stickers as needed for specific uses.
Complete 500 pages by end of year.

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