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dixonsontour 11-16-2011 05:28 PM

Everything but Disney - Day 9 - Boggy creek+ campfire singalong
Everything but Disney Day 9 Saturday 22nd October 2011 Boggy creek+ campfire singalong

We started with a 7am adr at chef Mickey’s at the contemporary resort. We’d done this last year and enjoyed it so i’d made it for the same time.

We did have to set the alarm but it was worth it and we all had fun.

It was nice and quiet and food fresh and good interaction. Cost $90 inc tip – makes you appreciate the free dpp we’ve used in the past!

Next stop was boggy creek for an airboat ride but we didn’t need to be there until 10.30am

So we stopped enroute at Osceola walmart and Queens nails – I had a manicure this time!

We then drove on to boggy creek east lake camp location which is not too far from the airport.

I’d bought a deal which cost $61 for the 3 of us to do the 1 hour airboat tour (I did tip aswell as captain was excellent).

I’d booked by email – all ok – they had our booking.

We’ve done the other boggy creek location and the everglades in the past but this was the best ride we had done – captain was excellent. Timing helped too – he had already been out once so he knew where the gators were and the sun was up so they were sunning themselves. Saw an 8ft mummy alligator, some babies and a 9ft daddy alligator. Just us and another couple on the boat.


dixonsontour 11-16-2011 05:29 PM[/center]

At the end you can have a picture with a gator. They do charge extra for this and say the proceeds go to gator conservation. DD shocked me by being the first to go up and hold it – she looked so pleased with herself we had to buy the photos ($20) She is not like that at all usually but had really enjoyed the airboat ride. DH held him aswell (I didn’t!)

There is an old fashioned gift type shop and a restaurant at the east lake location.

Afterwards we headed to build a bear at Florida mall as the bear’s wings had broken and needed swapping. Managed to do a clinical strike in and out as it was busy – wings swapped – the bear also acquired a wedding dress and shoes?!

DH had a quick look in casual male xl big and tall near the Florida mall but there was nothing he fancied for a price he would pay.

Then on to five guys again for lunch. DD tried her first burger but didn’t like it.

We called at the outlets at LBV. These were pretty quiet to say it was Saturday and more downmarket than the other outlets. DH got some decent quality polo tops for $5 each in the Disney character outlet so he was pleased.

Also picked up a leaflet from offairportcheckin who are based there – they offer the same service as Virgin DTD check in but for other airlines including US airways who we flew with. DH went online and booked for us to use the service on our last day – cost $10 each booked online.

We went down to the pool – DD had a dig in the sand area and splashed about. Too cold for me but the hot tub was way too hot.

We then headed over to Ft Wilderness for the campfire singalong. We had done this before and I really wanted to go again. DH wasn’t thrilled but humoured me.

Parked at Ft Wilderness then you get a bus to the campfire singalong. Told parking attendant and this was fine – think I just showed my Drving licence as ID to park – you do not need to be a resort guest and it is free. We got there really early 6.50pm for 8pm singalong and got a front bench.

Before the show Chip and Dale came out so DD got some pics with them (I forgot the autograph book) A cm did a Disney quiz which DD was really keen to do – we got 4 out of 15 (it was really hard!). About 7.30pm they lit the fires and you can toast marshmallows. Got a bag of marshmallows from the chuckwagon snack bar there for $4.25 inc 2 sticks. You can also take your own if you prefer. The do a smores kit aswell.

DH did enjoy it and videoed the singing – yeeha!

Chip and dale do come around whilst the singing is going on. They also did the hokey cokey (hokey pokie) and the chicken dance – join in if you want.

It was very busy – think a lot do it as an arrival day thing and it was Saturday.

After the show they mentioned going to watch wishes from the dock or they show a movie. We set off walking but basically went the wrong way and walked back to the parking lot. It is pitch black at ft wilderness – we did take a small torch. Alot of the campers had decorations out for Halloween which were nice to see. DD didn’t appreciate the walk through the dark woods or the bugs (looked like cockroaches) on the path.

We ended up eating at Perkins at Crossroads as it was late. Had a coupon for a free meal for DH joining the email club so cost $21 plus tip. I had a turkey dinner which was actually very tasty, DH a burger and DD kids pizza.

Just to say the servers were always happy to take the coupons as they get tipped on the full amount. The coupon is knocked off at the till when you pay at the end. I always check when ordering that I am ok to use the coupon and have it on the table. At one point the server says can I borrow your coupon – he went up to an older man who had the same coupon (not printed in full) and says this lady knows how to print a coupon off properly! Of course DH thought this was hilarious because I had not printed it off - he had.....

DISWolves 11-16-2011 05:42 PM

What a very busy day! :goodvibes
We did Chef Mickey's evening this year and liked it better, since I can't eat much early in the morning. Great photo looking thro' the chair :thumbsup2
Your Boggy Creek Skipper is the same one that took us out, but you saw some gators :laughing:
I like the look of the campfire singalong - may try that next year

dixonsontour 11-16-2011 05:57 PM

We've done the campfire singalong twice and it is a nice change of pace, cowboy who does the singing is good. Worth getting there early for a decent seat and to meet chip and dale.

Chilly 11-24-2011 09:07 AM

So what was it about a burger your DD didn't like?

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