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RustManFan 09-19-2011 04:54 PM

Marion's *License Plate/Stroller Tags Only*- DO NOT QUOTE!
I have more license plate/stroller tags than any other type of DISign. Therefore, I think they have earned their own thread!

Here are a few of the hundreds that I have created. All new will be added to this thread where I will also take requests.

Photobucket password is in my profile in the Meet the DISigner sticky

Link to PB:

License Plates:

DCL Versions:

Disneyland Versions:



Theme Parks:

Remember, violations of posted rules and non-compliance have no valid excuses!

As with all my DISigns, I require the JPG file name to personalize an existing image.....also month and year for each tag. EXACT and COMPLETE jpg!

Do not include the path, only the JPG as in License-xxxxxx.jpg[/U][/B]

Note that these are my creations and if you ask me to replace fundamental components of the DISigns, including font, I reserve the right to say no. Frankly, sometimes I am insulted at how many elements DISer's want changed....if you like my creations you will trust my judgement! This applies to colors as well.

Also note that words such as RIDE, STROLLER and CARRIAGE come from requests and are not part of the DISign unless you indicate in your preferred text. Samples in Photobucket may show these words because the first of that DISign format includes them. If not specified you get just the name....

and enter the name exactly as you want it on your DISign. I will copy and paste from your request so if you write william or sally, that is what you get...not William or Sally. Same for punctuation such as Emma's

and remember, no QUOTES in any of my threads please!

Please remember that they are only stored temporarily in Photobucket. I expect you to download in a matter of days of my postings. If you don't and wait months you may be disappointed to find that my temporary folders have been emptied. Also please back up your data. I cannot be held responsible for re-doing images lost because of computer issues at your end.

Another thing you should know.....Photobucket allows DISigners to post thumbnails or a larger image. I read up on this and it is important to note that this is NOT the full resolution image even if it looks like it....only way to get full resolution image is to download it from PB.

Do not right click and select Save As or you will get a reduced size and reduced resolution image. When you think a DISign is blurry, you are not looking at the full resolution image.

Again, DOWNLOAD from not right click on image on a thread or the image in PB and expect to see the hard work that the DISigner put into creating your image(s).

And please, before you select a license plate DISign, please take a look and see if the text you are requesting is reasonable for that style (without covering all the graphics)

added 8/9/2013....I will no longer reload images that you lose due to any kind of computer issues. I back up my data and ask that you do the same please!

Here are a handful of samples:


I have Resorts, Princesses, DCL, Military, Pirates, Parks, Characters, Rides, Holidays, etc.....and anything that says WDW can be added for DL.

Feel free to ask for additional DISigns....

If you are seeking something other than a license plate DISign, please check the Meet the DISigners sticky for links to the proper thread. Thank you.

how my PB is set up. This includes the individual subfolders and not just the main DISNEY folder. Be sure you have the View Library on the left selected and not Hide Library:

"Password Protected Albums

When an album is password protected:

Users enter the password in order to view the album.
If someone searches for your username, they cannot access your password protected albums unless they have a guest password.
Content will not display in search results.
Guests to your album can copy and share photos in the album - this cannot be disabled, so only share with people you trust!"

What I am working to avoid is this feature of Public Albums:

"Photos in the album may appear in other search engines like Google or Bing."

Shanna-like-Banana 09-19-2011 11:02 PM

Hi Marion,

We are leaving for WDW this Friday and would love a few stroller license plates customized.

Can you please replace "Jake" with "Tyler"

Can you have Francesco and Lightning McQueen as the two cars? Hot Rods sounds good.


This would be awesome to have our stroller personalized for our boys. I would be so grateful!

RustManFan 09-20-2011 01:15 AM

Most of you are well aware that I require the jpg file name if you want me to personalize, update or modify an existing image. Some of you, however, may not know how to get this information...

Here are instructions for you....

From a post:

If the image is a thumbnail you can simply hover your mouse over the image and see the path on the lower left of your PC. Remember to only give me the jpg file name that follows the final =.

If the DISign is a full size image, right click on the image and select View Image Info. Right click once on the location line around the middle of the screen. Hit the END button on your keyboard and you will be taken to the part of the path that shows the jpg file name. Remember to only give me the jpg file name that, in this case, follows the final /.

From Photobucket:

Hover your mouse over the thumbnail of the DISign you want. On the lower left of your PC you will see the Photobucket path. Remember to only give me the jpg file name that, in Photobucket, follows view&current=

I now have hundreds and hundreds of JPGs on my hard drive in many many folders. I cannot possibly do my DISigning efficiently and quickly if I get annoyed trying to track down an elusive file!!

Thanks for understanding

RustManFan 09-20-2011 01:16 AM


Shanna-like-Banana 09-20-2011 07:48 AM


You just made 2 lil boys and their mama very happy ! Thanks a bunch

Princess Olivia 09-20-2011 10:40 AM

Hi!! I am having such a stressful week (year) and I have been looking for a stroller tag and then this beautiful post of yours answered my hopes! I was wondering if I could get a stroller tag for The Leonard Family for October 2011

I'll have a double stroller for my two boys, Carson and Nolan. We love all of Disney and all of your designs so anyting is great for me. I am also wondering if you had any designs of the autism awareness puzzle piece that could go on the tag as well. Carson is 2.5 yrs old and on the spectrum. I may be using the stroller as a wheelchair. Sometimes it's helpful for people to understand he's not being rude by not talking or he's not having a tantrum because he's naughty. I'm hoping this trip will be a happy time for all of our kids. We need a little break!! If you can help, you have my deepest gratitude. Thank you.

mommy2ryan 09-20-2011 11:24 AM

We're leaving Sunday for our trip and these would be great....the pirate Mickey would be great for my son Ryan....and a Minnie one would be good for my daughter, Emily

thanks so much...they'll love it!

RustManFan 09-20-2011 12:09 PM

To all.....please note that I require the JPG file name if you wish me to personalize an existing DISign.....a description will NOT help me locate the file on my hard drive. This is same for all my request threads.

Current requests are ok but going forward I will need the JPG.

RustManFan 09-20-2011 12:17 PM

I figured a double stroller for two boys called for my favorite pair!!

RustManFan 09-20-2011 12:18 PM

Princess Olivia 09-20-2011 12:31 PM

I absolutely adore it!! Thank you so very, very much.:hug:

JoshAndEvsMom 09-20-2011 04:50 PM

Hello Marion!

I love your license plates! May I request:

License-Christmas1.jpg with the name "Lewis Family"
License-Christmas1.jpg with the name "Moen Family"
License-Cars3.jpg with the name "Daden" replacing Hot Rods

And a special request? A license with coloring like License-Cars1.jpg but with Mater and Finn McMissle characters instead of the two that are there; and the name "Malachai" replacing Hot Rods.

If that isn't possible, License-Cars1.jpg with the name "Malachai" replacing Hot Rods would be ok.

The date of travel is December 2011

Thank you so much!

khertz 09-20-2011 06:32 PM

Just started looking for something to hang on our stroller for our November trip & came across your DISigns. Love them!!

I'd like to request License-Fab6.jpg with The Hertz Family on it and Nov in the top left box, 2011 in the top right box.

And could I get the same one (License-Fab6.jpg), also with The Hertz Family, but with May 2012 as the dates and Disneyland at the top in place of Walt Disney World?


RustManFan 09-20-2011 11:38 PM

RustManFan 09-21-2011 12:06 AM

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