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Pea-n-Me 11-14-2011 07:56 PM

Dis Breast Cancer Survivors Part IV - GAGWTA
Welcome to Part 4 of our longrunning thread for Survivors (all cancers welcome) and those who love them!

We also welcome anyone waiting for tests and such if you need some virtual "hand holding"!

Here's how we started:


Originally Posted by laurabelle
~~~***GAGWTA sistas***~~~
Est. May 7, 2005

Pea-N-Me (Linda) and I were talking about getting some of us together somehow...anyway, I found this cool clipart when I joined the Dis and have shared it with a few other Dis survivors. I wanted to post the clip art for those of you who are bc survivors, and want to identify yourself, to add to your signature line...

Go to User CP, click on Edit Signature, then copy and paste the following, leaving out the spaces I added at the beginning and end of the address:
[img] [/img]

If you're still having trouble, the folks on the Technical Board are very helpful!

What the heck is GAGWTA???
It's our little buzz phrase to avoid hurting feelings when we respond to only a few posts specifically when we drop in...
Originally Posted by NHAnn

~GAGWTA~ (Greetings and good wishes to all!)

Part I:

Part II:

Part III

wdw4us2 11-14-2011 08:23 PM

Can't believe that we have started another thread!

I went for a short walk on Saturday afternoon to see how I would do. I went about 3/4 of a mile and wasn't winded, but I was feeling bone pain in my legs when I got home. So, I decided to try the pool today since the weather was absolutely gorgeous here today. I managed 35 laps (at a slow pace) and felt good after I was finished. I'm a bit tired now, but I have decided the pool is the only place for me to attempt to exercise for the time being. I'm thankful I was able to do that as I am determined to make the most out of the rest of this year before I'm back on the treatment rollercoaster.

Pea-n-Me 11-14-2011 08:27 PM

That is so great that you swim, Lisa!

MerryPoppins 11-14-2011 09:22 PM

Trouble posting. Estate sale is over. Now to try to turn my house right-side-up before Thanksgiving & do it all with my new pug pup. GAGWTA

Pea-n-Me 11-14-2011 09:43 PM

Need pics of pup, Merry! :lovestruc

Sha 11-15-2011 07:47 AM

GAGWTA! Just wanted to let you know that I have found the new thread. I have been trying to read but busy with a few things.

Linda- is BART a replacement or a supplement to BRAC? Also, is there a link to your Relay for Life if we want to support??? When is it and where???

R and I are good and we did have the conversation a bit more about me coming out there. That it would be silly for me to have my own place he said. Also am doing another quick trip this weekend (sorry Laurie... wont get to see you this time). I asked if it was okay to go by the store to buy a couple things that I could leave there (shampoo etc) and he said yes. My hair gets straightened (Keratin relaxed) tomorrow evening. Mom is doing well. I will be missing her Bday Saturday. I have my niece coming over and maybe my sister K (the one I was driving. She still hasn't been by to help my mom with anything). My other sister M (the reliable one) is on call in Jacksonville for cath lab.

The kittens aren't coming. I went ahead and took my note back requesting the person who took them to bring them back. I debated about it and maybe it's for the better with the potential move and of course mom at risk for tripping over them.

I was reading about DisneySarah80's questions... and I was wondering about age being on birth control. I stopped mine in my mid 30s because of risk of BC/strokes (both in my family) and then later is when my mom had her BC which I think tied into her hormone therapy but dont know for sure.

Thinking about you all even though I haven't been on.

Candy30 11-15-2011 10:22 AM

New Thread Number Four!!!! Bring it on!!!

Hi Everyone,

Sha-Sorry about the kittens. Enjoy your trip! Glad things are going well with Charlie!

Lisa-Glad you were able to swim in the pool. Go ahead with your bad self!!!

Merry- I want to see pictures of your pup too! I am happy the the sale is over for you. I hope all went well.

LMP- What did your endo say about your BP? How's your DS dental healing going?

Patsmom- Hope you are feeling well.

PNM Love your advice.

So I am exhausted. I know because I put salt in my coffee and poured cream on my bagel this morning. I think I should have gone home. I wish I could leave but my boss is "rearranging" duties in the office and I don't want to get all the crappy ones. If I leave that is exactly what I will get is what everyone does not want. I can't wait to go home tonite. I am going to get caught up on Revenge and Sing off if I can stay awake.

luvmarypoppins 11-15-2011 01:39 PM

Good afternoon sistas

Yeah for a new thread!

Lisa - That is so awesome you are swimming. I hope we get to go in Stormalong Bay when we are there. Of course the weather is so iffy then.

Merry - we need pup pictures

Linda - yes I restarted the lisinopril

Candy get some sleep sista!

Sha - I hope you have a wonderful trip. I know what you mean about family not helping out. When my grandma lived with us, we asked her other grand daughter (my cousin) to watch her for one week end so we could take a break. Of course they said no. You have such a good heart for your mom too.

Mammo done. The L side is the killer to begin with because of the tumor I had out and plus it pulls on my neck dissection. I think I told her to really hurry up on that side. She said, we will send your doctor the results, so I am assuming all is well. PTL.

Of course yest. dh called me from china when I had my phone turned off at the gyn. He called later at night. So glad to talk to him. He is heading back to USA and will talk to him too. This is such a long, long trip. sigh.


smiley_face2 11-16-2011 12:43 AM

posted over in the old thread as I was reading through posts, then got to the end and saw the link to this new thread! :lmao: so I will copy and paste all my replies here in this one post.
Only on page 242 catching up with posts, but wanted to stop and say Laurie your pictures from the race were great!! you guys looked awesome, and my daughter cracked right up at your team name.... I didn't even catch the ta ta's pun....she did!! lol.... You ladies are awesome for doing that and you looked great! Laurie what a beautiful place you had! One day maybe we will make it over there to the east coast. Haven't been there in a loooooong time! travelled through Miami on our way to St. Thomas twice, one time was long enough to get out and see a bit of the city, but not much. WDW scares me!! it's so HUGE!!
I'm well on my way to being healed from the radiation. Just all peeling skin now. Had to have antibiotices because I got infection in the seroma and the scar because of doing the radiation so soon after surgery.
Still waiting on an MRI to try and find out what the spot on my liver is. I have no symptoms of it being cancer, and am in fact feeling pretty darn good and energetic right now, so I'm being very positive.

stopping on page 244 this time to give a big hug to Lisa!! happy for you that things are looking good! I know what you mean by being nervous when they say it's looking good! I'm keeping my porta cath in for a while, just in case. At least until after I get confirmation about my liver spot!
Hi Candy!! thanks for all the encouragement! Love reading about your kids, especially dear young daughter growing up. Makes me very nostalgic for those days with my dear daughters.
Speaking of daughters.... our daughter in treatment is doing so so good!! It's a very intense place, she has private councilling and group therapy sessions every day in addition to all the addiction education. Hubby and I went yesterday for a family day. Hubby still has severe PTSD so going anywhere and meeting new people is not his strong point, but he wanted to show his support for her so we went. Learned so very much, changed a lot about the way I thought about addiction. We also had a group therapy session with 8 of the women and there families there. It was a chance for the families to tell their addicted member how they have been affected and what our hopes for the future are. We shared our story of the past year, and at the end everyone in the room was crying, but it was such a healing time. Today she called us to tell us that in their session today when they discussed everything that was said, several of the other women said they were profoundly affected by our story, and very inspired by our courage. I pray for each of them, and if our being there in any way helps any of them to go on to have a better life then it was more than worth the anxiety of going.
Merry, I'm so sorry for your loss

LMP so sorry your treatment was so hard on you I know how that feels
Patsmom and ollala, hang in there!

snappy 11-16-2011 07:43 AM

Good to see you posting, Smilie! Even better to hear you are healing from the radiation.

You sound so upbeat, thanks for sprinkling some here.

Thanks ftp Linda for getting us started on the new thread. I was getting confused trying to read in both places. I did not remember that 250 pages was the magic cut off.

Love the info from Linda. I swear I am always learning more stuff here.

DS23 got a job that just started this past Monday, so we are happy for him, working for our next door neighbor who has a large commercial electrical business. They just got a another very large job with the premier hospital in town, so they are beefing up their work force. DS has some debts and is working on that. He has done odd jobs but this is the best thing as he has worked for the company during all summer breaks and Christmas breaks as well during college to save his funds for the school year. He knows all the people very well, feels comfortable and appreciated. He still has about a year left of college but he may change majors. So working now is a good thing.

My brother left yesterday and I am missing him a lot. He bought a completely set up a new Apple computer, wireless set up, and Samsung tv for her. He thinks it may help her with her cognitive challenges right now. Her old computer was so slow he could not even believe it.

So now she is Miss Apple with her iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is the same computer as we have so I will be able to help her some as well.

She is very pleased and seems less nervous about her health. Her gastro problems have subsided with antibiotics, no more seeds or nuts, and lots of Metamucil. Her back is still hurting, but the second orthopedic convinced her it is normal with her curvature, and she has agreed to be compliant and go to physical therapy for a few weeks. The doc wants her to get back to where she was with swimming.

Swimming is the best he said, so keep it up, Lisa!

LMP, how is the swelling?

Merry, good to see you and glad the estate sale is behind you. What kind of puppy did you get?

Is Thanksgiving really next week? It appears I am the cook like I was for Christmas so I need to get cracking. DD21 will help me but she won't get here until Wednesday afternoon. I need to plan, shop and get the ball rolling.

It was very successful at Christmas but I think I lost all the recipes that I research ad improved on.

Ah well, got to get creative again. I do need to order the seafood for the oyster dressing, oyster patties and shrimp casserole. YIKES!!!

Pea-n-Me 11-16-2011 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by luvmarypoppins (Post 43251537)
Linda - yes I restarted the lisinopril

Good. When will you be getting your BP rechecks?

Laurie, that was very nice of your brother to do that for your mother!

DS now has pneumonia and sinusitis. My buddy for the day today. :love2:

Candy30 11-16-2011 11:49 AM

SMILIE!!!!! :yay::yay::yay: It's good to hear from you and that you are doing well. I agree with Snappy! You sound Great!! So good to hear that your daughter is doing well. I was inspired by your story too! I am glad your DHubby made it to family day.

Snappy- Great news about DS getting a job! Glad your Mom is feeling better and it was awesome of your brother to get her a new computer. Pass on a few of those recipes! The Casserole especially.

PNM- I love your kissing smiley faces. Your poor baby! Hope he feels better!

LMP- Glad you got to talk to your Boo! Especially since you missed him earlier.

My sister was in a head on collision with a driver that fell asleep at the wheel. She had broken nose and gash on head. They are keeping her for observation. She had surgery on nose this morning. We went to look at the car and My other sister and I burst into tears. It could have been much worse! The front of the car was demolished. I didn't get home until late.

Ollalamom and PatsMom- How are you guys? Hope you are feeling better.


smiley_face2 11-16-2011 01:59 PM

Oh Candy! your poor sister that is very scary!! I hope she will be ok. I'm not big on councilling for myself. I bug everyone else in the family to go, but I keep saying I have so many dr appts maybe if I get a break I will go then....just an excuse really. It helped so much that day. I have to work on going to see someone regularly I think.
Snappy... mmmmmmm good thing we are about 5000 miles apart or you would have an extra person at your table :thumbsup2 I can only imagine how good your dinner is going to be! maybe you can post some pictures and recipes for us! also glad your mom is doing better! I miss my mom so much, and my dad...this past veterans day was especially hard for some reason. I was looking at pictures of him in his uniform way back in 1942 and noticing just how much our son looked like him at the same age :sad1:
peanme.... your poor son! pneumonia is scary. Our daughter had double pneumonia and plueresy when she was in her last year of high school. We were very afraid for her and she nearly didn't graduate. It took months for her to recover completely. nothing like moms love and good cooking to heal them up though.
LMP.... ouch! I know what that is like, the mammo on the already tortured enough tata. I have mine coming up again in March and I'm already dreading it! the Cancer agency I go to is at least much better at doing them than my local hospital so it's worth the trip to the city for me to get it done there. safe travels to you hubby!
hope everyone finds at least on reason to smile today :hippie:

wdw4us2 11-16-2011 06:33 PM

smiley - So good to hear from you! You sound as though you are doing better. I'm also happy about your daughter who is in treatment - it sounds as though she is doing well. You must be so relieved.

Candy - Thank goodness your sister wasn't hurt worse than she was from the wreck. Sounds scary!

Laurie - Sounds as though things are going better for your DS. I hope the new job works out.

MaryAnn - I hope that you are feeling better.

Pea-n-me - Your DS is only going to be your buddy for today? Sounds more serious than that. I hope he feels better soon.

Still on the road to more energy. I decided not to swim today and instead took an elderly friend to her doctor's appointment and to pick up her prescriptions. I am almost as tired as when I swim! I have decided to keep taking things slowly and just do a little more each day.

luvmarypoppins 11-16-2011 08:09 PM

smilie - so glad to see you post. Good to hear your dd is doing well in treatment and that you are doing well too. Glad you and dh could do family day. Your dd def. sees your love and support.

Linda - hope your ds starts to feel better soon. Did he get a flu shot? I am trying to get ds21 to get one with his asthma.

Candy - so sorry to hear about your dsis accident. Sorry she had to have the surgery but so thankful things were not worse. Hope she heals quickly.

Laurie - so nice your bro. got your mom those tech savy gifts. Glad your ds has found a good job. I know you posted before about how much he liked working there. Just hopefully everything will be safe and nothing like that horrible accident he had to see in the past.

Lisa - glad you are out and about. Take it slowly. So sweet to care and help your friend.

Well I finally talked to dh in San Francisco. He said the brand new suitcase he brought which was about $240! has cracked already. He will take it back when he gets home. Just great. We were going to use that for our FL trip. Hope they have more. He got it at the samsonite outlet and he only likes a certain suitcase etc. Tomm. bp check. We shall see. Will finish up the last trip stuff tomm, ordering the wheelchair and the towncar service. I have been reviewing ds20 nursing school essay. Still needs work for sure.


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