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lbgraves 10-19-2011 12:17 AM

March 23, 2013 FANTASY - The Final Inaugural Cruise of the Disney Fantasy
So excited to have booked this cruise this morning!!! Looking forward to an Eastern after so long. :cool1: Cruising will be myself, DH Mike, DS 14 & DD 12 [at time of cruise]. This will be our 10th cruise with DCL. Who else is joining us?

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Port Canaveral ------ 3:45 p.m. ----------------- Rotation Menu/The Fantasy Begins
Sunday 3/24 ------- At Sea -------------------- Rotation Menu [formal night]/Aladdin
Monday 3/25 ------- At Sea -------------------- Rotation Menu/Wishes
Tuesday 3/26 ------ St. Thomas ---------------- Pirate Night/Movie in WDT
Wednesday 3/27 --- San Juan ------------------- Princess Menu/Entertainer
Thursday 3/28 ----- At Sea --------------------- Captain's Gala Menu/Believe
Friday 3/29 -------- Castaway Cay -------------- Till We Meet Again Menu/An Unforgettable Journey

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Fantasy Menus

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Meet & Greet Onboard

The official group meet & greet will be held at 3:00 p.m. on the starboard side of the Donald pool. Stop by and put faces to the names & DIS IDs.

Any questions, contact ljm23 via pm.

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Disney Fantasy Cabin Tour

Those who signed up for this tour will meet at 2:00 on the highest deck to begin and we will work our way down the stairs. If you have any questions, please PM (Private Message) hbg4 .

Stateroom Categories Currently Included:
V, 4A, 5B, 5E, 6A, 7A, 8A, 8E, 11C

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Total 262 -- 147 adults, 115 kids 18 & under

2littleprincesses -- 2LP, DH, DD12, DD9 (4)
3LVDisney -- 12012 – Andrew*, DW ToniAnn*, DD8 (3)
abajorek -- DH, DW, DS2 (3)
anjuan -- Julie*, DD7 (2)
ao43 -- 7036 -- Anne, SIS Elizabeth (2)
Boutlilier -- Jennifer, DH, DS12, DD10 (4)
Canadian crew -- GTY -- Lorne, DW Carrie, DD17, DS10 (4)
CarrianneB -- Carrianne*, DH, DS12, DS11 (4)
castle4us -- 8558 -- Michelle*, DH Mick, DS16 (3)
Cathicool -- 7588 -- Cathi*, DH Jeff, DD12, DS11, DD8 (5)
catintjer72 -- 2519 -- Carol*, DD9 (2)
Chernabogfamily -- Kellie, DH, DS13, DD9 (4)
cinda65 -- 7501 -- Cinda*, DH Craig, DS7 (3)
Corfam -- 8628 -- Heather*, DH Ralph, DD12, DS6, DS6 (5)
DetailGal -- 7176/7178 -- Kara*, DH Jeremy, DS10, DS8, DD4 (5)
disneyfan21 -- 12028 -- Susie*, DM Rachel, DS16 (3)
DisneyFans222 -- 6666 -- Katie, DS12 (2)
DisneyJenn23 -- 7134 -- Jenn*, DFR Katie, DFR Billy, DF's DD3, DF's DS1 (5)
DisneyMommy04 -- 5042 -- Theresa*, DH Dave, DS9 (3)
Disnylvr77 -- 9536 -- Stephanie*, DH, DD15, DD10 (4)
dizzneebabe -- 10082 -- Rhonda* DH, DS19, DS18, DD9 (5)
dmagee32 -- 7102 -- Danielle, DH Dwayne, DMIL Chris, DS16, DD11 (5)
Dogsambam -- David*, DW Cari, DD7, DS4 (4)
Dream 2011 -- 8180/8182 -- Michelle*, DH Felix, DD13, DD11, DS17, DS13, DS9, Giardi (8)
DVC Chris -- 9079 -- Chris*, DW, DD1.5 (3)
FabFivePA -- 9588 -- Tammy*, DH, DD10, DD9, DD6 (5)
Fadog -- 8678/8680 – Brian*, DW Mary Helen, DS23, DD18, BFF24, DM Enid (6)
fsuangel -- 7552 -- Sandi*, DH Adam, DS8, DS5 (4)
fsued123 -- 8120 -- Wendy*, DH Tom, DD11, DS8, DD3 (5)
gomagic -- 12010 -- Tricia*, DM (2)
GuardMusic -- Gayle*, BFF Kara (2)
Gulka68 -- Gulka, DD15, BFF15 (3)
hbg4 -- 5520 -- Brenda*, DC Jackie, DD16 (3)
Heathermj -- 5050 -- Heather, DH Jay, DD9, DD5 (4)
In Luv with Disney -- 6046/6048 – Kim*, DH, DM, DS11, DD7 (5)
Itssofluffy – fluffy, DH, DS11, DD8 (4)
Jacksgirlz -- 2021 -- Sarah*, DD14 (2)
Jacobsmom --??, DH, DS11 (3)
Jacquieone -- 2015 -- Jacquie*, DH Daniel (2)
jbuckent -- 10544 -- Jennifer*, DH Ryan, DD9, DD5 (4)
Jdemwe -- 6616/6618 -- Jeffrey*, DW Daniella, DD3, DD22m, DS22m (5)
jdkdorn -- 8104 -- Judy*, DH, DD18, DDBF19, DS11, DMOM, DDAD [7]
kddlm -- 10554 -- Kim*, DH Dan, DD12 (3)
Kimmielee -- 6064 -- Kimberly*, DH Gary, DS13 (3)
Kdcpharmd -- 6072/6074 -- Kristen*, DH Bill, DD11, DS9, DS6 (5)
Lauriegs -- 10162 -- Laurie*, DH Mark, DS15 DD13 (4)
lbgraves -- 7522 -- Lisa*, DH, DS14, DD12 (4)
Lisa Lisa -- 7652 -- Lisa, DH Ben, DD9 (3)
livinthedisneydream -- Lisa, DH, DS14, DS11, and DD7 (5)
lupitail -- 9086 -- Lupita*, DH, DD14, DD8 (4)
LV Disney Fan(atic) -- 8188 -- Dany*, DH, DD17 (3)
Marvnarvs -- 8040 -- Kal, DW Nikki, DS5, DD1.5 (4)
mem22 -- 7038 -- Mike*, DW Laura*, DS14 (3)
munkamamacallie -- 9152 -- Jennifer, DM Joan, DD7 (3)
NTOFD -- Larry*, DD Julia* (2)
N.Lo -- 7084 -- Nysa*, DH, DS10 (3)
Orlando91 -- 9667 -- Christine*, BFF Laura, DS8 (3)
REM10134 -- Ray, DW, DS17, DD13 (4)
Saborjek -- Sarah, DH Andrew, DS2 (3)
sabrecmc -- 7681 -- Caryn*, DM Gail, DD7 (3)
snap63 -- 10102 – Sanah*, DH Pat, DS8, DD7 (4)
Stitch1313 -- 8076 -- Lisa, John (2)
SweetDolly -- 8100 -- Angela, DH Kevin, DS8, DS2 (4)
teetee830 -- GTY -- Tina*, DS6 (2)
theboysmommy -- Jen*, DH, DS5, DS3 (4)
TheDave -- 7608 -- Dave*, DW Heidi, DD9, DD7 (4)
tiggernpooh -- 7554 -- Cathy, DH Jim, DD13, DS11 (4)
TimmyTown -- 7650 -- Tim*, DW Amanda, DS13 (3)
Wilhelmis4 -- 8084 -- JoLynn*, DH Danny, DD16, DS13 (4)
willyguy -- 9064 -- DH, DW, DGM, DD10 (4)
wishlounge -- Shaunna, DH, DS6, DD5 (4)

* Member of FB group

** Kid's names are not noted on this list for safety reasons. **

Please let me know if any changes need to be made to the above.

šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš šoš

FE Group Information -- The FE group for this cruise is now CLOSED. The main group was closed on January 15th and the late comer group was closed on February 15th.

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FabFivePA 10-19-2011 09:08 AM

Hey Lisa! :cool1:

Thanks for starting our thread!! We'll be joining you, myself, husband, and 3 daughters, who will be 6, 9, 10 by then.

We were going to cruise in January '13 but when I saw the 'blue-light special' yesterday morning on this cruise, saving over 2k was too good to pass up!! LOL I am only kicking myself for not booking a dummy date when we were on the magic so we could have saved even more! AH!
This works out great for us since the kids should already have one or two days off school with Easter being the day after we get back. And we are definitely locked into this one since trying to change to anything else will cost an arm and a leg. LOL

VERY excited about the Eastern and going to San Juan. Our first cruise was this January, western on the Magic. We're ready to go the other way, and looking forward to the extra sea day.

I told my husband we have 17 months to make this our hot and skinny cruise. LOL

Looking forward to see who else is joining us! pirate:

gomagic 10-19-2011 09:52 AM

My mom and I will be on this one. :banana:

lbgraves 10-19-2011 12:15 PM

FabFive, that is a great idea for a cruise group name! I transferred our first dummy date to the 6/29/13 Eastern, but the price tag for that one was over $6200 for a 9. I asked for the second dummy date to go to this cruise and was shocked :scared1:that I could book a 5C for half of that amount. I actually asked for an 8A and the rep and I talked about how much less the price was for a spring break week. After asking him if they would cancel my reservation if they realized it was a mistake and he told me no, I told him to please book it right away before it changed. :woohoo: I swear, it's about time something goes our way. We are currently in a rental house while our home is rebuilt curtesy of Irene and things have been a bit stressful over the past couple months.

Our first cruise was an eastern and we have done 2 of those, a DD western, 2 westerns, the 2008 EBPC, a 3 night and Alaska. The Fantasy's MV is next on our list. It will be interesting to go back a year later and see what has changed.

FabFivePA 10-19-2011 02:41 PM

LOL I know I asked my TA twice.. they won't do any funny business with my ressie, right??

Can't wait to hear your reports on the maiden voyage!
How was the Alaska cruise? Thinking of it for 2014, not sure on Disney or not yet.
I would LOVE a double dip, but only if it was a 7-day and I know those are rare, lucky you for getting on one!! :)

lbgraves 10-19-2011 03:04 PM

I know, right? LOL! Sounds like DD talking. My heart just skipped a beat when I saw another confirmation from DCL in my email. It has the same balance. :)

Alaska was simply the best cruise we have been on as far as the scenery. It was georgeous!!! People complained about the weather because it was cold -- but I kind of expected that based on being around glaciers and snow in July. ;) We had many friends we cruised with back on the 2006 DD so that made it even more special. I hoped to cruise with some of them in 2013 but they can't get out of school in March and I simply couldn't let this deal get away.

I am still pumped up about booking this cruise. Since yesterday I keep hearing the song DD and her friend sing ...

The Mickey bus is coming and everybody's jumping.
The crazy colored yo yo a pumping on the disco
The bus is getting closer. No time to be a poser.
Mickey likes to party. Come on and move your body.

Dream_2011 10-19-2011 04:12 PM

Spring break 2013
Hello my family will go on this cruise this is our 6 time looking foward. To it

IrishCowboy 10-19-2011 06:37 PM

I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :thumbsup2

Have a great cruise!

lbgraves 10-19-2011 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by IrishCowboy (Post 42998518)
I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :thumbsup2

Have a great cruise!

Thank you!!! :thumbsup2

princesskayla 10-20-2011 03:31 AM

Add my family to the "blue light special" cruise. I found out about the great price from the disboards and booked as fast as I could. The cruise falls on my daughter's 4th birthday and our 11th Anniversary. It will be myself, DH, DS -11, DD - 10, and DD -4.

FabFivePA 10-20-2011 07:34 AM

LOVE the song, Lisa!!! Too cute!! :banana:
Can't imagine going to Alaska and complaining it's cold. :lmao:

I just noticed the name change, HA!! Love it!

I saw your posts PrincessKayla and so glad it all worked out for you!! Sounds like if you held it they then honored the price... i do feel bad for people who were mid booking, and price jumped, and they didn't hold.. I am guessing they are out of luck, when it sounds like Disney may have in fact honored the original pricing if they were in the proces, but how were the people trying to book to know? That stinks :sad2:

I've already checked to see if San Juan excursions are out. LOL (they're not that I can see) Getting ahead of myself.

lbgraves 10-20-2011 01:24 PM

So what can we call you other than FabFive? LOL!

I did see that some thought that the price had changed on them before they booked or had problems with the system and got the email that DCL was honoring the original price. Impressed! Still not sure if this was a glitch and they corrected the price, or if due to the low prices the cruise sold very quickly and that caused the tiers to fill up and raise the prices.

Do you know the music to that song? I have heard it at every single sail away but never heard the Mickey version of the words. If not, search for "the vengabus" and you too can have this tune going through your head all day. ;)

Welcome to everyone who has joined the party! :welcome:

NTOFD 10-20-2011 02:23 PM

My DD and I are on this cruise too. I wasn't even planning on booking but the price was so low I couldn't help it. We have a Dream, a Fantasy and 3 Magic NYC dates booked between now and this one.:woohoo:

Kirbo 10-20-2011 02:44 PM

I'm so excited to be on this boat with you all :banana:!

We took our first cruise this past Feb/March on the Wonder to the MR. Got KSF on that one and we had a fantastic time. Neither my husband nor I are Disney folks, but I tell you what, we are definitely Disney Cruise folks :laughing:. Cracks me up when I see him leaving the house in his DCL shirt and DCL visor and I have on my DCL ballcap and am carrying my DCL water bottle :laughing:.

February's cruise was our first cruise ever. DH, our twins and I fell in love and rebooked while onboard. We will be doing our second cruise this coming February. Once again, a KSF on the MR.

I always thought that the Fantasy would be out of our price range, but when I woke up yesterday I had gotten an email from Tracey at DU saying the new dates were out. I found the March price and was so excited that we could afford it :wizard:. I ended up booking it on my own as I was worried we'd miss the price. Silly me, I didn't even look at other categories, I just grabbed the 11C while I could. I do hope we don't find the room too small, but getting on the boat is the main thing, right?

I had gotten the girls all excited about this cruise, telling them about the Fantasy and the Aquaduck and Castaway Cay. They were practically bouncing off the walls. Then I went to put down the deposit and got the message that the cruise was $2000 more than my original confirmation showed :scared1:. I almost cried. I had to tell the girls that something had gone wrong and we weren't going on it :sad2:

Anyway, I called DCL later and they were awesome. They said it was a problem they were working on (they never once said that the pricing had been incorrect :confused3, they just said that the higher price was wrong and being fixed). Anyway, got my second confirmation yesterday :goodvibes

We'll be there. It will be our third cruise and my girls will be 8 when we take it. And, unfortunately, I'm pretty sure our spring break will be the following week. But we've decided that 3rd grade is the last time we can take them out for a week of school and the school has approved it :flower3:

lbgraves 10-20-2011 03:02 PM

Kirbo, do you know that you can go in and change your category and get the same price it was when you booked your first room? You wouldn't pay the current price. You can go in and see what that would be in your reservation and modify the stateroom category. I would call DCL to make the change since there have been so many glitches with their system the past couple days. :)

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