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DisneyDreamerMN 06-29-2011 10:43 PM

No one needs to know we are going to Disney again, right? - Update 11/20!

Hello and Welcome to my first ever trip report! :banana:

I have been a trip reporter reader for about a year now and have been tempted to write about my last two trips but have always chickened out. So here I go by taking the plunge and hoping for a few readers.


Going on this trip is of course is me! My name is Jamie.

Joining me is my wonderful husband of five years, Kyle.

Staying home would be our cuddly cat Moto.

This trip wasn't actually planned...not really at all. It started with my husband putting an idea in my head. He does that a lot. He can be pretty sneaky. :rolleyes1 He had mentioned during the first week of May that he wanted to go somewhere for Memorial Day, but didn't want to just take a short trip up north. He jokingly said Disney World and I laughed. We had gone on a trip with his parents to DW last October and had vowed that we needed to try other things and not come back for a couple years....but the seed was planted. I started to really consider it. What if we went 3 days? What about 4? We could do a value resort rather than a moderate. But in the end he wanted to make it a great trip and I couldn't blame him. By the 2nd week in May we had booked a flight and a 6 night stay at Wilderness Lodge!

This would be our very first time at a deluxe hotel. I was beyond excited! We kind of get stuck in ruts which is why we have stayed at POR 3 times.... But not this time. We were set for Sunday, May 29th - Saturday, June 4th in a "courtyard" view room.

So let's get this trip started!

My brother had come over Saturday night as he was going to house/cat sit for us while we were gone. I had made a plan to go to bed by 9 PM as our flight was 7 AM (way to early if you ask me), but I really wanted to hangout with my brother! We managed to get ourselves into bed by 10, but like most others I could not sleep. I tossed and turned and considered just getting up and hanging out with my night owl of a brother. I managed to fall asleep around 12:30 AM and catch a few Z's before my 3 AM alarm But I wasn't sad for too long because I remembered where we were going!

We left our house at 4:00 and were arriving at my work where we would keep the car for the week at 4:30. The taxi came a few minutes later and we reached the airport by 5 AM. The Delta counter was empty, but they directed us a self check-in kiosk. Security was a complete walk through with no delays. Since we had about an hour and a half before boarding we decided to get some McDonalds breakfast and eat it as slowly as possible. After breakfast we walked to our gate and found a couple of seats by the window.
Do I look tired?

We chatted with a family that was sitting across from us as we waited to board. They were meeting other family in Orlando and would be staying in a condo and going to DW for a couple of days. The mom of the group said she hoped to run into us at the parks, but we never did see her.

We took our seats after we boarded the plane. Kyle had the middle seat and I had the window seat. The plane was a little different than others we had taken before. For one we had leg room! My husband is 6'2 and I am 5'11 so our knees are usually right up against the seat infront of us, but not this time

Every seat had its own monitor!

This was a game that was free to play. It was a trivia game that let you play against other passengers...very cool. The monitor also had free TV with about 10 channels. It made the 3 hour flight go by really fast.

Lastly, the person who was supposed to sit in the aisle seat did not show up so Kyle was able to move in the aisle seat and we were both very comfy.

We landed at just about 11 AM and hustled to DME. I wanted to take a photo but there was no line at all. I didn't even get to (hooray!) stand in line to wait for our bus as they told us we made it just in time to catch one that was just about to leave. We hopped on the bus and walked all the way to the back as it was full. We sat right in front of the bathroom on the bus, so no picture of the entrance sign :sad1:

Wilderness Lodge was the first stop! As soon as we pulled up I was in awe.
Kyle had held onto our carry on so we did not have to wait for the driver to unload it. We went inside to check in and stood in line for maybe 10 minutes. The CM took Kyle's cell phone number and said they would text when the room was ready.

We gave our carry on to the vallet outside and decided to head back toward the pool to check it out.

The pool was packed and most of the lounge chairs were taken. We weren't dressed for the pool anyway. Leaving the house at 4 AM isn't exactly shorts weather in Minnesota even though it was late May. We walked over to the pool bar where Kyle ordered a beer and I ordered a Pina Colava and took a seat at an empty table next to the bar.

We enjoyed our drinks and the hot, but beautiful Florida weather. We started to get hungry for lunch and since we hadn't received a text yet decided to head to Downtown Disney.

Up next - our long/short trip to Downtown Disney

OhMari 06-29-2011 10:56 PM

We really did have a lousy Spring, Looking forward to reading your TR.

Disneyfreak616 06-29-2011 10:57 PM

Great start so far! WL is gorgeous! :cloud9:

Lifelong_Dreamer 06-29-2011 11:14 PM

Joining in! Love Wilderness Lodge, it is my favourite resort. :love:

Nermel9 06-30-2011 10:03 AM

I'm here! Great start, the pictures look good! Isn't my WL sooo beautiful?? :) Can't wait to read more!

DisneyDreamerMN 06-30-2011 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by OhMari (Post 41666779)
We really did have a lousy Spring, Looking forward to reading your TR.

It was definitely had a long winter! Glad summer is finally here.


Originally Posted by Disneyfreak616 (Post 41666795)
Great start so far! WL is gorgeous! :cloud9:

:welcome: I loved it, it is my new favorite resort!


Originally Posted by Lifelong_Dreamer (Post 41666920)
Joining in! Love Wilderness Lodge, it is my favourite resort. :love:

:welcome: :thumbsup2


Originally Posted by Nermel9 (Post 41670441)
I'm here! Great start, the pictures look good! Isn't my WL sooo beautiful?? :) Can't wait to read more!

Yay you found it! Your Wilderness Lodge? :rotfl:

BookTrout 06-30-2011 06:28 PM

Hi Jamie and congrats on finally posting a trip report; you're doing great! I am subbing and can't wait to read more.

lbuzz52 07-01-2011 12:06 AM

Hi! Glad to hear your flight was comfy and uneventful!

DisneyDreamerMN 07-04-2011 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by BookTrout (Post 41676692)
Hi Jamie and congrats on finally posting a trip report; you're doing great! I am subbing and can't wait to read more.

:welcome: and thanks Sharon!


Originally Posted by lbuzz52 (Post 41680124)
Hi! Glad to hear your flight was comfy and uneventful!

:cheer2: I always hope that the 3rd seat person doesn't show up. Before boarding Delta kept annoucing that they had seats in first class available for an additional $100. I saw about 6 people go to the counter and purchase the upgrade so I am sure that's where our seat mate went.

MelMel11 07-04-2011 03:39 PM

Can't wait to hear more.. Count me in!!

TanzUnited99 07-04-2011 04:52 PM

I'm joining in! Great start and the pics of WL look gorgeous :thumbsup2

punkin1763 07-04-2011 05:34 PM

I'm in!

DisneyDreamerMN 07-04-2011 05:35 PM

A little background and DTD
Me and Johnny Depp in Las Vegas

I realized that I never listed our favorites! I am sorry about that!

Favorite Character - Pooh
Favortie Princess - Ariel
Favorite WDW attraction - Big Thunder Mountaitn Railroad
Favorite WDW Treat - Dole Whip Float
Favorite WDW Resort - Wilderness Lodge
Farvorite WDW Park - Magic Kingdom
Kyle on the airport "monorail"

Favorite Character - Eeyore
Favortie Princess - Aurora (only cause he likes to say the name)
Favorite WDW attraction - Splash Mountain
Favorite WDW Treat - Mickey Ice Cream Bar
Favorite WDW Resort - Wilderness Lodge
Farvorite WDW Park - Epcot

We were not always Disney World fanatics. Shame on us, right?! I had gone to Disney World as a senior in high school for choir. Our choir was invited to some sort of a music days event and so we sang at Epcot one afternoon. I really enjoyed the parks but since we were there for a short time and performing, my love did not develop ;)

Kyle had never gone to Disney World growing up, so his first trip was with me when he was 30. He wanted to go on a trip for his 30th birthday and suprisingly to me, he decided on WDW. We went for 5 days and stayed at POR and had a great time. Such a great time that shortly after we returned we were already talking about another trip - so we booked one for 7 months later LOL. And so began our love of WDW.

I left off with us deciding to head to DTD to kill some time while we waited for our room to be ready. On our way to the bus stop I decided to take a picture that I have seen many others do before.

When we got to the bus stop there were only a handful of people waiting for buses. We only had to wait a few minutes for the DTD bus to arrive and then we "were on our way"...but not really, we had to make a pit stop at the Grand Floridian. We had not visited the Grand Floridian yet, but commented that we should stop here sometime this week. There were maybe 25-30 people sitting at the Grand Floridian stop and you could tell a few were not happy that our bus was going to DTD. One woman had stepped onto the bus and was complaining to the driver that they had seen several buses for Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom but none for Epcot and they wanted to know when one would be coming. She got off the bus and sat back down on a bench. The bus driver picked up her radio receiver and called it in. I didn't hear a reply but the driver than got off the bus and spoke to the woman and got back on, not sure what she was able to tell the group waiting. We were now on our way to DTD.

I believe we got off at the Pleasure Island stop and decided to head to Raglan Road for lunch. We had eaten here before on our first trip a couple of years ago and had come back for one reason and one reason only....the ribs appetizer called Heaven on Earth.

We were quickly seated at a table near the bar. I really do like this restaurant. I just love all the wood work and the rich color. I kept trying to take a picture of the beautiful bar, but it was also the route to the bathroom so every time I had a chance, someone would be walking to or from the bathroom. I took a couple of shots without the flash on but it was just way to dark in there. Because there were two bartenders working, I was just a little too embarrassed to take a flash shot when I did have a clear shot.

I ordered a Killan's Red and Kyle ordered a Harps.

Again, really dark in there

I think the bread was a soda bread. It was good but really heavy so I only ate one piece. It was served with oil for dipping and I think the waiter added a little reduced Guiness to it.

I apologize in advance, I am hit or miss with food photos, so I did not take a picture of our lunch.

We split the Heaven on Earth ribs which are just the best thing I have ever eaten on Disney property. They are tender pieces of ribs with a sticky sweet Guiness glaze on them. We also split the fish and chips. The fish was good, but I was expecting a couple of pieces, but it was actualy just one long filet.

While we were eating lunch we received a text at 12:56 that our room was ready! :yay: The text said our room number was 4037. Having never stayed at WL, I didn't know if that was a good location or a bad location. We finished up eating and decided rather than shopping we would just head back to the resort as we were both exhausted. We did want to make one stop at Earl of Sandwhich to grab a couple of sandwhiches for dinner later, but once we got to the entrance I noticed the huge line, so we changed our minds.

On the way back to the bus stop I snapped a few pictures of the new (new to me) Lego statutes.
My favorite one. I love Toy Story.

We had a little argument of where the bus stop actually was and I hate to admit it, but Kyle was right. We didn't wait long for the bus to come. The bus was empty and only 2 others got on with us. We stopped at another DTD stop, but I can't remember which one. A family of 4 got on and our bus driver was getting off of his shift and another coming on so we had a bit of a wait. The bus driver that was leaving was telling us that he was going to Miami for the week to visit his daughter. The father of the family made a joke that he could drive us all to Miami now. Then the driver made a joke about the NBA finals and LeBron James, but the family of 4 didn't get it. I explained that Miami was in the finals and then they said they only followed college sports. I don't follow basketball either, but I think most know the name LeBron James. After our new driver had boarded and was ready to go, we were on our way to Typhon Lagoon! Wait, what, I thought we were going to Wilderness Lodge? This was the only bummer part of not being at our old stand by Port Orleans Riverside. I missed taking the boat that only stopped at French Quarter for a few minutes on the way there and back. During our long ride to Wilderness Lodge I noticed that we received a second text at 1:55 stating that our room was ready and we were in room 2120. What? I thought we were in 4037?

Up next - What room are we in?

Nermel9 07-04-2011 06:31 PM

Great update!!! Mmm Raglan Road seems like a restaurant I would love, but I have yet to go there! I'm hoping to squeeze it in somewhere in October! :rotfl:

I love the new Lego statues!

That's so strange that you got 2 texts from WL with 2 different room numbers! I would have checked out both locations first, and then decided which room I wanted! I wish I could remember our room number from when we were was 4 something, because we were on the 4th floor, but that's all I can remember! It was a FAR walk from the lobby too! But we had such a nice, peaceful woods view room, I'm kind of nervous about having a courtyard view this time, I hope it's not too noisy! :eek:

Can't wait to see where you ended up! :yay:

TanzUnited99 07-05-2011 04:35 PM

Love the photo of you with Johnny Depp! :thumbsup2

Starting your trip with a meal at Raglan Road sounds great! That is weird about getting two room numbers - can't wait to find out which room you end up in.

Lol at losing an argument! Don't you just hate when you end up being wrong?! :laughing:

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