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bevgray 05-06-2001 11:40 AM

Hi everyone. I'll be attending the June Pin event and thought it would be fun to set up a pin trade meeting during that time. Dates available are June 14, 15, 16. I'm leaning towards the late afternoon/evening of the 14th (since we'll all be a bit excited from the event) and a nice little pin meet might be a lovely way to relax after our participation (as well as show off our triumpsh from the day). However, I'm open to the other two days if that works better for everyone. I was thinking that meeting at the Boardwalk pin cart or the pin cart at Downtown Disney would be fun rather than one of the parks. Let me know what you'all think and, unless someone else wants to set something up, I'll be glad to post the meeting time and place.

If a pinatic veteran or Cast Member can suggest a better location, please let me know. This is my first attempt so there may be a much better spot for a group of pinatics to get together.

(edited to correct a typo-okay, it's eary, I'm not completely awake)

NHMickey 05-09-2001 07:14 PM

Here is a bump back to the front...

bevgray 05-09-2001 08:13 PM

Thanks for the nudge, Nat. It's a bit early since I'm sure everyone is focussed on next week's event. I'm still hopeful of setting something up.

Mickey527 05-09-2001 08:54 PM

I will be wherever you decide. I like the Boardwalk cart for a meet, but there are only two small tables and no chairs. We have to work on Leighton and see if he can help us out there.
I don't like meeting at DTD in WOD only because there are so many of the "sharky" types there in the evening. They scare me. lol
I have had two meets in the past at Epcot in the hallway outside of the Pizza place. It is where they used to have a pin cart inside. If you take a right when you leave Ice Station Cool you walk right into that building. They have large tables but for the two meets we had we all sat on the floor.
I just can't wait to meet you though. Peggie

bevgray 05-10-2001 08:44 AM

Hi Peggie!
Hi Peggie, I'm looking forward to seeing you as well.

Well, for a park meeting, I like the Epcot idea. I was thinking of keeping it out of the parks in case some of our fellow pinatics just had a one day ticket or something and didn't have admission to the designated park. I prefer the Boardwalk to Downtown Disney as well. Is the afternoon/evening of the 14th okay by you or do you prefer a different day (15th or 16th) or time? I'll let this post run a few more days and see if anyone else has a preference and then go ahead and post the MAGICAL MEETING time.

Also, since I've never done this before, do I need to contact a Cast Member to let them know we'd like to have a meeting at their venue (i.e. Pinhook for Epcot or Leighton for Boardwalk) and if so, how do I go about that?

I appreciate all suggestions from more veteran pinatics. Thanks very much.

Mickey527 05-10-2001 12:17 PM

I like the idea of having it on the same day as the event because some people may be leaving the next day. I know in May I am only going for the event and leaving on the 17th.
You don't have to notify anyone, but Mike works until 4 so he might want to join us later. Leighton goes in about 3 or 3:30 so if he is scheduled to work he will be there. But I will mention it to both of them next week and let them know we are coming. Peggie

bevgray 05-10-2001 01:56 PM

Let them know
Thanks Peggie. Please feel free to let them have my email if they need to discuss the setup. As I said, I'm very new at this and don't want to go spiralling off into six different directions and forget the basics of "pin-etticut".

Also, I liked the idea of keeping the trade to the same day so that the local pinatics and people with travel plans would still be able to participate. After reading the descriptions of the Downtown Disney and Animal Kingdom events, it looked like most collectors were done by early afternoon. So, perhaps if we shoot for a 3:30-4:00 time frame that might work for those not staying on site. I'll keep an eye on the schedule for the Magic Kingdom just to make sure our tentative time doesn't run into artist signings. Also, 4:00 is less apt to conflict with parades/fireworks (except for the Magic Kingdom parade at 3:00.

Again, anyone who is interested, please feel free to comment and make suggestions.

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