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emilee&tylersmom 10-11-2011 09:02 AM

Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas -- International Drive
Our family is going to be staying at the Sheraton Vistana Village Resort Villas the first week of January. Is there a building that we should request to be in? A good location?


mindyb7 10-11-2011 07:14 PM

I don't know the ages of your children but we were there in May and we stayed in St. Augustine which is nearest to the pirate pool which is ideal for toddlers and younger children. If you do a search you can find some of the pics I posted from our room. We had a two bedroom and loved it. It was also a close walk to the main building that had activities pretty much every day and also had a great grill outside with a seating area if you wanted to cook out. We loved this resort. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Gala522 10-15-2011 11:52 PM

We stayed at Vistana Villages last November. We were in a 1 bedroom in Building 15 in the Key West section.

Key West is older than St. Augustine, but we still found it quite nice. According to the travel agent, the Key West 1 bedrooms are larger than the St. Augustine 1bedrooms, but I didn't see a St. Augustine to be able to compare. The Key West 1 bedroom was quite roomy. It had 2 bathrooms including a great master bath.

The area was quiet and we were very close to the pool. It's a nice pool, but there's nothing special for the kids... no zero depth entry for the little ones or slides for the bigger ones... but our 4 year old was quite happy in it.

Enjoy your stay!

Gala522 10-15-2011 11:54 PM

Shamelessly upping my post count so I can add pictures of our room...

Gala522 10-16-2011 12:08 AM

I'm back with pics!

Key West 1 bedroom

emilee&tylersmom 10-17-2011 09:43 AM

Thanks for the great answers. We are going to be staying in a two bedroom. We are hoping to be in the same building with my cousin and her family also. The ages of the kids that are going is 18, 15, 4, and 2. Hoping to figure out which building to many choices.

Detailor 10-17-2011 10:53 AM

I'm not sure that specific building is as important as which section of the resort that you stay in.

The Bella Florida phase of the resort is made up of 11 eleven buildings (about half of the buildings at the resort) that I believe were the original SVV resort buildings. They surround the large main pool area/resort lake. There's also a restaurant in that section. If I'm remembering correctly the Bella Florida dedicated two bedroom villas are the some of the smallest at the resort (1080 square feet).

The Key West section is the second oldest and I think there are six buildings in that section, which is located at the back of the resort. This section has the largest dedicated two bedroom are the largest at the resort in the 1120-1130 square foot range. There are a basketball court and tennis courts in that section. There's also a fitness room back there and a pool to serve guests in the section and there might have been a small game room there as well.

The Amelia section is located at the front of the resort and runs parallel to International Drive (separated by a thin strip of land, a wall and parking). There are four buildings in Amelia and the two bedroom villas are around 1100 square feet. The closest pool area serving this section is at the center of the St. Augustine phase buildings - close, but not terribly convenient.

The newest section, St. Augustine, looks nice from the outside and it looked like they were moving a fitness center and maybe a resort store into the lower floor of that section (we were there in December 2010). I might be wrong but I think they were going to situate a restaurant over there, too. The St. Augustine two bedroom villas are the smallest at the resort - 1070 square feet. Nicely landscaped, the St. Augustine pool area seems geared to younger children - a playground, a ship water feature - but there's a regular pool in that area, too. I think that there were four or five buildings in that section.

My wife and I were at the resort last December and I requested Key West because of the villa size and the resort amenities that were located in the section when I found out that one of our daughters wanted to go with us. Not that there's a lot of difference between a 1120 sq ft villa and a 1070 sq ft villa but having 50 sq ft more space would probably be more important with more people in the unit and we didn't have any issues with the fact that the Key West section is a little older than some of the other sections at the resort - everything was clean and in working order and not really showing all that much wear.

I walked the resort every day and thought that any of the sections would work out for guests because it's easily walkable from any single section to the other sections' amenities. I didn't much like the Amelia section - no area pool and the buildings seemed somehow isolated from the rest of the resort (even while the Key West section is actually more isolated, though close to the main section - Bella Florida - of the resort).

This is a nice resort. It'll probably be pretty cool at the beginning of January so the pools probably won't be that big of a deal for you to decide which area to stay in (we were there at the beginning of December and had the Key West pool to ourselves most of the time). So villa size and proximity to desired amenities might be the most important issues for you.

Good luck.

Dick Taylor

newmouse2008 10-17-2011 11:30 PM

The entire resort is beautiful!!!! You wll have a great time!!! here is a link with photos and info

munchkinsmom 11-01-2011 08:52 PM

We stayed at Vistana Villages for 10 days this past July in a two bedroom villa. Our family enjoyed our trip and we are so glad we decided to stay there. Here's a link to the floor plans of each of the villas:


Have fun!! :)

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