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SnipsNSnails 09-26-2011 04:30 PM

4 Generations Do WDW.....a little slowly!
4 Generations Do WDW......a little slowly!

September 17 - 24, 2011
Caribbean Beach Resort with Free Dining

Cast of Characters
Generation 1: Grandpa (81) and Grandma (Gigi) (79)
Generation 2: Mom (Grandma) (59) and Dad (Grandpa) (61)
Generation 3: Me (30) and DH (Andrew) (31)
Generation 4: Samuel (5) and Nolan (2.5)

This trip proved to be a little more slow than I had expected. Grandpa is getting unsteady on his feet so we brought along a wheelchair which Grandma pushed (with occasional help) everywhere. My mom hurt her knee and was walking the slowest and my dad broke his leg quite badly last February which included surgery, but does pretty well with the use of a cane. All that and two strollers meant it was pretty slow going some times. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Grandpa is in the middle stages of dimentia and this was probably his last trip, but he really did very well. My boys always bring out the best in him.

Day 1: Saturday, September 17, 2011............It's Finally Time to Go!
The day started out a little early. My parents and grandparents arrived the night before from MI. I had been on the DIS the evening before and saw all the great Disney Halloween stuff now available at Walgreens. We needed to leave at 9 AM to travel to Indy to catch our flight. So I located the closest 24 hour Walgreens only a mile or so away and mom and I left about 7 am. First we picked up some doughnuts from Dunkin' Doughnuts for breakfast and then into Walgreens. Was I ever glad we did! We got some light up wands, light up Mickey pumpkin necklaces, vampire mickey cookies, little stuffed talking vampire mickeys, mickey pumpkin water bottles, Disney halloween window clings, also a light up Mickey and Minnie pumpkin for our window. Took it all home, finished up the packing, ate our breakfast and then we tried to figure out how to fit all the luggage and people into our van. We made it, and it wasn't horribly crowded, and off we went.

Flight was on time and smooth. When we arrived in Orlando, we were a little confused about where to get to the ME, but once we found the right direction, it was quick and easy and we waited very minimal time for a bus. CBR was the first stop, we piled off and my mom and I went to check in! We had Rebecca from Brisbane, Australia checking us in. She was so sweet. We had our request of connecting rooms and first floor met (wanted first floor because of the strollers and wheelchair and Grandpa not being steady on stairs). I had forgotten to request a pack n play and did so. We also had a great location in Jamaica 44, looking at a courtyard, very close to the quiet pool, bus stop, and bridge to OPR. I couldn't have asked for anything more. At one point my DH came over holding Nolan and Rebecca gave him a pirate sword and eye patch and one for Samuel too. They were very excited about them! After check-in we waited a bit for the internal bus, and found our rooms. The pack and play I had just requested was already there on arrival. We dropped our stuff and reorganized. Then we boarded a bus to MK, transferred to the monorail and over to the Contemporary for our 6:55 PM ADR at Chef Mickey's.

We had a bit of a wait at CM, maybe 15-20 min. Buffet was OK, not much on it. But the characters were why we were there. I was nervous about how Nolan would do, as he was scared of Mickey on our day visit last December. He wasn't the least bit scared! He was full of hugs and we really had a great time. We headed home to CBR and our luggage was waiting for us. We got unpacked and settled and the boys into bed. Samuel threw a little fit at bedtime, he wanted his pirate sword and eyepatch, not a big deal to me, and off he went to sleep. I woke up around 1:30 AM because Nolan was stirring, so I stuck his paci back in his mouth and looked over....Sam was sound asleep with eyepatch in place LOL! It was a great start to the trip!

Day 2.....Magic Kingdom and a Boo Boo at Whispering Canyon.

Day 3....Epcot and Ohanna Mmmmm!

Day 4........Another Use for the Hairdryer, Le Cellier, and MNSSHP!

Day 5........Hollywood Studios, Cape May, and Vader almost loses a foot!

Day 6......Animal Kingdom, Boma, and lots of rain!

Day 7...........Swimming, Magic Kingdom, Crystal Palace and Fantasmic.

Day 8........Going home and sickness hits hard!

kokotg 09-26-2011 04:39 PM

Wow--4 generations! That's great! I hope I'm still doing Disney trips when I hit 80 :)

sounds like a great first day!

SnipsNSnails 09-26-2011 08:16 PM

Day 2......Sunday, September 18, 2011 - MK

Up early and ready to go, we schlepped everyone over to OPR for breakfast. It wasn't a long walk but it's also not very quick with a wheelchair and two strollers and this is the first and last morning that we do it this way, we're quick learners!! :lmao: We ordered 3 Bounty Platters which was more than enough food for all 8 of us. We quickly found out just how much food there is on the DDP.

We then catch the bus from OPR to MK but not in time for rope drop. This should have been my first clue about how slowly we would move and that even the best TP could not anticipate this factor. Since we missed RD anyway we grab FP for Mickey, curious to see his new digs. We then visited with Pinnochio and had the group shot taken that is in my initial post. My mom and I made a visit to information since she forgot her rewards card from her Disney Visa that she had been collecting for the boys to get souvies with. Never fear, Disney must see this happen all the time. Despite her kicking herself for the last day about it, it was very quickly resolved. After handing them her Visa and ID a new rewards card was issued and she was given the instructions to activate it and the number to call to get the points transferred from the card sitting in MI to the one in her hand. Problem solved in less than 10 minutes and grandma feels a whole lot better. At that point it was time for Mickey and Minnie. The new magician room is adorable and the boys loved meeting them again. Headed back to Fantasyland where the boys tried to pull the sword and then grandpa and daddy got in line for Dumbo with them. This was our longest wait all trip, probably 1/2 hr. While they rode I got FP for Peter Pan. After Dumbo we rode IASW. I then got FP for Winnie the Pooh and we rode Peter Pan. After PP we headed to Columbia Harbor House for lunch. First time eating here and it was excellent. I shared the shrimp with my mom. After I was done eating I headed over to Splash and BTMR, 4 FP for BTMR and 3 FP for Splash and met everyone back at Winnie the Pooh. This is the slow part, they waited maybe a minute for me to get there. After riding it started to pour rain. Everyone headed for the front as we wanted a rest time anyway. I detoured and grabbed FPs for Buzz on the way out. And here's one of our most stupid moves. Only dad put on his rain gear and they got split up. I found mom, dad, and Nolan under the train station with no clue to where Andrew, Samuel, grandma and grandpa were........and they had the rain ponchos. It was pouring buckets, really, really hard. Cell phones weren't answered so we finally made a mad dash for the busses and were completely and utterly soaked. We all made it back to CBR and changed to dry clothes, had a little rest. We weren't afraid to use the ponchos the rest of the trip after that soaking!

At around 4 we hopped a bus to Epcot and transferred to the Wilderness Lodge bus since it was still raining (easier than the walk to the boats at MK) for a 5 PM ADR at WCC. Arrived, checked in, waited about 10 minutes. We all ordered the skillet. It was OK. We couldn't eat dessert so we took that to go.

The kids were having a blast on the stick ponies until Nolan tripped and fell head first into one of the big columns. This resulted in a scrape and a big ole black and blue goose egg and lots of crying. I'm sure some people would be quick to blame them but really 2 yo's fall easily, it wasn't their fault. We just flagged the waitress down and asked for some ice since it swelled up. She promptly brought us a first aid ice pack and napkin to use as a shield. Of course she told her manager what had happened and it wasn't long before he came by to check on him. He took a look and asked what happened, expressed his sympathy. At this point Nolan was just sniffling and we didn't think it was anything serious at all. A few minutes later the manager came back again and brought him one of those light up Buzz Lightyears that come on the punch AND he brought one for Samuel too. This was so very kind of him and very kind to think of Samuel too, because it's hard to explain something like that, injury not withstanding, at this age. Both boys were thrilled! It was the best medicine possible for Nolan, who perked up pretty quickly zooming him around and turning the light on and off. For the rest of the trip, Nolan immediately asked for that Buzz whenever we got on the bus after dark. Before we left the manager came back a third time to write down our information, I assume he needed to file a report, and implied that if we needed to have him checked out that Disney would pay for it. A kind offer but he really was fine, his head didn't look so great but he was fine. I was very impressed with how the situation was handled, they were very kind.

It had stopped rainig! So we took the boat over to MK. We staked out a spot on Main Street with about 1/2 hr. to wait for the MSEP. We thoroughly enjoyed it! The kids especially. At this point Nolan was melting. He hadn't had a nap the last two days and at home he's a consistent 2-3 hour napper every day. So grandma, grandpa, and my mom took him and headed back to the room while dad, Andrew, Samuel and I stayed. After all we still had all those FPs! We headed through Adventureland and walked on to POTC, then dad, Andrew and Sam rode Splash with the FP while I watched wishes from there. We all rode BTMR. Then Andrew and I took Sam over to Buzz while grandpa came at his own pace, we only had 7 FP so by the time we rode once (and the ride stopped for awhile) grandpa was waiting to ride it again with us. Then we headed back to CBR to find Nolan sound asleep in mom's bed and grandpa snoring while mom and grandma dozed. Another great day at WDW!

SnipsNSnails 09-27-2011 12:35 PM

Day 3 - Monday, September 19, 2011.........Epcot

After seeing how slowly things went the day before, I was determined to make Rope Drop at Epcot. We all ate our leftover desserts from the night before at WCC for breakfast in our rooms and off we went!

We were very close to Rope Drop but bag check took forever..close enough. We stopped to see Stitch who had no line, my mom wanted to let Nolan see Daisy too so I gave her directions to get FPs for Soarin' and my dad, Andrew, Samuel and i headed off for Test Track. We walked right on twice and headed over for Soarin. Apparently Daisy and walking didn't go so quickly as our FPs were for 10:47 - 10:50 return times. We waited for mom, Nolan, grandma, and grandpa to get off Living with the Land and then grabbed a snack at Sunshine Seasons to wait the 30 or so minutes. Dad, Andrew, Samuel and I rode Soarin. Then we headed over to the Living Seas, did the Nemo Ride, Turtle Talk with crush, saw the aquarium, then went back for lunch at Sunshine Seasons. After that we headed over to Inoventions West to look for the Disney Visa picture. That was insane! When the hostess said there would be a delay in starting we just left. The kids were starting to melt down.

We headed back to CBR. I got Nolan to nap and then mom, Samuel. grandma and I headed to the pool in OPR. Samuel loved the slides and water play area and the water was so nice, it was HOT! After an hour or so we headed back to get ready for dinner.

Our ADR was for Ohanna at 5. It was raining again so we decided to transfer to the Poly via HS on the bus rather than the MK monorail or boat. We were seated almost immediately on checking in. This was my favorite meal of the trip! All the food was so good! Loved the Pork Dumplings, noodles, and chicken and steak the best but it was all good. And I think desssert was one of the best I had all week. The kids loved the coconut race and kid's parade. No boo boos, this time!

We then took the monorail back to Epcot, but on arrival we decided that most of us were tired so only Andrew, Samuel, and Dad went in and the rest of us called it an early night with baths and showers. they used the last set of Soarin' FPs and did Spaceship Earth.

Overall another great day, though I didn't feel like we got much done. Stay tuned for Day 4 - MNSSHP and another great use for the hairdryer!

SnipsNSnails 09-27-2011 10:55 PM

Day 4...........Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - MNSSHP!

Today, we slept in a little. We wanted to rest up for our big night!! We also decided the easiest thing to do was send me and Andrew over to OPR to bring breakfast back to the room. It worked quite nicely and is what we did the rest of the trip! We got everyone's order and brought it all back. The kids loved their Mickey Waffles. So much so that Sam didn't eat his bacon right away. He loves bacon. He's my odd child. He really doesn't eat much meat. Anything breaded (like chicken nuggets or fish) and bacon. That's it. No burgers, no hot dogs.......and in the end he usually prefers raw veggies and fruit to just about anything! So when he got to his beloved bacon, it was cold and he cried. What to do............well, my dad suggests the hairdryer. Worked like a charm! Warmed that bacon right up to an acceptable temperature so crisis averted. So another great use for your in room hairdryer.......heating food!

Our morning was not so great though. Samuel is ADHD and hates to take his medication so we really had quite the standoff going. I was shocked that he'd do it at Disney with the threat of not going anywhere until he took it but he did, and it ended in one of the scariest moments of my life. The others were leaving because he does better without an audience and he ran out the door and really ran. He's fast and even though I was on his heels at first, he has much more stamina and speed than me and kept making turns and I lost him. Andrew took off after him but I don't think I've ever been so scared because CBR is huge and I was afraid he'd run into the parking lot or road. Finally Andrew came back with him but he was in serious trouble. He and Andrew stayed behind. At that point since we only had Nolan, we rethough our plan to go back to Epcot for the morning and instead headed back to MK where there is more that he would enjoy. We did Dumbo again, which he had been asking for over and over and the Country Bears, then we headed to Epcot where we had an 11:30 ADR at Le Cellier. Meanwhile Andrew got Samuel to take his medication and they headed to Epcot and did Ellen's Engergy Universe and got TT fast passes (maybe rode once too?) and they met us at the Canada pavillion.

I loved Le Cellier but that was the slowest meal of the whole trip. We were there over 2 hours even though we were seated promptly. The pretzel and sourdough bread was so good! I had the New York Strip which was great and the cream cheese mashed potatoes were amazing! The Creme Brulee was excellent as well. They offered Nolan his own entree at no charge which we declined as Sam eats very little any way and we were right, they didn't eat the whole cheese pizza between the two of them, though Nolan loved the steak LOL We did however take him up on the build your own sundae for Nolan as sharing that wouldn't have gone over well. Both boys thoroughly enjoyed adding the sprinkles and chocolate etc to their ice cream.

After lunch we headed to the Visa Picture again and this time it was moving through so we got our picture with Pluto and Mickey. Dad, Samuel, and Andrew stayed to get the picture and Dad and Sam rode Test Track with the Fast Passes.

The rest of us headed back to CBR for some rest! I got Nolan down for a nap then walked over to OPR with grandma where she got a sandwhich to go for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa opted to not attend the Halloween party with us that evening so she wanted something for dinner already in the room.

At about 4 PM we got the boys dressed in their Peter Pan costumes and got out all the great stuff we got at Walgreens the day we left. And we set off for MK and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We arrived around 5:30ish. I hightailed it back to where the 7 Dwarves would be meeting and was 4th to arrive. Took a seat on the curb and waited. Meanwhile they had the boys' pictures taken with the magic shot holding Tinker Bell.

They then joined me in the que. It was a fairly pleasant wait as everyone was chatting in line. Promptly at 7 out came the dwarves!! I was, however, dissapointed that the photopass photographer was late so we got no photopass pictures. But mom took quite a few on her camera. We then headed down Brer Rabbit's treat trail. We then headed over to Woody's Dance party and the kids had a blast dancing with the characters. We staked out our parade spot out front at the same time. We brought grandpa's wheelchair for my mom since her knee was getting worse by the day so we took turns sitting there while others were in the dance party. We then took the boys down the treat trail by the Liberty Belle and had a family (Andrew, me, the boys) picture taken with the hitchiking ghosts magic shot. Then it was time for the parade which was awesome! Loved the headless horseman and that whole thing. After the parade we headed into Adventureland for Tarzan (had a Dole Whip while waiting), Timon, Samuel did the carpet ride with Andrew (Nolan was being ornery), then saw Aladdin and Jasmine (just missed the Genie by a couple of groups). We watched Hallowishes from Adventureland and that was amazing. Next we saw Mickey and Minnie as pirate and princess, then Buzz Lightyear at the boys' request with trick or treating along the way. At that point the second parade was ending and we were all whipped so home we went to Jamaica.

What great fun it was!! Stay tuned for Day 5 - Hollywood Studios and more rain!

SnipsNSnails 09-29-2011 08:19 PM

Day 5: Wednesday, September 21, 2011........Hollywood Studios

Today everyone was tired from our late night. Unfortunately, it was probably the day we most needed to be out the door to RD, should have thought that one through more! Andrew and I got breakfast again for everyone and we had another epic battle over Samuel taking his medication so we didn't get to Hollywood Studios until 9:30ish....well after rope drop. Everything you've heard about being at rope drop for Hollywood Studios......believe it.

Once we got through the gates I grabbed everyone's ticket and headed straight for the Toy Story Mania Fast Passes. Andrew took Sam and headed for Jedi Training. Everyone else took their time coming toward the hat, taking some pics along the way. The TSM FPs were already for 2:50 PM. Andrew called about Jedi Training and they were already booking the 5:45 show which would be a no go due to our 5 PM Cape May reservation. They took the 7:35 PM and we all met back up. We walked onto The Great Movie Ride and then headed toward the Disney Junior show. We met Handy Manny, and Leo and Annie, then watched the show which the boys loved as we are big on Disney Junior at home. They love Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Then we went into the animation building to meet Mr. Incredible and Frozone. On the way out Nolan saw June and Quincey now greeting so we stopped for them too.

We then headed for lunch at the ABC Commissary chosen mostly for it's indoor air conditioned tables for eating! Lunch was OK. We decided due to how slowly we were moving not to head back for a rest. After lunch I went for Rock N Roller coaster FPs which were only at a 3:20 return time and then I met everyone back at the Phineas and Ferb meet and greet. They had already done Mater and Lightning. The boys had obtained a couple of stuffed Perry's via grandma and the line moved pretty fast. We had to wait while they took a break but we were next! On the way out for their break P & F grabbed the boys' stuffed Perrys and gave them a hug. And when they came back it was good fun with the Perrys etc! After that we dropped mom, grandma, and grandpa back at the ABC to sit inside while the rest of us headed to TSM. This was my first time riding, it was so much fun! I can see why everyone loves it. Andrew, Sam, Nolan and I rode, then again with my dad joining us. Andrew then took the boys to watch the parade while my dad and I rode Rock N Roller Coaster. I am a coaster junkie and last time we were at HS I was pregnant with Nolan and couldn't ride, so this was my first time! Awesome!!

We got a frozen lemonade and met up with everyone. The singing in the rain umbrella was not working and we couldn't find Mike and Sully so the boys played at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area. We had an awful time catching Sam to leave which in turn made us just miss the boat to Beach Club which in turn made us a bit late to Cape May, maybe 10 minutes, but they sat us pretty much immediately. Loved Cape May! The crab legs were so good! Lots of other good stuff too. And the desserts were some of my favorite during the trip.

We were planning on Fantasmic but it was raining when we left and everyone wanted to see Jedi training. That was a blast! Sam loved it and it was hilarious. He actually whacked Dart Vader in the foot at one point because he had no clue what moves he was supposed to do (5 may be a bit young) but he was well behaved and tried to do it all. He was so proud. I think this may have been the highlight of the trip for many of us, him included.

Then we headed home to CBR, quite tired!!

Next up..........Animal Kingdom and lots of rain!

bkandreu 09-29-2011 11:01 PM

Your sons' outfits are amazing! They look so cute!

wishicouldgomoreofte 09-30-2011 02:28 AM

That is such a cute picture. Just darling!
I am enjoying your trip report. I am also amazed at how much you got done.
You said you moved slowly, but it sure sounds like you got a lot done each day.
And what wonderful memories you have built with this trip. I wish I could take my 80 year old mother, but she just is not physically or mentally able to make the trip, even just to spend the time at the resort, without even trying to go to parks. You will have times to cherish.
How lucky you all are.

GrammyJudy 09-30-2011 11:12 AM

GREAT REPORT! WOW 4 generations...we go as 3 ...hope I make it to be the 4th. What wonderful memories for all of you. I really like how you split up sometimes and sometimes all go together...makes everyone happier that way.

SnipsNSnails 09-30-2011 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by bkandreu (Post 42799398)
Your sons' outfits are amazing! They look so cute!

Thank you!! :lovestruc


Originally Posted by wishicouldgomoreofte (Post 42800187)
That is such a cute picture. Just darling!
I am enjoying your trip report. I am also amazed at how much you got done.
You said you moved slowly, but it sure sounds like you got a lot done each day.
And what wonderful memories you have built with this trip. I wish I could take my 80 year old mother, but she just is not physically or mentally able to make the trip, even just to spend the time at the resort, without even trying to go to parks. You will have times to cherish.
How lucky you all are.

Well, I suppose we did pretty well, it just seemed slow. We've been going to WDW for years, especially MK and I'm used to being able to do much more in one day. Last December, we did almost everything except Splash, Space, Jungle Cruise, Hall of Presidents, COP, Stitch and People mover, some things we did more than once and the afternoon parade, and a haircut by 9 PM with 2 QS meals. So in comparison, this seemed so slow. We were so glad that grandpa could make the trip and did so well. It will likely be his last but we do have great memories for sure!


Originally Posted by GrammyJudy (Post 42802880)
GREAT REPORT! WOW 4 generations...we go as 3 ...hope I make it to be the 4th. What wonderful memories for all of you. I really like how you split up sometimes and sometimes all go together...makes everyone happier that way.

Yes, the #1 rule of traveling in a large group, you don't have to stay together! Of course grandpa and grandma required more rest and our youngest got ornery sometimes, while he enjoyed everything, sometimes I think he'd have been happy just staying in the room. He's still asking to go back to Jamaica!

SnipsNSnails 09-30-2011 12:23 PM

Day 6: Thursday, September 22, 2011............Animal Kingdom

Everyone was a little more rested today after calling it an early evening the night before. Andrew and I did breakfast delivery again and we were off to Animal Kingdom. Andrew had to submit some work for the Master's Program he is in, so he stayed behind to take care of that while the rest of us headed out and would join us when he was finished.

We were to Animal Kingdom pretty close to rope drop. I headed for Expedition Everest to grab fast passes while everyone else headed for Kilimanjaro Safaris. They took some pictures and looked at the animals along the way. We all got to the safaris at about the same time. The line was moving pretty quickly. We saw lots of animals including good looks at giraffes, rhinos, elephants (caught just a glimpse of the brand new baby) and many others. The lions were hiding, just saw a tail! Then we headed down the Pangini Forest Trail to see the gorillas and such. Then we went over to the Conservation Station mostly for autographs. We got Jimminy Cricket but unfortunately Rafiki wasn't there. They were also operating on a fish from the Living Seas! That was amazing! And the boys had their pictures with an owl.

After heading back it was time to rest and eat. We usually love Flame Tree Barbeque but the heat had us headed for the closest restuarant with air conditioning which happened to be Pizzafari. Food was fine but the air conditioning was heaven LOL! After lunch we headed for the Festival of the Lion King where Andrew met up with us. Sam was asked to participate in the end part but he didn't want to.

At this point, we headed toward the other side of the park. Grandma and Grandpa took a break inside Restaurantosaurus. Andrew took Nolan on Triceratop Spin and then my mom took him to see Goofy and Pluto while my dad, Samuel and I headed for Expedition Everest with our 6 fast passes. Again, I've never rode because I was pregnant the last time I had a chance. Samuel was stoked. He's been loving the Yeti ride (as he calls it) from the TV shows about Disney. I had never even considered the possibility of him being able to ride EE when I booked last February. In December he was just 40 inches tall and we had been talking up Test Track and all the other great 40 inch rides, which he was excited about. Then last June, he measured in at 43.75 in. without his shoes (yes, 3.75 in. in a little less than 6 months!) and I realized with shoes, he'd probably make it come September, but we still didn't say anything. In August, he was measuring 45.5 in without shoes! So we let him know that he would get to ride it. Yes, that's 5.5 in. in 8 months! He and I both loved it! What a great ride! It's just too bad the Yeti is broken because I can only imagine that it was awesome, hopefully they eventually can fix it. She was in disco mode which was neat to me but I never saw it the other way.

Right after we got off EE for the second time, it started to rain. We went to Finding Nemo to wait for everyone where we were supposed to meet. Then it rained harder (they had the ponchos) finally we just went in and called telling them to just come in when they got there and to cover the stroller! They all showed up a little wet and we watched Finding Nemo, Nolan napped through most of it. When we came out it had let up but was still spitting rain. We headed to the front to catch the bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge for our 5 PM ADR at Boma. And then it poured some more.

They sat us almost immediately at Boma. The food is very different. It was good and I tried a bunch of new things. But I didn't think that it was some place that would be on my list of must dos for next time (like Ohanna!) and the others agreed. It was still pouring which was disappointing since we wanted to look around the Lodge and see the Savannah etc. It's a beautiful hotel and on my list of places I'd like to stay some time. We had been planning to go back to Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic but it was still raining pretty hard. We took the bus to HS anyway. Everyone else transferred back to CBR and Andrew and I went into HS to get Samuel's Jedi Training Photopass pictures transferred to our photopass card and then we followed. So it was another early night in which didn't hurt our feelings to much! I felt like we did get everything done that we wanted with the exception of a few autographs that we missed.

Next up............our last full day, some swimming, MK, Crystal Palace, and Fantasmic!

SnipsNSnails 10-04-2011 04:01 PM

Day 7 - September 23, 2011........CBR and Magic Kingdom

Samuel had been begging to go swimming again. There just never seemed to be enough time or it was raining. So we decided that on our last day we would sleep in and head to to pool in the morning. Andrew, Dad, and I went to get breakfast this morning. We had many extra CS meals so we used some of them to get pastries and juice for the next morning. Our Magical Express bus to the airport was scheduled to depart at 7:30 AM so no time to go over to OPR in the morning.

After breakfast we got ready for the pool and headed over to OPR at 10 AM sharp when the waterslides and splash area open. Everyone went, but mom, grandma, and grandpa weren't swimming. We found some loungers in the shade in the kiddie splash area. Samuel, Andrew, and Dad went to the big pool so Samuel could do the slides. I stayed with Nolan in the splash area. He was having a blast. He's normally not a water baby. This was the most fun I've ever seen him have in a water play area. It may just be that he's older now. The plan was to play an hour or so and then head to MK but they were having so much fun that we stayed more like 2 hours. When we finally convinced them to go, Andrew took them back to the room to start on dressing and the rest of us went into OPR to get lunch to take back to the room. OPR's food court is fabulous, with lots of options! After lunch we headed for MK. On the bus ride over Nolan fell asleep, transferred to his stroller and slept on!

We had several things on our list to do yet. We headed first for Haunted Mansion. Andrew and I rode together while Samuel protected Gigi and Grandpa. Great-Grandpa and Mom stayed with Nolan. It rained while we were inside and looked like it would rain again, but we headed for the Tiki Birds and got something to drink since it was so hot! Samuel wanted some doritos too. After our break, Nolan woke up and we all saw Tiki Birds. After Tiki Birds we pretty much walked on Jungle Cruise and it rained while we were on that ride. Then we headed back to see Woody and Jessie. After that we wanted Chip and Dale and Peter Pan, but we only ended up with Chip and Dale. This was a huge dissapointment. Apparently MK pulls all the characters more than 2 hours before the Halloween Party starts which I still don't understand. We made a mad dash for Chip and Dale, not because we knew that, but because we had reservations at the Crystal Palace and we wanted to get both in. Andrew made it there first and they had closed the line but a very nice CM told him he would see what he could do. I arrived and we sat to the side and waited to see if the line would move fast enough to allow us to see them. Thankfully it did. I had made a special autograph book through Shutterfly for the trip. Unfortunately we did meet any Peter Pan or Jungle Book characters on our trip so those pages are blank. Oh well.

Mom and Dad and my grandparents were shopping in the meantime. Mom wanted to buy the boys t-shirts. We headed back by Crystal Palace and the boys could see the castle show from there and we also had their pictures taken with the castle in the background. Then I checked in and we waited. We were a little early but were seated within 10 minutes of our ADR. We saw Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eyeore. The food was good, but not a must do again. The desserts were my favorite part LOL.

After dinner we headed out. MK was closing for the Halloween party so we headed to Hollywood Studios. We still hadn't seen Fantasmic! Grandma and Grandpa were tired so they took the bus back to CBR instead of going to HS with us. The whole time it was lightning and we weren't sure if they would even have it but we headed over any way. We were so tired and that was quite a walk. Mom didn't look like she was going to make it. In hindsight, we probably should have brought the wheelchair for her as Grandpa would have been find just going back to the resort. Fantasmic was worth it though! Before we left Sam had seen a picture of the HS map and saw Scorcerer Mickey and the dragon where the stadium is and was very excited about it. As we were walking back there, I was thinking, do we really want to do this? We're all exhausted! Well, there is a billboard on Sunset Blvd as you are walking back advertising Fantasmic and Sam saw it as we were walking. He piped up, "Mom! I know what you forgot to add to your list, that Fantasia show!" He sounded a tad dissapointed because he knew we were leaving the next day. I was able to say, "No I didn't, that's where we are goin right now!" Needless to say, that made the decision! Both boys loved it! Nolan hid into me a couple of times but since we've been home has talked about seeing Mickey on the mountain.

After the show we headed back. The trip was coming to a close. Once we got the boys in bed I had a lot of packing to do. What a trip!!

Next up...........Going Home.

SnipsNSnails 10-12-2011 11:12 AM

Day 8.......Leaving for Home :sad1:

Well, the time had finally come, time to go home. How can a trip go so fast??!! We were up very early to get everything packed up. We had to catch a 7:30 Magical Express bus. We ate the pastries and juice we purchased the day before with our CS credits. We totally did not understand how to get everything over to the Customs House. We dragged everything to the bus stop to go on the internal bus. But then DH called over using the phone there and they said we had to use Bell Services, no luggage on the bus. So they sent a van, really very quickly to get us. We loaded up and off we went. Getting checked in at the flight desk was a little confusing too but we got everything taken care of and then loaded up on the Magical Express. That went pretty well, until just before we arrived at the airport. Samuel puked all over himself and little on mom. I mean all over, he was covered!! Gross! Thankfully I had extra clothes in the backpack so we were able to get him puke free. Andrew found a garbage bag to store the soiled clothes in. Plane ride went smoothly. Luggage magically appeared at the airport. Ride home was smooth. We were all exhausted but were home by 4 PM which was nice. I went to bed finally around 11 PM and had been in bed for about 5 minutes when Nolan started puking. So not fun. Thankfully it wasn't while we were on vacation but not a great way to arrive home. We fought a stomach bug for the next week with both boys puking on and off. Welcome home and back to reality!


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