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izzie-wizzie 08-28-2011 04:13 PM

COMPLETED - We're Visiting Our Laughing Place - Trip Report
How do ya do? Pleased to meet ya. Fine how are you? Nice seeing ya. Howdy c'mon, How do ya do?! :goodvibes


With only four weeks left until I am away to WDW (or three weeks and six days!!), I thought now was a good time to start my pre-trip report! :woohoo:

I was going to start this report months and months and months ago – but then I put it off, and then I forgot about doing one, and then I put it off again! I have seriously been counting down the days to this trip since it was at least two-hundred days-to-go – I am so excited :)

Anyway, I’ve obviously started my PTR now and its probably better I have started it now rather than before, because so many little details and ADRs have changed from my original plan!

So a little introduction about us...

Izzie – That’s me, that picture was taken on my 21st birthday in Animal Kingdom - see link to that trip report in my signature. I’m the planner of the trip and of just about everything! I really enjoy being on the Disboards, reading Trip Reports and Dining Reports, finding out as much as I can about WDW and putting together a great Disney trip =) I graduated from University last summer, and I have a new job as an Events Coordinator and I absolutely love my job. In my spare time I enjoy shopping, cocktails, making cupcakes and spending time with friends, family and my two pets – a cross Yorkie / Scottie dog called Sweep and my African Pygmy Hedgehog Mr Pricklepants .


Mr Pricklepants:

Scott – We have been together just over 4 (lovely) years. This will be our 4th Disney trip together (2 to DLRP and this is our second to WDW). He is more about the thrill rides than anything else – but the more we’ve went to Disney the more of an interest he has in other parts of the park too – especially Hidden Mickeys (I got him a Hidden Mickey book to look at when we are over there!). He is an engineer and works offshore, in his spare time he is always working on his car and is learning how to drift.

Here's a picture of us taken at a recent family wedding:

We are both really looking forward to this trip – this year has been a bit of a nightmare for us. I had a job at the start of the year that involved a lot of long distance driving so I was constantly tired, and then at the very start of May, the roof of our flat collapsed which has meant we have had to move in to his parents’ house and work is only just starting to get going to fix the flat this week. The insurance company won’t be helping us either at all. Not the best of situations. We weren’t sure whether we could manage this trip financially, but most of it was paid by May – and the trip has been something to keep our spirit up and something to look forward to!

How are we getting there?

Leaving: Saturday 24th September 2011, travelling from Aberdeen – Charles de Gaulle Paris – Orlando.

We have a nice early flight from the local airport on Saturday – I am so glad we leave first thing in the morning – if I had to wait til afternoon or evening I may go crazy with excitement!! We have a family party the night before too which should make that night fly by! Then we arrive in Paris (unfortunately not enough time for a sneaky visit to DLRP) and then on to Orlando, arriving about 5.00pm Florida Time.

I am so glad we only have one change over this trip, as last trip to Florida, we had two changeovers – and I have tendencies to get quite stressy that we will miss a flight or get lost (I always expect the worst if I am not the one in control!) so only one change over, keeps me much calmer!

We booked the flights independently , and then got our hotel, tickets and dining plan direct through Disney.

Where are we Staying?

Disney Saratoga Springs Resort!!

Ohhhhh I am excited about staying on Disney Property for 2 whole weeks and being in a Disney Bubble, It will also be nice being so close to Downtown Disney as we didn’t get to fully explore DTD before.

We will be there 14 nights, on the Disney Dining Plan.

How many Days to go? 27 Days!

Coming Next – our day-by-day / ADR plan!

wickesy 08-29-2011 05:08 AM

Sounds great so far. We fly out on the 21st so we might see you out there. :goodvibes

Goofyish 08-29-2011 05:39 AM

I fly out on the 26th from Gatport Airwick :)

Have a great trip :thumbsup2

Tinkerbell1989 08-29-2011 10:57 AM

Hey Izzie,
Great start to your PTR... Just finished reading your TR! I'm sure I'd started reading it ages ago, but must have just not finished! Anyway, I'm very excited to see your plans! :banana:


izzie-wizzie 08-29-2011 05:00 PM

Hey peoples - thanks for reading and thanks lots to those that have commented so far!! :goodvibes

So, without further a-do - I'll tell you what I have planned for the first few days of our trip:

Day 1 - Saturday 24th September 2011

Travel Day, and arrive in Florida about 5.00pm. We'll get the magical express bus to SSR - check-in and look around the resort and our room.

Then plan to head to Downtown Disney - have dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express, and maybe grab a snack from Goofys Candy Co to take back to the room. Generally just browsing the shops, might have a cocktail or two from TRex depending on the time, as we have an earlyish start the next day...

Day 2 - Sunday 25th September 2011

Magic Kingdom!! I can't wait to really spend our first whole day in Magic Kingdom! I'm hoping to make it there in time for Rope Drop - but even if we don't get there that early, its not too bad cause its late EMH this day and I plan on taking full advantage of it!!

We'll probably grab breakfast at Main Street Bakery (the pastries there look amazing!!), then head to Tomorrowland first as we haven't been on Space Mountain in WDW before so very excited for that!

Also especially looking forward to Splash Mountain (my favourite ride in Disney), Philharmagic (just gives me goosebumps) and Haunted Mansion (to see the new queue and hitch-hiking ghosts) .

So we'll just explore Magic Kingdom and have fun - til our dinner reservations at Tonys Town Square that evening :goodvibes I've heard really mixed reviews on this place, but I am a massive Lady and the Tramp fan so I had to give it a go myself. Think I will just have to order the Spaghetti and Meatballs to keep in with the theme of the place though - ordering anything different might feel wrong :lmao:

After dinner, it will probably be time to get our spot for the evening parade and Wishes (the best fireworks show ever, hehe!)- then have some EMH fun! I really love spending time at the theme parks when its night time - it's a whole different atmosphere :wizard:

Day 3 - Monday 26th September 2011

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Again, we will try get here fairly early, but if we don't make it that early, it's not a big deal - as its late EMH here too.

Will try and do Toy Story Mania as much as we can, think this ride is great fun, and you need to ride it to see what the fuss is all about :goodvibes

Will see what we can fit in this day - but I'm going to try and let it not be too much rushing about and just enjoy the time we're there, taking it slow as well :) really want to visit the tune in lounge too, which brings my to...

My dinner reservations for the day - at 50s Prime Time, which looks like good fun, and there are some great reviews on this place so I had to make a reservation to see what the fuss was all about!!

After dinner, it will be time for Fantasmic, and then EMH to explore some more rides and things :goodvibes

So that's our first few days - definately quite a busy couple of days - but EMH at MK and DHS when we first arrive, and will be all excited to do things seems like too great an opportunity to waste!! But I'll definately be trying to have some rest time later in the holiday too :thumbsup2

How many Days to go? 26 Days!

Coming Next – days 4, 5 and 6!

mandymouse 08-30-2011 12:31 PM

Great start Izzie, your plans so far look fab, I hope you have a wonderful time ::yes::

PrincessCharlie 08-31-2011 03:42 PM

Great start:thumbsup2 I wish my plans could be that detailed :laughing:

kirstinemma 09-02-2011 08:47 AM

You're plans so far sound great, can't wait to read more!

Terkina 09-02-2011 11:06 AM

Sounds like a great start. I'm looking forward to read more of your plans :)

VailaTigger 09-03-2011 06:33 AM

Oooo! Sounds great so far!! Looking forward to reading more.

jockey 09-03-2011 07:49 AM

Great start your plans sound fab :)

izzie-wizzie 09-03-2011 09:49 AM

Thanks for reading so far!

Day 4 - Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure. We're planning on taking a Mears shuttle from our hotel to Universal. We will probably start in IOA to see Harry Potter stuff - definately keen to try some Butterbeer! Also just wanting to explore Islands of Adventure a bit. Then obviously go across to Universal Studios too. We will be coming back for the day in the second week too. That night, we might spend time in City Walk depending on how late the Mears Shuttle can pick us up - we had dinner at the Latin Quarter a couple of years ago which was sooooo good so we would probably go back there.

Day 5 - Plan on taking it slower this day - sleep in a bit, maybe get a nice breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney. Then spend the day in Typhoon Lagoon and by the pool at the hotel. That night - we're going to go to Contemporary Resort for some cocktails and a nice meal at California Grill - me and Scott love sushi and I've heard some great things about the sushi at California Grill so that will be great - will also be really nice to see Wishes from the balcony there too.

Day 6 - Animal Kingdom - Sooo excited for this park! I didn't have a lot of expectations when I first visited this park, for a lot of people its at best a 1/2 day park. But I just love the whole feel of the place so much! I've never had a chance to do any of the animal trails so that will be fun to do - between trying to see Finding Nemo the Musical as many times as possible - I love that show and listen to the soundtrack far too much :lmao: We will probably split a lunch at Flame Tree BBQ then we have dinner reservations for Sanaa that evening - which will give us the evening to explore AK Lodge and Kidani Village , maybe sample some of their cocktails too :woohoo:

Day 7 - Slightly different day planned for today, we are going to have breakfast at O'Hana, and then spend the day wondering about, hiring a Sea Raycer at Polynesian and then I have booked us to do a tandem paraglide on Bay Lake! After all that excitement we're going to go to Epcot, and have a late lunch/early dinner planned at Coral Reef. Then will just enjoy some of Epcot before having a relatively early night.

Day 8 - Saturday 1st October Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom - and I've booked us in for an 8am breakfast at Crystal Palace. As far as I'm aware there not doing anything special on that day to mark the anniversary but it will be nice to just say we were there anyway. We will probably hang around the park until just after lunchtime, then head back to the hotel to relax by the pool. That evening we're going to play some mini golf and then have dinner at Kimonos (for some more sushi!) - maybe have a fun night out in the Boardwalk - I quite fancy going to Jellyrolls too :)

So thats us into the second week now - so excited :yay:

I'll show you the Mousekeeping Envelopes I put together last weekend

I've also got a Mr Pricklepants Tshirt Transfer that I need to put onto a black vest top - I bought two in-case the first one went wrong - it did!! :rotfl: So just need to pick up another vest :goodvibes

How Many Days to Go - 21 Days!!! 3 Weeks today I'll be on my way!!!!

wickesy 09-03-2011 11:52 AM

We'll be in MK on the 1st as well, maybe we'll see you there. :goodvibes We're staying at BWV so I'm also hoping to get to Jellyrolls at some point, I've read so many good reviews of it. :thumbsup2

Sapper383 09-03-2011 02:03 PM

love your mouse keeping envelopes....could you please share with me how you made them, I'd love to have some....thanks

izzie-wizzie 09-03-2011 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by wickesy (Post 42494613)
We'll be in MK on the 1st as well, maybe we'll see you there. :goodvibes We're staying at BWV so I'm also hoping to get to Jellyrolls at some point, I've read so many good reviews of it. :thumbsup2

Ohh wow - BWV's look like such a great place to stay!! I'm a tiny bit jealous ;)


Originally Posted by Sapper383 (Post 42495922)
love your mouse keeping envelopes....could you please share with me how you made them, I'd love to have some....thanks

Thank You so much! I used photo-shop to do them - using a template of a money wallet-envelope then just put in some Disney clip art and things. They print out and then I just had to prit-stick and fold :)

If you like I could save them as a pdf-file for you and e-mail them across? Just PM me if you'd like :)

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